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[1991-10-12-USWA-Memphis TV] Bill Dundee & Danny Davis vs Eric Embry & Tom Prichard


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Serious question: Where was Papa? I know owners really weren't supposed to be involved physically, but you'd think that if one non-wrestling member of the Jarrett/Marlin clan would get involved, it would have been Jerry, not Eddie. He's at least a little younger, and having Eddie go toe-to-toe like this while still supposedly hurt and in a neckbrace simply shouldn't be happening. For that matter, did we ever get any explanation of how Embry and company turned Tony Falk? He was still refereeing not too long ago.


This was more of a continuation of the previous brawl than a separate incident, so I won't jump on the overkill bandwagon, but we really don't need to see Pops Marlin in these things anymore until his neck heals, especially since his contemporary Tojo got to sit this one out. Let the active wrestlers tear the studio to pieces if WMC will let them, but keep the noncombatants out of it. At least Embry and company haven't attacked Dave or Michael yet, for which we can all thank heaven.

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I liked the tag brawl while it lasted, but there was no way it was ever going to finish. Like every other match we saw on this show. More brawling and it's all good, but I agree on overkill. Were MSC numbers down or something where they felt like they really needed to bring the fans in this week?

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-10-12-USWA-Memphis TV] Bill Dundee & Danny Davis vs Eric Embry & Tom Prichard

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