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[1991-12-21-WWF-Superstars] Update: Royal Rumble update


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I think the Nasties were pre-announced, despite being a tag team (then again the Rockers were still together when they were announced, too). The replacements for Knobbs and Jannetty were Haku and Nikolai Volkoff, neither of whom had been seen in a long while, though Haku was always under contract and mostly working in WAR.

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The only really compelling promo in here is Jake, and leaving taste aside, how in the world do you follow him? Hacksaw, Tito, and the Nasties try their best, but the usual wrestling prattle pails in comparison to Jake's (darkly) inspired eloquence. He's having the run of his life here, and one can only wonder how big the aborted '86-87 heel run vs. Hogan would have been if he'd been this hot on the stick.


I didn't much like the idea of classifying Sid's presence as a "rumor". If everybody who's anybody is supposed to be in the thing, with some guys even working twice, the bigger shock would be if Sid wasn't involved. Gene, just do what you do every year and say you'll be back with more names next week. Being overly cute gets you nowhere.


Haku and Volkoff for Jannetty and Saggs? I'm not sure about Nikolai at his age, but Haku is definitely an upgrade, even though we all know he isn't getting the title (and surely knew it in real time, too).


Hopefully we hear from the three biggest names in the match (Flair, Hogan, and Taker) sooner rather than later. You'd think they'd have been the first three people heard from, but Kevin's probably on target about Vince wanting to give the midcarders their brief time in the sun first.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1991-12-21-WWF-Superstars] Update: Royal Rumble update

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