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[2007-06-05-Dragon Gate] Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino & Magnitude Kishiwada vs Shingo Takagi & Cyber Kong & BxB Hulk vs Ryo Saito & Dragon Kid & Susumu Yokosuka (Elimination)


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You know, I look at these DG matches differently than your NJ/AJ/NOAH juniors matches. Those are supposed to have some kind of coherent structure and story. DG matches like this one really aren't. Just 9 guys flying around the ring (and outside of it) killing themselves in a spotfest. And this one does not disappoint on that level. There's too much to really cover in a small amount of text. The first elimination is a brilliant piece of booking and work. The big dive train not too long before it is incredible. BxB Hulk is a great face (heel?) in peril. He bumps like a maniac and has the facial expressions to get milage out of it. Yoshino is tiny so he makes a pretty convincing secondary version, but he's got all these weird submissions and rollups out of nowhere that save him far more often. The big guys have some fun exchanges. Doi and Yokosuka have this nice enemies/friends thing going on throughout. Saito comes up big a few times. Overall, this is 25 minutes of non-stop action that is a nice break from the normal "epic match" nonsense. I think this and the earlier 3-team matchup are on par as far as overall quality, but they have very different setups and spots to them.

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New Hazard (SHINGO, BXB Hulk, Cyber Kong) vs Muscle Outlawz (Doi, Yoshino, "Chubby Rey Mysterio" vs Typhoon(Dragon Kid, Ryo Saito, Yokosuka) - DG 6/5/07


Shit happened. A lot of shit happened. A perfect microcosm of this match was the first elimination where Dragon Kid accidentally elminiates his own team by pinning Yokosuka after Doi threw him in the way of hurricanarana. I could not figure out what the controversy was initially until rewound and realized he pinned his own team member. It was just plain chaos. Some Toryumon/M-Pro staples like the opening triple wrist lock spot, triple bow and arrow, everybody suplexing each other, dive trains in corner and to floor were fun. I wish Cyber Kong was given a bigger role like old Don Fuji role. In general, more comedy would have been nice. Where the hell is Horiguchi? I love how there is always a rows of chairs wipe out spot even though it seems really token. The finish stretch featured a pretty good beatdown on BXB Hulk by that "Chubby Rey Mysterio" (who was that fucker?), but ends up going nowhere. I was hoping Kong would kill that little pip squeek, Yoshino, but instead he fell prey to his speed. This was total non-stop action in a good way. :) I put a notch below the two other really good Toryumon/DG spotfests that include Horiguchi. ***3/4

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haha, Chubby Rey is Magnitude Kishiwada - a former Osaka Pro guy (Big Boss Magma). The Rey comparison is hilarious because unlike Rey, Magnitude is one of the least giving wrestlers ever. I was a fan but I'd certainly admit that selling was not a strong point of his.


Great match with a superb finishing run. I'd have it a notch below the May tag but still comfortably top half on my ballot.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2007-06-05-Dragon Gate] Naruki Doi & Masato Yoshino & Magnitude Kishiwada vs Shingo Takagi & Cyber Kong & BxB Hulk vs Ryo Saito & Dragon Kid & Susumu Yokosuka (Elimination)

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