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NWA World Wrestling Council January 1986


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Original Airdate: January 5th, 1986


(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to another great week of lucha libre action from the WWC. I'm Rickin Sanchez and I am joined by my colleague Hugo Savinovich.


Hugo: Three Kings Day is TOMORROW! Are you ready for it Rickin?!?


Rickin: I don't know that I am, but it's almost here regardless. We have some more big matches to announce for that show tonight fans.


Hugo: One of them is VERY BIG!!


Rickin: I know which one you are talking about and yes, it is a match that will be hard for Roberto Clemente Coliseum to contain. Tonight we will see the debut of the Rock'n'Roll RPMs, our newest tag team in the WWC.


Hugo: So many tag teams!! That tournament is going to be something else!!


Rickin: Yes, it will feature all of our regular tag teams including los Super Medicos, who also have a match tonight. Ricky Santana will be in singles action, as will the Latin Lover Al Madril.


Hugo: We won't be talking to Al?!?


Rickin: Thankfully we will not. Gama Singh will have a singles match as well. Chicky Starr's Sports Shop will feature none other than Abdullah the Butcher.


Hugo: The monster! The machine!


Rickin: Commissioner Pedro Castillo has sent in some pre-recorded comments from his office. Barrabas will be checking in from the road with the NWA 6-man Tag Team Champions.


Hugo: He had a lot to say last week!


Rickin: He always has a lot to say. We have an interview with Carlitos Colon before our main event, a 6-man tag team match featuring los Invaders.


Hugo: Colon has a tough test ahead of him tomorrow night!


Rickin: Yes, Bruiser Brody is a wildman, as much a maniac as your former protege Abdullah the Butcher.


Hugo: How Chicky is going to manage keeping those two from tearing one another apart is beyond me!


Rickin: Chicky Starr very often overreaches in his endeavors. I hope he learns from his mistakes sooner rather than later.


Hugo: You never get any better if you don't test your limits!


Rickin: This is true, but pushing too far usually ends in disaster. Our first match is close to starting. The Rock and Roll RPMs are on their way to the ring.


Hugo: Their names are Mike Davis and Tommy Lane! And they look so similar!


Rickin: The crowd is a little tentative, they aren't sure what to make of these Americans.


Hugo: They'll boo them soon enough!


Rickin: Judging from the way the two young men are trying to bring the crowd to their feet, I disagree.


Hugo: Wasting their time! Just take your opponents apart and don't worry about the fans!


Rickin: That philosophy has worked so well in the past hasn't it Hugo? Here are los Mercenarios on what seems to be another scouting mission. There is the bell.


Mr. W & X vs. The Rock 'n' Roll RPMs


The RPMs use basic wrestling to control the match. A clothesline by Lane stops Mr. W from gaining momentum. Lane grabs a gutwrench on W and Davis gets in position for a neckbreaker. Davis falls into the neckbreaker as Lane drops into a side slam. Davis covers for the 3 count.


Rock 'n' Roll RPMs by pinfall in 5:17 with a side slam/neckbreaker combo.


Rickin: The Rock and Roll RPMs are off to a good start in the WWC.


Hugo: What a move!


Rickin: This is a team that could go far in the tournament, if they show the same level of teamwork and skill they did here.


Hugo: Not if they keep paying so much attention to the fans!


Rickin: I will admit, it does take some focus off the match and your opponents. We'll be back with comments from commissioner Pedro Castillo and a match featuring Ricky Santana. Don't go anywhere fans.


(Commerical Break) 0-8:30


Rickin: We're back fans and taking you right to our pre-recorded comments from commissioner Pedro Castillo.


Cut to a basic looking office with very few decorations. There are several WWC-oriented objects in the room. The commissioner sits at an official-looking desk.


Castillo: First and foremost the WWC would like to recognize Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher and Bam Bam for their achievement in winning the NWA 6-Man Tag Team championships. We are very proud that three of our wrestlers were able to gain such a prestigious title. Our hope is that these three men will represent the WWC respectfully as they travel around the NWA. It is a shame that Barrabas, their manager, has chosen to not defend the titles here in Puerto Rico. sadly there is little we at the World Wrestling Council can do to force his hand in this matter. As long as the titles are defended once every 30 days somewhere Barrabas is well within his legal rights. However, we have begun discussions with some of the more friendly promotions that make up the NWA to not bring in the 6-Man titles so that he is forced to sign his team for a title defense here in Puerto Rico. It is not a tactic we like, but one that we feel is necessary.


Castillo stops to take a drink of water.


Castillo: Chicky Starr recently was on the losing side of a match with the stipulation that he would get his hair cut if his team lost. Chicky Starr needs to be reminded that he signed a legally binding document, regardless of if the stipulation was in place when he signed it. There is a clause in every one of our contracts that allows us to add in stipulations as we see fit, even if the document has already been signed by all parties. What that means in layman's terms is that if Chicky Starr does not have his hair cut by the end of tomorrow night's card, he will be suspended indefinitely. While we are not thrilled with Chicky Starr's actions, we don't like these kinds of punishments. We feel that it is best to let the wrestlers sort these things out until they get out of hand.

Castillo pauses.


Castillo: Chicky Starr made a very generous offer prior to his match. He stated he would let me personally cut his hair, which we all know now is a lie. It's no surprise that Chicky Starr lied, but perhaps it is for the best. As commissioner I have a responsibility to not take one side or the other, but to see that the rules are enforced as much as possible. After talking with Invader 1 I will allow him to be the man that cuts Chicky Starr's hair. Thank you all for your time and I now send it back to Hugo and Rickin.


Cut back to the desk.


Rickin: There you have it. Invader 1 will be cutting Chicky Starr's hair tomorrow night.


Hugo: Hardly fair! But if Chicky is okay with it so am I!


Rickin: It's a shame there is not much to be done about Barrabas keeping the NWA 6-Man titles out of Puerto Rico.


Hugo: Serves the fans right if you ask me!!


Rickin: Right now we have the first announcement for tomorrow night's card. Abdullah Tamba and Abdullah the Butcher, with Chicky Starr in their corner, will be taking on the Crusher and Bam Bam, with Barrabas in their corner.


Hugo: HUGE!


Rickin: It will be a match that tells us a lot about Bam Bam and how he matches up with Abdullah the Butcher. Interesting that Chicky Starr is openly opposing barrabas.


Hugo: Chicky can't stand to see Barrabas or Carlitos Colon get more acclaim than he gets!


Rickin: That's...probably true Hugo. Here comes Ricky Santana and the crowd is on their feet.


Hugo: After what he did on December 23rd I don't know WHY!


Rickin: Dutch Mantell may not have deserved his help, but Ricky wasn't going to stand by and watch los Mercenarios hurt him. That shows a lot of character.


Hugo: Or lack of intelligence! What if los Mercenarios had started going to work on Ricky too?!?


Rickin: That is a risk, but sometimes doing what's right is risky.


Hugo: You think I don't know that?!? My philosophy is that you have to do what is right for YOU!


Rickin: Perhaps that is why you and the fans have never seen eye to eye. The referee has called for the bell, here we go.


Isaac Rosario vs. Ricky Santana


Santana with standard babyface offense, chops, punches, armdrags. Rosario misses a dropkick after a few punches and Santana catches him with a dropkick that sends Rosario to the floor. Santana hits a pescado and rolls Rosario back in the ring. A trip to the top from the apron by santana leads to the flying crossbody for the win.


Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:39 after a top rope crossbody


Hugo: He is very impressive in the ring!


Rickin: He's got a bright future ahead of him in the WWC.


Hugo: As much as I don't like saying it, yes he does! He shows a lot of heart and determination! Even if he's taking the long way...


Rickin: Sometimes that's the best way Hugo. Up next we'll be visiting Chicky's Sports Shop.


Hugo: Abdullah! The Monster! the Machine!!


Rickin: And Gama Singh will be in singles action. We'll be right back.


(Commercial Break) 8:30-17:30


Hugo: Heeeeey, Let's go to the SPORTS SHOP!


Cut to the intro for Chicky's Sports Shop. Chicky is already seated next to Abdullah the Butcher, who absently stares into the camera as he sloppily eats. Victor the Bodyguard is in his usual place.


Chicky: I'm sure by now we've heard from Don Pedro Castillo about me cutting my hair. You can trust me when I say that by the end of tomorrow night all of this (Chicky tousles his own hair) will be gone. But I will promise you again that you won't like it!

The camera cuts to a close-up of Abdullah eating (cue discomfort in anyone viewing).


Chicky: This is Abdullah the Butcher, well known to anyone who has followed the WWC. He is the Madman from the Sudan. He is a machine and a monster as my friend has told us many times! He is also MY solution to the problem of Bam Bam. Barrabas thinks he can bring in this big American and lord him over the rest of us! Guess what Barrabas. I have a bigger man, and while he may not be as agile as yours, he is far more dangerous!


