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NWA Lutte Internationale January 1986


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January 3rd, 1986

Waterdown, ON


-The debuting Bobby Fulton beat Keith Hart in 12:29


-Gilles Poisson beat Satanico in 13:23


-The next match is announced to be for the vacant NWA Canadian International TV Championship and the two names have been randomly selected from a hat. The first name: Bruce Hart! The second name: a shocker.....ADRIAN ADONIS! And he's not coming alone as a man with a huge portable phone is coming with him!


NWA Canadian International TV Championship: Adrian Adonis (w/Paul E. Dangerously) beat Bruce Hart in 15:25 to win the vacant title! - TITLE CHANGE!!!


-Penny Mitchell beat Donna Day in 7:09


NWA World Women's Championship: The Fabulous Moolah beat Wendi Richter in 15:44 to retain


-King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) beat MS-1 in 13:17


-Jos LeDuc beat Raymond Rougeau in 12:40


Quebec Heavyweight Championship: Armand Rougeau beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon in 12:27 to retain

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Yeah, it was automatic for me that when I drafted Adrian Adonis, I was to draft Paul E. and put him with Adrian from the start. Putting the TV title on Adonis is something that I literally had in mind since November 1984 but because of multiple circumstances, I never was able to pull the trigger. Once the possibility reemerged, that's why I switched my original plans from Larry Z to Adrian instead.

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***This week was a best of 1985 in Lutte Internationale, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match at Starrcade between Rick Martel and Ric Flair. Next week, the broadcast team announces that the Rougeau Brothers & Chris Benoit will team up to take on the team of the Vachons & Richard Charland in the main event. Plus, the new NWA Canadian International TV Champion Adrian Adonis will be in action and we will hear from his new manager, Paul E. Dangerously!


January 4th, 1986

Ottawa, ON


-Bruce Hart defeated the debuting Jerry Sags in 14:23. Paul E. Dangerously was on hand and watched the match from the entrance area.


-Judy Martin beat Luna Vachon in 15:39


-Bobby Fulton beat the debuting Chris Candido in 11:23


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat Satanico in 14:16


-Tommy Rogers beat the debuting Brian Knobbs in 16:04. Once again, Paul E. Dangerously was watching from the entrance area


-Princess Victoria & Leilani Kai beat Susan Star & Velvet McIntyre in 13:15


-MS-1 beat The Botswana Beast (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 11:48


NWA World Heavyweight Championship: Rick Martel beat Big John Studd (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 15:17 to retain. After the match, Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu ran in for a 3-on-1 attack orchestrated by Floyd Creatchman and Big John Studd. After Studd, Creatchman & the Samoans were chased off, Rick Martel takes the mic and challenges Samu & Fatu to a tag match tomorrow night in St-Côme-de-Linière, QC as he promised to kick their ass, even if he has to do it by himself! Who will step up as Martel's tag team partner?

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January 5th, 1986

St-Côme-de-Linière, QC


-In a stunning upset, Brian Knobbs defeated "Maniac" Matt Borne in 6:52 after interference from one of the men dressed in leather & a biker helmet. As the match ended, the man removed his helmet to reveal Jerry Sags! Both rookies continued the beatdown of Borne as Paul E. Dangerously made his way to the ring, directing traffic. However, Borne ends up snapping and grabs a chair to chase all 3 men outside of the arena! What is the deal with Paul E. Dangerously & the 2 rookies????


NWA World Women's Championship: The Fabulous Moolah beat Joyce Grable in 25:35 to retain


-Los Infernales beat the Hart Brothers in 22:11


-The Rougeau Brothers beat Jos LeDuc & Hercules Ayala in 19:07. Things didn't seem to be all gelling for LeDuc & Ayala and their teamwork unravelled in the end. LeDuc took the mic after the match and told Ayala that if he's got to go kick his ass all the way through Puerto Rico, he will do so!


-King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Hillbilly Jim in 11:32


Submission Match: Big John Studd (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Chris Candido in 9:27. Studd finished the match with a bearhug and refused to let go after the match. Studd made it clear after the match that he wants another shot at Rick Martel for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!


