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WWF On Tour February 1986


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WWF Presents: Wrestling Challenge

Hosted By: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby the Brain Heenan
Matches from: St. Louis, MO – Kiel Auditorium

Sting defeated Mike Williams

Hercules & Nikolai Volkoff defeated Ken Rogers & Roger Pettis

Dino Bravo defeated Lloyd Sanders

The Mercenaries w/ Mr. Fuji defeated SD Jones & Mark Bradley

Curt Hennig defeated Mike Bradley

-Another great showcase for Hennig who has been absolutely on fire the last couple of months. Gorilla and Bobby argue about Heenan’s involvement with Hennig. Heenan says he saw just how good Hennig could be on Prime Time and wants him to sign the contract! Gorilla puts over how Hennig has a match next week on PrimeTime against the Honky Tonk Man and Heenan says he will be there in his corner!

WWF Live 2/1

Austin, TX


Hulk Hogan © defeated Stan Hansen via DQ

Andre the Giant & Tito Santana defeated Ted Dibiase & The One Man Gang w/ The Big Bossman via DQ


Randy Savage © vs Gino Hernandez went to a 30-minute draw

WWF Presents: Superstars of Wrestling
Hosted By: Vince McMahon & Jesse ‘ The Body’ Ventura
Matches from: St. Louis, MO – Kiel Auditorium

The Rockers defeated Mike Burns & Bob Evans

Bull Ganter w/ Superstar Graham defeated John Johnson

Billy Jack Haynes defeated Mike Jackson

King Kong Bundy, Rick Rude, & Manny Fernandez defeated Mark Starr, Rich Klein, & Johnny Reed

Ted Dibiase w/ Big Bossman defeated Steve Lombardi


WWF Live 2/2
Houston, TX – Sam Houston Coliseum

-An early announcement comes out that Gino Hernandez will not be appearing on the show tonight and Stan Hansen will be taking his place in the Main Event.



Hulk Hogan © defeated Stan Hansen

Andre the Giant won a $20,000 battle royal

Barry Windham & Tito Santana defeated Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez via count out

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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: St. Louis, MO – Kiel Auditorium


It is with great regret that we inform the WWF audience that Gino Hernandez passed away yesterday in his home. Gino Hernandez started his professional career with Paul Boesch and Houston Wrestling and flourished not only around the country but throughout the world as a premiere technician in the ring and someone the fans loved to hate. After a short hiatus in 1983, Hernandez returned to the ring in 1984 where he joined Mid South Wrestling. In May of 1984, Hernandez then joined the WWF and soon became the WWF Intercontinental Champion. He also held the WWF Tag Team Titles and was recently the winner of the WWF Rumble in the Bronx battle royal. At the time of his passing, Hernandez was only 28 years old. There is no telling how bright the light of Gino’s future would have become but without any doubt his presence and indelible mark on the sport of professional wrestling will never be forgotten.




Gino Hernandez

August 14, 1957 - February 2, 1986

-A very somber opening that you can tell was reshot in a green screen with Gorilla and Jesse putting over the night’s action and paying respect to Gino Hernandez. They put over how Hernandez was primed to be perhaps the next WWF Champion. He had won the Rumble in the Bronx Battle Royal and was expected to do well in the King of the Ring. They wish his family the best and send their deepest condolences. We then cut to the ring for our first match.

Jim Neidhart vs King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan

-This is an interesting contest with the Anvil getting some singles work and Bundy who has been looking very strong as of late. Bret joins the commentary team for this one as they put over the King of the Ring and the SNME coming up. Bret says that he hopes Jimmy Hart will stay true and give the Hart Foundation the shot if they win at SNME. Gorilla says it is highly unlikely and he’ll find a way to sneak around it. Inside the ring this is a monster brawl but Bundy is getting the better of Neidhart. The finish sees Jimmy Hart come out with Honky Tonk and they are distracting the Anvil! Bret leaves the booth and runs down to attack Honky. The Anvil watches but loses focus as Bundy attacks him from behind before hitting the Avalanche! 1...2...3! Bret comes in to check on his partner as the crowd is giving Heenan and Bundy the business and not letting Hart off lightly either!

-We then cut to announce table with Barry Windham and Tito Santana there. They are putting over SNME and talking about how Rude and Fernandez may be the terrible twosome but they are going to put them in their place for good. Tito says that tag team wrestling is all about the trust and communication of you and your partner. He and Barry have won the tag titles together before and this may be the spot to start that run again!


-We are back for more Prime Time with Jesse and Gorilla putting over the next contest and also SNME. They announce that next week they will have updated pairings for the King of the Ring given the death of Gino Hernandez. Plus next week… Hulk Hogan will be in action against Sika. Jesse says he may be here but the title won’t be after Hansen takes it from him next week at SNME!

