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Titans of Wrestling #44: Mid-Atlantic in the 1970s, Part 1

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Parv, Pete, Johnny and Kelly take a break from WWF for the first episode of a three-part indepth exploration into Mid-Atlantic aka Jim Crockett Promotions in the 1970s.

On the docket:

Johnny Valentine promo (1973)
Rip Hawk & Swede Hansen vs. Johnny Weaver and Art Neilsen (1973)
Johnny Valentine and Paul Jones promos (1973)
Johnny Weaver vs. Super Destroyer (aka The Spoiler, Don Jardine) (1974)
Greg Valentine vs. Wahoo McDaniel (9/7/77) (Valentine breaks Wahoo's leg)
Promos from Johnny Valentine, Sonny King and Ivan Koloff (1974)
Ric Flair and Greg Valentine vs. Ole and Gene Anderson (6/8/77)

Highlights include:

- Johnny's fanmail and Titans verbal ticks
- Info on Art Neilsen and on Johnny Weaver
- Fantasy booking "The Spoiler" in 2015
- Discussion of the psychology of promos
- Completely random discussion of Barry Darsow, Gene Anderson the Sheriff, 50 Shades of Johnny Valentine, and much much more.

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Arguing about Johnny Valentine in the early 70's "burying" Paul Jones was worth a larf. Sometimes it seems like Pete and Parv want wrestling to be very much the same constantly where certain rules are sacred. In my opinion, it is okay for the loud mouth jerk not to put guys over since that is the reason you want to see them get their asses kicked. It is okay to call Jones a little shit if he's a little shit. Let us not ignore the blatantly obvious like ignoring the fact that Dusty is a husky gentleman or Rey Mysterio is the size of a 12-year old. No one wants a heel that talks like a NFL football coach who doesn't want to give out blackboard material.


I now want a Spoiler character like today. He could wear a mask and carry signs with him to the ring.



Kevin Spacey IS Kaiser Soze.



Pete wants Wahoo's leg to go all Suzy Spirit and be sticking out of the meat?

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A couple of things about the promo.


1. I said on the show I had no problem with Valentine's promo as long as Jones was going over. If you bury someone in a promo and then you beat them all you did was beat someone who's not worth your time and helps neither of you.


2. Is Johnny Valentine a loud mouth jerk? No he's a stone cold killer . So you're describing him completely wrong .




It's interesting to hear other people's takes on the subject matter.

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BTW, there is an actual DC superhero named The Spoiler! A member of Batman's supporting cast (well, really the Tim Drake Robin's supporting cast in Tim's solo book), she took her name because she was thwarting sinister plots, specifically done by her father, who was a costumed villain known as The Cluemaster, and in previous DC continuities she "graduated" to being a Robin (after Tim quit/fired for a brief time) and a Batgirl. But currently she is back to her original hero personae.

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