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NXT Takeover: Orlando

Ricky Jackson

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Not much buzz for this one. I'm definitely not a fan of the formula of running main event rematches that follow decisive victories in the first match but it seems to be the only way they know how to book. That said, I don't see why this won't be an entertaining show, they always are. Tag should be great and I'm interested to see how they book Asuka vs Moon.

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Well, the entrance for Tommy End was awesome, but man it felt like Almas took way too much of the match and it went too long for the debut of the hot new guy. I don't know what the crowd was chanting for when Black took it, but they certainly seemed to have checked out of the match.


and Yes, Nigel totally just said "here in Ring of Honor"

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I loved me some Gargano in that tag match.


I commented on Twitter that the main event felt very Japanese but needed more head dropping. And then they did some scary looking head drops, especially that final DDT that won the match.


Guys, I was just kidding!

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