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Weekend House Show Report:

July 5th, 1984

live from Cincinnati, OH

Frank Morrell defeated Kelly Kiniski at 6:02

Brett Wayne Sawyer defeated Black Gordman at 4:57

Brad Rheingans fought Blue Demon Jr. to a 20:00 time limit draw

Jim Brunzell defeated Chris Markoff at 11:31

Ivan Koloff defeated Greg Gagne at 15:19

Main Event:
Tommy Rich defeated AWA National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer by count out at 24:38

July 6th, 1984

live from Dayton, OH

Crusher and Dick the Bruiser defeated Don Carsen and Larry Hamilton at 8:53

Bruiser Brody defeated Bubba Smith at 2:01

The Fantastics defeated Baron Von Raschke and Killer Karl Krupp at 13:48

High Flyers defeated Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff by DQ at 11:03

Masked Superstar fought Terry Taylor to a 30:00 time limit draw

Main Event:
Tommy Rich defeated AWA National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer by DQ at 20:50

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Great Lakes All-Star Wrestling #1: 7/7/1984

Verne Gagne opens the show at the announce table. 

Gagne: Welcome to Great Lakes Championship Wrestling. We're going to be bringing you the most exciting hour of wrestling every week. I would like to take this moment to introduce our television announcer Gordon Solie.

Solie: Thanks for that Verne. You know, we haven't even been open for a week and we already have a big super show with Georgia Championship Wrestling coming up in a few days. And the match I am really looking forward to on that card is Hulk Hogan defending the AWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ted Dibiase. Two of the all time greats in our sport going for the top prize. I believe we have a pre-taped Hulk Hogan segment later today and we will be breaking down more of that card. But we also have an exciting hour of wrestling coming up here. Bruiser Brody, The Fantastics and Tommy Rich will all be in action this afternoon. And we have a big main event today as Angelo and Lanny Poffo are in tag team action against the Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff. Let's take it to the ring for our first match...

Bruiser Brody defeated Pat Rose at 2:39

Brody made short work of Rose here and finished him off with the Jumping Knee Drop. Brody tossed Rose out of the ring after the match.

AWA National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer is out with Gordie Solie.

Solie: Coming up on that big super show will be this man defending the National Heavyweight Championship against Hacksaw Butch Reed the man he beat for that belt. Reed is one of the top men in all of wrestling. Do you think you can beat him twice for that belt?

Sawyer takes off the belt and holds it up.

Sawyer: I want the cameraman to get a nice close up of this belt for Butch Reed. Reed, I want you to take a nice long look at this belt because you're never going to hold it again. This show is it for you. We fight this last time and then you are going back to Georgia and I'm taking this belt with me and staying in the Great Lakes area. And don't be fooled. You think you have your buddy Iceman Parsons as the referee but this belt is around my waist because of him.  I don't even care about beating you Butch Reed. I just want to deny you this belt which obviously means so much to you. You wore this belt like a badge of honor and it made me sick. It actually makes me happy to know you lay awake at night thinking about how you can't have this thing you hold so near and dear. You know Solie, I'm in a good mood today. I think I want to give someone a wrestling lesson. This is the debut of a brand new TV show so let's make things fun. This is an open challenge to anyone and everyone. I am getting in the ring right now and I will even put the belt on the line.

Buzz Sawyer climbs in the ring and stalks around for a couple of minutes until finally Shawn Michaels comes out and says that he accepts the challenge.

AWA National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer defeated Shawn Michaels at 10:09

Michaels frustrated Sawyer early with a few arm drags and a drop toe hold. Michaels continued to push his advantage by keeping a higher pace and even almost scored a pinfall off a quick cross body block off the middle rope. Sawyer dodged a dropkick and took over. Sawyer just punished Michaels with a series of forearms and a chinlock. Sawyer sent Michaels into the ropes but Michaels caught him with a sunset flip. This upset Sawyer and he blasted Michaels with a kick to the face. Sawyer landed some more forearms on Michaels before sending him into the ropes and hitting the Powerslam for the victory and to retain the belt.

Tommy Rich comes out for an interview.

Solie: Another big match on the super show is going to be our very own Tommy Rich taking on Harley Race.

