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[1991-10-05-WWF-Superstars] Interview: Ric Flair


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Normally I wouldn't really think Flair and Cornette would go that well together, as great as they both are. But with Cornette here, Flair would really come off as more of an "outsider." Plus Cornette wasn't quite as established to WWF audiences as the buffoon Heenan had become. Heenan is a genius but his act, and Gorilla's treatment of him, has tended to undermine Ric.

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Flair was short and sweet here. Nothing terribly new, just a reminder of last week's angle and a call for Piper to do something about it if he can.


I might be one of the few, but I can always separate Heenan the comic buffoon, Heenan the hapless broadcast journalist, and Heenan the mastermind. In other words, I still buy him as a threat with Flair behind him. Gino's treatment of him in the booth was definitely getting worse, but I don't think it made Flair any less of a credible challenger to Hogan. Things like implying that the NWA belt was a heap of worthless junk and having Piper spit on it did more damage to Flair's credibility than Gino ever did, directly or indirectly.


Corny looked and sounded too much like a Southern used-car salesman to be a good fit with Flair. There was nothing in his act that they didn't already have under contract with Jimmy Hart, or so Vince would have thought, which is why I don't see Corny lasting long even if he'd been brought in at first. He might have lasted the first taping or two, then Flair would have been handed off to Heenan or Hart and the angle would have proceeded as it did. (By the way, the yowling, screeching mess that Jimmy was by now would have eliminated Flair's credibility entirely, in my opinion. The only other person on the payroll who would have done a good job with Flair was JJ, which is what Vince was supposedly afraid of.)

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