Chicky pauses and the camera goes to a wider shot.


Chicky: Abdullah the Butcher has been terrorizing the wrestling world for years. Your flying behemoth is very impressive, no doubt. But will he go to the great lengths that this animal sitting beside me does? Will he carve up a man's forehead until his face is barely recognizeable? Will he try to permanently injure a man just because he's in the same ring?

Cut to Abdullah eating again.


Chicky: I'm guessing you don't know the answers to these questions yourself. We're going to find out on Three Kings Day. And because you've chosen to try and humiliate him, I'm bringing along my own flying behemoth. Abdullah Tamba and Abdullah the Butcher are a team that cannot be matched in terms of power, ferocity and agility. With my brain and their brawn we will show you and the WWC that Bam Bam is nothing more than a pretender! Abdullah the Butcher is the real terror of Puerto Rico!

Abdullah continues eating and staring blankly into the camera. Cut to a wider shot.


Chicky: That's it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop. Next week I'll be talking to Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez. As boring as that sounds, be sure to tune in!

Chicky puts down the mic and tries to coerce Abdullah to his feet. Abdullah keeps staring blankly into the camera and eating. Cut to the desk.

Rickin: Is that how it was managing Abdullah?


Hugo: Often enough, yes. It's almost a little scarier than when he's in the ring! I don't think I ever saw him using a fork while eating....


Rickin: ......I....see. Gama Singh has made his way to the entrance and is walking down to the ring.


Hugo: ....Sorry, just thinking back to when I managed Abdullah. He is the maniac you think he is, I promise!


Rickin: I don't doubt it. Gama Singh is getting a good reaction as he slaps some hands in the crowd.


Hugo: He seems like he's happy to be back!


Rickin: I imagine he is, the fans have welcomed him back. Gama Singh is ready to go and the match is starting.


El Vikingo vs. Gama Singh


Singh works over Vikingo's back with clubbing blows and an abdominal stretch. A Vikingo comeback is cut off with punches and a slam. Singh with an elbow drop for two. He locks in the camel clutch for the submission victory.


Gama Singh by submission in 4:23 with a camel clutch


Rickin: Gama Singh is stringing together some wins. He'll be looking at wrestling for gold soon if he continues.


Hugo: If, yes! Momentum can be derailed very quickly!!


Rickin: This is very true, and sometimes other things come up. I have seen men give up title matches for more personal challenges.


Hugo: That's where letting your emotions get the better of you can get in your own way!


Rickin: Sometimes, yes, but there are times when it is better to settle an issue. We'll be back with some more news about tomorrow night and an interview with los Super Medicos before their tag team match. Don't touch that dial.


(Commercial Break) 17:30-27:00


Rickin: We're back and it's time to reveal two more matches that will take place tomorrow night in the Roberto Clemente Coliseum. First, Ricky Santana will be taking on newcomer Owen Hart. Both are junior heavyweights with exciting wrestling styles.


Hugo: Should be fun to watch!


Rickin: Gama Singh will be taking on Super Medico 1 in singles action as well. Both are fan favorites, so I doubt you will be very interested Hugo.


Hugo: I'm sure one of them will cross a line, that should be fun to see!


Rickin: Or I could be wrong. Los Super Medicos were interviewed earlier today and we're going to show that to you.


Cut to the same locker room as last week with three Super Medicos standing next to Rickin.


Rickin: Los Super Medicos are another team that will be in the now-confirmed tournament to crown new NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team champions. They have been a top tag team in Puerto Rico for some time. How is it there is a third Super Medico?


Super Medico 1: I have 11 men I can call upon to be Super Medicos Rickin. Bad things happen in a wrestling ring and you have to be prepared.


Rickin: Which man will be your partner in the tournament?


Medico 1: Super Medico 2, who has been with me for some time, will be my partner for the tournament. We will have Super Medico 3 to watch our backs. That has becaome necessary with los Mercenarios around.


Rickin: Yes, they are involved in this tournament as well. We can't be entirely sure why.


Medico 1: I think we can. They are here to make sure somebody wins. That means every team has to be on their toes wherever they go.


Rickin: I like your chances in the tournament and I think you'll go far. You have a singles match with Gama Singh, who has just recently returned to Puerto Rico, tomorrow night. Do you think you're ready for a big singles match like that?


Medico 1: I've gotten used to tag team matches, but I have spent just as much time in my career in singles matches. Gama Singh is a very good wrestler and it will be a challenge.


Rickin: Do you worry that he might return to his former ways and resort to illegal tactics to win?


Medico 1: I don't expect it, but I'll be ready for it. Won't be the first time I've had to deal with that in the ring. I know he wants to make a big impact in his first big match back, so he'll be coming at me full bore. I'll be giving it my all too. Let's just hope we can keep it clean.


Cut back to the arena.


Rickin: That is how a veteran handles himself Hugo. He isn't cocky or arrogant, just knows what he has to do and prepares to do it.


Hugo: He's still wasting time playing to the fans!


Rickin: The fans are supportive because of that Hugo. And I doubt los Super Medicos think it is a waste of their time.


Hugo: They can be wrong if they want to!


Rickin: I don't think they are wrong, but I'm glad you can agree to disagree.


Hugo: If we couldn't these broadcasts would get very long!


Rickin: ....very true Hugo. Los Super Medicos have reached the ring and there is the bell.


Mr. Y & Z vs. Los Super Medicos


Medicos use teamwork to control the opening moments. A short comeback is cut off by a vertical suplex from Super Medico 2 to Mr. Z. Medico 2 tags in Medico 1 and hits the ropes. A dropkick by Super Medico 2 sends Z right into a schoolboy from Medico 1 for the 3 count.


Los Super Medicos by pinfall in 5:28 with a dropkick/schoolboy combo


Rickin: Los Super Medicos continue their success. We'll see how Super Medico 1 fares in his singles match tomorrow night.


Hugo: It'll be difficult for him without a tag partner to bring in when he gets tired!


Rickin: Perhaps, but overcoming difficulty is a part of wrestling. He's a veteran and has shown us the ability to do so before.


Hugo: He's getting older though! How long has he been around?!? We can't see him beneath thta mask, so you don't know!


Rickin: He could also be a younger man than we think.


Hugo: True! Maybe he started young and needed to wear a mask to hide it! We'll have to wait and see tomorrow night!


Rickin: Yes we will. We'll be back with our last announcement of a match for tomorrow night. Barrabas has sent us another video and we'll be seeing that. Al Madril will have a match and hopefully not go out of his way to cripple his opponent. We'll return shortly fans.


(Commercial Break) 27:00-36:00


Rickin: Welcome back fans. We have one more match to announce for tomorrow's big Roberto Clemente Coliseum show. Miguelito Perez, without his father, will be taking on Jonathan Boyd, who will have Barrabas in his corner.


Hugo: Without Miguel?!?


Rickin: That's right. Miguel feels his son is ready to do this on his own.


Hugo: They have guts at least! We'll see how long that lasts!


Rickin: It isn't something either is doing lightly, I spoke with both about it. As well as Huracan Castillo Jr. All of them see the positive and negative aspects of it and have agreed it is the best course of action. Right now we have some taped comments from Barrabas.


Cut to a different locker room than last week. Barrabas is standing with Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher and Bam Bam around him.


Barrabas: Last week we were so busy celebrating our capturing the NWA 6-Man Tag Team Titles that we forgot to celebrate something else. Bam Bam, of course, was victorious against Abdullah Tamba. Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher, of course, were victorious against Castillo and Perez. Not that either of those is a surprise. There is a reason these men are in my employ! They are the best!


Barrabas pauses.


Barrabas: Now we have one half of the team that got beat, Miguelito Perez, going up against Jonathan Boyd one on one. And without Papa Perez, hah! Jonathan Boyd is more experienced. He is tougher and hits harder! You're going to wish you had daddy around before this match is over, I gaurantee it Miguelito!


Another pause.


Barrabas: And little Chicky Starr has gotten jealous. He knows that very soon Bam Bam here will be the NWA WWC Universal champion and he can't stand it. Bruiser Brody will fail to take the title from Colon. Bam Bam will beat Abdullah the Butcher. He is younger, more agile, stronger! Bam Bam was instrumental in us winning the NWA 6-Man Titles, yet Chicky Starr believes he will crumble when faced with a monster like Abdullah. Bam Bam. Is. A. Monster. After Three Kings Day everyone will know that!


Barrabas again pauses.


Barrabas: I've heard rumblings from the WWC about my announcement last week. I want to assure you there is absolutely nothing that anyone in the WWC can do to make me defend these titles in Puerto Rico. None of the fans in Puerto Rico will ever see a NWA 6-Man Tag Team Title match and that's a promise!


