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We see the clip again of the Luger/Simmons match at the Omni the previous month to lead into Barry Windham and Ron Simmons as the guests. They are hyping up a Luger/Hughes vs Simmons/Windham tag, locally I presume. I hate how out of sync WCW shows were with each other. No mention of the big angle from SN just the day before. The shows all exist in their own universe, and it's one of the most frustrating things about watching WCW at this point.

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Funny how well the simple old formula of beatdowns, saves, and common enemies can get guys and feuds over. My favorite thing about Windham's promos is their slight imperfection, like a guitar player holding on to the ragged edge of a solo. He's always delivering a great metaphor just a bit strangely, or pausing just barely enough to notice for the right words.


The only knock on Lex getting over with his gang is that it doesn't really get him over per se, but then again they were promoting the tag match in plenty of markets before Havoc, and I would actually buy a ticket for that. (Unlike a lot of people in 1991. Hey oh! I guess maybe that means it wasn't really over, but it's over with me.)

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I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. The highlight is Windham and Simmons' interaction with Heyman. I love Paul's scared look when Barry accuses him of being on Luger's payroll. He wants no part of these two guys, and it shows. I also like his closing line: "My name is Paul E. Dangerously..........and I think I've entered the Danger Zone.", delivered as Windham slowly, menacingly puts an arm around him. Tremendous stuff. By the way, Heyman wouldn't have been out of place as Luger's ringside manager to complete the package (no pun intended).


I think Tony's voiceover of the Omni footage was every bit as effective as JR's. One of them may have been done live at the event, but I'm not sure which. Footage like this is why they make such a big deal of Omni house shows, but they need to keep showing these clips in order for fans outside the Atlanta area to maintain their interest.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-09-22-WCW-Main Event] Danger Zone

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