Rich: Harley Race and I have a lot of history. Even from the start of my career, Harley Race has always been there in some capacity. I would really like to earn a shot at the AWA World Championship in 1984 and I think I am going to have to go through the constant thorn in my side to get there. The stakes are high in this one.

Verne Gagne comes out holding a title belt.

Gagne: I wanted to come out for a minute and add a few details to this match. I decided that since this is such a big show and such a great match that I wanted to  add a stipulation to it. I am holding here the Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship belt. I can't think of two men better to be my first champion than Tommy Rich or Harley Race. So this match is now going to be a title match.

Rich: That's a nice looking title belt. I will be there and I am going to be the 1st ever Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion.

The Fantastics defeated Butch Moffot and Tom Stanton at 4:27

The Fantastics outclassed Moffot and Stanton in this one. They finished things off with the Rocket Launcher.

AWA World Heavyweight Champion Hulk Hogan is standing in a locker room.

Hogan: You know Ted Dibiase, it's your big moment in the sun. You get your shot at the Hulkster and his AWA World Heavyweight Title. I hear you out there talking a big game about how you're going to be the one. But let me tell you this Ted Dibiase. There have been dozens of men all over this great country of ours that have talked a similar game about how they are going to be the one. But I am still standing here with the belt. So let's be real for a moment Ted Dibiase. Do you have what it takes? Do you have the heart of a champion? When you are laying in that ring beaten and bloody, can you dig down deep and find the will to go on? This belt is everything. Money, women, fame and glory all wrapped into 10 lbs. of gold. Holding this belt must feel like what holding Excalibur was like back in the day. Do you have the courage and the determination to reach for it all? Whatcha gonna do Ted Dibiase when Hulkamania runs wild on you.

Tommy Rich defeated Mike Miller at 3:18

Quick and easy victory for Tommy Rich here.

Main Event:

Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff defeated Angelo and Lanny Poffo at 18:36

The Poffos cleared the ring early but Sheik and Koloff quickly gained control. They used quick tags and power moves to work over Lanny for a good portion of the match. Lanny finally made the tag and Angelo came in. He took down Sheik and Koloff with clotheslines. He slammed Koloff to the mat and Lanny hit the moonsault press. Angelo went for the pin but Sheik made the save. Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff attacked Lanny Poffo on the outside. This allowed Sheik to hit the sidewinder suplex and for Koloff to apply the Bear Hug for the submission victory.

It's a 4 on 2 beatdown on the Poffos until Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell run in for the save. 

Solie: What an hour of TV. Join us next tim as I have just been told we have a big main event. Angelo Poffo, Lanny Poffo, Greg Gagne and Jim Brunzell will take on The Iron Sheik, Ivan Koloff, Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff in an eight man elimination match. Also in action will be the Masked Superstar, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Brett Wayne Sawyer.


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Weekend House Show Report:

July 7th, 1984

live from Toledo, OH

Chris Markoff defeated Pat Rose at 5:11

Angelo and Lanny Poffo defeated Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff at 12:49

Blue Demon Jr,, Brad Rheingans and Brett Wayne Sawyer defeated Don Carsen, Larry Hamilton and Roger Kirby at 15:00

Bruiser Brody defeated Mike George at 8:03

The Fantastics defeated Baron Von Raschke and Killer Karl Krupp at 11:17

Main Event:

AWA National Heavyweight Champion Buzz Sawyer defeated Terry Taylor at 22:17

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Great Lakes Wrestling TV debuts! This territory will be a nice addition to the AWA.

Good way to kick things off with Bruiser Brody.

Love the Sawyer promo as he has strong words for Reed. Sawyer follows with an open challenge. Michaels gives Sawyer a run for his money but the powerslam puts an end to that. 

YES! Harley and Rich for the Great Lakes title! 

Hogan seems pumped up and ready for Dibiase. Cant wait for that match.

Fargo and Weingeroff help Sheik and Koloff defeat the Poffos. High Flyers run in. This puts your tag team division over. 

Looking forward to watching things unfold here. 


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Love the hard work you are doing!

This roster brings back so many memories as I grew up in Georgia Wrestling and I am so looking forward to where you take it.

