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NWA Lutte Internationale February 1986


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NWA Lutte Internationale TV LIVE!

Vernon, BC

February 1st, 1986




(New intro, same broadcast team! And a new set as for the first time, NWA Lutte TV takes place live on CFCF-12 and CHLT-TV in Montreal & Sherbrooke respectively. We move to the broadcast booth)


Guy Hauray: Good evening , ladies and gentlemen, we are live from Vernon, British Columbia for our very first edition NWA Lutte Internationale TV LIVE! Eddie, what a night we have ahead of us! Especially for the main event.


Édouard Carpentier: No doubt about it. Tonight, in our first live main event, Rick Martel will be defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Richard “Le Magnifique” Charland. These two are no strangers to each other and this should be a classic.


Guy Hauray: And also for the last time, Armand Rougeau will be defending the Quebec Heavyweight Championship against “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka! As you probably know, Armand Rougeau punched his ticket last night to the Omni in Atlanta tomorrow night where he will be competing to crown the first NWA National Heavyweight Champion!


Édouard Carpentier: And we are very proud to be hosting that historic moment. Looking at our roster, so many deserving wrestlers could be worthy of wearing that title. We’ll see over time but Armand may be the first.


Guy Hauray: And we’ll find out right away who he’ll face because...


(Badstreet hits the PA system and guess who comes out....TERRY “BAM BAM GORDY”, MICHAEL P.S. HAYES & BUDDY JACK ROBERTS, AKA THE FABULOUS FREEBIRDS. The Freebirds strut their way to the ring as we go to the ring for the opening bout.)


Match #1

Winner is in the NWA National Heavyweight Championship Match tomorrow at the Omni.

Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy (w/The Fabulous Freebirds) beat Pirata Morgan (w/Los Infernales) in 18:25 to secure his spot in tne National title match tomorrow night!


(After the match, the Freebirds are headed to the broadcast booth for an interview)


Édouard Carpentier: Terry Gordy, congratulations as you’ll be headed to Atlanta to face Armand Rougeau to crown our very first NWA National Heavyweight Champion.


Terry Gordy: Mr. Carpentier, I hope that you’re not surprised. It was written in the stars that this would happen. Every time I come in Canada, that’s the only thing I do: win. The very first time you had that Johnny Rougeau Memorial Cup, I won it. And I beat the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion in the finals. So, if you had any doubts about the results of this one, they have been erased.


Michael Hayes: You see, Mr. Carpentier, you’re looking at the three baddest dudes on the planet! Buddy Jack Roberts, my brother Terry Bam Bam Gordy and Michael P.S. Hayes himself! We have been the measuring stick for every trio in the entire world. And now, we’re seeing some pop up everywhere: the Rougeaus, the Harts, the Von Erichs, name it. They might be brothers; they might be family but this bond right here (pointing at them), this bond is unbreakable. We’ve been through hard times, we’ve been through highs and lows but in the end, we always stuck together and we outlasted everyone. So tomorrow night, in our backyard, in our hometown of Badstreet, USA – Atlanta, GA, Terry will make history by winning the NWA National Heavyweight Championship. And then, Terry will come in this territory as much as he wants to destroy everyone and anyone to prove that he is the top dog in the NWA. This man right here will dominate Lutte Internationale as long as he wishes. Just like the Fabulous Freebirds are the dominant force in World Class, we will do the same right here in Lutte Internationale!


Buddy Roberts: Oh yeah, because if you think that Bam Bam was coming alone....he didn’t. We’re gonna wreak havoc in this territory just like we’re doing in World Class. Hell, Michael...I think we could do both, whadya think?


Michael Hayes: I like the way you think, Jack! Get ready because we’re taking you on a wild ride...all the way to Badstreet, USA!


(The Freebirds walk off the set)


Guy Hauray: Eddie, do you realize what this means? The Fabulous Freebirds could eventually hold gold in BOTH World Class & Lutte? You know they’re meaning what they say.


Édouard Carpentier: Well it’s a perspective that is very real. Especially if Terry Gordy is our inaugural NWA National Heavyweight Champion. He could hold on to that title as long as he wishes and he’ll be here for a while. So are Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts!


