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10 minutes ago, kevinmcfl said:

Kabuki with a nice night here.  That is the good thing about these House shows... you can really find ways to bring some heat on someone with multi jobs on the same show.  I was unsure if the Mosca's were babyfaces as Sr. won by interference by Jr,

I think Dellaserra might need more than a chair to beat Dusty in Florida... he is so over in that state!

Enjoying these House shows!


Especially with Mosca SR. match against Rufus R. Jones on the 16th.

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3 hours ago, kevinmcfl said:

Kabuki with a nice night here.  That is the good thing about these House shows... you can really find ways to bring some heat on someone with multi jobs on the same show.  I was unsure if the Mosca's were babyfaces as Sr. won by interference by Jr,

I think Dellaserra might need more than a chair to beat Dusty in Florida... he is so over in that state!

Enjoying these House shows!


Just trying some things with the house shows, see what sticks and what doesn't. Feedback helps me figure it out and I can make the necessary corrections going forward ;)

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March 18th, 1984

Lakeland, FL

-Mike Graham beat Don Kent

Submission Match: The Moscas beat Hercules Hernandez & Denny Brown after Hercules walked away from Denny Brown in mid-match!

Falls Count Anywhere: Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink, Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel) beat Boomer Lynch after using his trademark fork. There were multiple interferences in the match and the likes of Johnny Weaver, Denny Brown & Steve Diblasio tried to interfere but they were constantly cut off by Kevin Sullivan. After the match, Eddie Graham came out and announced to the crowd that he's gonna deal with the House of Humperdink in a drastic way and fans will have to tune in on TV this weekend to find out how!

-Rufus Jones & Mike Davis beat Johnny Weaver & Steve Diblasio

-Jay & Mark Youngblood beat Roger Smith (from Southeastern) & AWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Bill White after Jay pinned White with the diving cross body.

-Dory Funk Jr beat Barry Horowitz with the Spinning Toe Hold

-Wahoo McDaniel beat Rocky Kernodle with the Tomahawk Chop

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Great card here, good win for the Moscas and the Youngbloods.

I believe Don Bass was booked in Birmingham on this night but maybe someone else was under the "Fire" mask while Bass worked Florida.

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Gaaah, what an idiot. I meant Don Kent, not Don Bass LOL

Thanks Gene, I'll fix it. I knew something was a bit off

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Moscas get the win as Hercules leaves his partner mid match. I think Hercules could have a solid heel run here.

Oh man cant wait to see what Eddie has in store for House of Humperdink. 

Youngbloods get a big win as Jay pins the Florida champ. Jay might have earned himself a title shot. 

Good seeing the tough vets Dory and Wahoo winning in Florida proving they still have a lot of fight left. 

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Great mix of talent here.  House of Humperdink running wild in Florida is always fun.  Mike Graham might just need a little Dusty help here!  No matter what role he was in, I always enjoyed Hercules Hernandez.  

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Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV #2

March 23rd, 1984

Sportatorium, Tampa, FL


Bob Caudle: Hello wrestling fans, I’m Bob Caudle and I’m joined by Tony Schiavone and welcome to Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV. If our first episode is any indication, we’re in for quite another ride this week, Tony, and the battle lines are being drawn for our various titles to be determined very soon.


Tony Schiavone: And by the looks of things, it seems that one Greg Valentine is the man to beat as he’s already been on a roll in our recent live events. When 2 men like Ricky Steamboat and Paul Orndorff agree to join forces together to watch their backs, that’s a pretty good indication of how much of a force Greg Valentine is viewed. He has to be considered the favorite to become our Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion down the road.


Bob Caudle: And we certainly can’t forget what the House of Humperdink has done so far. They’ve been piling up new members left and right as Kevin Sullivan & Sir Oliver Humperdink have recruited the likes of Abdullah the Butcher, The Great Kabuki and The Missing Link to join their cause. Who will stop them?


Tony Schiavone: Well, when you’ve got people like Dusty Rhodes and Wahoo McDaniel on the roster, you can be confident that they’ll be able to at least slow them down. We’ll see in due time but we’re about to have some action inside the ring so let’s get to it.


(We see Don Kernodle walk out of the locker room and get inside the ring when out of nowhere, Kevin Sullivan & Sir Oliver Humperdink get in the ring and Sullivan attack Don Kernodle! Sullivan pummels Don while Humperdink also puts the boots to him. All of a sudden, Rocky Kernodle runs in to make the save and to chase off Sullivan and Humperdink, who slowly roll out of the ring, with a big smile on their face. Rocky checks on his brother and then goes to the broadcast booth.)


Rocky Kernodle: If Kevin Sullivan and his band of merry misfits wanted a piece of the Kernodles, all they had to do was ask instead of jumping my brother Don. I’m here, he’s here, we’re both ready. Eddie Graham, I’m begging you, please make the match happen!


(And right on cue, here comes Eddie Graham, as Kevin Sullivan & Oliver Humperdink watch the whole scene, amused.)


Tony Schiavone: Alright, Eddie Graham, you heard what Rocky Kernodle asked, what are you gonna do about this?


Eddie Graham: Well, Tony, I’m not the kind of man who likes to be told how to run his territory but I can assure you that I wasn’t gonna let Humperdink pull the kind of stunt he did last week. So I tell you what, Rocky, later today you’re getting what you want; you and your brother Don vs the House of Humperdink.