Cut back to the desk.


Rickin: Barrabas doesn't seem to think much of the competition here in the World Wrestling council.


Hugo: Should he?!?


Rickin: Even with a man like Bam Bam in your corner it's a bad idea to get too cocky. You know this as well as I do.


Hugo: Yeah...


Rickin: I'm wondering whose side you take in this war between Chicky Starr and Barrabas as well.


Hugo: I have to pick a SIDE?!?


Rickin: *chuckles* I imagine you will. Right now the boos tell me that Al Madril is on his way out.


Hugo: Aaaand here comes the garbage.


Rickin: We have fans who will show the wrestlers exactly how they feel Hugo.


Hugo: And fans who lack any kind of respect!


Rickin: As I've said before, respect is earned. Al Madril hasn't exactly done anything to earn himself much besides contempt.


Hugo: Maybe if they had the first idea...


Rickin: I'm sure there are fans out there that understand the justification that goes on after things like putting Victor Jovica out. But not the majority. Madril hits the ring and immediately attacks Armandito Salgado.


Hugo: Referee is a little behind tonight!! The bell sounds after the match starts!


Armandito Salgado vs. Al Madril


Madril is merciless, beating Salgado down with elbows to the back of the neck. Salgado mounts a short comeback but is cut off when Madril casually tosses him out between the second and third ropes. A piledriver on the floor and Madril rolls back into the ring. He casually leans against the corner as the referee counts salgado out and the crowd throws garbage at Madril.


Al Madril by countout in 3:46 after a piledriver on the floor


Rickin: He could have permanently injured Salgado like that. Why not just pin the man in the ring for the three count?


Hugo: At least he's not continuing the attack after the bell?


Rickin: There is that. You have to admit that some of his methods go beyond what is required to win.


Hugo: Yes. Sometimes men feel the need to send a message to their future opponents. It just seems like Al feels that need more often than not.


Rickin: I'm guessing I know exactly who that message was for. Hercules Ayala will be back in action next week, but his neck is still recovering from that beating it took.


Hugo: So it works!


Rickin: I.....we have recorded comments from Carlitos Colon up next, as well as our main event. All three Invaders will be in six-man tag team action. We'll be back after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 36:00-44:00


Rickin: We've returned fans and it's time to hear from Carlitos Colon.

Cut to Carlitos Colon in again the same locker room, standing next to Rickin Sanchez.


Rickin: Carlitos, we are all thrilled that you and los Invaders were able to send los Infernales packing by winning your match on December 23rd. Did you feel like it would be a win going into the match?


Colon: We had more momentum than we had at any point before, so I felt like there was a good chance. Even after los Infernales had won the NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Titles I felt like we had a good chance.


Rickin: Chicky Starr still has his hair though.


Colon: Something that will be remedied tomorrow night. Or else he'll have to find a new home with his friends los Infernales!


Rickin: I get the feeling Chicky won't allow himself to be suspended. He has signed both Bruiser Brody and Abdullah the Butcher to management contracts in order to attack you, as well as Bam Bam.


Colon: First, I'm not sure that he will be able to keep both under control if they know the other is there. I'm not sure I would want to be in the middle of that fight.


Rickin: That makes two of us.


Colon: Bam Bam is something I will have to deal with. Probably Abdullah too. But right now I have Bruiser Brody in a match. He's always been a very tough man and very unpredictable. I expect I'll be pushed to my limits, but I will find a way to keep the NWA WWC Universal Championship!


Rickin: You'll also have to deal with Chicky Starr at ringside.


Colon: I doubt Chicky will have much opportunity to help while Brody and I are outside the ring. One thing I know for sure is that anytime you fight Bruiser Brody you are outside the ring as often as you are in the ring. The real challenge for both myself and Chicky Starr will be to make sure there isn't a countout. I know Chicky wants to take my belt, and he can't do it with a countout. And I want to beat Bruiser Brody right in the middle of the ring to let Chicky Starr know that whatever he throws at me, I'll come out on top!


Cut back to the desk.


Rickin: Carlitos Colon seems to know the difficult road he has ahead of him.


Hugo: He has taken a few difficult roads!


Rickin: Yes, and that's why he is such a great champion. Here come los Invaders. The crowd is roaring their approval as they come down to the ring.


Hugo: Always....


Rickin: It sounds like you are starting to come around Hugo.


Hugo: No, not that! They had a big win and they...might...deserve....this...


Rickin: You're right Hugo, they might. They are enjoying the reactions from the crowd on their way to the ring and playing back to them.


Hugo: Don't get cocky just because you got a win!


Rickin: There's the Hugo I know. We're ready for action as the referee signals for the bell.


Los Tejanos vs. Los Invaders


Invaders are smooth with the teamwork between all 3. They hit double and triple teams within the 5 count to keep in control. Invader 2 & 3 hit a double dropkick for a three count.

Los Invaders by pinfall in 5:33 with a double dropkick


Rickin: Los Invaders are on a roll since that loss of the NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Titles.


Hugo: Maybe they should lose more often!


Rickin: Often times when we lose we come out of it better than we went in. It's not always that way with a win. We're almost out of time. As we leave you there will be a rundown of all of the matches on the card for tomorrow night's Three Kings Day show.


Main Event: Bruiser Brody w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon© for the NWA WWC Universal Championship


The Crusher/Bam Bam Bigelow with Barrabas vs. Abdullah Tamba/Abdullah the Butcher with Chicky Starr


Al Madril, Ron Starr & Chicky Starr vs. Los Invaders


Miguel Perez vs. Jonathan Boyd w/Barrabas


Gama Singh vs. Super Medico 1


Ricky Santana vs. Owen Hart


Making his debut: TNT w/El Profe

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Can't tell you how much I love your format. I love the announcers bantering and they are such a huge part of the show. I really like how you're building up Santana and Singh. That finish by Madril was insane! Somehow I think Chicky Starr will play a major role at Three Kings LOL. Looking forward to the inevitable showdown between Bam Bam and Abdullah. Colon and Brody is going to be an epic fight!

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WWC Three Kings Day
January 6th, 1986
Roberto Clemente Coliseum

Frank Conners vs. TNT


TNT shows off his offbeat striking with overhand chops to the head and throat thrusts. He hits a big roundhouse kick that gets 2. A 360 degree roundhouse puts Conners out long enough for TNT to put on the cobra clutch for the submission win at 5:08.


Miguelito Perez vs. Jonathan Boyd w/Barrabas


Perez and Boyd go back and forth brawling around the ring and ringside. Perez is in trouble, but comes back and hits a big powerslam for a close nearfall. Perez is tripped by Barrabas and Boyd takes over. Boyd mises Perez with a three point clothesline and just barely stops before knocking Barrabas off the apron. Boyd is dropkicked into Barrabas and rolled up for 3 by Perez at the 12:35 mark.


Gama Singh vs. Super Medico 1


Technical match early as they exchange holds on the mat. Both men get good responses when they score a big reversal or takedown. A punch by Singh leads to tempers flaring and a short brawl. This leads to a vertical suplex by Medico 1 for a nearfall and an inside cradle by Singh that Medico 1 barely kicks out of. After a few rope-running sequences Gama Singh leaps over Medico 1 into a sunset flip for the three count at 10:17. Both men shake hands after the match and Gama Singh raises Super Medico's arm as the crowd cheers.


Al Madril, Ron Starr & Chicky Starr vs. Los Invaders


Chicky Starr showed up with his hair already cut down to stubble, taunting the crowd and the Invaders with it for most of the pre-match.


All action early as the heels are caught with double and triple teams by the Invaders when they aren't running into each other trying to change the momentum of the match. A low blow by Chicky Starr to Invader 1 turns the tides. Invader 1 hits a low blow on both Chicky AND Ron and things go crazy with all 6 men brawling around ringside. Madril hits a low blow on Invader 3, but Invader 1 breaks up a piledriver on the floor. Invader 3 with a low blow to Chicky inside the ring and slams him down. A somersault senton lands on Chicky and Invader 3 gets the win at 21:43. The brawl doesn't stop. Ron Starr and Invader 1 have to be pulled apart before things truly settle down.


Owen Hart vs. Ricky Santana


A handshake before the match sets the tone as Santana brings his high energy offense to counter Owen's crisp, clean offense. The crowd is getting more and more behind both as the match wears on and Ricky slams Hart before climbing up top. Hart staggers into the ropes, crotching Santana. He hesitates a moment before climbing up to the second rope and positioning Santana. A belly to belly suplex off the second rope gets the three count for Owen Hart at 9:52. Owen is being booed on his way back, but seems confused by it.