Guy Hauray: Nonetheless, we’ll have to wait tomorrow night in the Omni to see who will be crowned the winner and we will hear from Armand Rougeau a bit later on as he defends his Quebec Heavyweight Championship for the last time against Jimmy Snuka. The National Heavyweight Championship will be replacing the Quebec Heavyweight Championship going forward. And now, it looks like we’re ready for our 2nd match, which will be for the NWA Canadian International TV Championship!


(Jos LeDuc makes his way to the ring, saluting the crowd, when all of a sudden, THE NASTY BOYS attack Jos from behind! Paul E. Dangerously isn’t too far away, directing traffic as the newcomers and security for TV champion Adrian Adonis are dismantling LeDuc outside! The Nasties send LeDuc head first on the post and....yeop, LeDuc has been busted wide open. And that’s the moment Adrian Adonis chooses to saunter his way to the ring. As Paul E. holds him off, the Nasty Boys continue their attack on LeDuc. Knobbs is holding LeDuc and Sags whacks him with a wooden chair! LeDuc goes down, motionless. Adonis now climbs in the ring and hands over his championship belt to referee André Roy. LeDuc is struggling to get in the ring and the referee isn’t sure if he should start the match or not. LeDuc insists and despite his better judgment, he rings the bell anyway!


Match #2

NWA Canadian International TV Championship

Adrian Adonis © (w/Paul E. Dangerously & The Nasty Boys) beat Jos LeDuc in 1:39 to retain with Good Night Irene as LeDuc lost consciousness through blood loss.


Guy Hauray: This is disgusting, Eddie! How can those 4 live with themselves? That’s not how a champion behaves himself!


Édouard Carpentier: I think this has a lot to do with the mentality Paul E. wants to instill with his protégés; Jos will always be a formidable threat to Adonis’ title. He just wanted to make sure the message was sent.


Guy Hauray: We’ll have to see what NWA President Bob Geigel and his enforcer Bruno Sammartino will have to say about that. The action continues right after the commercial break!


*****COMMERCIAL BREAK*********


Match #3

NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit beat Mark Youngblood in 10:46 with a flying headbutt


Match #4

Lord Humongous (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman) beat “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal in 11:42. After the match, Lord Humongous and Eddy keep taunting Regal but Regal responds with a slap to The Brain’s face! That immediately brings The Botswana Beast who attacks Regal from behind. With Humongous holding Regal on the ground, Beast hits a huge series of splash on “Mr. Electricity”! Finally, the Brain and his monsters retreat and Regal struggles back to his feet. Regal gingerly walks to the broadcast booth and grabs a mic.


Steve Regal: Creatchmans! If you think you just broke me, you haven’t succeeded yet. I’m still breathing! Next week, I want a shot at that primal you call the Botswana Beast! And I’m not gonna take no for an answer!


(Regal walks away, visibly in pain.)


Édouard Carpentier: I don’t know if that’s the smartest thing to do from Regal but you can’t question his heart.


Guy Hauray: And to think that we still haven’t seen the monster that The Brain has been hyping for a while now. If he’s more dangerous than anyone in the Creatchman Family, I don’t know what awaits the rest of us! When we come back....ladies action!





Match #5

Leilani Kai beat Donna Day in 4:40 with a big boot


Match #6

King Tonga (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Farmer Boy Ipo (w/Hillbilly Jim) in 9:08 with a Tongan Death Grip


(After the match, King Tonga continues his mauling of Ipo while Richard Charland shows up to attack Hillbilly Jim! Frenchy’s boys are continuing their carnage until The Fantastics make the save! Crowd goes nuts as Frenchy’s men must retreat. Bobby Fulton takes the mic.


Bobby Fulton: For someone who has a World title match later tonight, Charland, you feel a lot of confidence to even show up here and beat down two defenceless men. But I tell you what, Tommy and I, we think we can teach you a lesson next week.


Tommy Rogers: How about you two show up in Kitchener, ON next week and if you wanna fight, let’s fight. Let’s do this....FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE IN THE BUILDING!


(Frenchy doesn’t hesitate to mouth “You’re on!” before having his troops retreating to the back. The Fantastics play to the crowd a bit before retreating themselves)


Guy Hauray: The Fantastics vs Richard Charland & King Tonga next week...FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE? What a match this will be.


Édouard Carpentier: The Fantastics have never been afraid of undertaking challenges and this one will be a helluva challenge. Charland & Tonga are two tough men. And who knows if Charland does the impossible later tonight and beats Rick Martel to become NWA World Heavyweight Champion? That’s gonna give them even more momentum.


