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[1991-11-19-WCW-Clash of the Champions VII] Interview: Rick Rude, Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa


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Paul E. is ecstatic and spits on the WCW name. He says now the Board of Directors have to listen to him, because he manages the U.S. champion and he calls the shots. Rude credits Sting for fighting for a noble cause, but nice guys finish last.

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The words "Dangerous Alliance" are uttered for the first time on this Yearbook. I can't say enough about how shockingly great Tony Schiavone has been this year. He was awesome rattling off Mid-Atlantic history during the tag title match and he's expressing some Lance-and-Dave levels of disgust with Rude and Paul E. here.

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This is exactly the type of promo Heyman needs to avoid in the future. All the screaming, spitting (fake or otherwise) and gloating puts Rude's title win in second place to Heyman's personal crusade against the WCW higher-ups. Not that Heyman vs. the suits isn't a good storyline, but we aren't going to see Jim Herd vs. Paul Heyman at a Clash or on a pay-per-view anytime soon. This moment should have been about how the DA (specifically Rude) suckered Sting and beat him despite his valiant effort. Rude puts that vibe across well, particularly when he says "Nice guys finish last", but Heyman, who's supposedly the good talker in this operation, fails miserably.


Tony's disgust only adds to the package, although he's more reserved about it than Lance or Dave would have been by quite a bit. I dug the very end, with Paul peeking out over Tony's shoulder and mockingly waving at Herd. He needs to tone down the yelling (as he did in his WCWSN promo a few days later) and sprinkle in more of that sort of thing.


Medusa's a nice piece of eye candy at this point, but if she's going to talk even a little, she needs to do it in her own voice and leave the fake European (or, as Paul later termed it, "Miss 007") accent to the professional actresses.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-19-WCW-Clash of the Champions VII] Interview: Rick Rude, Paul E. Dangerously and Madusa

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