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I cant say this enough but man I love that Slater/Borne team.

Taylor is rolling now as he heads into his big TV title match at Firestorm but with that win over Flowers, Garvin is at the top of his game. 

Piper and Ed brawl to a double c.o. Ed sure has been an obstacle for Piper.

Rose and Sommers do a number on Cobra reminding everybody what the Rose Army is capable of. 


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Pacific Wrestling Showcase from the Cow Palace , San Francisco , on ESPN / TSN, August 16th

Matt Borne vs. Billy Jack Haynes

 These former friends have had some intense tag battles since their split, and facing each other one-on-one has only served to crank up the intensity. Billy Jack really let it all out as he ferociously tore into Borne, seeking revenge for his betrayal. Borne, for his part, gave as good as he got, and both men wound up getting busted open. Billy Jack was able to catch Borne off the ropes in a lightning quick powerslam that was able to get a quick one-two-three , but this was only the queue for Dick Slater to charge into the ring, followed by Hayne's comrade Tracey Smothers. The two sides battled until security forced them to the back. It looks like they will have to wait until Phoenix Firestorm to try to get this score settled once and for all.

Interview : Frank Bonnema stands in the ring

 Bonnema : Ladies and gentlemen, my next guests are a collection of some of the most promising talent in all of Pacific Coast Wrestling … The Brigade!

All five members of the Brigade troop out to the ring. Strangely, most of the members have very serious looks on their faces, with the sole exception of Terry Taylor , who is all smiles and high fives for the fans.

Bonnema : Mike Rotunda, the Brigade has had some impressive success in Pacific Coast, but their have been rumours of unrest among the ranks. Care to respond to these rumours?

Rotunda : Well, Frank Bonnema, unrest is probably too strong a word. But there are some things that need to be aired out. Terry … (Terry Taylor smiles even wider at his name being mentioned.) Terry, you were invited into the Brigade because we figured that you were a talent that would do well within our team. And while you have gotten some big wins and always worked hard in the ring, I have gotten a bit concerned about your recent behaviour. The Brigade needs to work together, and it frequently seems like you are pulling off in a different direction. Case in point, the recent tag match with the Guerreros. We kept calling on you to tag out, but you stayed in the ring and tried to wrestle the whole match by yourself, and you ended up getting pinned.

Taylor : (cutting Rotunda off) Hey, I absolutely apologize for that. I really wanted to prove myself and show that I belonged in the Brigade, and it ended up costing me … err, us the match. Entirely my fault, and it won't happen again, I promise.

Rotunda : (pausing, taking a deep breath then slowly letting it out) Fair enough. But then , in the battle royal for the TV title shot, you go and dump me out of the ring and take the title shot all for yourself. Not really the actions of a team player.

Taylor : Hoo boy, I understand how you might get a bit upset about that. But you see, it was all for the greater benefit of the Brigade! From my perspective , where I was standing, it looked like an even chance if you and Haynes would go out of the ring as it would be Jake Roberts. The Snake is so slippery, I couldn't take a chance that he might slide back into the match, but the only way to make sure he went out would mean tossing all of you from the match. And you always would tell me how a victory for one of the Brigade was a victory for all of us. (Rotunda scowls) So I just did what I had to and made sure that one of the Brigade, in this case me, would be the last one standing in the match. A win is a win, and now I am in a position to bring some gold to the Brigade! But hey, believe me, it wasn't selfish. In fact, while signing the contract for the TV Title match, I took it on myself to use my new influence to negotiate a special match for you guys tonight.

Rotunda : YOU DID WHAT?

Taylor : Relax , my man, it's all for the good! You and Big Dan here are going to have a tag match with the Royal Family, and the winner will face the Guerrero's at Phoenix Firestorm for the Golden State Tag Titles. And when you win both of those matches, that means more gold for the Brigade! I'm sure title shots for Tom and Al will soon follow. (Tom Zenk and Al Perez eye Taylor warily). And then there can be no denying that the Brigade is top group in all of wrestling, am I right?

Texas Red vs. Dino Bravo

 Bravo's partner, Phil LaFleur, scored a big upset last week against the Spoiler, and the genial French Canadian was looking to keep their momentum going into their Tag Title shot at Phoenix Firestorm. Meanwhile, Texas Red was looking equally determined to put a stop to that winning streak. Bravo tried the same cat and mouse tactics his partner used so well in the previous match, and for the most part it worked, but whenever Red was able to land a shot on Bravo, it clearly took a toll. Bravo seemed like he might pull it off when he started to get Red up for the Airplane Spin, but the lanky Texan caught him in the space with a few flailing elbow shots. He then flattened Bravo with a flying lariat before going up top and landing a devastating flying elbow drop that got the three count. No matter how determined the French Revolution are going into the title match, the champions are going in looking strong.

