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[1980-10-20-WWF-MSG, NY] Bob Backlund vs Sgt. Slaughter


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WWF Heavyweight Champion Bob Backlund vs Sgt. Slaughter - MSG 10/20/80

I need to go back and listen to the Titans of Wrestling episode on this show because I want to hear their take on heel Bob Backlund. Normally, I would not get on the case of a babyface blindsiding the heel, attacking the heel with the heel's gimmick (swagger stick) and then causing the heel to take a nutty bump (Sarge's classic out of control over the top turnbuckle bump) thus whipping the crowd into the frenzy. However, when you add this to the fact that Sarge had the Cobra Clutch on Bob and Arnie hits Sarge with a chair to trigger a DQ saving the title then Backlund hits a pilerdriver and an atomic drop. I got to call a spade a spade that's downright being a no-good, egg-sucking heel! I gotta say in between the red hot start and the awesome finish run this match was pretty damn good. First ten minute was standard Bob Backlund kicks ass. Man, he has a great bodyslam. Sarge is such a great opponent for him because he can bump like a pinball. The armbars did get long in the tooth and go nowhere. Once Sarge took over by throwing Bob out and playing the King of the Mountain the match got reinvigorated. I thought it was an excellent King of the Mountain with some great selling from Backlund. I liked the bodyslam on the floor. I loved the transition with Backlund desperately shoving Slaughter into the the post to knock him loopy. Then Bob shows off his crazy strength by suplexing Sarge back into the ring and he held him up and then threw him. They fight in the corner and Sarge ends up getting busted open by the exposed part of the turnbuckle. Backlund is just working that cut, you can see how bloody his fist becomes. What I thought was really interesting about this match is how close Sarge gets to winning. Backlund is very rarely shown as vulnerable. Late in the match, Sarge is running Backlund into the post, not once but twice. Then he hits the Slaughter Canon. I had this weird feeling come over me and I was like is Bob in trouble? Then he applies the Cobra Clutch! I was like Holy Shit! How is Bob getting out of this predicament. It is pretty lame that his manager interferes at this point. This is a pretty cool Backlund match because it actually feels like he could and was going to lose. Great start, pretty good shine, the heat segment was awesome and the finish run from the bladejob on was red hot. The ending is a bit of a turn off, but a really interesting Backlund match. ***3/4

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