(The crowd cheers and Sullivan & Humperdink seem more amused by what Graham just said.)

Eddie: Humperdink, I suggest you wipe that smirk off your face because I got news for you; I said that the House of Humperdink would be competing in that main event this week but the one thing I was about to mention is that you’re not gonna choose who will compete  in that match; I do. And as I assume that Kevin Sullivan would’ve been one of those men, unfortunately for you, Sullivan, you’re not gonna be teaming up with the Purple Haze or Abdullah the Butcher or Kabuki or Missing Link. No, Kevin Sullivan, your tag team partner will be…..SIR OLIVER HUMPERDINK!


(The crowd roars as Humperdink is absolutely apopleptic while Sullivan yells at Graham that he can’t do this. Meanwhile, the Kernodle Brothers are having a blast themselves…)


Eddie Graham: Let’s see now who’ll get the last laugh.


(Graham leaves, followed by the Kernodles. Kevin Sullivan tries to reassure Humperdink that everything will be fine and that he has a plan.)


Bob Caudle: Well, Eddie Graham promised he wouldn’t let the House of Humperdink run roughshod in Atlantic Coast and he’s keeping his word. Because now Sir Oliver Humperdink will have to suffer the consequences of constantly getting involved early.


Tony Schiavone: And I’m pretty sure that the Kernodles will not be the ones enjoying because there’s a whole bunch of wrestlers in the back that will certainly watch with glee Humperdink being destroyed.


Bob Caudle: That’s a bit later on today but for now, let’s go to our first match of the show.


Match #1

6-Men Elimination Tag Match

The Brisco Brothers & Boomer Lynch beat John Bonello, Crawford Cole & Chip Bond in 20:18.


Order of elimination:


-Chip Bond by Boomer Lynch

-Crawford Cole by Jerry Brisco

-John Bonello by Jack Brisco



Match #2

Charlie Cook beat Murray Armstrong in 10:58



Match #3

The House of Humperdink (Sir Oliver Humperdink & Kevin Sullivan, w/Fallen Angel) beat The Kernodle Brothers in 18:41 when Rocky Kernodle turns against his brother Don Kernodle. Rocky even pushed the audacity of dragging Humperdink on his brother Don for him to score the pinfall. After the match, Rocky walks out, giving no explanation, under the puzzled yet gleeful eye of Kevin Sullivan. Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone try to get a word out of Rocky but to no avail. However, Kevin Sullivan gets some time to talk…


Bob Caudle: Kevin Sullivan, don’t try to tell me, Tony or everyone in the Sportatorium that you didn’t have anything to do with what we’ve just seen!


Kevin Sullivan: Bob Cawdle, it is the honest truth. I didn’t have anything to do with what Rocky Kernodle did, neither did Sir Oliver Humperdink. You know, Bob, the devil has many, many ways to get someone to sell their soul to him. And sometimes, it takes creative ways to make that happen. As the Devil is my witness, I swear again, I have nothing to do with this.


Tony Schiavone: Well – (Tony is interrupted by an angry Eddie Graham making his way to the broadcast booth.) Kevin Sullivan, I think you’re gonna have to try to convince Eddie Graham about this because I don’t think he believes you.


Eddie Graham: You damn right, Tony, I don’t believe a single word coming out of your mouth, Kevin Sullivan. I don’t know who got to Rocky Kernodle in the past hour but I can assure you that I’ll deal with that later. But as for you, you’re not giving me any other choice but to take drastic measures. So, tomorrow night, in Miami, the House of Humperdink will be competing in a 2-on-3 Handicap Match. And you’re gonna be the handicapped, Kevin Sullivan. I don’t care who you choose as your partner but trust me, you’re gonna need to pick the right one.


Kevin Sullivan: Do you think you intimidate me, Eddie Graham? You can bring in anyone from anywhere, we absolutely don’t care because they’ll all meet the untimely end that every hero crossing our paths will meet. Give us your worst, Eddie. I’m begging you!


Eddie Graham: Oh, I’m gonna give you my worst, alright. I’m gonna go outside Atlantic Coast as a matter of fact. But not that far. I just placed a call to a few people in Badstreet, USA. And guess what….your opponents tomorrow night in Miami will be the FABULOUS FREEBIRDS. ALL 3 OF THEM.


(Kevin Sullivan is incensed as Eddie Graham leaves with a satisfied look on his face. Humperdink, who barely had time to get back on his feet, pretty much collapses again when he hears the news of the Fabulous Freebirds coming to face them tomorrow night in Miami.)




Bob Caudle: Hope you can join us tomorrow night in Miami, until then, we’re gonna see you next week!


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March 23rd, 1984

Fort Homer W. Hesterly Armory, Tampa, FL

-Jerry Brisco beat Rufus Jones by countout

-Angelo Mosca beat Johnny Weaver with a bearhug

-Dory Funk Jr beat Boomer Lynch with the Spinning Toe Hold

-Don Kernodle beat Kevin Sullivan (w/Fallen Angel) by DQ after interference from Rocky Kernodle, who picked up where he left off on his brother  Don this morning on TV!