-Botswana Beast (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Ivan Putski in 7:11


-Main event time as Rick Martel shows up to face Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu...but without a partner. Martel seems to be ready to go at it alone when 'Playboy' Buddy Rose shows up and offers to be Martel's partner. Martel doesn't seem sure but Buddy says he's doing it out of respect for Rick and he wants the NWA World Champion to have a fair fight. Martel accepts Buddy's offer!


-NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rick Martel & AWA World Tag Team Champion "Playboy" Buddy Rose beat The Creatchman Family (Prince Alofa Fatu & The Great Samu, w/Floyd Creatchman) in 52:02 after Martel submitted Fatu to the Boston Crab. After the match, Martel and Rose shake hands...but Buddy Rose suckerpunches Martel! Rose & the Samoans beat down on the World Champion until all the Rougeau Brothers run in for the save to chase away the traitor & the Creatchman Family! Another challenger has emerged for Rick Martel!

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January 10th, 1986

Edmonton, AB


-Jos LeDuc beat Gino Brito in 5:31


NWA World Women's Championship Falls Count Anywhere: The Fabulous Moolah beat Velvet McIntyre in 10:22 to retain


-Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon in 10:30


AWA World Tag Team Championship: Buddy Rose & Doug Somers (w/Sherri Martel) beat The Rougeau Brothers (Armand & Raymond Rougeau) in 33:16 to retain after Buddy threw powder in Armand's face!


-Bobby Fulton beat MS-1 in 11:30


-Prince Alofa Fatu (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Brian Knobbs (w/Paul E. Dangerously) in 6:24


-Keith Hart beat Satanico in 10:30


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Jacques Rougeau beat Mando Guerrero in 33:13 to retain with a flying dropkick!

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I think that the roster you have now is one of the best you have had since joining the game. It is a great mix of the Canadian flavor with the typical NWA types thrown in. Love Jos Leduc and would like to see him in a major feud some time.


If I had that roster when I joined in 1984, I would've had even a bigger blast than I am right now. And it's about to get real interesting in February!



Back half of that card are all excellent matches. I question Brito going down in under 6, but that's my only quibble.


You can also keep in mind that Gino Brito is at the tail end of his career right now. At this stage, he's pretty much mostly being the booker and he's a solid hand to use in midcard or lower midcard. So to me, it isn't that big a deal ;)

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV

Taped at CHLT-TV Studios, Sherbrooke, QC

Broadcasted January 11th, 1986




(After the opening credits, we go to the broadcast booth to kick off this week’s show.)


Guy Hauray: For the first time in 1986, welcome to NWA Lutte Internationale TV. We had a huge 1985 and with the expansion and the growth of the National Wrestling Alliance, we are looking forward to a fantastic 1986. We have a jampacked edition of NWA Lutte TV this week with a feature bout being a 6-men tag between the Rougeau Brothers & NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit and the trio of NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champions The Vachons & Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland.


Édouard Carpentier: This should be very exciting as the Rougeaus are riding some interesting momentum after Starrcade. And Chris Benoit is also making waves as the World Light Heavyweight Champion since winning that tournament in Oklahoma City last month. But on the other side, the Vachons have been brutal ever since they’ve won those titles. Look at what they did to Paul Diamond from Badd Company at Starrcade. Because of that, Badd Company lost their AWA Southern Tag Team Championship to the Guerreros. And as for Richard Charland, ever since the return of King Tonga to the territory, he’s been rejuvenated. I tell you what, Guy; I’ll make the bold predictions that whoever beat The Vachons for those titles will send them into retirement. They are that good of a tag team.


Guy Hauray: We’ll see throughout 1986 but we’re also anticipating the TV debut of the aptly crowned new NWA Canadian International TV Champion Adrian Adonis, making a shocking return to the territory last week, winning the vacant title. We will also hear from his manager, a newcomer named Paul E. Dangerously. But first, we’re headed for tag team action as the former NWA World Tag Team Champions Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous are ready to compete!



