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Where the Big Boys Play #44

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Where the Big Boys Play #44 - 80s TV Special Part 2


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Chad briefly discusses Jake Roberts vs. Jim Neidhart from the notorious Heroes of Wrestling PPV and Parv talks about seeing Revolution Pro at York Hall in London before launching into part two of the epic Where the Big Boys Play 80s TV Special.


1. World Title: Sting vs. Ric Flair © (Pro 01/02/88) - Atlanta, GA

2. TV Title: Dick Murdoch vs. Nikita Koloff © (Worldwide, 01/16/88) - Richmond, VA

3. Western Heritage States Title: Barry Windham © vs Tully Blanchard (WCW 01/23/88) - Richmond, VA

4. Midnight Express vs Fantastics (Pro 03/26/88) - Richmond, VA

5. Ric Flair, Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs Lex Luger, Barry Windham & Sting (Main Event 04/03/88) - Spartanburg, SC

6. Barry Windham vs. Tully Blanchard (Main Event 04/10/88) - Spartanburg, SC

7. World Tag Titles: Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard vs. Barry Windham & Lex Luger © (WCW 04/23/88) - Jacksonville, FL

8. US Tag Titles: Midnight Express © vs Fantastics (Worldwide 05/14/88) - Chattanooga, TN

9. Barry Windham vs Eddie Gilbert (WCW 12/31/88) - Atlanta, GA

10. Ric Flair & Barry Windham vs Ricky Steamboat & Eddie Gilbert (WCW 01/21/89) - Atlanta, GA

11. US Title: Lex Luger © vs Dick Murdoch (Power Hour 10/30/89) - Gainesville, GA

12. TV Title (vacant): Sting vs. The Great Muta (Power Hour 09/01/89) - Cleveland, OH

13. World Title: Ric Flair © vs. The Great Muta (WCW 11/25/89) - Atlanta, GA


BONUS: World Title: Ric Flair © vs. Ricky Morton (GAB tour, 07/05/86) - Charlotte, NC

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Good show, guys. One point I'll make is that I don't think the Windham turn was premeditated at all. He turned as a reaction to what was happening in the match. Arn and Tully were surprised. JJ had been hoping it would happen, but he didn't go into this match expecting it.


Still listening, but wanted to throw that in.

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MX vs Fantastics from 5/14/88 actually went around 50 minutes IIRC. You saw a clipped version, JVK. It took up the entire hour of Worldwide or close to it. No complete version exists to my knowledge, but some versions are more complete than others.


In one specific market, they aired a longer match than in others, which I've seen and is worth seeking out.

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I like that the shine went so long in the first MX vs Fans match. The Rock & Rolls were gone and the MX had to go into overdrive to get over the rivalry, and not make the Fantastics come across as a second rate team. So they sold like hell for 20 minutes and then put them over clean to help get the Fantastics over and thus get the feud over.

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Embarrassed to admit just how much I've been looking forward to this ep. ;)


Naturally, they've installed new filters at work and the show is blocked :angry:

Brick, you can stream it right at the placetobenation website as well, if that isn't blocked.


Can't wait to dig into part two...Chad gave me a sneak preview of what is to come the other night.

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I noticed there was no mention of Paul E. when discussing managers. Does he rank above Gary Hart during this time period for you guys?

Dammit blanked on Paul E, I knew I was forgetting someone when we were discussing it. He is for me at least in stiff competition with Hart around this time.

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I'm not sure if you saw the right Windham/Gilbert. They had two matches two weeks apart, both in the studio. Windham won the first one.

Really want to see the other one if this was the lesser of the two becuase I thought the one we did see was a fun as hell underdog vs. big heel match.

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It was blocked because apparently it is "offensive, crude, and tasteless" :lol:


I also got blocked from a site that explained freebasing cocaine: "inappropriate content".


The 3.26 MX-Fantastics match was their debut I think, but wasn't their first TV appearance the way the TV played out.


