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[1997-08-21-WCW-Clash of the Champions XXXV] Dinner and a Movie


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Macho Nachos, Macho Mayo, Savage Garden Salad, Macho Gaspacho, NWOkra and WCW Cream Puffs … Gene Okerlund suspects foul play, and rightfully so. The Dinner and a Movie guys have joined the NWO! The balance of power continues to shift! Randy Savage is out to show support for the guys that I'm assuming will now be their personal chefs. Gene Okerlund's indignant reaction is hilarious! They end with a birthday cake for the NWO and after lots of DDP trash talking, he finally confronts them and destroys the set before giving them Diamond Cutters. Such a WWF segment, but I actually thought this was really funny.

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You wonder how the hell they couldn't do this sort of thing regularly given the sprawling Time Warner empire. There had to be enough people who were wrestling fans or just game for anything to have these sorts of segments every so often. Even if you never watched the show, it was advertised SO OFTEN during WCW programming that you knew who the guys are. Instead of a standard plug they do a wrestling angle. Not genius but it's *entertaining*.

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I remember there being some corporate synergy going on. Randy Savage on Space Ghost. T-shirts with the beloved Warner Bros cartoon characters wearing NWO shirts (which I didn't think made any sense. So, Bugs and Daffy are all heels now?). NWO at the Cable Ace Awards. I do wish that somehow someway the crew from Hulk Hogan's Rock N Wrestling could have shown up on Harvey Birdman, but I don't think AOL-Time Warner owned that. But, still, I can dream.

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Of COURSE Paul Gilmartin is Okerlund's "longtime, close, personal friend." Actually, not being a regular watcher of this show, I thought that was a before-he-was-famous Alton Brown for a second. Okerlund reacts to the turn like David Crockett would, which is fantastic. Fuck that Bret Hart heel turn bullshit or ambulance-hijacking stuff, this is your Segment of the Year. Seriously, this is just as entertaining now as it was then--one of a handful of angles that got my mother to mark out.

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