Match #1

The Creatchman Family (Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous, w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman) vs Everette Close & Brandon Brittain


Who would’ve given a chance to Everette Close & Brandon Brittain in this match? Exactly. That’s what happened in this match. It took about 2 minutes for The Brain’s monsters to decimate both Close & Brittain for a quick victory with a Beast splash on Close.


Winners: The Creatchman Family


(After the match, Eddy Creatchman and his monsters are headed to the booth for an interview.)


Édouard Carpentier: Eddy, obviously, an important victory for your team after losing the NWA World Tag Team Championship to Ole & Arn Anderson at Starrcade. My question is where do your Family go from here?


Eddy Creatchman: Monsieur Carpentier, j’suis vraiment pas inquiet pour mes boys parce que les Andersons, sont ben bons mais y ont été aussi chanceux. Les Andersons, y vont toute faire pour éviter d’affronter mes deux monstres mais j’peux vous garantir que ç’en restera pas là. D’icitte la fin de 1986, Botswana Beast pis Lord Humongous vont retrouver leurs ceintures!


(Translation : Mr. Carpentier, I’m not worried at all for my boys because while the Andersons are really good, they were also really lucky.The Andersons will do everything to avoid giving my two monsters a rematch but I can guarantee you that this isn’t the end. By the end of 1986, Botswana Beast & Lord Humongous will regain their belts!)


Édouard Carpentier: Fair enough...and with both Jacques Rougeau & Rick Martel holding main titles here, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, what are your plans for them. You’ve never made it any secret that you wanna rid Lutte Internationale of the Rougeaus and Rick Martel.


Eddy Creatchman: Monsieur Carpentier, on m’appelle pas The Brain pour rien! Vous pensez quand même pas que j’ai pas pensé à ça? C’est certain que j’veux la peau des p’tits maudits morveux de Rougeaus pis de Ricky Martel. Pis j’ai trouvé la perle rare. Est tellement rare que j’suis obligé de prendre mon temps avant de l’amener icitte. Vous pouvez pas savoir à quel point, yé dangereux. Yé tellement dangereux que même ma propre famille veut même pas être proche de lui. Ça, c’est du danger. Pis c’est ça que j’vas ramener à Lutte Internationale. Quand l’temps sera arrivé, j’amènerai la créature la plus dangereuse du monde pis je vas régler le cas des Rougeau pis de Ricky Martel une bonne fois pour toutes!


(Translation : Mr. Carpentier, we don’t call me The Brain for no reason! You don’t seriously believe that I didn’t already think of that? Of course I want the heads of those little snotty Rougeaus and Ricky Martel. But I found the real gem. So real that I have to bid my time before bringing it here. You have no idea how dangerous he is. He’s so dangerous that not even my own family wanna stay close to him. That’s danger. And that’s what I’ll bring back to Lutte Internationale. When the time will have come, I’ll bring the most dangerous creature in the world here and I’ll take care of the Rougeaus and Ricky Martel once and for all!)


(The Creatchman Family leaves to the back as Édouard Carpentier rejoin Guy Hauray behind the booth)


Guy Hauray: Who is that mysterious man Eddy is talking about?


Édouard Carpentier: I don’t know but if he is more dangerous than the Botswana Beast AND Lord Humongous, The Brain has definitely found the most dangerous man on the planet. Both the Rougeaus and Rick Martel need to be careful.


Guy Hauray: We’ll certainly see about that. When we come back, Adrian Adonis is in action!


*****COMMERCIAL BREAK + TV ad for tonight’s show in Amqui, QC*****


Card includes:




Special Attraction:

WCCW World TV Championship

Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) vs Mando Guerrero (AWA)


Match #2

NWA Canadian International TV Championship

Hillbilly Jim vs Adrian Adonis © (w/Paul E. Dangerously)


This is the first official TV appearance for Adrian Adonis and of course, his manager Paul E. Dangerously is at ringside with him. The broadcast team reminds the viewers that Adonis beat Bruce Hart for the vacant title last week in Waterdown, ON. They also say that going forward, each TV title defense on television will have a 10-minute time limit. Hillbilly Jim seems eager to proceed but Adrian Adonis takes his sweet time stalling and seeking Dangerously’s advice. Eventually, the good ol’ country boy has enough and attacks the champion. The action rapidly spills outside and Adonis has no intention of going back inside the ring. However, he makes sure that Hillbilly Jim doesn’t as well! As the referee’s got Adonis’ attention, Paul E. uses his gigantic phone and smashes it behind Jim’s head! Jim goes down in a heap and while Adonis would have all the time in the world to return to the ring, he chooses...to stay outside? Referee André Roy calls for the bell and it’s a double countout!