Dino Bravo vs Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick

-This one isn’t really a barn burner but it is got some likeable moments. Bravo is coming off as a Canadian Strongman Hero type who works with the fans against the evil Russian Nikolai. These guys are bruisers and they have some decent skill but in the end it is the cunning of Bravo that shines through. He is able to duck a big running clothesline and Nikolai hits the ropes hard before Bravo grabs him for a big belly to belly suplex and the 3-count! Nikolai gets up and he is shocked at the outcome! Bravo continues to work the fans but then Nikolai comes and knees him in the back and Bravo goes out of the ring. Nikolai and Slick get some nice heat on their way to the back!

-Ted Dibiase then comes out with the Big Bossman and the One Man Gang. They are putting over how Stan Hansen has been hired and paid to put and end to Hulk Hogan. He is going to do it this weekend and Dibiase guarantees that Hulk Hogan cannot and WILL NOT live forever!


-We return to our final segment here with Prime Time. Gorilla and Jesse put over the appearance of Hulk Hogan next week along with the matchup of Curt Hennig taking on the Honky Tonk Man, plus we will find out the pairings of the King of the Ring given the recent changes. They put over how tonight we get to see Andre the Giant!


Andre the Giant & Demolition vs Sika & The Mercenaries w/ Mr. Fuji

-A really fun six-man. The team of Sika and the Mercs are absolutely humongous. Demolition and Andre are not slouches though and Jesse even says they look like a well-oiled Machine… pun intended. This one goes about 12-minutes with everyone getting involved. The major story to come out of this is the disjointment between Fuji and the Mercs. They continue to argue with one another but this just sets up the finish while the Mercs argue outside the ring… Demo hits Sika with a double clothesline before Andre grabs him for a bodyslam and then an elbow drop for the 3-count. The baby faces work the crowd as Gorilla and Jesse put his over and tell us all to tune in to SNME next week!

Saturday Night’s Main Event VI

February 8th Oakland, California


Hulk Hogan © vs Stan Hansen w/ Ted Dibiase

Barry Windham & Tito Santana vs Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez w/ Bobby Heenan

The Hart Foundation vs Greg Valentine & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

Brutus Beefcake vs Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

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Another round of great shows. Man, even though I knew it was coming, it was still sad to see. Just a reminder of what could of been. Gino went way to soon but he certainly made the most of his time. Hogan and Hansen have been tearing it up. Cant wait for their SNME showdown. Some interesting scenarios going on. First with Hennig as Heenan says he'll be in his corner next week. Then with the Harts and their upcoming match with Valentine and Honkeytonk. The next SNME should be a good one. WrestleMania season is in full swing!

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The WWF is on a roll right now! LowBlow has done such an amazing job with Gino that as mentioned even knowing it was coming it was still somewhat shocking to see the announcement of Gino's passing.


Hogan vs. Hansen has to be setting record gates with Hogan/Dibiase just ready to explode anytime and with the tie ins of One Man Gang and Bossman, Hogan has heated opponents lined up for monthes worth of house shows.

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WWF Live 2/8

Saturday Night’s Main Event
Oakland, CA – The Coliseum

Hosted by Vince McMahon & Jesse Ventura

Stan Hansen: HEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYY! Hulk Hogan you puke…. You think you are some kind of special man. Well just like all these people out there… you are nothing but a piece of trash. It is worth a lot of money for me to take you out of wrestling tonight and that’s exactly what I am going to do!

Don Muraco: I have been training with Mr. Fuji… he has taught me all the secrets of the Orient and tonight there is nothing you can do to stop the Magnificence of Don Muraco Beefcake!

Brutus Beefcake: I have been up and down the road doing a lot of thinking and Don Muraco it comes to head tonight. I am looking to turn my fortune around here in the WWF and I think that it starts tonight. It starts with you. Looks like it is time to do some cutting and some strutting and I am ready to go to work!

Bobby Heenan: I won’t lie that tonight may not be the best night for me personally… but for the family… tonight we do what we came to do… win. Windham and Santana… it is time for revenge and that’s exactly what we’re going to be coming to get!

Barry Windham: Both Tito Santana and I know that things in the family aren’t good. We know that we can’t let our guard down but tonight we are coming arms up and ready to fight!

Tito Santana: That’s right Barry… Bobby Heenan I know you have got something up your sleeve and tonight we are going to rip those sleeves off… no surprises just us beating you!

Jimmy Hart: Tonight’s the night Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart! Tonight you two get exactly what’s been coming to you! Tonight the Hammer and the Honky Tonk are going to show you why you never should have turned our back on me and the real Hart foundation!

Bret Hart: The Real Hart Foundation huh Jimmy… well you’re looking at it.I am the Hitman… this is the Anvil and these two Harts beat as ONE!

Hulk Hogan: Tonight's the night for all of my Hulkamaniacs! Tonight we step into that ring with Stan Hansen. This is one bad dude who can come out of anywhere with that Texas Bullrope… but Stan Hansen can you come at me heads on. Can you come at me when my back isn’t turned. Tonight you are going to have to and tonight you are going to feel the power of Hulkamania and WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!!!