The Crusher & Bam Bam w/Barrabas vs. Abdullah Tamba & Abdullah the Butcher w/Chicky Starr


Bam Bam faced Abby three times. First he was stunned by Abdullah's throat thrusts and kicks, which made Chicky Starr very happy. Bam Bam fought back, but seemed on his back foot. The second time Bam Bam went in confident after a talking to from Barrabas. He matched Abdullah strike for strike but had no answer for the fork. An attempted corner splash had some effect, but Abdullah was able to regain the advantage to Cjicky Starr's delight. The third meeting saw Bam Bam muscle Abdullah to the ropes and wrest the fork from him. A few stabs and Abdullah hit the floor with Bam Bam following. Neither made it back into the ring the rest of the match as they brawled around ringside. They were both counted out at 14:28 and fought their way back out of the arena as everyone else involved tried separating them.


Los Tejanos vs. the Rock'n'Roll RPMs


The crowd was dead for this match, but the RPMs rolled over los Tejanos with their side slam/neckbreaker combo in 4:31.


Short Intermission


Bruiser Brody w/Chicky Starr vs. Carlitos Colon © for the NWA WWC Universal Heavyweight Championship


The crowd comes alive when they see Brody and absolutely explode when Colon comes out. Chicky is in Colon's face pre-match, which leads to Brody ambushing Carlitos. Colon is bleeding after several chairshots to the head outside the ring less than four minutes in. Colon makes a comeback, but Brody is able to stop Colon from banging his head into the stands and Colon's head gets knocked to stall the comeback. Chicky is taunting Colon. Colon makes a furious comeback after a cartwheel and sends Brody outside with a headbutt. A few chairshots later Brody is bleeding as badly as Colon. A wild finishing stretch sees the referee go down and Chicky Starr hit the ring with a chair. Colon moves and Chicky hits Brody in the leg with the chair. Colon sends Chicky outside of the ring and nails him with the chair. Brody is at the ropes, but Colon pulls him down and rams his leg on the apron. Chicky is down and bleeding. Colon is working over the leg in the center of the ring with elbow drops and puts on the figure four with the referee coming around. Brody is almost at the ropes when Colon halts his momentum and pulls him back towards the center of the ring. Brody passes out from pain and the ref counts him out at 19:48. Colon is barely able to stand right away, but seems to perk up as the crowd roars their approval.

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One thing I am trying to do with the less experienced guys is not give them real complex stuff to do. Like for Bam Bam it is mostly "don't bump and only sell when they paste you" and the set pieces he has with Abby here. For Owen I just had him doing it 99% straight with the one sort of cheat spot. Just easier to imagine a young guy being able to pull that stuff off for me. Instead of having Owen try to pull off subtle heeling all match, which would just not be something that worked.


And as a visual aid for that last Chickys Sports Shop, if you look it up on youtube you will see the visual I was going for. Just don't do it close to when you eat or intend to because it's pretty gross looking...

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I'm with the others on Owen. Very clever. I could totally imagine the confused look on Owen's face at the end. Singh continues to shine. Looks like Bam Bam and Abdullah is heating up. Poor Chicky Starr, just wasn't his night. I'm liking the RPM's even though the crowd wasn't into their match LOL. Huge win for Colon! Their fight defiantly lived up to expectations.

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One thing I am trying to do with the less experienced guys is not give them real complex stuff to do. Like for Bam Bam it is mostly "don't bump and only sell when they paste you" and the set pieces he has with Abby here. For Owen I just had him doing it 99% straight with the one sort of cheat spot. Just easier to imagine a young guy being able to pull that stuff off for me. Instead of having Owen try to pull off subtle heeling all match, which would just not be something that worked.


And as a visual aid for that last Chickys Sports Shop, if you look it up on youtube you will see the visual I was going for. Just don't do it close to when you eat or intend to because it's pretty gross looking...


Absolutely smart booking to play to the young guys' strengths.


I am well aware of the vignette where Abby eats raw chicken while staring into the camera. That's 100 percent what was playing in my head as I read that bit. Disgusting and disturbing.

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One thing I am trying to do with the less experienced guys is not give them real complex stuff to do. Like for Bam Bam it is mostly "don't bump and only sell when they paste you" and the set pieces he has with Abby here. For Owen I just had him doing it 99% straight with the one sort of cheat spot. Just easier to imagine a young guy being able to pull that stuff off for me. Instead of having Owen try to pull off subtle heeling all match, which would just not be something that worked.



I am having to do a fair amount of that with my rookies. Can't have Spivey doing power bombs or Scorpio hitting Tumbleweeds at this stage. Part of the challenge, but also part of the fun.

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Originally Aired 1/10/17


(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.

NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial

Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to the show lucha libre fans. We have a big one for you tonight with both Owen Hart and TNT making their television debut.


Hugo: Two VERY exciting young wrestlers!


Rickin: I agree that both are very capable and exciting. But I think that TNT's manager El Profe has the kind of attitude that will get him on the wrong side of the fans. And Owen Hart did not endear himself to our fans a few days ago.


Hugo: You have to be kidding me!! The man stumbled into the ropes!


Rickin: Perhaps he did, but he just as well could have done it on purpose. We will also see our newest tag team, the Rock and Roll RPMs in a match tonight. Abdullah Tamba will also be in action.


Hugo: Little Abdullah!! He had an impressive night on Three Kings Day against Bam Bam!


Rickin: I'd say that entire match was a treat to watch. Some very large men really bringing the fight to one another.


Hugo: YES!! Abdullah the Butcher and Bam Bam squared off!!!


Rickin: That was a collision we will be seeing again in the near future I imagine. We'll be talking to both Owen Hart and El Profe as well.


Hugo: Owen Hart deserves a chance to defend himself from all of these accusations!!


Rickin: And he will get it. We will join Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop and the team of Ron and Chicky Starr will be in tag team action.


Hugo: I'm excited for both!! Ron Starr is a GREAT wrestler!


Rickin: He is also allied with Chicky Starr. You are well aware how I feel about that. Barrabas will be stopping by the desk along with all of his clients.


Hugo: They'll be displaying that NWA 6-Man GOLD!!


Rickin: And I'm sure promising to never defend the titles here in Puerto Rico.


Hugo: Can you blame him?!?


Rickin: Yes. We will also have the first match in our tournament to crown new NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team champions here tonight. Los Mercenarios will be taking on los Super Medicos.


Hugo: Tough match for los Super Medicos!!


Rickin: The winner will face the winner of next week's tournament match, Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez against Ron and Chicky Starr in the next round.


Hugo: Tougher match for Castillo & Perez!! Do you think they will change their minds and bring Miguel?!?


Rickin: I doubt that very much. There are seven total teams in the tournament, which means one team got a first round bye. Hugo and I, along with all of the teams and their managers were there and had full access to the hopper and balls used for the lottery before the drawing.


Hugo: Yes, that is true...


Rickin: So i can say with some hope of no protest that los Invaders were selected for the draw spot. I'm sure that several of our more vocal participants will have complaints, Hugo?


Hugo: Like you said, we were all there, as were the WWC executives. If there was anything under the table I didn't see it. And I was looking!


Rickin: Let's hope your good friend Chicky Starr is as satisfied. The Rock and Roll RPMs are coming out to more than a few cheers. They've won some fans over in their few matches.


Hugo: They are very good! I like them a lot, but I think they will struggle against the upper echelon of tag teams here in Puerto Rico!


Rickin: You mean like Ron and Chicky Starr.


Hugo: Los Invaders too! I may not like them, but I will admit they are very good. Los Super Medicos are a top team as well!


Rickin: I look at those teams as the favorites as well. Although part of that reasoning is the knowledge that Chicky Starr will do anything and everything to get those titles.


Hugo: How else do you win titles?!?


Rickin: By beating a man in the center of the ring.


Hugo: Sometimes it works and sometimes not!! Better to be sure!


Rickin: A credo you have long stood by Hugo, and I can at least respect that you hold to your beliefs. Referee Tomas Marin has rung the bell and we're ready to go.


Mr. X & Y vs. the Rock 'n' Roll RPMs


The RPMs use good teamwork and quick tags to keep the advantage. A clothesline by Davis stops a Mr. X comeback. The side slam/neckbreaker combo puts X away.


Rock 'n' Roll RPMs by pinfall in 5:37 with the side slam/neckbreaker combo


Rickin: The Rock and Roll RPMs are looking good as the tournament begins. With a good amount of momentum they can go far.


Hugo: That can definitely help when you run into a big name team and you're relatively new! It brings a lot of confidence with it!


Rickin: The crowd is blowing their horns for these young men on their way back. That fan support should help as well.


Hugo: It might.


Rickin: *chuckles* We'll be right back with Owen Hart making his TV debut and El Profe joining us at the desk with TNT. Don't go anywhere fans.


(Commercial Break) 0-8:30


Rickin: We're back with the young Canadian, Owen Hart, walking out. The fans are booing him and he looks a little angry. The garbage does seem to hurt his feelings.