-The House of Humperdink (The Great Kabuki & Purple Haze, w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Ric McCord & AWA Florida Heavyweight Champion Bill White after Kabuki pinned White, after using the Green Mist

-Hercules Hernandez beat Denny Brown

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March 24th, 1984

Miami, FL

-The Great Kabuki (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Dory Funk Jr

-Bob Dellaserra vs Charlie Cook  goes to a no-contest after Abdullah the Butcher came out and destroyed both men.

-Vinnie Valentino scores an upset win over Don Kernodle, still visibly affected by the beatdown from his own brother Rocky Kernodle

-Paul Orndorff (w/Wahoo McDaniel) fight Angelo Mosca (w/Angelo Mosca Jr) to a double DQ after both men's seconds, Wahoo & Angelo Jr, got involved. During the melee, Greg Valentine ran in and attacked Orndorff with a chair but retreated before either Orndorff and Wahoo get their hands on him.

-Up next, Tony Schiavone invites at ringside promoter Eddie Graham, who carries a belt with him. Eddie Graham officially introduces the AWA Atlantic Coast TV Championship that will be awarded in a one-night tournament one week from tonight, where 14 men will compete to crown the first champion. Eddie Graham announces as well that he had extended an open invitation to anyone in the AWA for a slot in the tournament on a first come, first-served basis. Graham says that this invitation was answered by Bobby Heenan, on behalf of his client Rick Rude and he'll be part of the tournament. Graham is interrupted by Rocky Kernodle, who enters the ring. Rocky demands to Eddie who he'll face in the tournament.  Graham answers that because of what went down yesterday on TV, both he and his brother Don have been taken out of the tournament - Don by precautionary measure until more is known about his physical condition and Rocky, for his actions, turning on Don. Rocky then threatens Eddie Graham until Dusty Rhodes charges the ring and steps in front of Eddie Graham, to face Rocky Kernodle. Dusty chastises Rocky for turning on his own blood. Dusty says while the House of Humperdink claim they had nothing to do with this, it is irrelevant for him because someone got into his head and he's gonna make him regret it. Rocky says Dusty shouldn't worry about who got to him but rather on winning the tournament. Rocky says Dusty has the biggest target on his back in the tournament and a lot of people want him to fail. Rocky is gonna make his mission to ensure that "the chosen one" doesn't win the TV Championship next week...Rocky leaves to big boos while Eddie tries to calm down Dusty. Before leaving, Eddie announces the brackets for the tournament:

Jay Youngblood vs Ric McCord

Angelo Mosca vs Dusty Rhodes

Dory Funk Jr vs Gerry Brisco

The Missing Link vs Tommy Wright

Larry Lane vs Rick Rude (AWA All-Star, w/Bobby Heenan)

The Great Kabuki vs Mike Graham

Barry Horowitz vs Vinnie Valentino

3-on-2 Handicap Match: The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael PS Hayes, Buddy Jack Roberts & Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy) beat Kevin Sullivan & Purple Haze (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink & Fallen Angel). After the match, Abdullah the Butcher entered the ring and attacked Gordy with his trademark fork. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts tried to help but The Great Kabuki entered the ring and blinded both Hayes & Roberts with the Green Mist. Sullivan & Purple Haze continue the carnage as Abdullah is literally trying to carve Gordy with the fork, until finally a slew of wrestlers and police officers charge the ring to put an end to the slaughter as Humperdink call back his troops. Terry Gordy is bleeding like a stuck pig, and so are his Freebird brothers. The stretcher is called to get Gordy out of there.


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Following the disgraceful events from March 24th in Miami, Eddie Graham felt something needed to be done to settle some scores between the House of Humperdink and The Fabulous Freebirds. Therefore, when Graham called Bill Watts to apologize to him for the House's actions, Bill Watts came up with one solution; a joint show that would allow the Freebirds to get their revenge on the House of Humperdink.  Eddie Graham accepted Bill Watts' proposal and the event will take place on Thursday March 28th, from Lakeland, FL. It's already confirmed that the double main event will feature both the House of Humperdink and the Fabulous Freebirds. The feature bout will pit Abdullah the Butcher and Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy in a No Holds Barred Match, while Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts will take on The Great Kabuki & Purple Haze in a Badstreet Street Fight. Here's the full card , co-promoted by Bill Watts & Eddie Graham:




Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy



The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts) vs The House of Humperdink (The Great Kabuki & Purple Haze, w/Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel)

Jack Brisco vs Ricky Steamboat

Wahoo McDaniel vs "Dr. D" David Schultz

Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA vs The Russians (Krusher Darsow & Boris Zhukov)

Greg Valentine vs Eddie Hogan

The Von Erichs vs The Youngbloods

The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs Brian Blair

Johnny Mantell vs Phil Lafleur (AWA Pacific)

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Well God Damn! Some shit just went down in Atlantic Coast!!!

Firstly, nice win by Charlie Cook, a guy who could certainly achieve more than his card position allows.

Then we get the Kernodle's and The House going at it, Oliver forced into the ring, then Rocky turning on his brother!! Then you drop the Freebirds bombshell!! That is how you do some compelling television and get some fans in the arena!!

More domination by the HoH on the first spot show after TV..

Then we get to the big show and right off the bat, you got Kabuki picking up the huge win against Dory Funk!! Then Abby takes out two guys, you know, cause he can...

Valentine who has been quiet since his early domination shows up and whacks Orndorff with a chair, just cause we don't need anyone forgetting who the man is around these parts.