Match for a Golden State Tag Team Title Shot at Phoenix Firestorm : Mike Rotunda & Dan Spivey vs. The Royal Family

 Although they only just found out about this match earlier in the show, Rotunda and Spivey were keen to make the most of their opportunity and get a title shot at Phoenix Firestorm. They sure had their work cut out for them, as Boyd and Morgan were just as vicious as the other times they had faced the young Brigade members. Part way through the match, the Guerreros showed up at the back of the ring and observed the match, but they didn't interfere, merely watching impassively. Spivey looked like he was about to bring it home when he had Morgan lined up for a big Axe Bomber, but Morgan ducked just in the nick of time and came back with a huge lariat. He then swiftly tagged in Boyd and, while Morgan blocked Rotunda, Boyd hit a swinging neckbreaker to dispatch Spivey and take the title shot. The Brigade had fallen just short in their attempt to get the title match. The Guerreros, for their part, seemed hugely displeased at this result, and were clearly shaking their heads as they went back to the locker room.

Roddy Piper vs. Ed Wiskowski

 At this point, Piper is so close to his title shot at Phoenix Firestorm that he can almost taste it. But he has one last obstacle in his way and that is the huge Polish Prince, Ed Wiskowski. Wiskowski clearly had no intention of letting Piper make it to Phoenix Firestorm in one piece, and seemed less interested in winning the match as doing as much damage to the Hot Scot as possible. For his part, Piper ducked and dodged as much as possible, but still ended up taking quite a pounding . Eventually, the Prince had Piper trapped in the corner and took off his boot, looking to whallop him with it, but Piper dropped out of the way , and Wiskowski ended up with the boot rebounding off the turnbuckle pad and smacking him hard in his own face. Quick as a cat, Piper caught him in a schoolboy roll up and got the pinfall. Piper swiftly dove out of the ring and dashed to the locker room before Wiskowski could try and get some receipts. Next and final stop for Piper : the cage in Phoenix and his title match with Buddy Rose.

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Yeah, I think that Terry Taylor screwed up a little bit with his good intentions!

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Man, will Firestorm finally resolve things between Billy Jack/Smothers and the Marauders? 

LOL, I could totally picture Taylor saying all this with that smile of his. Great segment.

Texas Red defiantly looks strong with that win over Bravo. 

Spivey and Rotunda come up short and the Royal Family gets the big title shot. Their match with the Guerreros could be a show stealer. 

Piper is one step ahead of Ed tonight as he goes into Firestorm with some momentum. Piper vs. Rose guarantees a sell out.  

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AWA Pacific Wrestling show from the Oakland Alameda County Arena, Oakland, August 17th

Keiichi Yamada & The Cobra vs. Masanobu Fuchi & Mr. Hito

 Yamada caught Fuchi coming off the ropes with a palm thrust under the chin to get the victory. Cobra was clearly limping on the way to the ring and Yamada wrestled pretty much the entire match by himself

Billy Jack Haynes vs. Dick Slater

 Slater caught Haynes in the corner and got the pinfall with his feet on the ropes

Ron Starr vs. Terry Taylor

 Taylor won with a Fivearm

AWA Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mando & Hector Guerrero © vs. Tom Zenk & Al Perez

 Hector trapped Zenk in the Guerrero Clutch to defend their titles

AWA Pacific Television Title : Ron Garvin © vs. Jake Roberts

 Both men were counted out while brawling outside the ring

2/3 Falls Six Man Tag Team Match : The Buddy Rose Army vs. Roddy Piper & The French Revolution

 1st Fall : Dino Bravo pinned Doug Somers after an Airplane Spin

2nd Fall : Ed Wiskowski pinned Phil LaFleur after a face first piledriver

3rd Fall : Roddy Piper scored the pinfall on Buddy Rose with a schoolboy rollup out of the corner

Winners : Roddy Piper & The French Revolution

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Piper keep racking up some momentum before Phoenix Firestorm! And I bet Buddy will get more desperate!