Double countout


(After the match, Adrian Adonis and Paul E. Dangerously go to the broadcast booth for an interview.)


Édouard Carpentier: I must admit, gentlemen, that I’m a bit perplexed by what I just saw...I mean, questionable tactics aside, why didn’t you go for the win, Adrian?


Paul E. Dangerously: AHEM, AHEM....I’ll do the talking around here, thank you very much. But first, let me introduce myself. I am Paul E. Dangerously, manager extraordinaire, adviser, agent...call me as you wish. But what you must remember is that my very first client – my VERY FIRST – is currently the NWA Canadian International TV Champion. Do you know how long Adrian Adonis has waited for this to happen? 14 months exactly. Adrian Adonis has waited 14 months for this. You see, when he came here originally from Mid-Atlantic, he was promised a title match with then-champion Gino Brito, who conveniently avoided Adrian right until Adrian’s loan was up and he had to move back to Mid-Atlantic. But then, he saw another opportunity and he headed to Japan for the better part of 1985. And again, conveniently, the head honchos here decide to bring in Super Strong Machine from Japan and guess what? He wins the NWA Canadian International TV Championship! So, in Adrian’s mind, it was perfect. Because he would go back to Japan and now, Adrian would be granted the match he was waiting for. Again...CONVENIENTLY, Super Strong Machine stuck here to defend his title right until things became problematic in Japan and Adrian was forced to return home to New York. And of course, that’s the time that the TV champion chose to return back to Japan and how CONVENIENT that he had visa issues and he couldn’t come back here. Now, we would be lying if we said that Adrian didn’t feel a bit discouraged. However, we saw the silver lining behind the dark cloud when the National Wrestling Alliance ordered the title to be vacated. So, when I heard about the new champion being determined with 2 men being randomly selected, I placed a call to Adrian and I told him: “This is your chance, Adrian. This is your chance to get what you’ve been waiting on for the past 14 months. The luck of the draw cannot stop you. This is destiny. Destiny is waiting for you and I’m gonna be here with you every step of the way. Because only a New Yorker can understand another New Yorker. We will be unstoppable. And guess what happened? Adrian Adonis is your new NWA Canadian International TV Champion. THAT is destiny.


Édouard Carpentier: But you can’t expect me to believe that you’re satisfied with what we just saw? Don’t you have more pride than this...blatantly getting counted out...even a DOUBLE countout???


Paul E. Dangerously: See, this is where our visions differ. Of course, having the win is always nice but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters is that Adrian Adonis walks out of here still the champion. And did this happen?


Édouard Carpentier: Well yeah but..


Paul E. Dangerously: No, but, sir. The bottom line is this. What people will remember from this week is that Adrian Adonis walked out of here the champion. And he will still do so until he gets bored and wants to move on to bigger and better things.


Édouard Carpentier: And what’s this deal you have with those newcomers, Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags? Last time we saw you, Matt Borne was chasing all 3 of you out the arena on Sunday!


Paul E. Dangerously: Well, I’m happy you asked that question, sir. Because a champion like Adrian Adonis needs security. Not the usual type of security like President Reagan or your Prime Minister would get. No, no, no....A New Yorker needs some tough security. A New Yorker needs....nasty security. So, that’s what I hired. I hired Nasty Boys. Going forward, wherever we go, they’ll go. Everyone trying to get their hands on Adrian Adonis, will have to deal with Knobbs & Sags, aka the Nasty Boys. And trust me, I vow to make of this tag team one of the very best of their profession. But I will promise you this. You are looking at the greatest TV champion this territory will ever see. Just watch us. Thank you and have a marvellous day.