Hugo: Wouldn't you be?!? I say he's wrongfully accused!!


Rickin: We'll have to see how he handles himself in the coming weeks.


Hugo: We could NOT assume he's out to hoodwink us and cheat his way to the top! Not that there is anything wrong with doing that!!


Rickin: As I said Hugo, I think we will all be paying close attention to the way this young man does things in the ring.


Hugo: And you don't think that comes with a little pressure?!? He's a kid who just wants to succeed! Do you not understand how much pressure THAT brings in and of itself?!?


Rickin: You make a good point Hugo. I will do my best to be kind when I interview him. There is the bell as referee Ricky Vargas gives the signal.


Armandito Salgado vs. Owen Hart


Hart is smooth and precise with his holds and throws good chops and punches. Salgado is coming back and building momentum off the ropes when Owen catches him with a belly to belly. He climbs to the top and hits a missile dropkick that gets him the three count.


Owen Hart by pinfall in 4:42 with a missile dropkick


Hugo: SEE?!? He didn't cheat once there!


Rickin: Yes, and he is a very graceful, technically sound wrestler.


Hugo: That dropkick is something!!!


The masked manager, El Profe and TNT, dark facepaint and bald, arrive.


Rickin: I'll definitely agree there. We have some great high flyers in the WWC right now. We are joined now by a young man who debuted on Three Kings Day, TNT and his manager El Profe. El Profe you purport to be a professor of wrestling.


Profe: Purport? That's a might big word there. Am I supposed to be intimidated? I AM a professor of professional wrestling. Do you know who is in the ring training TNT?


Rickin: I don't pretend to know that.


Profe: Me. I am a pro wrestler myself and a brilliant tactician if I do say so myself. I may not have all of the physical gifts of most of these men you see, but I am capable enough that my knowledge and skill will win the day. As for my man TNT, if you weren't at Roberto Clemente Coliseum on January 6th let me let you know what you will see in a few minutes. This man is a 5th degree black belt in tae kwon do! He has brutal kicks and chops, I know this first-hand having been knocked out several times.


Rickin: He is a very skilled fighter.


Profe: Your penchant for understatement is legendary, Rickin Sanchez, and you are living up to it. TNT is the BEST fighter in the WWC and I gaurantee you time will prove that! I didn't even get to the best part. He has easily the most devastating finishing hold in all of wrestling, the cobra dinamita (cobra clutch). When you see the effects it has on a man who has been in it for a long time you will find out exactly what I am talking about!


El Profe and TNT head down to the ring.


Rickin: Pleasant man.


Hugo: He seemed....okay...


Rickin: I see we agree on this one. We've got to take a break. When we come back we'll see TNT in action. Don't touch that dial.


(Commercial Break) 8:30 - 15:30
Rickin: El Profe is already getting on the fans' nerves at ringside.


Hugo: Maybe I do like him a little...


Rickin: And TNT isn't waiting for referee Victor Quinonez to ring the bell.


Frank Conners vs. TNT


TNT hits overhand chops and throat thrusts to keep Conners on his heels. Conners throws a few punches ot come back, but TNT with a few martial arts blocks and a big roundhouse kick. He hits the ropes and catches Conners with a spinning wheel kick for the three.


TNT by pinfall in 4:26 with a spinning wheel kick


Hugo: WOW! I'll believe 5th degree black belt!!


Rickin: I have been impressed both times I've seen him, but the way El Profe carries himself worries me. This young man seems to listen to Profe.


Hugo: Of course, that's his manager!


Rickin: It seems to me skills like that are learned and earned through hard work and discipline. What happens if that same restraint is not used by the man who is calling the shots?


Hugo: You're not wrong. I had to hold Abdullah the Butcher back when I managed him. When it worked, that is...


Rickin: Yes, I worry here the same way I worry about Bam Bam and Barrabas. We'll be taking you now to Chicky's Sports Shop.


The intro to Chicky's Sports Shop plays, we get to the part with Victor standing arms crossed in the background and a bald Chicky seated in his chair.


Chicky: Welcome again to my Sports Shop ladies and gentlemen. For those of you who did not see the Three Kings Day show, let me just show you a small clip I have been allowed to play.


We see Chicky Starr coming out with a towel over his head and waiting for los Invaders to come out. As soon as Invader 1 comes out, Chicky removes the towel and reveals nothing but some brownish- blond stubble on his head. The crowd begins to throw things at Chicky more than they had been before. Invader 1 is livid and has to be calmed by 2 and 3. Chicky is making a gesture as to run his hand through his hair over and over again to taunt both the crowd and Invader 1.


Chicky: So you see, Invader 1 did not get to shave my head. That was done by my cousin Ron earlier in the day. I. TOLD. YOU. That you wouldn't like it!


Chicky pauses and grins to himself.


Chicky: As for the match, let's just say that your favorites, los Invaders, used every dirty trick known to man to win the match. And you know what, I can't blame them one bit. They were up against a dream team! Al Madril, my cousin Rambo Ron Starr and myself! There is not a team alive that could beat us in a straight-up fight! So, Invader 1, I understand. Just know that next time will be much, much different. By now some of the details of the upcoming tag team tournament have been revealed. Big surprise los Invaders got a free pass! Everyone is going to tell me that it was fair, but I'm not idiot enough to believe it for a second. What I do like is that we have an easy path to the finals. You see....what?....you'll be on in a minute!...listen you punk, I don't have to have either of you on my show!....Pardon that interruption. Some of my guests are more rude than others and like to interrupt me! My cousin Ron and I will be facing the team of Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez. Without daddy to guide them. My guests this week are Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez.


Castillo and Perez sit down, warily looking around for an attacker.


Chicky: Look, if I thought you two had the first chance of winning the match next week I'd have a couple of guys waiting to ambush you. But everyone knows you are so far out of your league that it's a foregone conclusion. I do think it shows a lot of cajones to drop your own dad as manager. Right when you need him the most, but you're just kids.


Castillo: I...you...


Chicky: You two must have great conversations.


Perez: Listen up, Chicky Starr! You can come out here on your show all you want and tell anyone who listens that you are the best, nobody else has a chance, whatever you like! But the thing that must eat at you is knowing how often you've failed when you think you have things all wrapped up.


Chicky: FIRST and foremost, I did not fail in December. That was MS-1 and I'm glad he's gone! Second, los Invaders resorted to so many dirty tactics in that match-


Castillo: Who started that?!?


Chicky: Does it matter? You're supposed to be the good guys. You see-


Perez takes the microphone away from Chicky.


Perez: You know, anytime you have somebody come on here who you disagree with you do this. Los Super Medicos, Hercules Ayala, you just pushed them until they got angry. That's not what's going to happen here. You will not get the advantage going into next week's match this way. This interview is over.


Castillo and Perez stalk away after Perez throws the mic at Chicky. Victor the Bodyguard moves forward menacingly as they leave.


Chicky: They looked pretty mad to me. But he's smarter than I gave him credit for. That does it for another edition of Chicky's Sports Shop. Next week I'll be talking to one of the newest additions to the WWC, Owen Hart. A very interesting young man and I look forward to talking with him.

Cut back to the arena.


Rickin: Just once could he treat his guests like he actually respected them?


Hugo: Al Madril and Rambo Ron Starr had a great time in the Shop!


Rickin: I wonder why it went easy for them. Abdullah Tamba in a singles match. Owen Hart will be joining us at the desk afterwards. We'll be right back.

(Commercial Break) 15:30 - 24:00


Hugo: We're baaaaaaaack and it's time for Little Abdullah!


Rickin: Chicky Starr is coing out with him and the fans are reacting exactly the way I would expect.


Hugo: I thought they liked Abdullah Tamba!


Rickin: I imagine Chicky Starr's presence is causing that Hugo. The fans tend to dislike anyone associated with Chicky.


Hugo: Why I tend to dislike the fans!


Rickin: You've given more than one reason for that. Loud boos as ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez calls both Tamba and Chicky Starr's name.


Hugo: And Chicky is sending Tamba right after Mr. Z!


Mr. Z vs. Abdullah Tamba


Tamba steamrolls Mr. Z before hitting the top rope splash for the three count.


Abdullah Tamba by pinfall in 2:49 after a top rope splash


Rickin: Abdullah Tamba continues to impress. After standing up to Bam Bam he's got to see somebody like Mr. Z as not much of a threat.


Hugo: He's Chicky's enforcer now! He has to live up to that role!!


Rickin: There is truth to that. Abdullah the Butcher can't always be here so it's up to Abdullah Tamba.


Hugo: You catch on quick!! I think your next guest has arrived!


Rickin: So he has.


Rickin walks out to the interview area next to the desk and joins Owen Hart.


