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[1981-04-30-AJPW] Dory Funk Jr vs Terry Funk


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Not for the faint of the heart, as it's a 50 minute long old school title bout built around mostly simple hold for hold work without any flash whatsoever. That being said Terry Funk is damn great here and Dory well atleast he looks like he is concerned with what is going on. Funk's selling made this look like an epic war, and he was bumping huge aswell. Loved his desperation escape from a butterfly suplex attempt. Lots of punishing headlocks, armlocks and leglocks. The crowd was pretty into this aswell considering this style was pretty much passe at this point. This is mostly back and forth but every once there would be a slick backslide or unexpected toe hold. This is for the purists and Terry Funk superfans only but I don't regret watching.

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