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[1997-11-03-WCW-Nitro] Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho


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Last few minutes. Hall is squashing Jericho and Jericho ends up rolling Hall up for a surprise win! But he's immediately laid out after the match and looks worse winning than he would have had he just done a job. Zbyszko ends up finally making the save and wants Hall to sign his contract, but Hall blows him off.

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I don't get the criticism either. Jericho was no one on the totem pole. He had a bunch of cruiserweight title reigns that were totally forgetable and was relegated to an afterthought at this point. The story is that Hall was just supposed to beat Jericho in a competitive squash and that Hall himself proposed to let him at least get a surprise pinfall. No idea how true that is, but I don't see how Chris looks bad here. It got a huge pop, the announcers put it over big and it was a nice segway to the angle with Zbyszko as Hall looked even more like a big bully that had just been humiliated by losing to a smaller guy. Good stuff to me.

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This probably did more for Jericho than when Hector Garza beat Hall a few months before, since that was booked as a total stone-cold fluke with a similar aftermath where here Jericho at least looks resourceful. Zbyszko eventually leaves the broadcast position to run Hall off and cuts a good scorched-earth promo on him. Scott Hall is afraid of a 2-handicap broadcaster!

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  • GSR changed the title to [1997-11-03-WCW-Nitro] Scott Hall vs Chris Jericho

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