Rickin: (English) You have had a rough debut despite winning both of your matches. I imagine you have some things to say about that.


Owen: Damn right I do! I had a hard-fought match with Ricky Santana, who deserves all the respect in the world. The man is a very skilled wrestler. He had me down and I fell into the ropes. I didn't even SEE him climbing!


Rickin: You did take advantage of a man who had just taken..an impact in a very difficult place.


Owen: You want to know something? My father, a very famous wrestler and great man, taught me everything I know about wrestling. He never said anything about giving an opponent a time-out because you think they might be hurt. If you are up against a dangerous opponent, something I would call Ricky Santana, you take what you get.


Rickin: That is...yes, I understand.


Owen: IF I had cheated, I can understand the reaction. I don't feel like I did. But I do want to make sure there are no hard feelings. Can I get Ricky Santana to come out here?


Rickin: I think we can do that. Can we get somebody to find Ricky? In the meantime, you did impress both tonight and last Saturday. You have a lot of skill for a man so young.


Owen: Thank you. I told you that my father was a great wrestler and I meant it. All of us kids really look up to him and want to make him proud.


Rickin: It's good to know that you respect family. Puerto Ricans are very big on family too. I'm told Ricky Santana is on his way.


The crowd is cheering as Santana works his way to the desk. Owen nods respectfully to Santana.


Owen: Ricky, I know things didn't end well there. I just want you to know that I didn't mean for things to happen that way. You are a great competitor and I want to be able to say I beat you clean.


Santana: I believe you. I could see that you weren't looking at me as you stumbled into the ropes. There is a show in Mets Pavilion in Guaynabo on February 22nd. How about a rematch?


Owen: A rematch sounds good. Thanks for understanding and not taking it personally.


Owen offers Ricky Santana a handshake, which is accepted. The two men walk off talking as the crowd cheers.


Rickin: Well I guess that's that. I owe an apology to Owen Hart for jumping to conclusions.


Hugo: I told you!! Sometimes things just happen that way and like he said, you take what you can get!


Rickin: I understand that. It can be hard to believe that when people like Al Madril and Chicky Starr make a habit of abusing the rules.


Hugo: That's...actually very fair.


Rickin: We'll be right back with none other than Rambo Ron and Chicky Starr in a tag team match and a live interview with Barrabas after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 24:00-31:30


Rickin: Welcome back fans. Ron and Chicky Starr are getting pelted with every bit of garbage left in the building tonight on their way to the ring.


Hugo: What is in those cups?!?


Rickin: I never ask myself that question.


Hugo: Oh...yeah, bad idea.


Rickin: Chicky is starting to enjoy this, but you can see he's getting angry.


Hugo: So the fans are making him angry before he and his cousin wrestle los Tejanos. Do you see the problem with this?!?


Rickin: Actually...yes. Los Tejanos are not going to like this one bit.


Hugo: And it's the fans fault!


Rickin: In a way, yes.


Hugo: In a way?!? OH! Ron and Chicky are starting things early!!


Los Tejanos vs. Ron & Chicky Starr


Referee Ricky Vargas has a hard time controlling this one as Ron and Chicky never leave the ring for more than thirty seconds before double teaming again. Ron starr hits the brainbuster DDT to get the three count.


Ron & Chicky Starr by pinfall in 4:52 with a brainbuster DDT (Ron Starr)


Hugo: That DDT!! Deadly!!


Rickin: It really is. Nobody is disputing Ron Starr's credentials.


Hugo: Yeah, I know. If you were nicer to Chicky....


Rickin: I have been nice to Chicky Starr. I simply cannot abide...just about anything he does. Our next interview is approaching the desk, to almost as many boos as Chicky Starr.


Hugo: That's because the fans close to Bam Bam don't dare!


Rickin: It may be.


Rickin walks around to meet Barrabas, Jonathan Boyd, the Crusher and Bam Bam. The NWA 6-Man Tag Champs are proudly displaying their gold.


Rickin: You've had a lot of of success in the least three weeks or so Barrabas. Your clients are the NWA 6-Man Tag team Champions. The WWC congratulates all of you for this achievement.


Barrabas: Buttering me up will do you no good! Bam Bam.

Bam Bam takes the mic from Rickin and hands it to Barrabas.


Barrabas: They ARE the NWA 6-man champions and I don't care how much anyone hates it! There will be MORE gold coming to my stable in the near future. Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher will be the new NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Champions! Look at the competition. Los Super Medicos, Los Invaders...who cares? Ron and Chicky Starr?? Really? Do I even mention that team that you guys took care of in December? No I don't. To round it out we have some new American kids and los Mercenarios. I wonder who hired them to be in the tournament. If you're looking at me, you aren't too bright. I have all the insurance policy I need right here with Bam Bam.

Barrabas pauses.


Barrabas: Speaking of Bam Bam, wasn't Abdullah the Butcher going to make him look like a pretender according to Chicky Starr?!? Guess what Chicky, Bam Bam may have had some missteps early on, but he proved in the end that he can go toe-to-toe with the legendary Abdullah the Butcher and not back down one step! I know that scared you, but I have a challenge, since we're already making matches for February 22nd. Your monster against mine! Let's see who is the biggest and the baddest!


Barrabas throws the microphone down and leads his charges away from the desk. Several objects are thrown, which leads to threats of violence from all 3 wrestlers by Barrabas.


Rickin: Barrabas is getting very ambitious.


Hugo: He has a very dangerous weapon in Bam Bam!!


Rickin: That he does. If he gets that match signed...


Hugo: WOW!!!! That would be something wouldn't it?!?


Rickin: It would be a very telling match after all is said and done. We'll be right back with our main event. Los Mercenarios and Los Super Medicos will be squaring off in the first match of the tournament for the NWA WWC Carribean Tag Team Championships.


(Commercial Break) 31:30-40:00

Rickin: It's almost time for our main event. Los Mercenarios are on their way to the ring amidst the mixed cheers and boos of the fans.


Hugo: They pretty much said they weren't worried about winning the tournament two weeks ago!


Rickin: Do you believe Barrabas when he claims not to have hired them?


Hugo: He's got Bam Bam around! And he's the cheapest man I know!


Rickin: We can be pretty sure who did the hiring then.


Hugo: Can we?!?


Rickin: I think you're well-aware that we can.


Hugo: Maybe the Rock 'n' Roll RPMS hired him!


Rickin: Hugo.....los Mercenarios are in the ring and here come los Super Medicos. The horns are blaring in the crowd.


Hugo: They have a tough test ahead of them tonight!


Rickin: Yes, but like you said, los Mercenarios aren't interested in winning the tournament. Why would winning the match benefit them?


Hugo: If THEY face Ron and Chicky, I imagine that's a nice easy win and more money...wait...


Rickin: That's probably true.


Hugo: I was just....yeah, you got me.


Rickin: So they will definitely be looking to win.


Hugo: I would think so. Super Medicos have other ideas though and they rush the ring!


Rickin: This isn't going to be pretty.


Los Mercenarios vs. Los Super Medicos


Both teams brawl around the ring and ringside. Mercenario 1 and Super Medico 1 are both bleeding and taking turns punching each other in the head. Medico 1 gets worked over when things settle down, the victim of a low blow by Mercenario 2. A low blow by Medico 1 to Mercenario 1 turns it around and the match again descends into chaos. Mercenario 2 is busted open on the ringpost. Medico 1 and 2 double team Mercenaro 1 and Medico 2 hits the senton for the win.


Los Super Medicos by pinfall in 13:28 after a running senton.


Ron & Chicky Starr charge the ring after and a 4 on 2 beating ensues. Los Invaders are out quickly to even things up and chase off the Starrs and Merecenarios before any lasting damage can be done.


Rickin: Those two HAD to come out and try to make things easier.


Hugo: I would have done it!!


Rickin: I know. Luckily los Invaders were ready to come out and make the save. We're almost out of time. Next week Hercules Ayala will be returning to action and our main event will see more tournament action. Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguel Perez will take on Ron and Chicky Starr. We'll see you next week.


As an FYI: I originally forgot to put in the Chicky-haircut deal in the 3 Kings Day show. Had to retcon that one because of my own haste. :)

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(Originally airing in Spanish on WAPA Channel 4 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. This broadcast is translated to English where applicable.)

The opening montage featuring highlights of Carlos Colon, Chicky Starr, Invader 1, Invader 2, Invader 3, Abdullah the Butcher, Hercules Ayala, Bam Bam and Dutch Mantell plays. Carlos Colon doing a cartwheel and coming up fists at the ready leads to the WWC logo as the music ends.


NWA and Capitol Sports Presenta
Los Campeones De La Lucha Libre
Con Tus Luchadores Favoritos De Fama Mundial


Rickin Sanchez and Hugo Savinovich sit smiling at the commentary desk in Coliseo Municipal Pedro Rodriguez Gaya De Catano.