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AWA Pacific Coast Wrestling presents Phoenix Firestorm from Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, August 30th

 Keiichi Yamada & The Cobra vs. The Starr "Cousins"

 The arena was jam packed with enthusiastic fans as AWA Pacific Coast kicked off its biggest show yet with the two popular Japanese light heavyweights taking on the nefarious Starrs. Cobra's leg had sustained a lot of damage in recent matches, so his partner took the lead in this match, staying in as much as he could. Sensing weakness, the Starrs took advantage of this, working Yamada over in their corner of the ring and using their trademark sneaky tactics to do as much damage as they could. Cobra kept trying to tag in, but the Starrs would keep pulling Yamada out of his grasp just when it looked like he might be able to make the tag. Finally, Yamada was able to make to rolling tag and Cobra came into the match. The masked man was clearly favoring his leg but did the best he could, and finally went up to the top to take out Chicky Starr with a flying move. Unfortunately, Ron had crept up behind him and shoved him off the top turnbuckle, landing awkwardly on his damaged leg. Chicky swept in for the kill and applied a figure four, and try though he might, Cobra was not able to make it to the ropes and was forced to give up the match. This was not enough for the Starrs, as Chicky kept on the figure four while Ron kicked at the trapped Cobra until Yamada was able to break it up. Yamada helped his partner get to the back, but it was clear that Cobra was in agony.

AWA World Light Heavyweight Title Match : Brad Armstrong © vs. Chavo Guerrero

 Up next was the first World title match of the evening, with the visiting champ Brad Armstrong taking on Chavo Guerrero. While Chavo might tend towards the more ruthless side of the roster, he kept it clean and delivered an exciting technical match to try to win the title. The momentum swung back and forth and the crowd gasped at every near fall. They even started cheering Chavo when it looked like he might just pull off the victory. Chavo had Brad in a waistlock to try and execute the German Suplex, but the champ was able to block it, then whip round to hit the Russian Legsweep. One two three and he had successfully defended his title. Both wrestlers shook hands after the match and the crowd roared their approval when Brad held up Chavo's arm in a sign of respect.

Super Strong Machine vs. Larry Zbyszko

 These two have been battling furiously for several months now, with Larry initially having the advantage being backed up by Nord The Barbarian , but Machine eventually bringing in his own equalizer in the form of Hulk Hogan. Both of their comrades would be taking a passive part in this match, being handcuffed to each other at ringside.  Hogan had his own match coming up later in the evening, challenging for the world title, but stood dutifully at ringside, determined to watch his friend's back as best as he could. Larry Z kept backpedaling as much as he could though the match, clearly shy of taking on Super Strong Machine in anything resembling a fair fight, but Machine kept right on after him. He still had a fair amount of skill on his side, and any time it looked like Machine had him dead to rights, Larry would find some way of weasling out of it. Things started to get out of control when, out of nowhere, Nord just started punching Hogan in the face, leading to the Hulkster firing back with big shots of his own. This proved to be a ruse as, once the ref went over to break it up, Larry's manager KY Wakamatsu threw his trademark megaphone into the ring. Larry caught it and was about to use it to hit his opponent, but Super Strong Machine swiftly nailed him with a thrust case that sent the megaphone smashing hard into his own face. The ref turned around, saw Machine covering Larry and made the count. When they realized what happened, Larry and his crew were furious, but it didn't do them any good as Machine and Hulkster rejoiced with the fans at having put one over on Larry Z.

AWA Golden State Tag Team Title Match : Mando & Hector Guerrero © vs. The Royal Family

 When the Guerreros discovered that their title challengers would be their supposed Embassy allies of Jonathan Boyd and Rip Morgan, they were not please in the least, seeing it as a betrayal. The Royal Family, for their part, were not going to go easy on the champs just because they were in the Embassy together, and went at them full bore. Mando and Hector were certainly not going to take that lying down, and fought back against the Antipodean brawlers with a mix of technical moves and swift tags to keep them off balance. Things eventually went completely out of control, with all four men in the ring at once and refusing to leave, leading to the ref declaring a double DQ, but they just kept going at it long after the bell. It looks like that is it for the Embassy, as it is highly unlikely the Guerreros and the Royal Family will look together again.

No DQ Match : The Marauders vs. Billy Jack Haynes & Tracey Smothers

 Speaking of long feuds, The Marauders have bedeviled Billy Jack Haynes for quite some time now, with Tracey Smothers consistently getting caught in the crossfire. Haynes and Smothers were both hungry for revenge, but had to concede a no DQ stipulation to get this match. For all of their shared hatred of Billy Jack, Slater and Borne focused their attention on Smothers, laying a nasty beating on the young man from Tennessee. No matter what they did , he just kept popping back up. It looked like it was all over for him when Slater nailed him with a piledriver, but he managed to get his shoulder up just before the count of three. Deciding enough was enough, Borne came in the ring and the two hit a Spike Piledriver on Smothers, but miraculously Smothers was able to kick out a microsecond before the final count. With a singular lack of remorse, the Marauders brought a steel folding chair into the ring and , in spite of Haynes pleas from the outside, Spike Piledrove the helpless Smothers on top of it. They never got a chance to go for a pinfall as Haynes threw in the towel to try to stop any more damage to his friend. Borne and Slater laughed maniacally as they left the ring, while Haynes cradled his unconscious partner in his arms and stared at them with a murderous look, loudly swearing vengeance.

