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[2009-01-11-TNA-Genesis] Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett (No DQ)


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This is a really fun brawl and boy is Jeff Jarrett so much better as a face.


Half way into this we get some crazy spots with Angle taking an insane back body drop over the top and then Jarrett unloads with a crazy tope. Then we get Angle destroy Jarrett with the most vicious ring bell shot in history busting Jarrett wide open. Luckily Angle goes right to work on the cut and it is glorious.


We get some good brawling and it gets to the ramp where Angle does the Angle Slam off the ramp through a table. A crazy spot really, but nowhere near as hatefilled or cool as the earlier ring bell and tope.


Finally back in the ring and there is a pretty good slugfest and comeback by Jarrett. Then Jarrett hits a Pedigree?


This seems to be the tale of two matches. You get some really great stuff then some stupid stuff like that.


Another spot is Angle going full force into the ring post followed by Jarrett not going for a pin or anything, but going for the guitar. Low blow drops Jarrett and Angle grabs the guitar. He finds a chair and then surveys the crowd about which weapon to use. They choice chair and that gets a big two count.


Angle lock leads to Jarrett holding on forever, only to counter. Then he turned the Angle Slam into a DDT. Angle grabs guitar then drops it and uses chair, just like Angle earlier.


Angle's pin is reversed into Angle's pin.


This match was weird. Some great parts, some really awful parts. I'd go with *** 1/2

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Maybe Jeff Jarret's best match ever. Great match which takes a while before it degenerates into a wild, brutal brawl. The pedigree was a meta-touch I guess, especially with Angle kicking out of it. Not a finisher by any stretch of the imagination.;) The final stretch was pretty fucking epic. Angle in TNA >>>>>> Angle in WWE. And Jarrett has his best matches as he reaches his third decade of working.

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  • GSR changed the title to [2009-01-11-TNA-Genesis] Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett (No DQ)
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Kurt Angle vs Jeff Jarrett - TNA Genesis 2009 No DQ

As a big Jeff Jarrett fan, I have been waiting to watch this for years. I have been putting it off to watch other matches and am excited to see how this turns out. The video packages fills us in that since Jarrett's win at Bound for Glory (October with some help from Mick Foley) Kurt Angle has formed the Main Event Mafia and needed to beat Rhino (I have no recollection of this) to get his rematch with Double J. Al Snow of all people is the one who helped Angle win. Ok, well that was erased from my memory. 

Jarrett is so much better when he sticks to his Memphis roots and just throws punches. He starts off red hot. Angle tries to wrap him up in a sleeper to slow him down, but Jarrett hits him with a low blow. No DQ, baby! Jarrett kicks some ass on the floor and throws a beer at Kurt. I am loving this Double J. He gets knocked off the apron into the railing and then sent face first onto the stairs. Strong start thus far! Kurt Angle's heat segment is pretty tame. The match picks up again when Angle takes a nutty bump over the top rope crashing onto the floor. Double J tries a suicide dive over the top rope in a scary spot as his foot catches the ropes and he almost spikes his head into the floor. A for effort, brutha. Angle throws him into the announce table and Angle busts him wide open with ring bell. Five alarm bladejob by Jarrett. Ok, here we go! Angle works the cut. Jarrett hits a desperation DDT on the ramp. He throws Angle into the steel staging and busts him open. Jarrett hitting some nice Memphis style rights. It is too bad that Jarrett did not stick to his Mempho roots throughout the 90s/00s. Angle hits an Olympic Slam off the stage onto the floor! Jarrett was supposed to go through a table but overshot and damn I think he just fell five feet onto concrete. OW! 

They really milk it and struggle back to the ring. I like the slugfest that develops then it becomes bomb-trading. It is pretty good bomb trading because they at least set up each transition. Angle gets the stupid Anglelock and Olympic Slam when he thwarts a Superplex. Jarrett gets a Pedigree after the slugfest (clearly using the Pedigree mid-match was a potshot at HHH) and then the Stroke after he dropkicks a chair into Angle's face (that felt like a big deal). After the Stroke did not work thats when he went for the Superplex. Angle charges into the post. Jarrett is thinking guitar. Angle punts him in the balls when he takes too long. Decent finisher-trading. The finish of the match is pretty lame. Angle blasts Jarrett with a chairshot to the head to get a two count. Jarrett misses an enziguiri and Angle puts him back in the Anglelock and of course Double J reverses. Jarrett hits a DDT to get out of the Olympic Slam. He wants to use the guitar but it is busted. He hits a steel chair shot. 1-2-Angle Reverses into a side slide for 1-2-3! A technical wrestling finish and then Jarrett is the one that cant move. Lol! It was Angle that was slammed in the head. Jarrett was selling the ankle injury. Angle then attacks Jarrett's bad ankle and takes the chair puts on the ankle and stomps on it. 

This is a good match and definitely better than Bound for Glory, but this is not the best match of Jarrett's career as the Shawn Michaels match is still better. I was hoping for more brawling and less finish trading. ***1/2

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