Then we get TV Title announcement, we get a stacked little tournament coming up, and we get Dusty dropping the wisdom on Rocky, if you weel.....

Then The Birds and the House go at it, and while the Birds won the match, the House definitely won the battle. Sounds like Abby made a mess of Bamm Bamm.

So of course when Eddie Graham and Bill Watts have to figure out what to do about it, they decide to let them beat the shit out of each other some more so that they can make some money off of it!!


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Wow, just when it looked like Eddie Graham was going to regain some control the House of Humperdink throws them a curve ball with the turn of Rocky Kernodle!  Great stuff!!

Graham still manages to drop a bomb on them by announcing a handicap match with the Freebirds.....surely Sullivan can't convince a Freebird to turn on his brothers but stranger things have happened.

Really fun show!

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I started typing this at work and got interupted...by the time I finished and posted it...two more shows were there! Really stuff....I'll read them and comment more later!

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Atlantic Coast is on fire!  Love the House of Humperdink as we never know what is next.  Sullivan was great at bringing in the HEAT.  He was awesome on TV with his gimmick but was also always willing to do the job on the house shows.  Freebirds are really fun and will bring the house down in ACCW.  Can't wait to see what is next.  You are making some big names out of your midcarders and Rocky Kernodle really has my attention.

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Oh Snap! Rocky Kernodle and House of Humperdink are causing all sorts of chaos! Didn't see that turn coming. Eddie Graham is all over Humperdink and brings in the Freebirds! More chaos as we now get a joint card. Freebirds and House of Humperdink will bring in some serious money. 

I knew sooner or later Dusty would get involved with Humperdink. That's the kind of feud you can get a lot of miles out of. 

The brackets are set for a big TV title tournament. Bobby Heenan is even bringing in Rude. 

That joint card looks stacked! 

Love all the craziness going on here. 

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March 28th, 1984

Lakeland, FL


1     1) Phil Lafleur vs Johnny Mantell


To open this show, Phil Lafleur from AWA Pacific was invited to take part in a match against Johnny Mantell from World Class, usually a tag team specialist with Scott Casey. Still, Mantell certainly didn’t find himself too much at loss in the singles environment. Mantell brings in the hard hitting offense and that’s how he gets control early. However, Phil Lafleur’s speed and technique brings him back into the match. Unfortunately for both men, the match had a 10-minute time limit and Lafleur’s comeback came too late for him to secure the victory. Both men shook hands afterwards.


Winner: Time Limit Draw


T    2) The Missing Link (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) vs Brian Blair

Brian Blair seems definitely overmatched from the start and as hard as he tries, it’s hard to take Link off his feet. Blair with a series of dropkicks on Link that staggers Link and he follows up with a clothesline sending Link over the top rope. However, Link landed on his feet and dragged Blair outside the ring. Unfortunately for Blair, this is where the worse starts for him as The Missing Link destroys him by whipping him in the barricades left and right. Once back in the ring, Link hits a series of body slams and suplexes on Blair before finally showing “mercy” on Blair by hitting a stiff piledriver that makes him score the pinfall victory at around 7 minutes.

Winner: The Missing Link


3) Kerry Von Erich/Kevin Von Erich vs Jay Youngblood/Mark Youngblood

This one began with both sets of brothers shaking hands in the center of the ring much to the delight of the crowd. What followed was nearly twenty five minutes of fast paced action that saw both teams trade the advantage several times. Early on Kevin and Mark exchanged a series of duck downs and leap frogs that ended with both going for a dropkick and neither connecting. At around the ten minute mark, Kerry went for his Discus Punch, but Jay was able to duck under it and blast him with a huge Tomahawk Chop that got a two count. Just after the seventeen minute mark, Kevin captured Jay in the Iron Claw, but they were close to the ropes and Youngblood was able to drape his foot over the bottom rope and get the break. The end finally came when Mark whipped Kerry into the ropes, and Kevin reached out and tagged his brother without Mark seeing it. Kerry ducked the clothesline that Mark threw at him, and caught him with a huge Discus Punch on the rebound. Mark spun around like a top, and Kevin was already balanced on the top rope and sailed off with a huge Flying Crossbody which got the 1,2,3.

Winners: Kerry and Kevin Von Erich

4) Eddie Hogan vs Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

Hogan started off quick trying to make this one a sprint, but Valentine did what Valentine does and cut him off at every turn and slowed the pace. Hogan continued to battle back and try to gain momentum against "The Hammer" but each time Greg would get hold of the leg and go back to work, each time slowing Hogan down a little more and each time doing a little more damage to the appendage. The match continued like this, and right around the twelve minute mark, Eddie Hogan who was badly limping at this point looked like he needed a miracle and he got one. Valentine charged at him with with a forearm smash, but Hogan was able to duck and when Valentine came back at him, Hogan leapt up and nailed him with the High Knee and it sent Valentine crashing to the canvas. However, it also sent Hogan to the canvas clutching his already injured leg. Eddie mustered up the fortitude and ignored the pain and crawled over to cover "The Hammer" but Valentine kicked out at two. Both men got back to their feet, and Hogan began firing punches at Valentine, but Greg simply fired a kick into the leg of Hogan and he crumbled to the mat. Valentine stomped down on the leg a few times and then hooked on the Figure Four, and that was all she wrote.