Guy Hauray: When we come back, for the last time, the Quebec Heavyweight Championship will be defended!


********COMMERCIAL BREAK**********


Match #7

Quebec Heavyweight Championship

Armand Rougeau beat “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka in 6:51 with a flying cross body to retain. After the match, both men shook hands.


(Armand Rougeau goes to the broadcast booth and NWA Enforcer Bruno Sammartino is already there, waiting for him.)


Bruno Sammartino: Armand, as you know, this is the last time you defended that championship. The Quebec Heavyweight Championship will be replaced tomorrow by the National Heavyweight Championship and last night, you earned the right to compete in this match to crown our inaugural champion. It is now time for you to move on and hand over this championship to me.


(Armand seems a bit hesitant but after a few moments, he hands over the championship to Bruno.)


Bruno Sammartino: Best of luck to you tomorrow against Terry Gordy. Make your family proud, young man!


(Armand and Bruno shake hands and Édouard Carpentier goes to get some comments from Armand.)


Édouard Carpentier: Armand, are you ready to move on and to be our first NWA National Heavyweight Champion?


Armand Rougeau: C’est certain que je mentirais si je vous disais, m’sieur Carpentier, que j’suis pas un peu nerveux pour demain. C’est le plus gros match de ma vie. Mon frère Jacques va être là pour défendre sa ceinture. J’ai une province au complet qui va être derrière moi. J’ai pas l’intention de laisser tomber personne. Pis je promets de revenir au Canada en tant que champion National!


(Translation : Of course, I’d be lying if I told you, Mr. Carpentier, that I’m not a bit nervous for tomorrow. This is the biggest match of my life. My brother Jacques will be there to defend his title. I have an entire province rooting for me. I’m not intending on letting anyone down. I promise to come back to Canada as the National Heavyweight Champion!)


(Armand Rougeau walks away after shaking hands with Édouard Carpentier)


Guy Hauray: Indeed, Armand Rougeau’s biggest match of his career tomorrow night in Atlanta against Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy of the Fabulous Freebirds! I’m sure that he’ll do well though.


Édouard Carpentier: It’s gonna be definitely difficult for Armand as he’ll be in Fabulous Freebirds territory. Atlanta, GA. They are almost invincible in their backyard. Armand will have to bring his A-game to beat Terry Gordy!


Guy Hauray: One man who will bring his A-game is up next in our main event as Rick Martel will be defending the NWA World Heavyweight Championship!





Match #8

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Rick Martel © beat Richard Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) in 10:31 to retain with a slingshot splash. After the match, Rick Martel is celebrating in the ring when one half of the NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champions Mad Dog Vachon shows up and stares Martel in the ring. Mad Dog makes it clear; he wants a shot at the title next week! Rick Martel doesn’t hesitate and tells Mad Dog he’s got it! The very first live edition of NWA Lutte TV ends with a staredown between Rick Martel and Mad Dog Vachon!





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Great way to kick off the new format. Gordy and Armand should be a good one. Martel is becoming quite the fighting champion. The Fantastics are becoming real crowd pleasers. I like seeing Mr. Electricity getting some shine. Adonis retains in the ultimate heel way. Lots of great stuff being set up in Lutte.

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February 2nd, 1986

The Omni, Atlanta, GA


-Penny Mitchell beat Sherri Martel in 11:22


-NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon beat "Superstar" Bill Dundee in 6:18


-Farmer Boy Ipo (w/Hillbilly Jim) beat The Great Samu (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 16:29


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson & Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) beat The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts) after Charland rolled-up Roberts with a handful of tights in 12:19. Postmatch, The Freebirds got a partial revenge as they beat down Frenchy!


-Gino Brito beat King Tonga in 14:59


-Bruce Hart beat Bobby Fulton in 8:04


NWA Canadian International Heavyweight Championship: Jacques Rougeau beat Jos LeDuc in 15:19 to retain




NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Terry Gordy destroys Armand Rougeau in 1:40 to win the title! Postmatch, all 3 Fabulous Freebirds celebrate together! - TITLE CHANGE!!!