Vince: Welcome everyone to Saturday Night’s Main Event! I am Vince McMahon alongside Jesse the Body Ventura and Jesse… what a night we have in store here on NBC!

Jesse: That’s right McMahon! Tonight is Prime Time and we are California where things just tend to be a little bit bigger.

Vince: Well tonight we have got a great card all headlined by the WWF Championship being on the line with Hulk Hogan taking on Stan Hansen!

Jesse: Hansen is one of the most dangerous men in the history of wrestling… on top of it he’s a bounty hunter… and tonight he is looking to collect!

Vince: Also tonight, The Hart Foundation take on the Hammer and Honky Tonk Man… if the Harts win they will get a shot at the gold as per the word of Jimmy Hart…

Jesse: Jimmy’s word is his bond McMahon!

Vince: Be that as it may… we will also see tag team action with Windham and Santana taking on the Heenan Family!

Jesse: The Family is ready for revenge and tonight they get it and it is long overdue!

Vince: We shall see Jesse… right now it is time for singles action as we head to the ring!

Brutus Beefcake vs Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

-A little King of the Ring preview with these two who will be involved in the tournament. They talk about a big change that will be announced on Prime Time Wrestling due to the unforeseen death of Gino Hernandez. Jesse says that losing a talent like Gino Hernandez is a true loss for the sport, and he is 100% correct. This contest sees a little touch and go but once again, Brutus is just not where he needs to be and Muraco is able to take control and the finish sees Brutus grab Mr. Fuji off the apron for Muraco to come from behind and hit him with a knee right in the back and then roll him up with a handful of tights! Muraco is the winner but Beefcake comes back after him for a fight!



Mean Gene: Welcome in here right now Hulk Hogan. Champ, tonight you face Stan Hansen… is he the most dangerous challenge you have come across?

Hulk Hogan: Well that’s the thing Mean Gene… dangerous is an interesting term dude… danger is all in the eye of the beholder and brother in terms of size and strength there may not be anyone tougher than Stan Hansen. But like I said before Mean Gene… he is a puppet and I want the man holding the strings. I know that Ted Dibiase isn’t that far behind and I am putting it on the line right now… once I get done with Stan Hansen… Ted Dibiase… I am COMING FOR YOU!


Hulk Hogan © vs Stan Hansen

-A big time contest on the bright stage of NBC. The crowd is going wild for Hogan and we see Stan Hansen come right for him. They are battling outside the ring and the crowd is white hot right now. This one only goes about 13-minutes and the brunt of it is outside the ring and brawling. We do get some heat with Hansen working over the neck and back of Hogan. The key moment happens when Hansen hits the Lariat on Hogan but nails him in the back of the neck and he goes flying out of the ring to the floor. Hansen comes out and stomps away before picking up Hogan and putting him against the ringpost. Hansen runs but Hogan ducks out of the way and Hansen NAILS the ringpost! He is clutching his arm and this is Hogan’s moment. He puts him back in the ring and Hansen tries to kick and stomp but Hogan fights back. Hansen then grabs him and tosses him to the ropes for a Lariat but Hogan ducks and hits the ropes and comes back with an AXE BOMBER! Hansen is reeling and then Hogan SLAMS HIM! He goes for the leg drop but here comes Dibiase and Bossman! They run into the ring and attack Hogan! The crowd is going nuts here as it is 3 on 1! Hogan is still got that adrenaline going and he hammers with rights and lefts and clears the ring! He is welcoming Dibiase back inside but Teddy knows better. Someday… somehow… these two men have to get it settled!


-Jesse and Vince are back and they put over how Hulk Hogan is with Jack Tunney right now and word has it that he has DEMANDED a match against Ted Dibiase at WrestleMania! Vince says it is the best main event possible and Jesse says he would put all of Dibiase’s money on Ted to take the title from Hogan! They talk about the tag titles and the King of the Ring title which will be on the line in a couple of weeks. They put over Barry Windham and Tito Santana as former tag champs against a team who is one of the top up and comers right now in Rude and Fernandez. We cut to the ring for our next contest!

Barry Windham & Tito Santana vs Rick Rude & Manny Fernandez w/ Bobby Heenan

-A lot of emotion going into this contest. In a weird way, there is sympathy for Heenan and his crew…. They have the arm bands… we know the story… but it unfolds here tonight. A good team of Windham and Santana who really prove to be a great duo. This one goes about 14-minutes and we can see that Rude and Fernandez have all the makings of a top level team.We see Windham and Tito both do some good work here but it comes down to Windham getting a hot tag and coming in with a blaze but then Heenan grabs his foot and Windham goes down and he clutches his knee. He is holding on and screaming while the referee checks on him. The crowd is is awe right now as Tito checks on him before Manny comes out of nowhere with a flying forearm right on the back of his head! Rude comes over and then set him up for a spike piledriver and the 3-count! This one isn’t over though as Santana tries to get over to help his partner who ends up getting carted to the back holding his knee. Jesse and Vince wonder just what happened here with Windham.