Winner: Greg "The Hammer" Valentine

5) Dusty Rhodes/Magnum TA vs The Russians (Krusher Darsow/Boris Zhukov)

As soon as the bell rang The Russians did the Pearl Harbor job attacking both Dusty and Magnum. Darsow quickly tossed Magnum to the floor, and the two of them laid the boots to Rhodes until the referee managed to get Zhukov out of the ring. Darsow pounded Dusty from pillar to post, then tagged in Zhukov who took over the beating. The Russians played it smart and kept Rhodes in their corner and made frequent tags, and continually baited Magnum to get involved every time Rhodes started to make a comeback so that they could cheat as the referee got Magnum back out of the ring. Finally the tide turned when Dusty ducked a Darsow clothesline and blasted him with a Bionic Elbow. Zhukov hit the ring and tried to stop Rhodes from making the tag but he ate a Bionic Elbow as well, then Rhodes leapt forward and tagged in Magnum TA! Magnum came in fists flying, blasting Darsow, blasting Zhukov. Zhukov was whipped into the ropes and Magnum snatched him into the Belly to Belly Suplex! Darsow went to grab Magnum as he started to cover Zhukov, but he was spun around by Dusty and nailed with a series of Bionic Elbows as the referee counted the three on Zhukov.

Winners: Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA


6) Wahoo McDaniel vs "Dr. D" David Schultz

As the ring announcer goes to make introductions, Schultz grabs the microphone and addresses both the crowd and his opponent.

"You know something, I came to Florida tonight looking for a fight! You hear me? I came all the way here to this hot, miserable, over populated swamp..looking for a fight!! But instead of putting me in this ring with someone worth fighting, I get here and what to do I see standing across the ring from me? I see Wahoo MacDaniel, an old broke down Injun who looks like he's been drinking that fire water again!!"

Wahoo is visibly angry, but the referee is holding him back since the bell hasn't rung yet.

"But I have to tell you, for just a second there I thought I was in for the fight of my life! For just a second, when that curtain parted and you started coming down that aisle way baby, I thought I was in for a whole world of hurt! For just a split second, when I was standing here in this ring, and you were way down at the end of that aisle, I thought you were one of the toughest people on this planet! Cause you know something Wahoo.... from a distance you kinda look like a fat, old, Italian woman with feathers in her hair!!"

Wahoo charges past the referee and blasts Schultz with a punch and this one is on!

This one started ugly, as Wahoo busted Dr. D in the mouth with a punch, and Schultz fired back with one of his own. From there the war was on as both men exchanged punches in the center of the ring with neither gaining the upper hand, until Wahoo blistered Schultz with a huge chop that sent him reeling. When Wahoo closed in, Dr. D reached up and gouged his eyes then knee'd him hard in the mid-section. Schultz then grabbed McDaniel by the hair and tossed him out of the ring. The referee came over and tried to stop Schultz from exiting the ring, and while Schultz was arguing with the ref, Wahoo grabbed him by the leg and pulled his legs out from under him! Wahoo quickly pulled Schultz to the floor and blistered him with another chop, but Schultz fired back with a fist to the face, and the brawl was on again. The two of them crashed into the timekeepers table set up at ringside, and Wahoo whipped Schultz over it, upsetting the table in the process. Schultz came off the floor and tossed the bell at Wahoo who thankfully ducked and the bell loudly clanked off the ringpost. It was at this point that the referee signaled that he was throwing the match out, but both the timekeeper and the ring announcer had fled from the area. Schultz and Wahoo continued to brawl into the aisle, smashing each other into guard rails, and eventually disappeared behind the curtain still exchanging blows.

Winner: Double Disqualification

7) Jack Brisco vs Ricky Steamboat

Perhaps the most anticipated match from the Atlantic Coast side of things as a former NWA World Champion squared off against one of the top contenders for the uncrowned Atlantic Coast championship. During nearly 20 minutes, Brisco & Steamboat embarked in a masterpiece of technical wrestling that wowed the Lakeland faithful in attendance. Brisco got all the tricks in the books during the match, including a well-placed thumb in the eye, right before one of Steamboat’s trademark arm drag at the 8th minute. After sending Steamboat shoulder first in the corner, Brisco spent the next 5 minutes or so  working on Steamboat’s upper body in hopes to stagger him long enough to prevent him from using aerial tactics to finish him off. However, it’s an uncharacteristic move from Brisco that will prove to be his demise; perhaps getting cocky, Brisco climbed on the top rope to attempt a double axhandle but all he could find was Steamboat’s foot to the jaw. That triggered Steamboat’s comeback and in a desperate attempt, Jack’s brother, Jerry ran in and tried to trip Steamboat from the top rope but a well-placed boot to Jerry’s head neutralized him. Steamboat then hit the flying crossbody and scored the win over Jack.

Winner: Ricky Steamboat.

8) Badstreet Street Fight; The House of Humperdink (Purple Haze & The Great Kabuki) vs The Fabulous Freebirds (Michael PS Hayes & Buddy Jack Roberts)

The House of Humperdink didn’t have time to make their way to the ring that Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, dressed in t-shirt and jeans and cowboy boots, attacked Purple Haze & Kabuki almost as soon as they came out of the locker room. Sir Oliver Humperdink was put out of commission early as Michael Hayes clocked him with a stiff chair to the head and Humperdink was carried away by officials. One of the most sadistic part of the matches actually came from Buddy Jack Roberts, who pulled off a bullrope from under the ring and literally hung Purple Haze, leaving him dangling until The Great Kabuki used his Green Mist to blind Roberts, allowing Haze to get free. However, that same Green Mist will come back to haunt the House of Humperdink as Kabuki accidentally mists Purple Haze while aiming for Michael Hayes. Buddy Roberts got rid of Kabuki and this gave Hayes enough time to DDT Purple Haze and score a huge pinfall victory for the Freebirds, much to the fans’ delight at the 18-minute mark.