Cornette had mentioned the Fantastics in promos for several weeks. On the 3.19 World Championship show, the Fantastics showed up for a studio interview, and they showed clips of the match including the finish, then MX came out and the two teams had a studio brawl. THEN the next week on Pro, 3.26, they show the match. Kind of a damper for all the people that already knew the outcome.


Does anyone know if the Windham turn was the result of panic? This was right around the time when their accountant realized they were in deep financial shit. Plus, it blew the Crockett Cup all to hell, and actually aired after CCup Night 1. Always struck me as a very, very strange time to turn Barry. I think it would have been better to hold off on that turn another month or so.


Good, fun show as usual.


(I LOVE that dumpy fieldhouse-type venue that held the first Main Event tapings)

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From the WON, re: the Windham turn.


"I haven't seen this myself, but from every account, the thing was tremendous, especially when one considers that it obviously was a spur of the moment decision since they had cards set up around the country with Barry & Lex vs. Flair & Arn Anderson or Flair & Tully Blanchard on top throughout the month of May."


He goes on to say that they did the turn because houses were disappointing at the time.

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Hi all, we're going to be recording the end of 80s awards show this weekend. As mentioned at the end of this episode, we want to give people a chance to make their picks. If a few people take part, it will make a cool reference point. No worries if you haven't seen all of this stuff recently, or ever, just go on your gut feeling.


Here are the categories, mainly drawn from old PWI categories and the Slammies:


The Loss award for "Best ring apparel"

Best personal hygiene

Best woman

Best ref

Best manager

Best Announcer (play-by-play)

Best Announcer (colour)

Best Feud

The Total Billy Graham Award for worst wrestler (+ next 4)

Best Manager

Most Improved Wrestler


Best Tag Team

Top 20 matches

Top 10 wrestlers (Ric Flair Award for Best Wrestler)

The Ric Flair award for best wrestler

Best Face

Best Heel

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Outside of the big matches and a few others, I'm far from an expert on 80s Crockett, but whatever...



The Loss award for "Best ring apparel" Ric Flair

Best personal hygiene Lex Luger seems like a pretty clean guy

Best woman Missy Hyatt

Best ref Tommy Young

Best manager JJ Dillon

Best Announcer (play-by-play) Jim Ross

Best Announcer (colour) Bob Caudle

Best Feud Ric Flair vs Terry Funk (close second: Steamboat/Youngblood vs Slaughter/Kernodle)

The Total Billy Graham Award for worst wrestler (+ next 4) Sid Vicious, Dan Spivey, Johnny Ace, Shane Douglas, and Billy Graham

Most Improved Wrestler Sting


Best Tag Team Midnight Express (both versions)

Top 20 matches

I'll give you ten

1. Flair vs Funk, Bash 89

2. Flair vs Steamboat, Clash VI

3. Flair vs Steamboat, Chi-Town Rumble

4. Fantastics vs Simmons/Gilbert, Clash IV

5. Flair vs Luger, Starrcade 88

6. Steamboat/Youngblood vs Slaughter/Kernodle, Final Conflict

7. Piper vs Valentine, Starrcade 83

8. Flair vs Sting, Clash I

9. Blanchard vs Magnum TA, Starrcade 85

10. Flair vs Koloff, Bash 85


The Ric Flair award for best wrestler Ric Flair (really, a more interesting discussion would be who was the second best wrestler. I'll go with Tully)

Best Face Ricky Morton

Best Heel Tully Blanchard

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Best personal hygiene - No idea, but I would be willing to bet it's not Jimmy Valiant


Best manager - JJ Dillon


Best Announcer (play-by-play) - Jim Ross


Best Announcer (colour) - [EDIT] David Crockett. Forgot all about him. As much as I like Caudle, David gets the nod.


Best Feud - Flair vs Funk


Most Improved Wrestler - Lex Luger


Best Tag Team - Midnight Express, either version


Top 20 matches - How about two? 1) Flair vs Steamboat May 7 '89; 2) Magnum TA vs Tully SC '85

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