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The Four Faces of Vince



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  1. 1. Who is the best Vince?

    • Canary Yellow Jacket Vince
    • "What a maneuver!" Vince
    • Mr. McMahon
    • Elder Statesman Vince

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Alright, this is the thread I should have made before.


In this poll, I want to discuss which version of Vince is your favourite and why.


Option 1: Canary Yellow Jacket Vince




Here is the the host of most (W)WWF programming in the 1970s while his father was still running the company up until about 1983. As you can see, he sports a snazzy yellow jacket. A bit later he'd trade this in for a light blue number, there's also a deep red version. This Vince often flew solo and his style is one of pregnant pauses and smooth transitions. He seems to roll his words as he speaks, there's a definite "smarm" factor to this Vince. Although often alone, he was also frequently paired with various partners who had comedy foreign accents. As we saw on one episode of Titans of Wrestling, Antonino Rocca dropped in on occasion and was completely incomprehensible -- this is perhaps why he is sceptical about pushing a Swiss man today. His other partners included Pat Patterson and, of course, Bruno Sammartino. 70s Vince seldom got too excited about anything -- he's mostly calm and "smooth" -- but he did totally lose his shit when he first saw Hulk Hogan. He exclaimed things like "Look at his arms!" while audibly quivering.


Option 2: "What a Maneuver!" Vince




One of the more underrated announcers of all-time, he formed what is for my money the greatest commentary duo of all time on WWF Superstars and SNME with Jesse Ventura. Vince in the 1980s was an extension of his product, coked-up, over-energised, cartoony, macho. As a kid, I honestly couldn't stand him. When I migrated over to the internet and became "smart", it was vogue to hate him too. I mean, oh my gosh, he didn't know the names of all the moves like Joey Styles or Mike Tenay! He said "UNBEL-IEVABLE" about twenty times in every match. ONE, TWO, HE'S GOT HIM OHMYGODONARGHHH! But as I got older I grew to appreciate how fucking amazing he was at projecting the idea of the fan sitting in the booth. Far more than Gorilla Monsoon, he was the perfect foil for Ventura -- as much as Jesse hated Hogan, Vince was drunk on the kool aid. His introductions to the Royal Rumbles and Survivor Series, you know those ones where he's shouting so hard you can hear his voice going, are legit incredible. This is without getting into his crazy antics on TNT or the roundtable-era of PTW. Get back everyone, this Vince means business.


Option 3: Mr. McMahon




The strong favourite going into this poll, for obvious reasons. He is arguably the number 1 heel of all time in one of the best money feuds wrestling has ever seen. I remember back in 1998 being absolutely mind-blown about Vince's transition from commentator to villain. It's hard to remember being back in that time, but I literally couldn't fucking believe what I was seeing from week-to-week. The prospect of seeing him get physically harmed, let alone have a match was staggering to me. As the Attitude Era progressed, the character got more and more over-the-top as Vince ramped things up beyond cartoon levels as only he can. Sometimes I can scarcely believe the demented shit he pulled. Getting Trish to get on all fours and bark like a dog stands out. I mean -- yes, it's wrestling -- but fuck, Vince WAS actually her employer and did legit write that himself. That shoot vs. kayfabe element, I think, is part of what makes the character so powerful. AND the fact that he was always always always willing to be the fall guy and to take the fall in the end. Amazing character. Does it outstrip my love of 80s Vince or 70s Vince? Hmmm.


Option 4: Elder Statesman Vince




Someone else will have to fill in the details of this Vince, because I'm hazy at best. Where does Mr. McMahon end and this version start? A question to be asked. He's clearly this version by the time of the CM Punk stuff. I'd put this character as the 4th outside bet, but I can see him beating 70s Vince because more people are familiar with recent stuff than pre-83 stuff. I'd actually like to know more about this version of the character. When I've caught random RAWs and things over the past few years I've had trouble working out whether he's meant to be a face or a heel.

