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[1999-09-26-WWF-Unforgiven] Al Snow vs Big Bossman (Kennel in a Cell)


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The dogs gave their feedback by pissing and crapping around the ring. This is the match and angle that Al Snow is best remembered for. Somehow I just included the word best whilst referring to the Kennel from Hell. I always love JR's subtle acknowledgement of a terrible match.

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One of the worst garbage brawls ever in one of the stupidest match formats ever. I watched a version with Foley and Kevin Kelly commentating and their dedication to putting over the dogs pissing and mating as well as the absolutely terrible action provided an amusing contrast. Really weak weapon shots, a bunch of cage climbing and stupid blade jobs, perfectly encapsulate the fallacy that is the narrative of the greatness of this era in american wrestling and simultaneously provide a good laugh.

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This lived up to its rep based on what we saw here. Lifeless action and the dogs are adding nothing to the proceedings. Even though JR and King are sort of tongue in cheek by the end, Im surprised they didn't shit on it more while it was happening. The guy tripping in the entranceway did make me lol.

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Snow, about to be denied vengeance over the murder of his beloved dog, breaks free of handcuffs in a burst of adrenaline to stop the Boss Man from escaping the cage. Head makes his big return, and this is as bad as advertised. Ross teases us with the possibility of someone plummeting off the cage, but Snow just kicks the door open and leaves. No spots with any of the wrestlers and the rottweilers, which shows that as bad of an idea it is to have a stunt double get mauled by dogs in a backstage skit, it's worse to have dogs perform live.

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  • GSR changed the title to [1999-09-26-WWF-Unforgiven] Al Snow vs Big Bossman (Kennel in a Cell)

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