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[1980-02-02-WWF-Championship Wrestling] Bruno Sammartino vs Larry Zbyszko


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  • 3 years later...

It's been ages since I've seen this but I'm watching again now. It was much more even in the first half than I remembered. What I really love is how Larry goes for what works early on a second time (the hip toss, the shoulder block) and when they get reversed, that's when he really starts to get frustrated. When you factor in the differences in holds (Larry can't keep a hold on but Bruno just lets him out, including from the bear hug), and how the final payoff isn't just Larry blindsiding Bruno, but him doing it as Bruno holds the ropes open for him, you really do get one of the best matches-as-angles in wrestling history.


Also, Vince ending the show looking like he's about to puke from nervousness is an amazing touch.

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  • 9 months later...

Ah, the main prototype for the Student vs Mentor heel turn, at least as far as WWF goes. A match that turns from a respectful one, to one filled with frustration and then hate. This was no better told then Zbyszko simply being outwrestled by Bruno when he was attempting to do a move, only for it to be countered into a bearhug and went nuts as a result, grabbing the chair and busting Bruno up. The crowd reaction for Bruno as so big and they did a good job of transferring that to heat for Larry. I thought it was a totally well done angle from the initial match to the turn. Great storytelling. 

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