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February 7th, 1986

Regina, SK


-Keith Hart beat Wahoo McDaniel in 16:44


-"Maniac" Matt Borne beat Lord Humongous (w/Eddy "The Brain" Creatchman) in 16:44


NWA World Women's Championship: The Fabulous Moolah beat Susan Star in 13:04 to retain


-Gilles "The Fish" Poisson beat Ron Fuller in 10:06


-Jos LeDuc beat The Great Samu (w/Floyd Creatchman) in 12:06


-Richard "Le Magnifique" Charland (w/Frenchy Martin) beat Farmer Boy Ipo (w/Hillbilly Jim) in 11:49


-NWA World Light Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit beat Gino Brito in 10:18


NWA National Heavyweight Championship: Terry Gordy destroys NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon in 2:28 to retain

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Yeah, my thought process in this with Gordy is while building him as a wrecking machine, I want the first National Heavyweight Championship title change to be a big deal when it happens because I want it to have some prestige right off the bat. It's pretty much gonna be somewhat of an Intercontinental title equivalent in Lutte and hopefully, elsewhere in the NWA. Once Gordy drops the title, not only this will make him a top contender in World Class but also down the line as a top contender for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

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Wow, from Vernon on the 1st all the way across the continent to The Omni on the second! I hope Gordy and Farmer Boy Ipo weren't stuck sitting together in coach. :) Then all the way back to Regina. Talk about your road trips from hell! That's life in the NWA, I guess. It's hard on the boys but great for the fans.


I'd be interested to see that Lord Humongous match from Regina. If anyone could pull a decent 15 minute plus brawl out of that guy, it just might be Matt Bourne.

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Wow, from Vernon on the 1st all the way across the continent to The Omni on the second! I hope Gordy and Farmer Boy Ipo weren't stuck sitting together in coach. :) Then all the way back to Regina. Talk about your road trips from hell! That's life in the NWA, I guess. It's hard on the boys but great for the fans.


I'd be interested to see that Lord Humongous match from Regina. If anyone could pull a decent 15 minute plus brawl out of that guy, it just might be Matt Bourne.


Yeah, well luckily, since the NWA expansion, it also meant that our travel plans also expanded....and planes are large enough to avoid an on-flight incident! :lol:

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NWA Lutte Internationale TV LIVE!

Kitchener, ON

February 8th, 1986




(After the opening credits, we join Guy Hauray & Édouard Carpentier at their broadcast booth to start the show)


Guy Hauray: Good evening and welcome to NWA Lutte Internationale LIVE! We come to you from Kitchener, Ontario and we have quite the night for you in store, including the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match between Rick Martel and NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon. As well as the Falls Count Anywhere Match featuring the Fantastics and the team of Richard Charland & King Tonga


Édouard Carpentier: Both matches will certainly be interesting. We also specify that with this new format, every championship match in Lutte Internationale have a 60-minute time limit. We’ll see if Mad Dog Vachon will have recovered from his very quick loss to the new NWA National Heavyweight Champion Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy!


Guy Hauray: And speaking of which, we have indeed our inaugural National Heavyweight Champion Terry Gordy and here he comes along with his fellow Fabulous Freebirds.


(Badstreet hits on the PA system and out comes all 3 Fabulous Freebirds. Gordy proudly wears the National Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder as both Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts saunter their way to the booth.)


Guy Hauray: First and foremost, congratulations Terry on becoming the inaugural NWA National Heavyweight Champion with a spectacular victory over Armand Rougeau – as well as a spectacular first title defense last night against Mad Dog Vachon in Regina, Saskatchewan.


Terry Gordy: You know, sir, when the Freebirds tell you something, you can take it to the bank. I guaranteed all of you that I would win the National Heavyweight Championship in Atlanta in our backyard and that’s exactly what I did. I also promised that I would come here and destroy the competition and I started last night by beating Mad Dog Vachon almost as quickly as I did with the weaker Rougeau. So you can still bet that this title isn’t going anywhere.


Michael Hayes: You damn right, brother! We said last week that we were going to take Lutte Internationale for a wild ride and by golly, we have already started. Now, there has been some rumors that we heard about and I know that Bruno Sammartino is around here somewhere and I’d like to speak to him.


Guy Hauray: Well, I don’t know if....well, wait a minute, here he comes!


(Almost on cue, NWA Board of Directors Enforcers Bruno Sammartino comes out and joins the gang at the broadcast booth)


Michael Hayes: Thank you, sir, for coming out here but there is something that Buddy Jack and I need to know and you might be able to shed some light on things.


Bruno Sammartino: What do you want, Hayes? I’m busy, I got no time to fool around.


