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I hated his brown tights.

LMAO. My girlfriend (the A1 authority on the fashion sense of pro wrestlers) absolutely hated him for his shitty brown tights and would bury him unmercifully every time she was in the room while he was getting squashed.


His leg lariat finish always cracked me up, especially the slow motion replays of it missing the mark by like a foot. He will be missed.

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CJ needed a lot more seasoning in the ring. His offense was either showing too much air or stiffing the crap out of guys, sometimes both in the same match.


I figure they'll give him another chance down the road. The guy has a good look and wasn't too bad on the mic once he turned heel. Funny enough, when he debuted as a stoner hippy his first victory was against Baron Corbin (who's less over by the week it seems).

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