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AWA Super Clash 1985


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AWA Super Clash 1985 : The Last Chance Saloon, from the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, December 31st 1985


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Dan Spivey vs. Cpl. Scott Hall


Poor Scott Hall’s head (and heart) didn’t really seem to be in this match. Losing his best buddy, Pvt. Mick Foley (now calling himself Cactus Jack) pretty much took the wind out of his sails, and he seemed pretty listless throughout the match as Spivey dominated him throughout. He seemed to rally late in the match with some big power moves, but he then got distracted by Kevin Sullivan at ringside, only turn around and get flattened by a Big Boot from Spivey. One running legdrop later and Hall was done in the AWA. It looks like Sgt. Slaughter now stands alone in the Cobra Corps.


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Kendo Nagasaki vs. The Great Kabuki


These two Japanese legends have been going at it, fist and fire, for the past few months, and it would all come to an end here. While Sunshine cheered on Kabuki from the outside, both men threw down with vicious chops and nasty kicks, while the momentum swung back and forth. Nagasaki looked like he would take the match when he unleashed the green mist, but Kabuki got his hands up and blocked it at the last second. He flattened Kendo with a mighty roundhouse kick then got him up in a piledriver, but as he had his back to the outside, the mysterious masked man came out of nowhere … and nailed Sunshine with a thrust kick to the jaw before disappearing just as suddenly! As Sunshine dropped to the floor, Kabuki got the three count, only right after getting his hand raised in victory did he realize that something was wrong. He was quite clearly distraught as he carried Sunshine in his arms and rushed her to the back for medical attention.


Losing Team Leaves The AWA Match : Greg Gagne & The Killer Bees vs. Mike Shaw, Dave Schultz & Buck Robley


Gagne still had his ribs taped for this match but was clearly very determined to get the last word over Mike Shaw and Col. Robley’s Army. The Army worked over his ribs throughout the match but he and his good friends, The Killer Bees, kept coming at them, eventually with Gagne sinking the Sleeper Hold on Shaw. Shaw kept driving him , back first, into the corner to force him to let go, but Gagne would not release it and the ref dropped “The Tank’s” arm three times then signaled for the bell. Looks like that is it for the Army in the AWA.



Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Rick Steiner vs. Ricky Steamboat


Steiner has been a persistent thorn in Steamboat’s side as part of the Varsity Club’s state goal of keeping him as far away from Paul Orndorff’s belt as possible. Steiner used his considerable power to try to toss Steamboat around the ring, but Steamboat was able to roll through most of those moves and keep coming back with his own smooth offense. Steiner was able to knock Steamboat out of the ring with a huge clothesline, but Steamboat, as he does, caught himself on the top rope and charged up to the top turnbuckle. He then came off with a flying cross body press but Steiner, who had been caught with this move before, rolled through the move and went for the cover, assisted by a fistful of trunks. One … two … no!!! Steamboat was just able to get his shoulder up in the nick of time. Steiner started celebrating, thinking he had won the match, but then exploded in fury when the ref informed him the match would continue. Steamboat took advantage of this by grabbing him by both arms from behind, bridging back and hitting a Tiger Suplex. One … two … three! The Varsity Club was now down one man and Steamboat was closer in getting to a World Title shot.


Loser Leaves The AWA Match : Dusty Rhodes vs. Tony Atlas


Tony Atlas was clearly out to run the American Dream out of the AWA , but Rhodes was just as obviously looking to bring the fight to Mr. Olympia. This was a crazy brawl, with both men being busted open and lots of jarring moves and slams. Atlas was able to trap Rhodes in a powerful bearhug and it looked like Dusty was starting to fade, keeping his stay in the AWA a short one. Dusty was able to rally, however, and started raining mighty elbow smashes on Atlas’ face until he was finally forced to let go. Dusty then sent Atlas to the mat with a clothesline before hitting the Bionic Elbow Drop for the one two three. The crowd roared their approval as Dusty stood triumphant in the ring.


