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[1991-11-30-USWA-Memphis TV] Robert Fuller vs The Moondogs (Handicap)


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Robert Fuller was supposed to be with his partner "Young Gun" today, but Young Gun couldn't make it, so Fuller will defend the tag titles by himself against the Moondogs! This is the first chronological appearance for these two. Prepare yourselves for a wild ride if you haven't seen the 1992 Yearbook. Fuller is a bloody mess pretty easily. Jeff Jarrett comes out to offer support, but can't do anything legally except offer support. Unfortunately, the Moondogs make quick work of Fuller and win the tag titles. They continue attacking Fuller after the bell, which brings Jarrett in to make the save. But he ends up getting his face gouged and bleeding everywhere too. Jarrett finally picks up a chair and runs them out of the ring. Good stuff, but it's weird to watch 1992 before 1991, because this was a feud that started off great in '92 and kept going loooonnngg past the expiration date.

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Richard Lee has had the Moondogs dominating "San Juan, Mexico" all the way down to Argentina--and as we all know, the Argentine Tag Titles are a stepping stone to the World Tag Titles. Spot quickly opens Fuller up with a can opener and pretty much completely dominate him before pinning him for the World Tag Titles. Jeff Jarrett attempts to save Fuller afterward and gets busted open himself. Inauspicious debut for Lee but this will certainly be a shot in the arm for the USWA.

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Richard Lee and The Moondogs are here. Apparently the Moondogs were fighting in San Juan, Mexico which got a big laugh out of me. Fuller bleeds literally 30 seconds into the match. The moondogs gain the titles and then a wild scene ensues with blood and Jarrett getting involved. Glad to see The Moondogs on board.

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Having Fuller be the one to get dominated was an expert piece of booking. Usually, the smaller and/or less experienced partner takes the beating in situations like this, but here the Dogs do their number on Fuller, who's an experienced tough guy and has been known to bend the rules himself a time or several. You get the feeling that this would have been a more even fight if it wasn't for that cursed can opener (or whatever that doodad which busted Robert open was supposed to be).


Did we ever hear of this "Young Gun" again, and was his absence legit or just part of the angle? Considering the beating Robert took and the low pay given for working TV in Memphis, it wouldn't surprise me if someone gave the kid a heads-up about what was going to happen and he simply bailed on the whole ball of wax.


What accent was Corey trying for? Whenever I've heard him before, he's always done a picture-perfect Lance Russell. Here, it sounds like he's trying for some upper class/New York hybrid. If that's his natural voice, I prefer the Lance imitation.


The jury's still out for me as far as Richard Lee goes. Let's see what happens as the angle intensifies a bit. Right now, he's just sort of there. I like the whistle; I haven't seen a Moondog manager use one since Albano did it with Rex and King during the team's original WWF run in '81.


There actually is a San Juan, Mexico. It's a tiny village in the state of Campeche. Of course, no one in the USWA offices was likely to know that.


The Moondog gimmick seems to be a strange one to bring back, given that Rex and Spotty have spent most of the last six years as jobbers, both together and separately. But Spotty and his new partner Spike have made it pay off in a big way so far, displaying a viciousness that we've never seen out of the litter before. They're already causing chaos, to the point that Jeff and Fuller are asking to be reunited specifically to deal with them, thus temporarily postponing Jeff's campaign for Lawler's Unified title. The best part is, they've only been back for a week. I can't wait to see what happens once they settle in!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-11-30-USWA-Memphis TV] Robert Fuller vs The Moondogs (Handicap)

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