Michael Hayes: Look....There are some rumblings around the NWA that there might be a tournament to also crown National Tag Team Champions. Can you confirm that fact for Buddy Jack and I?


Bruno Sammatino: Well, actually, yes, I can, I just got off the phone with Bill Watts and he wanted to ask me to send some teams to compete in that tournament. But...


Michael Hayes: Alright, Buddy and I want in that tournament.


Bruno Sammartino: Well, to be honest, that would be Fritz Von Erich’s call, not mine.


Michael Hayes: C’mon Bruno, we both know that Fritz wants no part of us in that tournament if he’s sending his boys in it. Look, I’m ready to do anything to get Buddy and I in the tournament.


Bruno Sammartino: ...did you just say anything?


Michael Hayes: Damn right I said, are you getting deaf, Bruno? I said anything. And I’ll do anything to get a shot at that tournament.


Bruno Sammartino: Well, fair enough, Michael. If you say yes to what I’m gonna offer you, I’ll give you a shot you and Buddy Roberts to enter the National Tag Team title tournament.


Michael Hayes: YES! Hahahaha, Buddy...


Bruno Sammartino: So, it is official, you and Buddy will have their shot at entering the tournament if tomorrow night, they can win their Ladder Match against The Great Samu & Prince Alofa Fatu in Calgary! And in a preview of this match, tonight, Buddy Roberts will take on The Great Samu!


Michael Hayes: And we’ll get that damn contract and we’ll win the whole thing. And the Andersons better get ready because this time, we’re bringing back the NWA World Tag Team Titles home! C’mon Terry, let’s get you ready for your next title defense.


Bruno Sammartino: Well, it’s a good thing, that Terry is willing to be focused on his next title defense but if I were him, I wouldn’t share strategies with you.


Michael Hayes: What do you mean by that?


Bruno Sammartino: Because Terry Gordy will indeed defend his National Heavyweight Championship tonight. But he will do it against.....you, Michael Hayes!


(The Fabulous Freebirds are livid at this announcement! Bruno leaves the set and the Freebirds chase him, trying to reason with him!)


Guy Hauray: It seems like Bruno Sammartino has roped the Fabulous Freebirds into getting them in an unwanted match tonight!


Édouard Carpentier: Bruno is a savvy individual, Guy. He knew that Michael Hayes would be willing to do anything to be involved in the National Tag Team Championship tournament so he pulled a fast one on him!


Guy Hauray: We should have more information on this tournament as well as who will represent Lutte Internationale in this tournament in the upcoming weeks. But first we have for our opener a very special attraction, featuring talents from Mid-Atlantic and the UWF going at it one-on-one!


Match #1

Pedro Morales beat Wahoo McDaniel in 23:15 with the Caribbean Cannonball. Postmatch, both veterans shook hands.


Match #2

The Botswana Beast (w/Eddy “The Brain” Creatchman) beat “Mr. Electricity” Steve Regal in 16:29 with a splash


(After the match, Eddy Creatchman heads to the commentary booth for an interview)


Édouard Carpentier: Eddy, for weeks you’ve promised a new monster to join your Creatchman Family. Can we finally see that man?


Eddy Creatchman: Patience is a virtue, Mr. Carpentier, but the wait is gonna end soon. I promised a new member to my Creatchman Family and he will be on this program, next week!


Édouard Carpentier: Next week? Really?


Eddy Creatchman: Yes, sir, my new monster will be on this program next week and no one is safe. Absolutely no one. Not even you, gentlemen. But fear not, I’ll make sure he doesn’t come too close to you. But I can’t make the same promise to the rest of the locker room!


(The Brain retreats with Botswana Beast as Édouard Carpentier joins Guy Hauray back at the booth.)


Édouard Carpentier: I’ll tell you what, Guy, I don’t know if we should tell the good people of Saint-Ambroise next week to lock their doors and stay away because this could get ugly in a hurry.


Guy Hauray: Indeed, Saint-Ambroise is our location next week as we return home in La Belle Province and we should see some fantastic action there, not mentioning the impending arrival of Eddy Creatchman’s newest acquisition. Until then, we still have more action as after the break, Terry Gordy must defend the National Heavyweight Championship against Michael PS Hayes!




Match #3

NWA National Heavyweight Championship

Terry Gordy beat Michael PS Hayes in 12:38 to retain with a roll-up. Some dissension was teased after the match by both men as Buddy Roberts ran in to separate the two. But eventually, we got a group hug instead of a fist fight and Buddy Roberts challenged The Great Samu to come out right now to start their match!


