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WWE TV 09/17 - 09/23 Brazil is dead


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SmackDown was unbelievable. Cesaro vs Kofi was very good (yeah no shit those dudes had a MOTYC on fucking Superstars - or was it Main Event - of all places), Nakamura vs Rusev was great and RUSEV IS FINALLY OFFICIALLY BABYFACE, and then we had AJ vs Almas which was given PPV time. 

Couple that with great segments such as Miz TV and Becky's coronation, and you get another great episode.

Raw was good, SD was good. At least watch the matches, people. They are usually good and even if you don't like the product they are entertaining as hell.

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I thought Smackdown ruled too. Watched live on Tuesday because my parents wanted to know what was going to happen with Becky! They are so invested in her. It is so cool. Smackdown rules so hard.

i actually came on here to praise Chad Gable. This dude rules and am glad he is getting a slight push. I hope he can make it to the top.  

Also always been a fan of Dana Brooke. I thought she was great in the Bayley match. Bayley's finish combo was great!

Rezar is a future number one heel!

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