AWA Southern Title Match : Al Perez © vs. Killer Khan (if Khan wins, Perez leaves the AWA , if Perez wins, Tojo Yamamoto leaves the AWA)


Perez was coming to the ring without his manager, Sunshine, and was clearly concerned about her condition, as well as glancing about for possible interference from the masked man. While the masked man didn’t make an appearance this time out, Perez had more than his hands full with the ferocious attacks of Khan , as well as the looming presence of Tojo Yamamoto. Perez tried to battle back with his considerable technical skills, but Khan kept coming at him, several times coming close to cinching the Oriental Thumb Choke , with Perez just barely escaping by getting to the ropes. The Latin Heartthrob gradually was able to work his way back into the match by going after Khan’s legs, kicking and chopping at them and then going for a series of leg based submissions. It looked like he might just pull it off, but he went for a dropkick at a time when Khan was able to grab onto the ropes, so Perez plummeted hard to the mat. Khan then body slammed Perez and hit some massive foot stomps before going up to the top turnbuckle to put him away for good with his Killer flying knee drop. However, Perez was just playing possum and rolled away at the last second, then executed the Indian Death Lock on Khan’s injured leg. Khan struggled mightily but could not escape , and had to give up the match. Who knows what Khan will be like now that he no longer has the influence of Tojo Yamamoto to keep him in check.


AWA World Tag Team Title Match with the Losing Team Leaving The AWA : Buddy Rose & Doug Somers © vs. The British Bulldogs


The Bulldogs were still incensed at Playboy After Dark having stolen the titles from them, and had put up their AWA careers to get a shot at taking them back. They proceeded to run roughshod over the Playboy and the Pretty Boy, sending Rose and Somers scattering to the outside on multiple occasions. The champs were able to keep themselves in the match with some deft cheating and double teams, but the tide turned in favour of the Bulldogs when Rose collided with the ref, sending them both to the mat while Davey Boy power slammed Somers. Dynamite Kid went up top for the flying headbutt, but out of nowhere someone grabbed his ankle and yanked him hard down to the ringside area. It was the masked man! He quickly slipped into the ring, nailed the confused Davey Boy with a thrust kick to the jaw, then put Somers on top for the cover before disappearing once more. The ref had by that time recovered and was able to make the count. One … two … THREE! The Bulldogs are now gone from the AWA! The crowd was in shock and the champions seemed as confused as everyone else, grabbing their belts and bailing from the ring. Who is this mysterious masked man and what is his agenda?


AWA World Title Match : Paul Orndorff © vs. Nick Bockwinkel


It was announced before this match that Kevin Sullivan and the Varsity Club woud be banned from ringside for this match. If this fazed Orndorff, he certainly didn’t show it, as all of his attention was clearly focused on Bockwinkel from the get go. Much of the early part of the match involved Orndorff trying to put Bock away quickly with big slams and clotheslines, all while Bock kept his trademark cool and suavely dodging out of the way of possible knockout blows. Gradually Bock asserted control of the match and started to go after Orndorff’s legs, softening him up in hopes of for the Figure Four. He looked like he might get it at a few points, but Orndorff furiously kicked his way out of it. Bock then tried to put Orndorff away with a piledriver, mocking the champ with his own move, but Mr. Wonderful countered with a slingshot that sent Nick hard into the turnbuckle. Orndorff then started opening up with elbows to the back of Bock’s head and neck, trying to break him down in spite of the champ’s own damaged legs. It looked like he would be able to hit his own Piledriver to put an end to Bock’s challenge, but Nick countered with a small package that got a 2.999999 count. Orndorff then tried to come back with an elbow drop, but Bock rolled out of the way and Orndorff went down hard on the mat. As the match ran down, Bockwinkel kept after Orndorff’s legs, looking to get the figure four, but the champ was always able to scramble to the ropes. It looked like Bockwinkel just might pull it off when he was finally able to cinch in the figure four in the middle of the ring, but in spite of Nick’s mightiest efforts and the clear pain it was causing Mr. Wonderful, Orndorff was able to gut it out and the bell rang , signaling a one hour time limit draw. Both men slowly were able to pull themselves to their feet and Bockwinkel offered his hand to Orndorff as a show of respect. Orndorff stared at him for a long time before very begrudgingly shaking his hand, as the crowd cheered both men for their incredible athletic effort.

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What a show! Can you even imagine the magazine and dirt sheet coverage this would have recieved in the mid-80s? Huge changes obviously in store for the AWA! And what a great Main Event. Between this and Starrcade and the big SNME and Thanksgiving Thunder and Holiday Wars there has been a ton of great action here recently.

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