Match #4

The Great Samu (w/Floyd Creatchman) beat Buddy Roberts (w/Michael Hayes & Terry Gordy) in 10:45 with a top rope splash. Postmatch, Michael Hayes attacked Samu until Prince Alofa Fatu ran in to save his partner. A showdown previewing tomorrow night’s Ladder Match in Calgary to see who will earn their ticket for the National Tag Team Championship tournament!




Match #5

Falls Count Anywhere Match

Richard Charland & King Tonga beat The Fantastics in 14:13 after Tonga piledrove Bobby Fulton head first on the broadcast booth’s table!


(After the match, the broadcast booth receives word that they got a live feed from a hotel room somewhere in Texas with Stud Stable members Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden. Robert is on the phone with his brother Ron, who’s currently touring with Lutte.)


Robert Fuller: Yeah, Ron....I was able to watch that tag match. That King Tonga is one bad ass...Yeah, raise some hell, my brother. We’ll get in touch in Dallas early this week.


(Robert hangs up)


Jimmy Golden: Just spitballing here, Robert but I know that this King Tonga is one tough dude but c’mon, I think you could take him on.


Robert Fuller: Yeah, maybe but that’s still impressive.


Jimmy Golden: Don’t sell yourself short, cuz. With all the bar fights we’ve been in.... I mean, remember that one in Knoxville with the two hicks who thought we were getting their whiskey? We kicked their asses that night!


Robert Fuller: Hell, that was one bar fight to remember. Or about that one in Houston with that guy who thought you squeezed his girl’s ass and you knocked him out cold with that beer bottle.


Jimmy Golden: Ha! Yeah, it’s a bit surprising that they still allow her in Texas after that one...But, seriously, I think we should test that King Tonga dude. Let’s just go over there and see how tough he is.


Robert Fuller: You know what? Maybe we should. I’m gonna call Bruno Sammartino down there and see if he can have something arranged for us. Hell, I wanna show up next week and see if King Tonga can handle me in a street fight.


Jimmy Golden: There you go, Bobby! That’s the cousin I know and love. Hey...just make sure, you leave some for me. I hear that Edmonton is a real nice place, even though we’ll probably freeze to death.


Robert Fuller: Meh, we’ll just get more booze and we’ll be fine. I’ll call Sammartino right now.


(The feed ends abruptly)


Guy Hauray: So, the Stud Stable wants to test King Tonga? Are they drunk?


Édouard Carpentier: Probably not but they’re not lacking any confidence. Who in their right mind want to face King Tonga just for fun, let alone in a no DQ environment?


Guy Hauray: I guess we’ll see in relatively short order what the Stud Stable has planned. I’m told that as we speak, Bruno Sammartino & Frank Valois are on the phone with both Robert Fuller & Jimmy Golden so we’ll keep you posted until next weekend. After the commercial break, it’ll be time for our main event!





Match #6

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Rick Martel beat NWA Canadian International Tag Team Champion Mad Dog Vachon in 58:17 with an inside cradle to retain. The match had barely ended that The Fabulous Freebirds hit the ring and attack Martel! They all stomp on Martel, who can barely defend himself because of the exhaustion. Roberts & Hayes hold up Martel and Terry Gordy hit Martel with a stiff Lariat! Terry Gordy picks up the NWA World Heavyweight Championship and poses with it until the Rougeau Brothers hit the ring. Raymond Rougeau is able to take a swing at Gordy, before he left the ring. This week’s show ends with a staredown between Terry Gordy and Raymond Rougeau, while Jacques Rougeau tends at Rick Martel.





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Whoa, Nelly! A six-man tag with the Rougeaus and Martel taking on the Freebirds, please!


And having Fuller and Golden WANT to face Tonga in a street fight immediately gets them more over with me than they have ever been. That's crazy.


Finally, I hope that "60-hour ltime limit" is NOT a typo. I wanna see an all-day match. True Iron Man.

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The Stud Stable must be drunk LOL, challenging Tonga after what he just did to the Fantastics. Love the Freebirds tonight. Lutte would get my money for that ladder match, thank you Bruno. And so the seeds are planted for Martel/Gordy. That should be one epic world title match. Man, I wonder who this monster is??? This was one stacked show. Great job.

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