Winners: The Fabulous Freebirds


9) No Holds Barred, Abdullah the Butcher (w/Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel) vs Terry Gordy

Just like the preceding match, Terry Gordy (who had arrived first) doesn’t wait for Abdullah to get to the ring and jumps on him right in the entrance way. Surprisingly enough, Kevin Sullivan & Fallen Angel take a back seat for the most part of the match. As soon as it gets in the ring, it doesn’t take too long for both Abby and Gordy to transform this match in a bloodbath. Of course, the always resourceful Abdullah used his trademark fork to carve Gordy’s forehead but Gordy also had a weapon coming in handy; some good ol’ fashioned brass knuckles! Gordy was able to pummel Abby long enough to draw blood and the blue ring mat gets covered in red in a hurry! It looks like Gordy will get the upper hand but a badly timed elbow clocks the referee and we find ourselves without an official! That’s the moment that Fallen Angel chooses to get involved. At least try to because Michael Hayes runs straight from the back and grabs Fallen Angel over his shoulder and carries her backstage! During all the commotion, Kevin Sullivan throws his Golden Spike in the ring to Abdullah the Butcher and as soon as Gordy turns around, Abby plants him in the forehead with it! Abby tosses the weapon of the crime to Sullivan and the referee recovers just in time to count the pinfall for Abdullah at the 12-minute mark. It definitely looks like it’s far from being over between the House of Humperdink and the Fabulous Freebirds as we might need a rubber match to settle this!

Winner: Abdullah the Butcher

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Edger, you are the master of these joint shows. 

LaFleur and Mantell go to a classic opening 10 minute draw. 

Blair does his best but Link was just to much. Link is on a roll.

Fun and clean brothers tag match as the Von Erichs continue their winning ways. 

Valentine goes over but Hogan looks strong. 

Feel good win as America's Team puts down the nasty Russians. 

Man, Shultz has got to be one of the top heels in the entire AWA. This man is a heat magnet. Him and Wahoo have an all out war and it looks like we're going to get more.

Classis match between Steamboat and Jack Brisco. Jerry tries to stack the odds but Steamboat prevails as he moves further up the ranks.

Of course the Freebirds have to go over in a Bad Street Fight. Loving this feud between the Birds and House of Humperdink.

That segues into the wild main event. Nobody is more dangerous with a foreign object than Abdullah. Gordy found that out tonight. Looking forward to the rubber match. 

Really liked this card as the territories in the AWA continue to work magic together. 

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Wow HUGE joint show here!! What a great win for Steamboat over former NWA World Champion Jack Brisco

Love the feud going on between the House of Humperdink and the Freebirds! Both sides scoring big victories here in seperate matches....seems to be far from over!

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Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV #3

March 30th, 1984

Sportatorium, Tampa, FL


(The show opens with the highlights of what went down in Lakeland, FL for the ACCW/World Class joint show with the finish of the Abdullah the Butcher vs Terry Gordy, complete with the interference from Michael Hayes preventing Fallen Angel from getting involved and taking her to the back. After the opening credits, we go to Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone.)


Bob Caudle: Hello wrestling fans and welcome to Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling. We were promised some fireworks for this special event with Atlantic Coast and World Class and we exactly got that. However, Tony, I don’t think we have settled anything between the House of Humperdink and the Fabulous Freebirds.


Tony Schiavone: No, we didn’t, Bob. Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts scored a big win over Purple Haze & The Great Kabuki but Abdullah the Butcher and Terry Gordy got into a bloody brawl that Abdullah won, thanks to that infamous Golden Spike and we definitely didn’t settle anything. We might be in for a rematch down the line. But until then, we shift our focus on this weekend, including the tournament to crown the Atlantic Coast TV Champion tomorrow night.


Bob Caudle: And not only that, we’ll have momentarily an announcement in regards to the crowning of our first Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion and it’s gonna get people talking for sure. But first, we’re ready for action so let’s get to it.


Match #1

Angelo Mosca beat Jonathon Shaw in 10:34 with the bearhug.


After the match, Angelo Mosca joins Bob Caudle and Tony Schiavone to the broadcast booth.


Bob Caudle: Angelo, congratulations on this victory as you build momentum for the TV title tournament in which you’ll take part. And your first round opponent might be the favorite in the tournament in “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. What is your strategy in this one?


Angelo Mosca: My strategy? Pretty simple; punch that fat goof in the mouth. That’s my strategy. That’s the one strategy. That’s the only strategy. Everyone thinks that I don’t stand a chance and it’s a given that Dusty Rhodes will beat me and win the whole thing. But I can assure you that this won’t be the case.


Bob Caudle: And why’s that?


