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[1998-02-02-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash promo


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Nash is back to wearing NWO gear. He gets a great reaction coming out. Nash has exception with Kidman using a variation of the powerbomb in the previous match. Nash is angling for a size discrimination suit. He is really playing up the bad ass rebel role here garnering a lot of cheers from the crowd. He is too big, too talented, too sexy, and too sweet to be contained by WCW.

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This feels like an ad-libbed promo because Kidman made a mistake in his match. I can see WCW doing something like this without thinking to tell the cruisers to stay away from the move, and I can also see the cruisers in their own world not even thinking about that. This does feel like a prelude to a Nash babyface turn. I like the idea of fines, but their impact is negated when wrestlers don't sell them as mattering. This is good for getting over Nash, but I don't know what else it benefits.

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This is good for getting over Nash, but I don't know what else it benefits.


What's the over/under on how many times we utter some variation of this line in 1998?


I loved him too! And yes, I am sure that will be a recurring theme.


On the other hand, last week we all agreed that Hogan was undermining the Outsiders by making the Savage conflict all about them, so in this instance, I have to side with Nash looking out for Nash. This was a good promo and I can totally see Kidman doing the tiger driver on his own and WCW having to scramble to cover it.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1998-02-02-WCW-Nitro] Kevin Nash promo

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