AWA World Tag Team Title Match : The Movement © vs. The Hart Brothers

 The match had initially been scheduled for the Road Warriors to be defending the titles, but with their recent World Tag Title victory, it wound up being the team of Pez Whatley and Tiger Conway who would be putting the belts on the line. While the Harts were clearly unfamiliar with the Movement, that didn't lessen their determination to make their World Tag Team Title reign a brief one as they gave it everything they had. The Movement, for their part, showed all of the guile and cunning that brought them the titles in the first place. Bruce Hart seemingly was ready to bring the titles to Pacific Coast when he attempted a slingshot lariat on Pez, but Conway snuck up behind him and yanked on the ropes at the last moment, causing him to face plant onto the mat. Pez hit a diving headbutt and ensured that the title belts would remain around their waists. Clearly this is a team that should not be underestimated.

Double Chain Tag Team Match : The Vachon Brothers vs. The Assassins

 Well, you certainly knew from the outset that this match was not going to be a technical masterpiece. What you got was a bloody, intense brawl, with both of the Assassins ending up with ripped masks and all four men busted open. The ref gave up all pretense of trying to control this and simply stayed out of their way until it was time to make the final count. That ultimately came when the Butcher wrapped a chain around the throat of Assassin #2 and held him over his knee while his brother came off the second turnbuckle with a kneedrop. One Two Three and the carnage had finally come to an end.

AWA Pacific Television Title Match : Ron Garvin © vs. Terry Taylor

 There was a lot of anticipation coming into the match. While there was some controversy surrounding the circumstances of his victory, Terry Taylor had impressively won a battle royal to get his title shot, and came to the ring joined by the other members of the Brigade. However, when Ron Garvin made his entrance, he was ambushed in the aisle by Jake Roberts, who nailed him with a kneelift before hitting a DDT on the concrete. While some of the other members of the Brigade chased off Roberts, Mike Rotunda insisted that Garvin be given time to recover before the match started. Terry Taylor didn't seem especially happy with that, being very keen to get the match started and underway, but Rotunda was able to talk him down. Garvin was eventually able to get to his feet and get into the ring, earning a round of applause from the crowd and the Brigade (including Taylor) for his fortitude . Taylor seemed to be taking it easy on Garvin, using technical grappling and matwork for the most part. Taylor certainly impressed with his skill, but the longer the match went on, the more Garvin seemed to be feeling his oats, and started to dish out his patented lefts and rights. The match started to crank up in intensity, and Taylor shifted over to more hard hitting moves of his own. Garvin managed to tag him with a few stiff shots and back him into the corner, leading to the ref to step in, but then Taylor, just out of the ref's line of sight, nailed Garvin with a huge low blow kick. The fans and the Brigade were aghast as Taylor followed up with a Fivearm on the staggered Garvin. The ref counted to three and Terry Taylor was the new Pacific TV champion. Taylor grabbed the belt and jumped up and down enthusiastically as he patted the rest of the Brigade on the back, but his comrades were clearly in a state of shock as they left the ring.

AWA Pacific Tag Team Title Match : The Spoiler & Texas Red © vs. The French Revolution

 Even since before winning the Tag Titles, the veteran Spoiler and spectacular young star Texas Red have seemed nearly unstoppable. Even so, Bravo and Lafleur have a fair amount of momentum going into their title opportunity, including some singles wins over the champs. The champs were clearly looking to nip this challenge in the bud, opening up with some big power moves, but the challengers were able come back and even score some near falls. The champions seemed to get full on fed up with the Revolution and Red tossed Lafleur over the top rope. Spoiler then picked up Bravo and held him in place so that Red could hit his notorious Heart Punch. Bravo wriggled loose at the last second and Red clobbered Spoiler instead. It was at that moment that Lafleur came off the top turnbuckle with a flying tackle that prevented Red from interfering as Bravo wrapped up Spoiler in a double leg cradle to get the Tag Titles for the Revolution. After the match, Red helped up Spoiler and tried to apologize, but Spoiler didn't want to hear any of it. The two were loudly arguing as they made their way to the back.