-We return to SNME with Mean Gene standing with Jimmy Hart and all of his men. Jimmy puts over how the Harts will never beat the Hammer and Honky so he isn’t worried about them facing the Fabs. He says that after tonight, he is going to focus his men on the IC title and the World Title and he will bring all the gold to the Hart Family!

The Hart Foundation vs Greg Valentine & Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

-Vince and Jesse put over how this match has title implications for the Harts. If they win, word has it that they will get the contract to take on the champions at WrestleMania… while the same could be said for Honky and Valentine… could Jimmy Hart have the Rhythm and the Blues? Regardless, we get a pretty decent 12-minute contest after the chaos of the championship match. They work a decent style and the Harts begin to really build up as a babyface team. Bret takes a beating and keeps on ticking. He keeps trying to come back while Honky and Valentine beat the piss out of him. When it does make the tag to the Anvil, that’s what makes it that much better. The Anvil comes in and just beats the shit out of these two with some big shots and the Harts look to be on fire. Here comes the Fabulous Ones… they are out here to cause problems but this leads to an interesting turn when Dino Bravo runs out. The Fabs look to go after Bret outside the ring but it is Bravo who pulls them back and then hammers away at both of them to a big pop from the crowd! Bravo helps Bret back in the ring and just then we see the Anvil nail Valentine with a shoulder block and he goes flying! Honky runs at the Anvil who hoists him up and then Bret comes off the ropes with a big clothesline! The Anvil covers for the 1….2….3 and the Harts are going to face the champions! The crowd is going wild right now! Jesse and Vince put this over in a huge way! Will the Harts get their chance at the Fabs or will someone else… like the Bulldogs… they are the next in line! Vince and Jesse say we will hear from Jack Tunney when we come back!



Jack Tunney: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for joining me. As you have seen in our contests this evening, I feel that it is time to make two official WrestleMania matches. The first match will be for the WWF Championship and will be a matchup between Champion Hulk Hogan and challenger Ted Dibiase. The next contest will be for the WWF Tag Team Championship and will involved the champions the Fabulous Ones and the challengers The Hart Foundation. Both of these matches will be subject to change however as another match already signed for our MArch edition of SNME will involved WWF Champion Hulk Hogan defending his championship against King Kong Bundy. If the titles do change hands before the event, the subsequent champions will be put into the contests. Thank you for tuning in and we will have more matches to be signed for our great card in Chicago on March 30th!

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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Phoenix, AZ – Veterans Memorial Auditorium


-Prime Time opens this week with Gorilla and Jesse putting over SNME. They talk about the big WWF title match and Hulk Hogan retaining the title but how he will have to take on Manny Fernandez tonight. Plus we hear about the Hart Foundation earning a shot at the WWF tag titles against the Fabulous Ones at WrestleMania. Also signed for WrestleMania will be the one on one match with Hulk Hogan taking on Ted Dibiase! We hear about tonight’s card with Hennnig taking on the Honky Tonk Man, Demolition vs The Mercenaries, and Hogan vs Fernandez! Let’s head to the ring!


Curt Hennig vs The Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart

-A pretty decent match here as Gorilla and Jesse put over all of the happenings of SNME. This one is a pretty decent encounter for about 12-minutes but the real issue is when Bobby Heenan comes out with Rick Rude and they scout the contest.The finish is an interesting one when we see Greg Valentine come down along with the Fabulous Ones while King Kong Bundy comes out and it looks like a Hart Family vs Heenan Family showdown! Honky is looking on but then is all a set up for Hennig to come from behind and roll up Honky for the 3-count! Heenan tries to celebrate with him with Hennig backs off while the Harts and Heenans look like they may explode!




We return to Prime Time with a promo from Barry Windham on the King of the Ring in a couple of weeks and he puts over all the competitors before we hear from Gorilla and Jesse that it will be Hercules Hernandez taking Gino’s spot in the King of the ring and the updated pairings look like this…


Curt Hennig vs Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

Barry Windham vs Hercules Hernandez w/ Slick

Billy Jack Haynes vs King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan

Brutus Beefcake vs Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart


Demolition vs The Mercenaries w/ Mr. Fuji

-A good contest but the story unfolds with Demolition taking the Mercenaries apart and Mr. Fuji really having some problems with them. It is kind of a rematch from last week but tonight we see Pain and Destruction on full form when they double bodyslam Akeem and then double clothesline Kareem out before coming back with a big double elbow drop on Akeem for the 3-count. Fuji just walks away from the Mercs here…


Demolition walk over to the booth and put over the tag team division. They talk about how they are going to do whatever it takes to get another shot at the tag team titles. They said they will pull out all of the stops and will have the gold before too long!