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"WHAT A MANEUVER" Vince, because he is to my childhood wrestling what Solie is to a lot of Southerners. He's the voice I immediately identify as the one calling wrestling from when I was a kid, the one who I'd hear on the VHS tapes that I rented of stuff that I was too little to remember or wasn't even born for. Vince as Evil Mr. McMahon is probably his best, but you're asking my favorite, and that's #2 here. I agree that he's also not the horrible announcer people made him out to be, not even close. I can still hear him in my head yelling about the CAPACITY CROWD.

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Mr. McMahon ended no later than the Bret match at Mania 26.


This is a really tough one. Mr. McMahon was so entertaining in so many ways--menacing, jerkish, arrogant, obsessive, crazy-tough, laughingstock, etc. Powder blue is maybe the best announcer ever at getting an angle over. Some of his moments are all-time good at generating pathos: "For Elizabeth to have to witness this HORRAH!..." "Dusty, look, they're beating your son!"

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The past few years have been weird getting to see the guy in situations I thought he would never show himself in.


Vince looked like he had fucking dementia at the end of Survivor Series 13 and TLC '13 when he was out there with Steph and HHH. Like he had no clue where he was or what to do. That was shitty to see.


Then there was the RAW where he came out during a Rock promo and got choked up before they played the Welcome Home video. Before that there was a video on .com where he was all teared up with Michaels backstage when giving him the HOF ring. Both cool old man moments that were fun to see.


To think he had that street fight with Punk not too far earlier is crazy. That shit was incredible.


There is a satellite feed of a 97 Shotgun that Landy put on youtube that's a cool listen. About 20 minutes of him getting ready for the show. Total goofy Vince mode.


My vote's for Mr MacMahon. The way he says 'Austin' all pissed off is classic.


CAPACITY CROWD, Atlas "Got it Goin On" and Hogan "Look at those Muscles" - LOL

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This is a tough one, as I enjoy the unique positives of all of them. I initially had elder statesman Vince as dead last, until I realized he had the best match of all the Vinces (vs. CM Punk on RAW). I like that match even more than WMX7 vs. Shane. So now I'm really not sure.


Goes without saying, but all four smoke the other family members like cheap cigars.

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Canary Yellow Vince for me....he epitiomized watching 70's - early 80's WWWF / WWF matches when things were 100% different without all the glitz and glam....and his commentary is great


I'd say Jesse / Vince is second as I also loved how much he put into a match and passion and delivery...He and Jesse during the Savage / Steamboat angle is his apex....fuckin unreal


Mr. McMahon was cool and all but I got back into WWF in 1997 when HHH's push started in the summer and then into the Shawn DX and then his DX, so during the peak era, for me, outside nights where HHH was in the main event, the best part of RAW for me was by about 10 - 10:15...the Austin / McMahon main event shit was cool, but was not my focus of the show and was WAY behind the other stuff I already mentnioned, so the Mr. McMahon character was just a great part of the show, but not why I tuned in...until late 99 when HHH and Vince got into their feud with Steph and the rest I actually cared more about Mr. McMahon and then the facgime....


Cant comment on elder as my WWE regular watching as a weekly, cant miss FOCUS ended about 7 years ago I tried several times to get back in full bore but the way its booked and done now loses me quickly...now I watch matches you guys throw out or I will catch an angle or PPV here and there, but not enough to comment about him...

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I wasn't sure there was an Elder Statesman Vince, but then I was shocked when I saw the Ultimate Warrior tribute special they did on the WWE Network. When they interviewed Vince he got choked up and cried. It came off as totally sincere and legit, too. I've seen my share of crocodile tears in my day, and I don't think Vince is that good an actor.


It shocked me for two reasons:


1) After all their history, I assumed Vince hated Warrior and only made nice with him because it was good for business. I never expected him to care that much.


2) I assumed Vince was some sort of uncaring cyborg, fueled by a combination of cocaine and testosterone. This is a guy who doesn't like people yawning around him and doesn't believe in illness, because he sees both as a sign of weakness...but he cried!

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vince has always had his humane moments


see the mick foley story about terry funk telling him "sometimes vince just likes to be nice" in reference to hiring older guys who don't bring much to the table. that one was specifically about terry gordy but you can also look at tony atlas in 1990, killer khan in 1987, iron sheik on multiple occasions...

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