AWA World Title Match : Ted Dibiase © vs. Hulk Hogan

 The first match of the double main event was perhaps the most prestigious matches in the history of Pacific Coast Wrestling. Since losing the World Title in controversial fashion shortly before arriving in the Pacific Coast, Hulk Hogan has hungered for the chance to get back the belt. Dibiase, for his part, has ducked no challenges but for his first Pacific defense he would be facing a formidable challenge. Ted Dibiase tried to control the pace of the match, using armlocks and other submission holds to wear the Hulkster down, but Hulk kept bulling into the champ with big tackles and tossing him around with power moves. At various points , it looked like either man had taken the match, Hogan with a big boot and Dibiase with a powerslam, but both times the other man was just able to get his foot on the ropes. Hogan tried to take Dibiase out for good with an Axe Bomber, but the champion dodged out of the way and Hogan spilled out of the ring to the floor. He took a nasty spill and it took some time , but Hogan was able to pull himself back into the ring just before the count.  Dibiase started throwing down big punches, and Hogan replied in kind, and the two were still going at it when the bell rang, signaling a 30 minute time limit draw. Dibiase shook his hand after the match, but you could tell that the Hulkster was frustrated and not being able to pull out the win.

AWA Pacific Heavyweight Title Cage Match : Buddy Rose © vs. Roddy Piper

 This is it. The Big One. The one that Pacific Coast fans have been waiting for almost all year. Buddy Rose had thrown many obstacles in the path of Roddy Piper, but nothing, not Doug Somers, not Ed Wiskowski, was going to stop the Rowdy One from getting his title match. Once the cage door shut behind them, Rose tried everything to stall and back away, but Piper just charged at him and tore into him. Piper tore into the Playboy, slamming his head into the cage and busting him open. Never one to be without a failsafe, Rose was eventually able to reach into his trunks and pull out a set of brass knucks, getting his own blood out of Piper and gaining control of the match. Rose did everything he could to put down Piper, but he just couldn't keep his shoulders to the mat. He finally tried to dispatch him with the Inside Out Backbreaker, but Piper was able to block it and reverse it into a Sleeper Hold. For all that he flailed his arms , Rose was not able to make it to the ropes. He was finally able to inch to the corner and kick back with his feet, landing with all of his weight on Piper's chest, but Piper was able to roll through with it and kept the hold cinched tight. The ref dropped Rose's arm … one time … two times … THREE TIMES! Roddy Piper had finally one the Pacific Heavyweight Title! The crowd roared as the other wrestlers filled the ring and raised Piper on their shoulders, glad to finally crown a new king.

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What a great card in Phoenix! Hot Rod finally did it and dethroned the king! Long live Roddy Piper!

And man, the Vachons vs the Assassins had to be absolutely brutal!

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Awesome Show!!

I love the gang wars feeling you have going on in Pacific.

Love Larry Z getting a dose of his own medicine.

Man, Billy Jack really needs to find a more durable friend!

Thanks for making The Movement look good!

Terry Taylor showing those true colors! Liking this story a lot.

Hot Rod picks up the belt!! But Rose won't be down for long, and I'm sure he'll have bad intentions.

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This show was a perfect way to end the Summer! From top to bottom, every match delivered. 

Starrs remind everybody how ruthless they can be.

Brad and Chavo put on a masterpiece and in the end Brad retains. Good sportsmanship. 

Larry Z, Nord and Wakamatsu try everything they can to defeat Super Strong Machine but with Hogan there nothing works and Larry takes the fall. 

Guerreros have a tough time with the Royal Family and it looks like this feud has just begun. 

Slater and Borne are madmen! It might take Smothers awhile to rebound from this both physically and mentally. Billy Jack might be in serious trouble. 

The Movement ventures out West and shows the Harts why they're the world champs. 

The double chain match was insane and that finish was brutal as the Vachons put the Assassins away. 

Jake's DDT on Garvin sets the tone. Garvin fights hard and Taylor needs to resort to a lowblow to finally win the TV title. I'm interested in how the Brigade responds. 

French Revolution wins the tag titles! Is this the end of the Spoiler and Red team? 

Hogan takes Dibiase to the limit. Great match and I'm sure Dibiase will have to come back in for a rematch.

And now the BIG ONE! Awesome main event! Piper finally does it and wins the Pacific title! Great visual at the end with wrestlers celebrating Piper's title win! 

This show was well worth the wait. 

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