Prime Time is back and we see Ted Dibiase here with the Big Bossman. He puts over the big announcement to take on Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania II but also the fact that Dibiase will be in the corner of King Kong Bundy when he faces Hulk Hogan! Dibiase says he has scouted Hogan… he knows his weakness… he will walk out of Chicago with all of the gold!



Hulk Hogan vs Manny Fernandez w/ Bobby Heenan

-First time for the Hulkster on Prime Time.The crowd is white hot for him and we get a pretty decent match. Fernandez is kind of a wild card and looks to go into business a little bit for himself but Hogan slows it back down. Heenan does a masterful job outside of the ring getting the fans riled up before we see the flying burrito from Fernandez. It is a 2 count and then the Hulkster comes back! He hammers a couple of big rights and then the big boot and the legdrop for the 3-count! Rick Rude runs right into the ring and attacks Hogan and here comes Bundy! The Heenan Family has been all over tonight’s show and we see Hogan trying to fight both of them off but the numbers are too great before the crowd pops when Curt Hennig and Barry Windham run out and join Hogan. The Hulkster is joined by these two as they fight off the Family. Here comes Dibiase and Bossman into the scene. This might break loose right now as Hogan, Hennig, and Windham want them all to come in but nothing doing! Jesse and Gorilla put this through the roof…


Before we go off the air Hogan, Hennig, and Windham go to the booth and put over the match. Hogan says he knows one of these guys is going to be the King of the Ring and he will fight with both of them to take on the Heenan Family whenever they got the guts to step into that ring! Gorilla and Jesse put over the King of the Ring next weekend from Philly and say we will have all the fallout right here on Prime Time next Monday!

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After months of an incredible build, Jack Tunney makes the match for WrestleMania! Great brawl with Hogan and Hansen on SNME. Then Hogan appears on Primetime against Fernandez. I'm liking this Hogan. Interesting situation with Windham and his knee. The Harts vs. Fabs might steal the show at Mania. I like the Hennig build. I guess Fuji is done with the Mercs. King of the Ring should be fun. Looking at the names, whoever wins it, I'm sure will get a nice push. Nice job with SNME, I really liked the pre show promos.

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I'm gonna go waaaay out on a limb and predict that Hogan vs DiBiase will be a better match than the one we got in the "real world" at WM2 (Hogan vs Bundy).


Also, even though the Bulldogs vs Dream Team was a good match, I think that good guy Harts vs bad guy Fabs will be even better. It's a great start for WrestleMania.


Also: I love the way you wrote up the intro to SNME, with all those short promo clips. That really brings back some memories.

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Again, you do such an amazing job capturing the feel of SNME! Hogan vs. Dibiase at WM2 has been built masterfully with all the different players that have been involved...Gang, Bundy, Gino, Hansen, etc. Looking forward to WM2! I love the layout for Prime Time and what a treat for the fans to see Hogan in action. Very solid line up for King of the Ring!

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The King of the Ring

Show on the PRISM network

Philadelphia, PA - The Spectrum

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon and Lord Alfred Hayes

Brutus Beefcake: What does it take to be the King? Well a little trim off the sides and a nice cut here and there. Hammer, you are going to find out why this chair was made for one man… me!

Greg Valentine: Everyone all over the world is waiting to find out who the King of the Ring will be… well guess what… I am going to hammer each and every opponent into the ground like I have done my entire career. It starts with you Beefcake and it ends with me and the crown!

Barry Windham: A lot of people talking about the King of the Ring and if I am 100%. I can tell you right now that I am not… but I am 100% sure that I am coming out here tonight for a fight and I will do whatever it takes to get that crown!

Hercules: Throughout the history of the world, Hercules is known to be the biggest and the baddest man in history. Tonight I step on my throne as the King of the WWF and I will rule all below me!

Curt Hennig: I know a lot of people have tried to comprehend wrestling 4 matches in one night and what that can do to someone. Well I am here to tell you that I am in the best shape of my life and I am ready to step into that ring and show everyone why I am a perfect fit to be the King!

Don Muraco: Curt Hennig is nothing but a snot nosed punk and tonight he is going to get what’s coming to him in the most magnificent way possible. I am going to put him down and then I am going to look so good as the King of the WWF!

Billy Jack Haynes: I have been getting ready for this night for a long time. Bundy, the last time we met you hurt my ribs but tonight I am coming with a vengeance! I am coming to put you down and to raise that crown!

King Kong Bundy: Is there anyone bigger than me in the tournament? (Heenan shakes his head no) Is there anyone stronger than me in the tournament? (Heenan shakes his head no) Is there anyone who is named King in the tournament? (Heenan shakes his head no) Well looks like King Kong Bundy is going to finally get the crown I deserve! HAHAHA!

Randy Savage: OHHHH YEAAAAHHHH! Tonight I have to step into that ring and defend my crown against one of the top eight men in the sport and brother I can’t wait to see who survives the tournament and makes it to the finals! I am willing to bet the crown jewel that they won’t walk out with my crown or the Intercontinental Championship and there will be no way to stop me. OHHHHH YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH!!!


