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WWE TV 05/01 - 05/07


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Holy shitballs guys it's official. Alexa Bliss is my new favourite wrestler.


I'm pretty sure she's already the most GIFable wrestler of all time even though she's only been on the main roster for like 9 months.


Alexa screaming at Alicia Fox while she was Hell in Peril and Alicia Fox going "I'm trying!!" is why I love Alicia Fox. Woah at her and Sasha, I need them to get it on immediately. Bayley's hot tag here and laying into Alexa was the most aggressive she's looked since she was stomping Sasha's fingers off.


This was all a great showcase because before this match I would not have thought that there were even 8 women on the Raw roster.

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I attended both Payback and this show and Raw was a lot more fun. The main event got a great reaction.


They played videos during the commercial breaks, which kept people from getting restless. At the last TV taping I went to a year ago they just shut the lights off.

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The whole women's angle on SD ruled too. Becky didn't save Charlotte last week so the Welcoming Committee try to recruit her to their side. Then they take out Charlotte before the match, forcing Naomi to go it alone (it could have the added benefit of showing Naomi it's worth joining them too!). But Naomi proceeds to not only hold her own but treat Carmella like a fucking young boy and beat the utter shit out of her, before the numbers overwhelm her. But then Charlotte! She's here! Hot tag! Charlotte beasting fools was great and the people are going NUT for someone who was the best heel in the company like two weeks ago. But the numbers game catches up with them again.


And then Becky! She's walking, clearly in no rush to make the save. Odd. She's smiling at the heels. Oh no! Don't do it! Don't shake their hands! Don't hug that gooofba-BLAMMO! WOO! BECKY! She'll never turn to the dark side! But AGAIN, it's 3 against 1 and the heels STILL have the numbers. But at least now the faces will be back to even the score, 3 on 3.


I still like the ultimate goal of Charlotte Horsemaning Becky and joining the heels, but that will have to come way in the future when there are reinforcements for the babyface side. The immediate problem is that I'm not sure Lana is enough reinforcement, and there's nobody in NXT ready for a call up apart from Asuka. So I'm not sure how to even it up.

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