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[1991-10-27-WCW-Halloween Havoc] Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes and The Enforcers


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Abdullah in a shirt and tie with his kendo stick. Fabulous. Diamond Studd and DDP follow, and when Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes pull up and Windham extends his hand to Bischoff, the Enforcers run in and slam the door on it. Well-executed, except for Bischoff being an insincere ninny as he always is.

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He was already hurt, he broke it in several places in a jobber match so they did this to cover it up. I think in the KC Timeline he said they gimmicked the door somehow with a 2x4 to make it look real. They later showed the jobber match because they're WCW and they do stupid shit like that and dubbed commentary like "Oh he's really messing up his injured hand"

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This attack was right out of the Horsemen playbook. It's nice to know that this was actually done to cover up a real injury, because if it was just an angle you'd think that they'd have targeted Dustin instead.


Cactus and Abby are a strange choice for a "red carpet" style interview, but it was worth it to see Abby in a shirt and tie, complete with kendo stick.


Does anyone else think that DDP being the only one to shake Bischoff's hand (other than babyface Windham) was due to their real-life friendship more than anything else?


I appreciate your dislike for Bischoff, Pete, but how can you tell he's being an insincere ninny off of what little we saw of him here? He's no less sincere than anyone else who's ever done an interview like this, at least to me.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-10-27-WCW-Halloween Havoc] Barry Windham, Dustin Rhodes and The Enforcers

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