Curt Hennig vs Don Muraco w/ Mr. Fuji

-A pretty fun pairing here with Muraco and Hennig who have really being fighting for biggest new dog on the block in terms of success. Hennig has got a great look and really causes a stir with the female fans. Muraco and Fuji have a small cult following but can get some nice heat and they do that on the young babyface Hennig. Every chance they get to break a rule they do it. Every chance they get to gauge an eye or hit a low blow they do. The finish sees Muraco setting up for a tombstone piledriver but Hennig jumps over his back and pushes him into the turnbuckle. Fuji is on the apron as Muraco runs towards Hennig who ducks and Muraco nails Fuji before Hennig grabs him for a backslide and a 3-count! Hennig moves on!

Brutus Beefcake vs Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart

-A pretty decent showing from Brutus but he’s just not got the skills against Valentine. The Hammer uses almost all of the 15-minutes the get the job done here against Brutus and moves on after a nasty running shin to the skull with that “protector” on his leg. Brutus gets busted open and has a hard time shaking the cobwebs out on his way back to the dressing room.

Barry Windham vs Hercules w/ Slick

-Hercules is the replacement and he proves to be a lot to handle for Windham but Barry’s cunning is too much for Hercules when he’s able to counter the big man’s power and strength into his own momentum leading to a victory from a school boy! Windham is still sporting a sore knee from that ligament damage but looks strong here although he will have a tough one ahead of him with our next contest.

Billy Jack Haynes vs King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan

-Billy Jack is still sporting the taped ribs from his encounter with Bundy a couple of weeks ago on Prime Time. This one is more of the same with Bundy just going relentless on his ribs and pounding away. The referee ends up trying to pull him back off but Bundy pushes the referee away and Heenan is irate as it causes a DQ finish! Billy Jack wins the contest but the wars far from over! Heenan then gets up on the apron and he grabs Billy Jack in the corner and here comes Bundy with 3 avalanches in the corner! Billy Jack is in a bad way as Bundy reigns supreme but won’t reign as the King!


Curt Hennig vs Greg Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart

-This is a good follow up from a couple of weeks ago with Honky and Hennig. Curt is a little roughed up from his previous contest but nothing major. He and Valentine once again push the limit with the 20-minute time limit. If it was a draw… we’d see Windham go right to the finals to take on Savage tonight. On an interesting note… it is Bobby Heenan who comes out and he is trying to coach and encourage Hennig. Bobby and Jimmy end up arguing with one another outside of the ring as a distraction to Valentine but this give Hennig a chance to knee him in the back and nail the turnbuckle and when he turns around he gets rolled up for the 3-count and Hennig is moving on!

Barry Windham received a bye due to Billy Jack forfeit.

-Billy Jack actually comes out. He has got his ribs heavily taped and offers his hand to Windham as they shake. It will be Windham vs Hennig in the finals!

The Hart Foundation vs The Mercenaries w/ Mr. Fuji

-The Mercenaries are doing the bidding of Jimmy Hart tonight at the behest of Mr. Fuji. The Mercenaries are a pretty big and tough team but the #1 contenders have got it all together right now and they are firing on all cylinders. The finish sees the Mercenaries kind of lose control of themselves after Fuji whacks Kareem with the cane. This distraction causes a count out victory for the Harts as the Mercs chase Fuji to the back!

-We cut to the back where Mean Gene is standing by with Hennig and Windham. They both shake hands and talk about their fathers and how tonight they cement their own legacies. They put over each other’s abilities but then we see Bobby Heenan come in and he starts to try and warm up to Hennig and says he is going to be there in his corner and make sure the crown comes to the family! Heenan walks off and we see Windham go after Hennig about Heenan and how he has got the ace in the hole. Windham says he’s been dealing with Heenan for months and tonight, he puts all of that behind him when he beats his newest protege Curt Hennig and wins the King of the Ring!


Curt Hennig vs Barry Windham

-A really fun 18-minute contest. Windham is still sporting some issues from his knee. Hennig has been through two different matches tonight and you can tell he’s hurting. These guys go balls to the wall and we end up seeing Heenan, Rude, and Fernandez come down. They are taunting Windham and cheering for Hennig. The final moments see a quick sequence with Hennig going for the Perfect Plex but Windham is able to counter. Windham puts him up for a superplex but Hennig kicks him off and nails a cross body for a very close 2-count. Hennig hits the ropes but it is BOBBY HEENAN WHO GRABS HIS FOOT! Hennig turns to look and Bobby says I thought it was Barry! Windham comes from behind and BULLDOG ON HENNIG! He covers him for a 3-count and the crowd pops! We see the Family come in and try to help Hennig but Windham runs back in with a chair and chases them off! Hennig is hurting but he congratulates Windham. Windham is going to face Savage in a while and that will tell us who the real King of the Ring is!


