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March 9th, 1984

Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory, Tampa, FL

-Rocky Kernodle beat Gene Anderson

-Angelo Mosca Jr beat Ric McCord by DQ

-Don Kernodle beat Bob Dellaserra

-Mike Graham beat Kevin Sullivan (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) by DQ after interference from Mark Lewin & Abdullah the Butcher. The Brisco Brothers made the save and then challenged Lewin & Sullivan to a match tomorrow night in Miami!

10-Men Battle Royal for the AWA Florida Heavyweight Championship: Bill White wins the battle royal, with Boomer Lynch being the runner-up. Bill White is the inaugural Florida Heavyweight Champion

Falls Count Anywhere Match, Special Attraction: Ivan Putski (TNT Wrestling) defeated Mike Davis

-Greg Valentine beat Ricky Steamboat with a handful of tights. After the match, while Steamboat was trying to explain to the referee that Valentine had a handful of his tights, Valentine chop blocked Steamboat and did a number on his leg. Valentine applied the Figure Four Leglock on Steamboat until Paul Orndorff made a surprise appearance to a huge ovation to chase Steamboat. As Valentine and Orndorff were jawjacking from a distance, promoter Eddie Graham came out and announced that Orndorff would have his first match in Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling against Greg Valentine this Monday night in Orlando!

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Welcome back Edger! 

Good use of a house show to get talent established. 

Of course Sullivan would have Abdullah and Lewin as cohorts. What a monster stable! 

Bill White wins the battle royal and is crowned champ! Good seeing a vet like White get a solid push here.

Thanks for the Putski showcase. He's been down on his luck in TNT and this win might have given him his confidence back. 

Outstanding main event as Valentine gets one over on Steamboat. Watch out Greg because now you have Orndorff coming after you. 

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March 10th, 1984

Miami, FL

-The debuting Hercules Hernandez beat Boomer Lynch by countout

-Rocky Kernodle beat Rufus R. Jones

-Dory Funk Jr beat Vinnie Valentino with the Spinning Toe Hold

-Wahoo McDaniel & Dusty Rhodes beat Mark Fleming & Tommy Wright

-Angelo Mosca & Angelo Mosca Jr beat Ric McCord & Bob Dellaserra with a bearhug from Mosca Sr to McCord

-The House of Humperdink (Kevin Sullivan & "Purple Haze" Mark Lewin, w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat The Brisco Brothers after a woman jumped the barricade and threw powder in the face of Jerry Brisco as she was seemingly aiming for Mark Lewin instead. Lewin seemed to want to attack the woman with the golden spike but Jack Brisco interjected himself, only to go down to a low blow from the woman! All hell broke loose as Sullivan & Lewin bloodied the Briscos. Charlie Cook & Larry Lane tried to help them out but they were destroyed by Abdullah the Butcher and The Great Kabuki, who completely destroyed them. Kevin Sullivan took the house mic before leaving the ring and referred to the woman as "his Fallen Angel".

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March 11th, 1984

Eddie Graham Sports Stadium, Orlando, FL

-Gene Anderson beat Mark Youngblood

-Don Kent wrestles Larry Lane to a 10-minute time limit draw

-Charlie Cook beat Bob Dellaserra

-Mike Graham beat John Bonello

Falls Count Anywhere: "Purple Haze" Mark Lewin (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Masanobu Fuchi when Lewin used the Golden Spike on Fuchi

-Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Tommy Wright after interference from The Great Kabuki

-Greg Valentine beat Paul Orndorff after Valentine reverses an Orndorff attempted piledriver and sits on Orndorff, using the ropes for leverage to score the pinfall victory. Momentum is on the side of Valentine with back-to-back wins on Ricky Steamboat & Paul Orndorff!

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Fun house shows.

Fallen Angel debuts in the wild House of Humperdink stable! They're going to cause some chaos. 

Dusty and Wahoo team up for a win. I think it's only a matter of time before Dusty crosses paths with House of Humperdink. 

Valentine is on a roll of a lifetime with wins over Steamboat and Orndorff. 

