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Paul E. hosts this and is very funny in how seriously he takes all of this. Recap of The Patriots -- Todd Champion and Firebreaker Chip -- winning the U.S. tag titles from the Freebirds. Wow, that finish looked terrible, but the finish got a pop. We also get a promo from Sting, and he's determined to find out who his benefactor is. Insane that WCW would run this angle less than a year after the Black Scorpion killed him as a top guy. Cactus cuts another strong promo in response.

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Paul E. is back to heel mode, but retains his deadpan demeanor from last week. Highlights of the Patriots winning the U.S. Tag Titles from the Freebirds. The finish is okay in concept--Garvin sets Chip up for the DDT, Champion hits the jumping elbow knocking him down with Chip on top. But the execution is godawful as Garvin has to stand there and change directions a bunch of times as Champion bounces around the ring. Somehow there's tremendous heat for this, even though this match-up sounds like the stuff of nightmares.


Yeah, this is Scorpion-ish, but about a million times better. Sting remains cool and calm instead of having to sell fear or confusion, and Cactus and Abdullah are way more threatening than possessed referees and female fans. Cactus cuts a really good creepy promo, consisting of dialogue you could imagine the Joker saying to Batman.

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Tag division was loaded in 90 but at this point it is way too much to have two tag team titles. Patriots with the US Tag Team titles. Yes, weak looking finish to match.


Dangerously is taking his role as a broadcast journalist very serious. Sting doesn't want any more gifts. He just wants whoever it is to step up and challenge him.


Cactus has found his way as a promo guy since his appearance in WCW in 90.

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Cant believe how much of a pop the Patriots winning got.


I don't like how they dont even acknowledge the thought that Jack himself could be behind the master plan for sting. He gives a better promo here but it does seem like a little bit of a retread of last year even though the execution is better.

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I wonder if they had someone in mind to be the "benefactor", only that person never showed up. It certainly sounds like a big name trying to settle a previous score with the Stinger. Is this a rehash of the Scorpion mess? Probably, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it was intentional. The Scorpion idea wasn't bad in and of itself; it was the execution that sucked river water. Maybe Dusty can pick out the gems from beneath the rubble and give us an angle worth watching. The odds are against it, but you can never tell for sure. Both promos hit the mark, and Foley channels early Mankind more than a little during his, which is nice to see.


I don't know what to say about the Patriots and the Birds. Quite frankly, anyone beating Hayes and Garvin for a title is a good thing at this point, and it's nice that they were able to elevate a couple of little-known youngsters by doing it. I'll have to reserve further comment until (if?) I see the new champions in action. By the way, is it just me or were DDP and company nowhere near the title change? I guess losing their entourage would be a sure sign that the Birds were on their way down and out.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-14-WCW-Saturday Night] Control Center

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