The British Bulldogs vs The Fabulous Ones w/ Jimmy Hart

-Kind of a filler contest but has some meat to it. These guys don’t have a ton of build but both teams are known. They go at it for around 14-minutes and the Bulldogs are in pretty good form here. The Fabs work the heel out of the crowd with their stalling but the Dogs get them to turn it up a notch. At the 14-minute mark it looks like the Dogs are set for a victory when Davey Boy hits the powerslam on Kiern but it is Lane who comes out of nowhere and hits the ropes with crotches Dynamite and then as the referee is holding back Dynamite… Lane runs and Superkicks Dynamite as he’s crotches on the top rope and he comes crashing down. Lane pulls Kiern over on him and then goes after Davey as the Fabs get the 3-count and retain the titles! Hart is jumping for joy and he exclaims that Bret and the Anvil will be next baby!


Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth (K) vs Barry Windham

-A very fun and interesting contest. These two guys go about 23-minutes and Savage is still working heel but keeps questioning Windham about Heenan and Windham just tries to work the match. We see both men get in some offense but at the 18-minute mark things start to turn. We see Bobby Heenan make his way down to the ring and the fans are giving him the business. The match continues with Savage getting the upperhand and then Windham finding a way to fight back before Heenan causes a stir outside the ring when he begins to go after Elizabeth which causes Windham to yell at him and Savage to take control. Savage goes off the top rope and nails the double axe handle and then a piledriver! Savage is looking to finish as he goes up to the top rope but it is Heenan who grabs the ropes and Savage comes crashing down! Windham comes over and gets up on the ropes for a SUPERPLEX! 1…..2…..3!! BARRY WINDHAM HAS WON THE KING OF THE RING!

-Gorilla and Lord Alfred are really putting this over and wondering what is going on. Savage is being helped by some officials right now as his back is in bad shape. Inside the ring we see Heenan grab the crown and Windham looks out to the crowd and with a clenched fist he reaches back and then puts it out and he and Heenan shake hands! Heenan hugs him and puts the crown on his head! We have a new King in the WWF and Savage is hot! Savage tries to come back in the ring but Windham and Heenan pound on him before Rude and Fernandez run back out and help! They are beating the piss out of him and they leave him lay before backing off and going up the ramp! Windham has joined the Heenan Family? What will happen next!?!


Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant vs Stan Hansen & One Man Gang w/ Ted Dibiase & Bossman

-A huge main event with some of the biggest names in the sport. We get a great contest and early on it is the One Man Gang who gets slammed outside the ring by Andre and then we see Ted Dibiase join the contest so it looks like the Philly fans are getting more than they bargained for! Dibiase finally gets in there with Hogan and we get a nice preview of what is going to happen at WrestleMania. We see Hansen and Andre tear it up in a big way. The finish is bullshit with the Bossman and Gang getting back involved with Andre getting tied up in the ropes and it being a three on one with Hogan being beat up outside the ring. The Hulkster makes a big comeback and tears everyone away before Andre gets loose and bodyslams Hansen. Dibiase pulls him out of the ring as his crew scatters. Hogan and Andre stand tall. Gorilla and Lord Alfred say that they hope the score is settled at WrestleMania!

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Oh man didn't see the Windham turn coming! What a great night of action. Hennig really made a name for himself tonight. After the "perfect fit" comment, I thought for sure he was the one going with Heenan LOL. The tournament was so much fun, loved every minute of it. I also enjoyed the Fabs/Bulldogs match and Hart Foundation/Mercs encounter. The tag team division is hot right now. Speaking of tag matches, great main event and a perfect set up for WrestleMania.

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WWF Presents: Prime Time Wrestling

Hosted by Gorilla Monsoon & Jesse the Body Ventura

Matches from: Hershey, PA – Hersheypark Arena

Prime Time opens up with some stills from King of the Ring and Gorilla and Jesse are putting it over but then we get the crowd going wild when Bobby Heenan walks out with Barry Windham, Rick Rude, King Kong Bundy, and Manny Fernandez! They come out and cut a scathing promo on Curt Hennig, Hulk Hogan, and then Randy Savage. They run Savage down to the ground and then Windham puts the dagger in when he says he is going to go to WrestleMania and take Savage’s title and don’t be surprised if he walks away with Elizabeth as well! That is the catalyst for the chaos when Randy Savage comes out of the back in a pair of jeans and cowboy boots and jumps over the announce booth at Windham! The crowd is going nuts as the Heenan Family is stomping and kicking away at Savage as officials and agents run out to break this up! Gorilla and Jesse are going crazy right now! Check out this Memphis video as a frame of reference for this scene...



Prime Time is back with Gorilla and Jesse putting over the action from earlier on. They talk about the signed contest for WrestleMania II… Randy Savage defending the IC title against Barry Windham! Jesse says that could be the match of the night. They put over all the happenings from SNME including the injury to Billy Jack Haynes who comes out and says he can’t believe Barry Windham did what he did. Haynes says he wants some answers and wonders if he will ever know why he did what he did. They put over a new tag team of the Tonga Kid and Sting as we cut to them in the ring!