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Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV #1

March 16th, 1984

Sportatorium, Tampa, FL


Bob Caudle: From the famous Sportatorium in Tampa, FL, welcome to the premiere episode of Atlantic Coast TV. I’m Bob Caudle and it’ll be a pleasure for me to accompany you every weekend for our weekly episodes, along with Tony Schiavone, who’ll join me in a few minutes. We can already say that things have started with a bang for AWA Atlantic Coast. We already have our first champion crowned as Bill White won a 10-men battle royal to capture the AWA Florida Heavyweight Championship and we will crown all of our champions in the upcoming weeks, including the AWA Atlantic Coast TV Champion, the AWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champions and of course, the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. Now, we could say that one man who’s ahead of the pack in the race of the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship is Greg Valentine. Valentine has scored two impressive wins in the last few days, one against Ricky Steamboat and the other against the returning Paul Orndorff. And it’s my pleasure to welcome one of them, Ricky Steamboat.


(Ricky Steamboat joins Bob Caudle to the desk to a nice ovation from the studio crowd.)


Bob Caudle: Ricky Steamboat, I’m sure that this isn’t how you envisioned your first official match with Atlantic Coast by losing to Greg Valentine the way you did.


Ricky Steamboat: Well, I would lie if I said that I’m not disappointed with how it turned out but that’s the way it is. But before I address this further, I’d like to wish my best friend Jay Youngblood the best of luck now that he’ll be teaming with his brother Mark. I know that he had been waiting for this opportunity to team with him for a while and I’m happy that my decision to focus on singles competition will not prevent them to pursue his goal of becoming AWA Atlantic Coast Tag Team Champion someday. And it’s with that same purpose that I want to focus on hopefully becoming the first AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. So now, that’s what I intend to do and I have to beat guys like Greg Valentine if I want to be the champion.


(Ricky Steamboat is interrupted by a studio crowd roar as Paul Orndorff makes his way to the interview booth.)


Bob Caudle: Well, I just spoke about you. Paul Orndorff, I’d like to officially welcome you to Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling.


Paul Orndorff: Thank you, sir. It’s a pleasure for me to be here. I’m always up for a challenge and I truly feel like this is where I’ll get the best challenge. Now, I just heard Ricky talking about his goals and what he wanted to accomplish in the AWA and I want to make it clear to Ricky that I have so much respect for you, man. It’s one thing for me to wrestle regularly in front of my hometown crowd in Tampa going forward but being able to do so by your side, it’s an honor.


Ricky Steamboat: Well, thank you, Paul, I really appreciate that.


Paul Orndorff: But, enough pleasantries, I think it’s time we get down to business. It’s been a wild week and you look at everything going on; you look at Greg Valentine cheating left and right to win matches; you look at Oliver Humperdink assembling himself an army of misfits for his House of Humperdink and I came to realize that if we get selfish and we try to do things our way, we have no chance, man. We gotta make sure that we stick together if we want to overcome those odds. I’m fully aware that the both of us are gunning for the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship but none of us can achieve that if we’re not in one piece. So, I’m not asking for us to be the best of friends or anything. But in this situation, we got to take care of that common threat we got and that is Greg Valentine. It’s pretty simple; I scratch your back and you scratch mine. So, what do you say?


Ricky Steamboat: Paul, I’ll tell you this; I definitely realize what we have ahead of us and we can’t even count out the possibility of outside threats from other territories in the AWA. I’d be willing to bet that down in World Class, Skandor Akbar is thinking about sending some of his guys here to take care of us. So, yeah, we got to stick together and I got your back, my friend.


(Steamboat and Orndorff shake hands and leave together. Tony Schiavone then comes from the opposite side to join Bob Caudle at the broadcast booth.)


Bob Caudle: Well, Ricky Steamboat and Paul Orndorff joining forces together is the best news we could have here on Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling, especially considering what the House of Humperdink could be up to and in the race for the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship, you need all the backup you can have. And now it’s my pleasure to officially welcome to the broadcast to call with me the action every week on ACCW TV, Tony Schiavone.


