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The Nomination Thread for Tag Teams

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Nominating: Los Bucaneros


Pirata Morgan, Hombre Bala y Verdugo vs. Atlantis, Angel Azteca y Ringo Mendoza (3/88)

Now this is a fucking great trios match right here. Los Bucaneros strike again with their brutal triple teams and intricate stooging/miscommunication but this time against an even more spectacular tecnico trio. Angel Azteca was a pretty spectacular young high flyer at this point but Atlantis really shines here in what is one of his absolute best matches. That over the top rope tope he hits is superhuman as are those breathtaking midair armdrags where he leaps and spins before coming down and grabbing his opponents in midair. Those are spots that require cooperation from all parties but they are so perfectly executed here with such good timing that it's easy to forget how the magicians really perform their tricks.


When I first watched this I missed the low blow and thought we completely missed the finish. Seeing the lowblow doesn't prove to me that we didn't miss anything but it does at least give me a sense of where the match went from there.


El Brazo, Brazo Del Oro y Brazo Del Plata vs. Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan y El Verdugo (10/27/89)

Early 90s Brazos matches are one of my favorite things in wrestling so I was excited to see more 80s footage of one of my favorite teams. Over the course of this set Los Bucaneros have become one of my favorite trios units so my hype level going into four straight Brazos vs Bucaneros matches is pretty much maxed out. This was a great trios match albeit not at the level of the top trios matches on this set (I'm sure I will still rank it way higher than it deserves). This is a high workrate trios match and that's an environment Los Bucaneros excel in. Everybody matches up really nicely though Morgan/Oro, Bala/Plata, and Bala/Oro were my favorite combinations. I marked out like crazy for Porky countering the monkey flip, not only because he is fat, but because it's one of the most graceful monkey flip counters I've ever seen. Porky countering the sunset flip will always be awesome. Now I'm really excited to see that Morgan vs Oro match.


El Brazo, Brazo Del Oro y Brazo Del Plata vs. Hombre Bala, Pirata Morgan y El Verdugo (11/10/89)

This was fucking awesome and is a contender for best trios match on the set. I know I've said that before and it's going to be hard ranking all of these great trios matches but I can't imagine this one not holding up on a second viewing. I love the way this goes from Brazos comedy with Bucaneros stooging to brutal fight. I've said it before but in addition to being a great bumper Morgan is one of the stiffest brawlers on this set. I loved his selling of Plata's onslaught in the first fall, especially when his teammates had to drag his lifeless carcass back to their corner. Hombre Bala wasn't one to be fucked with either. He really unleashed hell on Super Porky. I loved the story of El Brazo becoming the weak link after being busted open which forces Oro and Plata to fight for their lives and the finish brought that full circle. I really like in a match like this when they tie up every loose end for the finish. El Brazo gets taken out by a missed dive by Porky leaving Brazo de Oro to defend himself against a pack of wolves. Awesome awesome pro wrestling.


Nominating: Los Terribles Cerebros via tons of reviews Phil already wrote as part of the Complete and Accurate Black Terry.

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Didn't realise they weren't nominated yet: Motor City Machine Guns.


MCMG vs Generation Me (Empty Arena Match), TNA Reaction 18/11/10


Hadnt watched this since it happened. It is certainly...something. I think the coolest thing about it is that flippydo guys are so often derided for being loose or not believable or hurty enough. This is the answer to that. This match was borderline unsettling in its brutality. The close up filming and the lack of background/crowd noise made every blow, every move connect hard, it made every single shot ring out, and every single scream and groan was amplified. They were beating the sh*t out of each other, but they were also doing it with flips and springboards and movez, in a way that was totally hard-hitting and believable. Towards the end when the Guns tie Matt up, scream at him that he's going to die and kick his head off until he gives...this was some hardcore sh*t and it almost got creepy to watch in an 'I've accidentally clicked on some XXX Twink Rape porn video' way. But a tremendously brutal and unique match. I seem to really dig the Empty Arena concept.


