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Premier Podcast Brand #4 (2017 WON HOF Modern Candidates & More)


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Kris Zellner & Dylan Hales are back together as the Premier Podcast Brand to discuss the 2017 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Fame Modern Candidates Section among all the other sections as well and our thoughts on the candidates in those sections that we felt should be in or have cases to be in. A very strong show as usual and we hope that we can sway some voters that are leaning on how they will be voting!!!!


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After watching Memphis Heat I was wondering how much about Sputnik Monroe's story was folklore and how much was fact as the story just sounded too good to be completely true. He sounds definitely like a guy WWE should want to have in their hall of fame (I mean the story is a PR/PC wet dream).

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Listening to this today. I find it absolutely stunning that Meltzer tried to argue Edge as a better wrestler than Nick Bockwinkel. To me, I find that far more an indictment of his match criticism than what he thinks about PWG or what WWE matches he rates at five stars.

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I'm tentatively with Robert on Sputnik. Whenever I came across him I am underwhelmed by his role in any promotion. You don't linger around the Tex Hager circuit for 5 years as a rookie and fall out of favor at the end of your career if you really are that successful. I looked at him just now again and noticed that a decent chunk of his career happened in Florida, so I fear that Crimson Mask could have a good input into his matter. It is possible that more Gulas research might help him a lot, but otherwise I don't think he has too much of a case. The argument for him sounds good, but it might not hold up. So please take away from this that we still have our doubts which need to be dispersed. Never blindly trust old wrestling claims.


Take a look at this show, which ran in opposition to the Montreal territory

Montreal, QC: Aug 15, 1953
(Sylvio Samson; Delorimier Stadium; Attendance 12,000) … Jacques Larose, Sam Chuck & Joe White defeated Henri Dufresne, Jean Paul Dufresne & Ronald Dufresne … Man vs. Animal: Gorgeous Gus (bear) defeated Giant Goliath by count out … Dr. Jerry Graham defeated Gerard Dugas … George Desparois defeated Emile Gordon … Raymond Couture vs. Joffre L’Heureux


If you say that something like Wicks vs Sputnik is enough for a Hall of Fame consideration, how many of those main event guys should be considered?


The current old-school darlings who might be overrated are Sputnik Monroe, for reasons I couldn't express better than Robert has done so, and Bull Curry. It's anecdotal, it does sound good and you have magazines covers and articles which will romanticize them to a degree. But with all the things I come across, there is so little I see that works in their favor and too much that speaks against them. My biggest beef with Curry is by the way that he probably shouldn't be considered before Danny McShain and Frank Scarpa. Curry is more a Bulldog Brower type than a Bruno Sammartino type.

Come to think of it, something similar could also be said for Leo Savage. Everything you normally see attributed to him should rather be said about other heels like Cowboy Luttrall. So if you ask me who is currently severely underrated I can name the later Florida promoter.

And I have wondered if the careers of Sammartino and Brower would have switched if the demographic in the Northeast would have been switched as well. Now that is some food for thought ;)

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