Rickin: Welcome to another week of World Wrestling Council action lucha libre fans. Sitting to my left as always is Hugo Savinovich.


Hugo: Happy to be here Rickin!


Rickin: With the show we have tonight, I think we all are. We'll see both Ricky Santana and Gama Singh in singles matches. Los Mercenarios will be in tag team action.


Hugo: They CAN'T be happy after last week! Things did not go according to plan...


Rickin: Sometimes they don't. Hercules Ayala will be joining us at the desk before his match tonight. He is fully recovered from that attack to the back of his head by now I'm told.


Hugo: The back of your head and your neck are very hard to recover from. Very painful and an easy spot to get hit!


Rickin: True enough Hugo. I'm sure Hercules will want to address how that happened as well. the Rock and Roll RPMs will be out to the desk as well. Owen Hart will be joining Chicky Starr in his Sports Shop.


Hugo: I doubt Chicky will like what he has to say after last week!


Rickin: Very likely not. Los Super Medicos will be out to the desk to talk about their first round win in the tournament to crown new NWA WWC Carribean tag Team Champions. The next match in that tournament will be our main event. Huracan Castillo Jr. and Miguelito Perez will take on the team of Ron and Chicky Starr.


Hugo: Tough test for Castillo and Perez!


Rickin: I think they'll give the Starrs more trouble than expected. I don't doubt their insurance policy will be close by.


Hugo: We both know it will!


Rickin...I expected some argument.


Hugo: Chicky REALLY wants those titles! Do you think he is going to take chances?!?


Rickin: You make a good point. Gama Singh is heading down to the ring and our fans are showing him their appreciation.


Hugo: He's been doing very well since he came back to Puerto Rico and the WWC!


Rickin: Yes, he was always a very good wrestler. He never had to resort to the dirty tricks in order to win matches.


Hugo: Neither did I!


Rickin: But you always did anyway.


Hugo: Yep! Sometimes it's just more fun. :)


Rickin: ..there are some thing about you I will never understand. Referee Tomas Marin is calling for the bell.


Isaac Rosario vs. Gama Singh


Singh mixes brawling and technical wrestling to control Rosario. A dropkick by Singh sets up the camel clutch for the win.


Gama Singh by submission in 4:38 with a camel clutch


El Profe and TNT rush the ring area and TNT blindsides Gama Singh with a roundhouse kick. Some overhand martial arts chops to the head and a 360 degree roundhouse kick put Singh on the canvas. TNT locks on the cobra dinamita (cobra clutch) and won't let go. Ricky Santana and los Invaders rush the ring and TNT bails. Gama Singh is left foaming at the mouth in the center of the ring.


Hugo: WOW!! TNT did some real damage there!


Rickin: That hold is every bit as lethal as El Profe claimed.


Hugo: It is!! Gama Singh is coming around, but he's going to need help getting to the back!


Rickin: Imagine if TNT had put the hold on for longer.


Hugo: Oh...yeah...there's no need to go THAT far!!


Rickin: I agree Hugo. When we come back we'll have los Super Medicos at the desk and Ricky Santana in action. Don't go anywhere.


(Commercial Break) 0-10:30


Rickin: We're back and I have been joined by los Super Medicos at the desk. You two have advanced in this tournament and it seemed like you were lucky last week when los Invaders came to your rescue.


Medico 1: We knew the attack would come. Chicky Starr isn't hard to predict. There isn't an underhanded tactic he won't use if he wants something. We asked los Invaders to back us up.


Rickin: It was a tough match against los Mercenarios. Were you worried going in?


Medico 1: We were prepared. Los Mercenarios are going to try to beat you into submission. We went in expecting a brawl and gave it back as much as we got when we had to. There were times when we were able to take them out of their match and I thnk that's what got us the win.


Rickin: Do you have a preference as to which team you face in the second round?


Medico 1: No. Castillo and Perez are a great young team and a tough opponent for anyone in this tournament. The Starrs, well let's just say getting Chicky Starr in the ring is always a goal. They are dangerous, but you always love to get a chance to mess up that face.


Rickin: You can't be looking too closely at that aspect of it going into a match though.


Medico 1: Definitely not. And we've been on watch for los Mercenarios since. They aren't done hunting us. Thanks for your time Rickin.


Rickin: Thank you, Super Medico. They seem ready for the challenge ahead.


Hugo: And the attacks that will come in the meantime!


Rickin: Yes, that too. Ricky Santana is making his way down to the ring and the fans are very happy to see him.


Hugo: They won't be after Owen Hart proves him to be an idiot!


Rickin: What are you talking about?


Hugo: Right now he has an excuse. After Owen beats him clean he won't have that, only failure!


Rickin: There is that chance, but sometimes you lose matches.


Hugo: That's why you go the extra mile!


Rickin: Are those kinds of wins worth it?


Hugo: I always thought so!


Rickin: This we know. Doing things right as long as you can builds character. Something Ricky Santana seems to understand. Ricky Vargas will be the referee for this match and there is the bell.


Frank Conners vs. Ricky Santana


Santana with armdrag-y babyface offense early. He hits a vertical suplex and climbs up top. The flying crossbody nets Santana the 3 count.


Ricky Santana by pinfall in 4:41 with a top rope crossbody


Rickin: Another win for Santana. He's even starting to use more technical wrestling lately.


Hugo: It's never a bad thing to have, can't rely on any one thing or it will cost you!


Rickin: This is very true. I suppose fighting fire with fire even has it's place.


Hugo: You're starting to get it!


Rickin: Maybe Hugo, maybe. Up next we'll go to Chicky's Sports Shop where he will visit with Owen Hart. Los Mercenarios will have a tag team match as well when we return.


Hugo: Don't you dare miss it!!!


(Commercial Break) 10:30-18:30


Hugo: It's time to go to my friend Chicky Starr's Sports Shop!


Cut to the Sports Shop intro. Chicky sits down and Victor the Bodyguard hands him a microphone.


Chicky: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to another edition of Chicky Starr's Sports Shop. I have what I thought would be a very interesting guest, and still might be, this week. But first I want to talk about a challenge that was laid at my feet a few weeks ago. It seems Barrabas wants to test his young "monster" against Abdullah the Butcher.


Chicky pauses and grins.


Chicky: I was going to sign the match that day, but the thought of that impatient, nervous little man wondering if he'd get his match was too much to give up. It IS official that the match will happen on February 22nd in Guaynabo. Now Barrabas can sweat about how he's going to look when his big man can't handle a real monster like Abdullah the Butcher. I have ALSO requested a rematch between Carlitos Colon and Bruiser Brody. Not that Colon will take it, he knows he got lucky last time!


Chicky takes a moment to settle down.


Chicky: (English) My guest today is Owen Hart, who made a big splash winning his debut against none other than the new golden boy, Ricky Santana. Congratulations!


Owen comes to the set and sits down.


Owen: Thank you. It wasn't under the best of circumstances, but-


Chicky: NO! You don't need to do that here and I don't want to hear it! You won the match!


Owen: You're not wrong about that! I'm sure there are those who would still say I cheated.


Chicky: To them I say f...well, I can't say that on TV. But I hope you get the idea. Listen to me. A win is a win. It means even more if something is on the line. Don't you dare hold yourself back by worrying what these fans, Rickin Sanchez or Ricky Santana! You're talented enough to wear gold and I don't want to see you miss out because you don't take the opportunities in front of you.


Owen: Thank you. My father would be so happy to hear something like that!


Chicky: Family is very important! My cousin Ronnie and I very often feel like we are up against the entire world. We find a way to get through it by sticking together!


Owen: It's great that you can find success with your cousin. My brothers and I had a great time wrestling together.


Chicky: Well, in case you miss that kind of atmosphere, you always have a home with Ron and Chicky Starr.


Owen: Thank you, I really mean it. But I want to find my own way. I have to be my own man. Everywhere I've gone I've been a part of a team with my brothers. If I don't do this on my own I won't ever be the man I want to be.


Chicky: That I can understand. it can be hard to get out of the shadow of a brother or a mentor...


Owen: Exactly, just because I am the youngest brother doesn't mean I always have to be overshadowed!


Chicky: Young man, you will go far. Just remember that you always have a friend in Chicky Starr.


Owen: Thank you. And thank you for having me as a guest.


Owen shakes Chicky's hand and leaves the set.


Chicky (grinning from ear to ear): (Spanish) That could, possibly, be my favorite Sports Shop. I hope that you enjoyed it ladies and gentlemen. next week I'll be talking to El Profe and TNT.


Cut back to the arena.


Rickin: I don't....I am disgusted.


Hugo: By what?!? Two guys having a conversation?!?