Tony Schiavone: Thank you, Bob, this is a true pleasure for me to be here with you and I’m looking forward to bring our viewers at home some exciting wrestling every week. And like you said, with guys like Greg Valentine, Paul Orndorff and Ricky Steamboat in the hunt for the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight title as well as Dusty Rhodes and Wahoo, I mean….anyone could win it. And that’s the beauty of what we have here in the AWA Atlantic Coast.


Bob Caudle: Our first match to kick us off will see a member of the House of Humperdink in action as The Missing Link will take center stage.


Match #1

The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) squashed River Courtenay with the Figure Four Leglock


(After the match, Humperdink and The Missing Link are going to the broadcast booth for a short promo.)


Bob Caudle: Sir Oliver Humperdink, you’re building yourself quite a dangerous stable, lead by Kevin Sullivan. It’s bad enough that you added Mark Lewin, The Great Kabuki and Abdullah the Butcher to your stable, now, you’ve got this man, The Missing Link as well.


Sir Oliver Humperdink: Well, how ironic that The Missing Link exactly was what was missing for my House of Humperdink to wreak havoc in Atlantic Coast. Eddie Graham thinks he can hold us down but you can’t stop what you don’t understand. Things aren’t as simple as they seem, Mr. Caudle and Mr. Schiavone. Our mission is one of such simplicity: make everyone’s heroes’ lives a living hell and shape this territory to our image. The House of Humperdink will soon become…the Territory of Humperdink. And it is with men like the Link, Abdullah, Kabuki, the Purple Haze and Kevin Sullivan that we will accomplish this. The clock is already ticking….Can you hear it? HAHAHAHA!


(Link grabs his trademark hair and started banging his head on the backboard behind the booth before leaving with Humperdink)


Tony Schiavone: I tell you what, Bob, as much as the House of Humperdink has dangerous members, no one is more unpredictable than this guy right there, The Missing Link.

Bob Caudle: Like if it wasn’t scary enough to have all those names you just named, now you’ve got the Missing Link in there, who’s an absolute loose cannon, I mean, who could really stop them?


Tony Schiavone: Indeed, and let’s not forget that mysterious woman who threw powder in the face of Jack Brisco on Monday night and seemingly is now in the corner of the House of Humperdink as well. We still don’t know the deal with her, who she is, and what’s the relationship between her and Humperdink.


Bob Caudle: I guess we’ll see in due time but when we come back, we’ve got Angelo Mosca in action against Rufus R. Jones!


***commercial break***


Match #2

Angelo Mosca (w/Angelo Mosca Jr) beat Rufus R. Jones in 19:37 with a sleeperhold


***commercial break***



Match #3

Dusty Rhodes beat Mark Youngblood in 14:11


(After the match, Dusty shakes hands with Mark Youngblood and then joins Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone at the booth to close the show.)


Tony Schiavone: Dusty Rhodes, back to your old stomping grounds here in Florida and the question that everyone is asking themselves; will you throw your name in the race to become Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion?


Dusty Rhodes: Tony Schiavone, Bob Caudle, so many questions, and yet soooo little time to answer them all. Ya see, The American Dream, of course, came back to become the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion but ultimately, the Dream looks at everyone else in the AWA and the endgoal for Dusty Rhodes is to become the AWA World Heavyweight Champion and beat Jerry Lawlah, daddeh. But this is for another time. I listened earlier to Paul Orndorff and Ricky Steamboat and they said somethin’ that rang very true to the American Dream and that’s that we have to stick togetah and watch our back because when you have some bad, bad men like Abdullah the Butcher and the Great Kabuki and Kevin Sullivan, you never know how low they’ll wanna go to get what they want. But just like Paul and Ricky did earlier, Dusty Rhodes didn’t come alone, Dusty brought Wahoo McDaniel with him to watch his back, some kinda insurance policy, if you weeeeeeeeeeellll. Now, I know that everyone is looking at the roll than Greg Valentine is in lately but if you’re listening to this, Valentine, lemme tell you this, daddeh; as good as you are, as impressive as you are, your road to the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship has to go through the American Dream. And I’ll admit myself that my road for the same title goes through you as well. We’re on a collision course and someday, soon, only one man in Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling will have the right and privilege to be called the AWA Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. The American Dream doesn’t know if he’ll be the man to do it but I can promise every fan here at the Sportatorium, every one watching on television and everyone who’ll come see us in action every week that Dusty Rhodes will do everything he can to make that happen. Love you all!