The Tonga Kid & Sting vs Los Conquistadors

-A fun tag team encounter with Tonga and Sting really lighting up the crowd. They look hot here tonight and get things going. The finish is a big splash in the corner by Sting leading to Tonga Kid coming off the top rope for the flying splash! The crowd pops as these guys go to try and cut a promo but it is a lot of yelling and excitement… they are full of energy!


We are back with Prime Time and we get to see the Hart Foundation out here as they cut a promo on the Fabulous Ones and Jimmy Hart. They put over how they will get a taste of them at SNME in an EIGHT MAN TAG when Demolition (who comes out) will join them! The Hart Family is going to crumble and be demolished as all four men look strong.

SD Jones, Steve Lombardi, & Lanny Poffo vs Greg Valentine & The Fabulous Ones w/ Jimmy Hart & Honky Tonk Man

-Six-man action from the Hart Family as they are out in full force with Honky and Jimmy at ringside. We get a pretty decent match and coming out of all of this is the Hammer who looks to really be strong. He locks up Lombardi in a figure four leglock and gets the submission. We hear him say that no one… and he means no one can get out of the figure four leglock! Hart and company look strong and work the crowd!

We get another promo here from Dino Bravo who comes out and says he was shocked by what happened at the King of the Ring with Barry Windham. He says he thought he knew him but anything can happen. Bravo then goes on to say that he is willing to go out to the ring against anyone and even says that Greg Valentine looked strong but doesn’t think he could keep him in the figure-four leglock!


Prime Time is back and we’re joined by Ted Dibiase who is with the Big Bossman. He’s got a halliburton briefcase that he puts on the table and opens it up to show some money… a lot of money… Dibiase says this is his life savings. This is everything he’s ever won as a pro wrestler. This is all the money he has left that he will put on the line against Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania. He is so confident that he is willing to lose everything if he cannot win the WWF title. Gorilla says it is a hefty bet… but Jesse says it is a safe bet!


Tito Santana vs Nikolai Volkoff w/ Slick

-A good main event here with two solid workers. Tito has got a great following from the crowd while Nikolai gets some nice heat. Slick is outside doing some fun work and even gets Hercules involved while Tito is trying to fight back. Hercules continues to make his presence felt but here comes Bull Ganter! Bull comes out and nails Hercules with a big right hand! Nikolai loses focus and here comes Tito with a big flying forearm! 1….2…..3!!! Tito rolls out and joins hands with Bull as they work the crowd. Superstar Graham comes out and joins them as they work the crowd. Gorilla and Jesse put over that we will hear from Randy Savage when we get back!


We’re back for Prime Time and Randy Savage comes out and he is HOT! Jesse and Gorila try to console him but then he grabs the microphone….



Randy Savage: Let me make it plain and simple… Barry Windham… what you did was turn your back on every single one of these fans. You turned your back on all of these people. You sided with the weasel. A man who cannot be trusted. You picked Bobby Heenan and you signed the warrant for me to take you down brother. When he hit that rope and then you came and hoisted me up to the heavens and drove me straight to hell brother and then you signed the deed. You signed that piece of paper that said Randy Savage is going to come at me and come at me harder than anyone ever has. Brother if you think for a moment that you and I are going to fight for this title you are crazy. Brother you have got to be out of your mind. You are going to be in the ring with me and it won’t be a match brother it is going to be a fight. You want the title come and take the title but brother once you say her name you are trying to take a part of my life. Barry Windham… I am coming for you. I am coming for you with everything I have got and brother I won’t stop until I don’t exist!

WWF Presents: Saturday Night’s Main Event VII


Atlantic City, NJ - Convention Center Ballroom


Hulk Hogan © vs King Kong Bundy w/ Bobby Heenan

Andre the Giant vs Ted Dibiase w/ Big Bossman

Randy Savage w/ Elizabeth vs Manny Fernandez w/ Bobby Heenan


The Hart Foundation & Demolition vs Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man & The Fabulous Ones

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I loved this show. So many things being set up. I agree with Gordi, Sting and the Tonga Kid is such a fun pairing in this era. Good job putting them together. Savage and Windham is going to be a war! Liked the simplicity of the Valentine/Bravo set up. Also enjoyed the Tito/Nikolai match with Hercules and Bull getting involved. And Wow, Dibiase puts it all on the line at WrestleMania. The stakes are at its highest.

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SNME and the KOTR tournament was fantastic booking. Never saw Heenan and Windham joining forces coming until the Perfect match. The main would have been incredible and the tag team situation just keeps developing.


I am going to third, fourth and fifth loving the idea of Sting and Tonga Kid being teamed up. The theme of the show being Windham's betrayal is exactly how it should be. As is finishing with Savage ranting.

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