Angelo Mosca: Because Dusty Rhodes has an ego the size of Texas. That’s why. He already believes he has it won and he has never faced someone like me. And I tell you what; I’ll be damned if I’ll let Dusty Rhodes win the TV title; we’ll never hear the end of it! So, truth be told, I don’t care if I even win it. But as far as I’m concerned, anyone but Dusty winning it will be fine by me…although I’ll be the better choice.


Tony Schiavone: Speaking of the tournament, Angelo, we know that Rick Rude from AWA All-Star will participate in the tournament and many wonder what would happen if Rick Rude actually won the tournament? Are you OK with that possibility?


Angelo Mosca: I’m not gonna worry about a possibility that won’t happen. If we cross paths in the finals, I’m gonna squeeze his ribs so hard his eyes will pop out of his head. And while we’re at it, I might get a piece of that weasel he calls a manager as well. But next week, at this time, I might pay you a visit with the Atlantic Coast TV title on my shoulder. By the way…tonight, Don Kent, I’m gonna use you as an example in Miami to show Dusty what I’m gonna do to him Sunday night!


(Angelo Mosca leaves the booth and returns to the back)


Tony Schiavone: Angelo Mosca feeling very confident, even though he’s facing Dusty Rhodes in the opening round but I think he does have a point that Dusty will have a big target on his back and he might take that tournament for granted.


Bob Caudle: Well, that’s Angelo Mosca’s point of view but this is an intriguing field to say the least. I mean, we have Dory Funk Jr, Gerry Brisco, The Great Kabuki also involved in the tournament. Those are viable winners – and so is Rick Rude from AWA All-Star. Given what happened recently over there, Bobby Heenan’s group is quite on a roll and this would only add to it. By the way, Rick Rude will also be in action the next night, April 1st, in tag team action with Curt Hennig in Lakeland, FL so don’t miss it! After the break, Abdullah the Butcher is in action.


***commercial break***


Match #2

Abdullah the Butcher (w/Sir Oliver Humperdink) beat Don Kernodle in 7:14. The broadcast team mentioned that Don was wrestling against doctor’s orders and had to sign a release before performing. He was pretty much easy pickings for Abby, who finished the match with a big splash.


***commercial break***


Bob Caudle: We’re back on Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling TV and we told you at the start of the show that we would have an announcement regarding the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship and Tony, you spoke with Eddie Graham about this earlier today.


Tony Schiavone: I did, Bob, and fans can circle the date of Sunday, April 14th in Miami because this will be the night we’ll crown the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. Eddie Graham has decided that Greg Valentine and Paul Orndorff will be competing in a Best 2 out of 3 Falls Match to give us a decisive winner and an undisputed champion. Eddie wanted to be sure that there would be no controversy in the crowning of our champion and I agree with Eddie that this is the best way to do it.


Bob Caudle: And with that in mind, let’s welcome one of the 2 contenders for this match, Paul Orndorff himself!


(Paul Orndorff comes out to a big roar of the crowd in the Sportatorium)


Bob Caudle: First of all, Paul, I’m sure that you were thrilled when Eddie Graham told you that you’d have this opportunity in 2 weeks to become our first Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion.


Paul Orndorff: Well, Bob Caudle, this was the very reason I came to this territory in the first place. I wanted to be the big dog in Atlantic Coast and Eddie Graham is giving me that chance on a silver platter. I know that fans were probably hoping for me to wrestle Ricky Steamboat in that match instead of Greg Valentine but I gave Ricky my word that when I’ll win the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship, I will grant him the first shot at the title. But I sure can’t take my eyes off the prize, I know that. It’s only in 2 weeks and there’s a long way to go before that. I’m gonna use that time to train hard and study tapes and I’m gonna be ready for Greg Valentine.


Tony Schiavone: So, I take it that you’ll be watching Greg Valentine every chance you get before the big match in 2 weeks?


Paul Orndorff: Listen, Tony, I know that I can beat Greg Valentine. I know that I’ll beat Greg Valentine but this man is not considered the top guy in the territory for a reason. He’s a 2nd generation star and he is one helluva wrestler. But truth be told, I’m the best physical specimen in this territory and this is where the comparisons stop between me and Valentine. Valentine, you’re one conniving man, I’ll give you that but when it comes down to physical condition, you can’t hold a candle to what I’ve got. I’m not leaving the arena in Miami April 14th without the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship and you probably are thinking the same. It’s gonna be about which one of us has the biggest desire to win and no one has more desire than me. So, Valentine, you better bring everything you’ve got because I’m not expecting anything else from you and I hope you’re doing the same.


(Paul Orndorff returns to the back)

Tony Schiavone: We definitely are in for a treat in 2 weeks, Bob. No matter who from Greg Valentine or Paul Orndorff wins it, we’ll have a great inaugural Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Champion. And we shouldn’t discount Ricky Steamboat, who’ll definitely be a worthy contender as well down the road.


Bob Caudle: It’s gonna be a fantastic match, I’m sure of it. You’ve got two incredible athletes, living and breathing this business, who are being offered a chance of a lifetime. And if I know those guys like I know them, they won’t pass up that opportunity. It’s gonna be fun, that’s for sure.