(Dusty leaves to a huge ovation from the studio crowd.)


Bob Caudle: We’re out of time, fans, see you next week!


Next week in action on Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV:


-The House of Humperdink

-The Kernodles

-The Brisco Brothers


And more!

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Great Show Man!

Loving the Steamboat/Orndorff alliance, especially the lingering threat of Orndorff not wanting to be "best friends" certainly possible to come into play in the future!

I'll do my best to stop Devastation Inc. from coming after them!!

Also really like how between those two and Dusty, you have made Valentine the biggest single threat in the promotion and he didn't have to show his face on television. Good Stuff.

The House of Humperdink is being set up perfectly to be the biggest angle in the fed, while not necessarily dominating everything (like an nWo) but just a constant background threat, because you never know what they are going do, or when they are gonna do it.

Lastly, great work on Caudle and Schiavone. I've watched a ton of both, and I was easily able to read this and hear their voices as I was doing so and nothing sounded out of character for them or took me out of that voice. Awesome stuff.

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Great show!  Love your roster as we have some really big names in search of the Atlantic HW title!  

Humperdink with Sullivan vs Rhodes is classic. 

Steamboat.... Orndorff... Valentine.... So many options here.

Great interview segments which really made the show for me.


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Great TV and as mentioned you really have the voices of Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone down.

Great promo to form the uneasy alliance between Steamboat and Orndorff!

So many top names to go after the Atlantic Coast title but Valentine has to be the favorite at this point but you can never overlook the Dream, I feel like it's going to be a fun ride to get there.

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Great way to start things off on TV.

I agree, you made Valentine the biggest threat in Florida and he didn't even have to show his face. With Orndorff, Steamboat and Dusty all calling him out, that shows how big Valentine is here. 

Orndorff and Steamboat should make quite an alliance.

Then you have Dusty and Wahoo! 

The faces have united at the perfect time because the House of Humperdink is looking to take over.

Intriguing baby face matches as Mark gives Dusty a match but the Dream prevails. Mosca also gets a big with over Rufus. 

I have no doubt that we're all going to be for some big surprises here on Atlantic Coast Wrestling! 

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March 16th, 1984

Fort Homer W. Hestorly Armory, Tampa, FL

-The Purple Haze (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink & Kevin Sullivan) beat Larry Lane after interference from Fallen Angel, who hit Lane with the heel of her shoe on the forehead

-The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Roger Smith (from Southeastern) with a falling headbutt

-The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Steve DiBlasio with the Oriental Spike

-Angelo Mosca beat Don Kent with the bearhug

-Johnny Weaver beat Phil Lafleur (from AWA Pacific) with the Weaver Lock

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March 17th, 1984

Miami, FL

-Angelo Mosca beat Denny Brown after interference from Angelo Mosca Jr. After the match, as the Moscas were celebrating, The Great Kabuki spit the Green Mist at Angelo Mosca Sr's face! Junior challenged Kabuki to a match in the main event!

-Phil Lafleur (AWA Pacific) beat Steve Diblasio

-Dusty Rhodes beat Bob Dellaserra after interference from Wahoo McDaniel, who prevented Dellaserra to use a chair on Dusty, after being dominated by the American Dream

-Gene Anderson beat Mark Fleming

-Masanobu Fuchi beat Ric McCord

-The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Angelo Mosca Jr

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Kabuki with a nice night here.  That is the good thing about these House shows... you can really find ways to bring some heat on someone with multi jobs on the same show.  I was unsure if the Mosca's were babyfaces as Sr. won by interference by Jr,

I think Dellaserra might need more than a chair to beat Dusty in Florida... he is so over in that state!

Enjoying these House shows!


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