MCMG vs Generation Me (Full Metal Mayhem), TNA Final Resolution 2010


FMM was pretty fun in a completely co operative, contrived stuntfest kind of way. And I say that with love. Nick Jackson in particular looked good, and there was a bunch of cool spots up in this. Both teams are in their element when they have the freedom to go absolutely batsh*t insane with ridiculously complex highspots. I miss the Bucks.


MCMG vs Beer Money (2/3 Falls), TNA Whole F'n Impact 2010


I got around to watching the final MCMG/Beer Money match, the 2/3 falls, and it was MOTHERF*CKING INSANE. Just incredible, from the build, the crowd (un-sh*tty for once), the first fall (mental), to the finish, every single thing was so freaking ON. I could have cried this was so awesome, my favourite TV match in forever.

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Traumas (Trauma I & Trauma II)





Trauma I & Trauma II vs. Dr. Cerebro & Caifan (Chilanga Mask - 07/19/2015)



As his brother and tag team partner stood on the ring apron waiting to be tagged in, Trauma II showed no inclination of actually doing so. For the first four minutes of this tag team match, the older Trauma brother worked in the center of the ring without as much as even looking towards his own corner. He wrestled on the mat and applied an assortment of the awesome lucha submission holds he is best known for. When Trauma II escaped a hold – or his opponent escaped a hold – he occasionally stood up for a moment before going right back to work. Any separation between the wrestlers in the ring felt like an opportune opportunity for a tag out, but none came. If not for the two guys standing on the ring apron, you would have never known the match was a tag team contest.


It was somewhat of an unconventional start to a tag team match. Unconventional does not always mean good but it did in this particular case. For one, Trauma II is excellent on the mat – one of the best in Mexico currently – and his submission work during the opening minutes was engrossing. The start was also an attention grabber by virtue of being different. It is not that lucha tags or trios never begin with lengthy pairings but this one stood out due to how many times the mat work broke up and a switch appeared imminent, only for Trauma II to go right back to work. The Traumas – in character at least – are a surly duo and Trauma II’s stubbornness to not tag out played up that character trait.


Eventually his younger brother – Trauma I began wrestling shortly before II which is why their numbers don’t match up to their relative ages – came in the ring looking to replace him, but Trauma II wanted nothing to do with that. What Trauma I’s involvement did do was draw both Caifan and Dr. Cerebro into the ring. The match finally moved into a second segment, as all four wrestlers brawled in the ring.

There is little doubt that the prolonged mat-focused opening portion created anticipation for the next, unique section of the match. So when the brothers Trauma began slapping the skin off of Caifan and Cerebro – with Caifan and Cebrebro all too willing to return the favor – the Coacalo fans loved it. You want an example of why a match should build upwards rather than sideways, even if that means pulling back at the beginning? Here it is. Reactions like the one they got for a stiff but simple slap exchange do not happen if that segment is not progressively worked towards. The slaps were hard. They looked hard and sounded hard. However, it is dubious that the slaps would have been met with the same reception without the build that came before.


From there, the four wrestlers had the live audience hooked. The remainder of the match was wrestled with intensity. The action was varied as they ran the ropes, continued working for submissions, and kept smacking each other around. Caifan and Dr. Cerebro are old pros and kept right up with the Traumas in everything that they did.


The rudo/tecnico lines were blurred. The Traumas were ostensibly the rudos, but the Coacalo fans were into them (as they generally are) and the Traumas definitely soaked it in. The crowd was not exactly against Dr. Cerebro and Caifan, they more or less cheered on the both teams and cheered for the wrestling. From my vantage point thousands of miles away, the Chilanga Mask crowds in Coacalo are more of your traditional U.S. super indie fans that cheer for quality action while the Cara Lucha fans in Neza will audibly let everyone know who their favorites are (usually the local guys, not the CMLL wrestlers).


The match never settled into a traditional tag team match with tags and two guys in the ring nor should it have. Lucha tags don’t always follow that structure anyway and the chaotic nature worked to their advantage. This was a really solid tag match and in a year without many standout tags, it is up there with the best so far.

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