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[2005-10-08-NOAH-Autumn Navigation] Genichiro Tenryu vs KENTA


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This is such an amazing match. Tenryu gives a hellacious beating to KENTA - who sells it fantastically. Tenryu was just so good in this delivering that asskicking & being the grumpy vet. KENTA was tremendous as the underdog selling his ass off while getting some brief comebacks in - only for Tenryu to cut them all off. Tenryu beating up anyone is a winning formula & then you get KENTA as the underdog which is another winning formula - you combine those 2 and you get fantastic pro wrestling match. ****3/4

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  • GSR changed the title to [2005-10-08-NOAH-Autumn Navigation] Genichiro Tenryu vs KENTA
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This was not part of Ditch's project glad people brought this to my attention. This is badass. 

Genichiro Tenryu vs KENTA - NOAH 10/8/05

This is legalized murder. KENTA bumrushes at the outset of the match and just runs into a closed fist. Tenryu lays one of the most hellacious beatings you will ever seen. Fists, chops, lariats,  punts to the head, chairs and even casually dropping the timekeeper table on KENTA. Ever the gentleman, he returns the table to the timekeeper only to take his hammer and hit KENTA with that. Those chops were insane. He was hitting through KENTA. KENTA gives a great "selling" performance, but I dont know how much he is selling or is just plain shoot hurt. Loved Tenryu's cutoff. That one flurry stopped by a well-placed right was great. There could have been a better transition to KENTA's big offensive comeback. His offense looked great I loved him relying on springboard dropkicks. Great kicks and hits his big Exploding knee, but when Tenryu kicks out you know it is just a matter of time. Big right jabs and then Tenryu just trucks him with a left lariat. Great veteran heavyweight vs young junior heavyweight match that was stiff and just an asskicker. **** 

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This was a snuff movie and it was amazing.

The best KENTA have always been his matches when he is a jr and against much bigger and more established heavyweights. Here he is against Tenryu a guy who’s grumpy old man phase (my favourite character in wrestling) went on for over 20years.

Tenryu destroys KENTA and it is a joy to watch every strike thrown is brutal looking and sounding. Every move looks really reckless and dangerous. KENTA looks like his teeth are knocked around in his mouth and he is bleeding from there.

This is amazing professional wrestling between KENTA at his peak and Tenryu at the end of his. ****1/2

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A glorious affair of KENTA fighting undernearth the onslaught of grumpy Tenryu's no fucks to give straight in your face style put in front of him. KENTA tried to gain momentum with kicks and forearm strikes but Tenryu wasn't having any bit of it and cut him off with beautiful looking jabs and lariats. Good comeback but again Tenryu cut that off with the quickness and picked up the win. Props to KENTA for being so giving and offering his body for abuse and add this great match in the cap for one of the best if not the best wrestlers in the 00s in Tenryu.

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