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[1991-11-19-WCW-Clash of the Champions VII] Lex Luger vs Rick Steiner


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Last few minutes. This has way more heat than it would have if they hadn't run the big angle earlier in the show. Scott gives Mr. Hughes a Frankensteiner, which gets a huge pop. Luger pins Steiner ater hitting him with the belt. Not much to all of this, but the crowd was hot.

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What I seem to remember about this match (which shows it was kinda anti-climatic on this particular show) is Jim Ross hyping "Death Wish 2" following the Clash. Remember when TBS used to be cool? Middle of the night movies with Bronson, or Chuck Norris or at least something with John Saxon for chrisssake! Hell, give me a Stuart Whitman even. Compare that to now. I work out in the middle of the night, and the tv screen in the cardio room was on TBS. It was "The Wedding Date". I watched like 45 minutes of that abysmal piece of shit.


You dont know what you got til its gone, boys.

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In hindsight, they'd have been better off saving Sting/Rude for last, with the excuse that Sting was going to be given every moment of available satellite time to make it back to the arena. Nonetheless, for such a nothing program in an anticlimactic slot with the chances of a title change being virtually nil, this is heated with a very good closing stretch. Luger escapes the top-rope bulldog via rope. Scott Steiner, Mr. Hughes, and Harley Race all get involved with Hughes eating a Frankensteiner. In all the chaos, Luger whacks Steiner with the title belt for the victory.


Hey, whatever happened to Ron Simmons?

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Feels kind of like both Steiners have shit in the bed in championship Clash matches now. Harley loves taking bumps even in the management role. What the hell is Scott wearing btw. Luger picks up the victory by using the belt and feels pretty aimless as champion at this point.

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This match actually did more to build up the Luger/Rick program than the Worldwide angle did. This was a vintage Flair match right out of the mid-eighties, the only difference being Luger's use of the belt as a weapon.


I didn't much care for the outside interference, since Scotty was supposed to be in Rick's corner specifically to prevent it. But even at that, it was three on two, so it made sense that the one Scotty couldn't get to would interfere when they had the chance, or that Luger would provide a distraction so either Race or Hughes could interfere. At least both of them got their just desserts in the end, even if Rick didn't get the belt.


I know you love your football, JR, but going into CFL history to put Luger over was a bit much, especially since the only reason he went to Canada to play is because he was supposedly too big of a hothead to last in college ball.


Rick looked like the stronger of the two guys here, which was surprising considering that Luger had the more impressive physique. Maybe he (Luger) was physically dominant in the part of the bout we didn't get to see.


Now we know why they were still promoting Rick as the top challenger to the title on the house show circuit later in the month. I wonder if the matches drew, or if the fans were saving their money for Luger/Sting.


The movie shown after the Clash was An Eye for an Eye, starring Robert Lansing, Patrick Wayne, and Slim Pickens.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-19-WCW-Clash of the Champions VII] Lex Luger vs Rick Steiner

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