(Adrian Adonis & Paul E. Dangerously leave the set and return to the back.)


Guy Hauray: Wow, if you thought that Eddy Creatchman was confident, I mean, this guy is a piece of work!


Édouard Carpentier: For a newcomer in the pro wrestling business, this Paul E. Dangerously isn’t short of confidence. I don’t know how long his tactics will help his client but so far, it works. And I don’t know who will stop them. Especially if those young punks of Nasty Boys are acting as security to keep the title.


Guy Hauray: We’ll see what the future holds for them but when we come back, it will be time for our main event. 6-men tag team action!


***COMMERCIAL BREAK + promo ad for January 12 show at CNE Coliseum in Toronto****


Card includes:


-Jacques Rougeau defending the NWA Canadian Heavyweight Championship vs Satanico of Los Infernales!

-Raymond Rougeau vs MS-1 of Los Infernales

-And more!



Match #3

6-Men Tag Team Match

The Rougeau Brothers (NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Champion Jacques & Raymond Rougeau) & NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit vs NWA Canadian Interntional Tag Team Champions The Vachons & Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland (w/Frenchy Martin)


This one is definitely getting a big-time feel as many champions are involved in this match. Benoit & Charland are getting things started and Benoit’s confidence is through the roof since he won the Light Heavyweight title and he makes quick exchanges with the Rougeaus. However, eventually, Benoit’s lack of experience comes back to haunt him as the Canadian International Tag Team Champions The Vachons trap the youngster in their corner and they take their turn in the corner, especially Charland who doesn’t want to lose to Benoit, even in 6-men tag action. Luckily, Benoit is able to finally turn the tide after Charland misses an elbow drop and he finally tags in Raymond! Raymond is a house of fire and he attacks everyone in sight in the opposite corner. However, the Vachons gang up on Raymond and that brings out Jacques as well and we got a pier-six brawl on our hands! After a few minutes, Benoit helps the Rougeaus get rid of the Vachons with beautiful dropkicks, which leaves Charland alone with the Rougeaus! And unfortunately, that means that La Bombe Rougeau is next and there’s no way that Charland can escape or avoid it! Raymond pins Le Magnifique and scores a huge victory for his team! This week’s show ends with the Rougeaus & Chris Benoit celebrating together!





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January 11th, 1986

Amqui, QC


-Ivan Putski & Hillbilly Jim beat The Creatchman Family (The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu, w/Floyd Creatchman) in 10:06. Postmatch, the Samoans attacked both Putski & Jim!


-Pirata Morgan upsets Raymond Rougeau in 15:41


WCCW World TV Championship Steel Cage Match: "Gorgeous" Jimmy Garvin (w/Precious) beat Mando Guerrero in 22:03 to retain by escaping the cage after Precious sprayed something in Mando's face!


-Chris Candido beat Shane Douglas in 15:31 with a rollup!


-Bruce Hart beat Brian Knobbs (w/Paul E. Dangerously & Jerry Sags) in 15:35


-Jos LeDuc beat Keith Hart in 8:45


$10,000 Battle Royal: NWA World Heavyweight Champion Rick Martel wins the battle royal, last eliminating MS-1!

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Wow, things are heating up in Lutte! Love the way Paul E came in and set the tone. The Nasty Boys are good bad guys to have as security. Adonis may never loose his TV title. I wonder who Creatchman is bringing in??? The Garvin/Mando cage match looked awesome. Rick Martel keeps his momentum going with a big battle royal victory.

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January 12th, 1986

CNE Coliseum, Toronto, ON


-Hillbilly Jim beat The Botswana Beast (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 13:25


-MS-1 beat Raymond Rougeau in 15:09


-Bobby Fulton beat King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) in 10:30


-Lord Humongous (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) beat Pirata Morgan in 11:03


-NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat Tommy Rogers in 13:14


-Jerry Sags (w/Paul E. Dangerously & Brian Knobbs) upsets Jos LeDuc in 17:08 after NWA Canadian International TV Champion Adrian Adonis came out and knocked out LeDuc with his title belt!


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Jacques Rougeau beat Satanico in 20:39 to retain

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