Tony Schiavone: Tickets are still on sale for this event in Miami on April 14th. We’ll now show you some exclusive footage from what happened in Lakeland 48 hours ago when the Fabulous Freebirds took on The House of Humperdink in a Badstreet Street Fight and the House of Humperdink was headed towards victory until an uncharacteristic mistake derailed their hopes to put away Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts. Let’s take a look:


( The House of Humperdink didn’t have time to make their way to the ring that Michael Hayes & Buddy Roberts, dressed in t-shirt and jeans and cowboy boots, attacked Purple Haze & Kabuki almost as soon as they came out of the locker room. Sir Oliver Humperdink was put out of commission early as Michael Hayes clocked him with a stiff chair to the head and Humperdink was carried away by officials. One of the most sadistic part of the matches actually came from Buddy Jack Roberts, who pulled off a bullrope from under the ring and literally hung Purple Haze, leaving him dangling until The Great Kabuki used his Green Mist to blind Roberts, allowing Haze to get free. However, that same Green Mist will come back to haunt the House of Humperdink as Kabuki accidentally mists Purple Haze while aiming for Michael Hayes. Buddy Roberts got rid of Kabuki and this gave Hayes enough time to DDT Purple Haze and score a huge pinfall victory for the Freebirds, much to the fans’ delight at the 18-minute mark. )


(We then have VTR footage from the House of Humperdink’s dark locker room. The Great Kabuki is seated in the background, with a somber look on his face; Purple Haze is kneeled on the floor, his face still covered with the Green Mist that Kabuki accidentally spit on him. Kevin Sullivan is in front, besides Haze.)


Kevin Sullivan: Mahchael Hayes, Bahddy Roberts, you might think that you’ve won a war but the only thing you did tonight is win a battle. Because let’s face it; how truly dangerous is Badstreet? For years, you’ve been priding yourself of being from the toughest place in the world. But pride can lead a man to a very cruel demise. Pride can make you do a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally do. Your pride overrides everything you think and dictates everything you do. They’ve always said that I was a demented man but history will prove that I’m right. Freebirds, this is far from being over. You can’t defeat what you can’t understand. You might’ve beaten us on your “turf” but soon, you’ll come on ours and the result will be very, VERY different.


***commercial break***


Bob Caudle: We’re back and ready for our main event momentarily but first, let’s talk to two of the men involved in that main event, Masanobu Fuchi & Johnny Weaver.


(Fuchi & Weaver make their way to the broadcast booth to a decent reaction)


Bob Caudle: Johnny Weaver, I understand that it was you and Masa Fuchi who requested that match this week against Rocky Kernodle and whoever apparently convinced him to turn on his brother Don. And I’m sure that there were a lot of guys in the back who wanted this but yet, here you are.


Johnny Weaver: If you don’t mind, I’ll do the talking for me and Masanobu Fuchi; Masa will do his talking in the ring. Yes, we went to Eddie Graham and we asked him to have a match against Rocky Kernodle and whoever is whispering in his ear right now. The visual of what happened last week has been stuck in my mind for a week now and I can’t understand why Rocky would do that to his own flesh and blood and I know that this is something that bothers Fuchi a lot, considering his upbringing and how important honor is for Japanese wrestlers. There was no honor in what Rocky Kernodle did. And while the House of Humperdink deny everything, I know that they have something to do with this and I hope Rocky will be man enough to come out and admit it himself.


(Right on cue, here comes Rocky Kernodle with a big smile on his face as he comes to confront Weaver and Fuchi. Kernodle posts himself next to Tony Schiavone and uses his mic.)


Rocky Kernodle: I’m sorry, Johnny Weaver, if I hurt your feelings or anything but I couldn’t stand to see you cry and whine anymore and most importantly, that you’d just lie your way to a match with me. I’ll make one thing straight; Kevin Sullivan was right last week, he had nothing to do with my decision to turn on my brother, the weakling of the Kernodle family. Someone came to me and told me “Rocky, you can be so much better than just being Don Kernodle’s brother. You can be the bigger Kernodle. The better Kernodle. The Best Kernodle. And that’s what I chose to be. The Best Kernodle. Thanks to that man, that’s what I will be known by from now on. Johnny Weaver, and Kato in the back, if you wanna know that bad who it is, then let me oblige. Let me introduce you that my tag team partner for this week….


(Rocky Kernodle points to the entrance way….IT’S GREG VALENTINE! GREG VALENTINE IS ROCKY KERNODLE’S TAG TEAM PARTNER. Valentine and Kernodle shake hands and the anger in Masa Fuchi & Johnny Weaver grows by the second. Fuchi is able to somehow calm down Weaver as Valentine & Kernodle climb in the ring.)


Tony Schiavone: Can you believe this, Bob? Greg Valentine is the one who got inside Rocky Kernodle’s head last week and got him to turn on his brother Don!


Bob Caudle: If you ask me, Tony, I think things start to make sense now; it looks like Greg Valentine is buying himself an insurance policy for April 14 as he gets to wrestle Paul Orndorff for the Atlantic Coast Heavyweight Championship. And I’m sure that Orndorff isn’t thrilled by what he just saw.


Tony Schiavone: And this is where Ricky Steamboat could come in! Perhaps Steamboat will be able to offset Kernodle if push comes to shove. Let’s see now how this match will unfold.



Match #3

Greg Valentine & Rocky “The Best Kernodle” beat Masanobu Fuchi & Johnny Weaver in 9:09 after Kernodle submitted Fuchi with a Cobra Clutch. As the show concluded, Valentine & Kernodle celebrated together in the ring while Paul Orndorff came out to stare at them from the entranceway.


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