Rickin: Hugo, you know exactly why. Chicky Starr was playing mind games with that young man. Mind games that will have long lasting consequences.


Hugo: Maybe.


Rickin: At least you stopped pretending to be blind. Some major match announcements there.


Hugo: Bam Bam against Abdullah?!? WOW!!!


Rickin: It is a huge match for sure. We also have the likelihood of Carlitos Colon defending his NWA WWC Universal Championship against Bruiser Brody again.


Hugo: I don't think he'll back down! It's just not like Carlitos!


Rickin: Very true. Los Mercenarios are now being heavily booed by the fans. More than a little trash is being thrown their way.


Hugo: They seem pretty okay with it!


Rickin: Yes, I imagine their paycheck for this trouble is well worth it to them.


Hugo: Money makes the world go around!


Rickin: It does, unfortunately.


Hugo: They are rushing the ring!! Ring announcer Eliud Gonzalez hasn't even finished the introductions!


Los Assassins vs. Los Mercenarios


Mercenarios stick to their usual Moondogs-esque tactics. Merc 1 hits the falling slam and Merc 2 hits the splash off the ropes for three.


Los Mercenarios by pinfall in 5:17 with the falling slam/splash combo


Rickin: Business as usual for los Mercenarios. They have a very singular style.


Hugo: Yes, one that fits in very well here!


Rickin: Reminds me somewhat of los Pastores.


Hugo: A little, yes! Just...less....something.


Rickin: That about sums it up. We'll be right back with Hercules Ayala. The Rock and Roll RPMs will be stopping by the desk after that match. We'll see you after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 18:30-28:30


Rickin: We're back with the strongest man in Puerto Rico, Hercules Ayala. You've had better months I imagine.


Ayala: How'd you guess?


Rickin: You had Madril on the ropes, but it seems like Chicky Starr was too much of a distraction.


Ayala: You know, I should have known better. Chicky wasn't ever going to be a major threat. I'll give him and Madril a good strategy. They created the injury and exploited it. Worst part is, it happened twice.


Rickin: As long as it doesn't happen a third time.


Ayala: Yeah....let me tell you this Al Madril. I may not be the smartest guy in the room. I may not be willing to resort to the bull-(Ayala's face gets red)....nonsense you do. BUT I AM the STRONGEST man in Puerto Rico! And what you did to my friend...


Ayala takes a short walk to settle himself down.


Ayala: We are not done! I don't want the damn belt! Whatever this next match is, I don't care! You name the match type, I'll be there! And give me something GOOD! I want to rake your face across barbed wire! I want to ram you into a cage again...and again..and again. (Now dead calm.) I want to make you bleed. I want to make you wish you had never hurt Victor Jovica. I want to make you wish you never set foot in Puerto Rico. Most of all, I want to make you understand why you should fear Hercules Ayala.


Ayala stalks off with murderous intent in his eyes.


Rickin: I am beginning to think that maybe Al Madril bit off more than he could chew.


Hugo: I...yeah...don't disagree..


Rickin: I have never seen Hercules Ayala so angry. He must have formed quite a bond with Victor Jovica.


Hugo: Training with a man, helping him through a hard time can do that!


Rickin: I'll beleive that. He's very quick getting to the ring and I don't like Armandito Salgado's chances.


Armandito Salgado vs. Hercules Ayala


Ayala steamrolls Salgado and puts on the figure 4. Salgado taps almost immediately.


Hercules Ayala by submission in 3:08 with the figure 4


Hugo: WOW! He really meant business.


Rickin: I hope Al Madril is taking him seriously, for his own sake.


Hugo: And here I thought you didn't like Al!


Rickin: I don't. But what he has coming if he isn't serious is not something I want to see done to anyone. Remember what you always say about sending a message. Do you think Ayala is trying to send one?


Hugo: Yeah....yeah...


Rickin: It looks like the Rock and Roll RPMs are ready to start.


Rickin walks around the desk to talk to the RPMs.


Rickin (English): You two have come into the WWC and done very well. How do you feel about your chances in this tournament?


Lane: It's going to be a hard road. There are a lot of great teams here in the WWC.


Davis: There really are. Los Invaders have really been great and welcomed us with open arms. Los Super Medicos and Carlitos Colon as well. We don't necessarily want to fight either of those teams, but there is only one winner.


Rickin: The team you have to face is Jonathan Boyd and the Crusher.


Lane: We've seen them before in different places. They are a tough team, but we've beaten bigger men before. The real problem is that their manager has an enforcer we will have to deal with.


Davis: Yeah, Bam Bam is definitely going to be something we have to look out for.


Rickin: I beleive your match with Boyd and the Crusher is in 2 weeks. That gives you about 14 days to avoid him.


Davis: I'd really like to say if he shows up we want a fight, but we're not crazy.


Lane: We want to win the tournament and brawling with a 370 pound monster is not going to help those chances, so avoiding him seems like the best idea.


Davis: I know we're supposed to say we want that fight to look brave. But like I said, we aren't crazy.


Rickin: I'll agree. I don't think fighting with Bam Bam is going to leave anyone in the best condition to win a match afterwards.


Lane: We really want to thank the fans here in Puerto Rico for embracing us and making it an easy transition.


Davis: Yeah, we appreciate it so much. The fans here are so passionate, it's hard not to love 'em.


Rickin: Thank you guys for the interview.


Davis & Lane: Thank you and thank you Puerto Rico!


Rickin (Spanish): Those young men will go far in the WWC.


Hugo: I don't think they will beat Boyd and the Crusher!


Rickin: Why not?


Hugo: Bam Bam.


Rickin: Barrabas will probably send him after those two.


Hugo: So no win then!


Rickin: They are up against big odds, but I have seen men overcome worse. When we return we will have our main event. We'll be back after these messages.


(Commercial Break) 28:30-38:00


Hugo: Hey fans!! There's Ron & Chicky!!


Rickin: Big surprise they opted to come out first.


Hugo: Every advantage counts!


Rickin: I imagine that's exactly what they were thinking about. Castillo and Perez have a lot of practice fighting uphill battles.


Hugo: Because Miguel Perez taught them the wrong way!


Rickin: I would say he taught them the right way.


Hugo: Of course you would!


Rickin: (shaking his head and chuckling) I probably deserve that. Now here come Huracan Castillo and Miguelito Perez.


Hugo: WITHOUT Miguel!!


Rickin: They said they were going to do things on their own.


Hugo: I've been thinking about that. I think it's a good idea!


Rickin: You think they might come around to your way of thinking?


Hugo: Maybe...not really. But there comes a time when you have to be your own man! I respect them for it, I really do.


Rickin: That's good to hear Hugo. Referee Victor Quinonez has called for the bell.


Huracan Castillo Jr. & Miguelito Perez vs. Ron & Chicky Starr


Castillo and Perez get the better of it early with Chicky and Ron bumping big for them. A few miscommunication spots by the Starrs lead to a long control by Castillo & Perez. Chicky hits a low blow from his knees to Castillo and the Starrs viciously work him over and cut him off whenever he tries to get to his corner. Perez eventually takes the tag to a big roar by the crowd and starts cleaning house. The numbers game catches up to him and he low blows both Starrs. Things are looking good after a Perez dropkick, but los Mercenarios come to ringside. They start working on Castillo after pulling him from the apron, distracting Perez. Ron Starr hits a jumping knee to the back on Perez and los Mercenarios back off before referee Quinonez sees them. One brainbuster DDT later Ron Starr covers Perez for the 3.


Ron & Chicky Starr by pinfall in 13:54 after a brainbuster DDT


Rickin: Of all the ways to win the match...


Hugo: What?!? Los Mercenarios never laid a hand on Perez!


Rickin: Thankfully they are done after the final bell. I suppose they don't need to worry about Castillo and Perez after advancing in the tournament.


Hugo: Nope!


Rickin: We're all done for tonight fans. We had a major match announced tonight for February 22nd in Guaynabo.


Hugo: We only know 2 matches, but I am looking forward to it already!!


Rickin: And there is a very big reason to tune in next week.


Hugo: The monster! The machine!


Rickin: Abdullah the Butcher will be with us next week and tagging with Abdullah Tamba. They will be going up against Invader 1 and Carlitos Colon.


Hugo: What a HUGE match!!


Rickin: And my understanding is that Bam Bam will be in the building.


Hugo: Good thing the National Guard will be here!!


Rickin: That might not be enough. Be sure to tune in next week as we have a really big show for you fans.

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Once again the announcers do an outstanding job of keeping things moving. Very passionate promo by Ayala! I think Madril is in serious trouble. I like the idea of a Singh/TNT program. Great Sports Shop with Chicky and Owen. Cant wait to see how that unfolds. I enjoyed the RPM's promo as they were being very honest and using logic. Feb. 22 is shaping up to be an epic night of action.

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