Rich vs Race... the Great Lakes Title on the line and a stepping stone to a World Title bout.  We will see who jumps out on top here in a new promotion!

Sawyer is great as he can do it all.  

Nice tag division with so many options.

Enjoy and again, welcome to the game

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Great Lakes Championship Wrestling House Show: 7/11/1984

live from St. Paul, MN

8 Team Tag Team Battle Royal (winners get $5,000.)

Elimination Order:

Tom Stanton was eliminated by Baron Von Raschke (Butch Moffet and Tom Stanton are gone.)

Jim Powers was tossed by Dick the Bruiser (Jim Powers are Kelly Kiniski are gone) 

Pat Rose got tossed by Dick the Bruiser (Mike Miller and Pat Rose are gone.)

Danny Fargo gets eliminated by Killer Karl Krupp (Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff are gone.)

Larry Hamilton was tossed out by Angelo Poffo (Don Carsen and Larry Hamilton are gone.)

Killer Karl Krupp was accidentally eliminated by Baron Von Raschke (Baron Von Raschke and Killer Karl Krupp are gone.)

The Crusher gets pushed out by Angelo and Lanny Poffo (Crusher and Dick the Bruiser are eliminated.)

Winners: Angelo and Lanny Poffo

Note: Killer Karl Krupp and Kurt Von Hess attacked Baron Von Raschke after they were eliminated.


Shawn Michaels defeated Roger Kirby at 10:41


12 Man Battle Royal (winners gets $2,500.)

Elimination Order:

Charlie Fulton was tossed by Frank Morrell

Chris Markoff was eliminated by Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Black Gordman was eliminated by Brett Wayne Sawyer

Kurt Von Hess was tossed by Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Brad Rheingans was eliminated by Frank Morrell

Blue Demon Jr. was tossed by Buzz Sawyer

Frank Morrell was tossed by Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Bubba Smith was tossed by Mike George

Mike George was tossed by Buzz Sawyer

Hacksaw Jim Duggan was eliminated by Buzz Sawyer Brett Wayne Sawyer

Brett Wayne Sawyer was immediately tossed by Buzz Sawyer

Winner: Buzz Sawyer

Loser Salutes the Flag:

High Flyers defeated Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff at 20:18

After the match Sheik and Koloff attack the High Flyers after the match and walk off without saluting the American flag to huge boos from the crowd.

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Buzz Sawyer double crossed his own brother for 2500 bucks!!! That absolutely makes sense!!

Good to see Lanny and Angelo have patched things up. 

Looks like the evil German contingent are all done.

Young Shawn Michaels gets a nice win against Roger Kirby. I still don't see shit in that kid, but it was a good win.

High Flyers with a nice win over Sheik and Koloff (so hard not to type Volkoff!!) but the foreigners get their heat back to end the night!

Good little show!

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Great Lakes Championship Wrestling House Show: 7/12/1983

live from Minneapolis, MN

Blue Demon Jr. defeated Kurt Von Hess at 7:03

Crusher and Dick the Bruiser d. Butch Moffot and Tom Stanton at 4:11

Angelo and Lanny Poffo defeated Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff at 9:48

Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Killer Karl Krupp at 10:59

Note: Baron Von Rashke threw powder in Krupp's eyes which allowed Duggan to pick up the win.

AWA National Tag Team Title Match:
The Fantastics (c) defeated Don Carsen and Larry Hamilton at 11:41

Loser Gets Ten Lashes:
Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff defeated High Flyers at 18:41

Brunzell and Gagne argue with the ref for a moment but then honor the stip. Sheik and Koloff whip both men 10 times with a belt.

Buzz Sawyer defeated Brett Wayne Sawyer at 14:06

Brett offers Buzz a handshake and they hug after the match. The celebrate in the ring together. As they go to exit the ringside area, Buzz suddenly grabs a chair and just smashes Brett in the back of the head with it. Buzz puts in a couple more shots with the chair before tossing it to the side and putting the boots to Brett before storming off. Gordie Solie manages to chase him down with a house mic.

Solie: I am trying to figure out what's going on here. Buzz Sawyer just brutally attacked his brother after what seemed like them making up after the battle royal incident.

Buzz: I want to ask you Solie, where was my brother at the Omni when I had Butch Reed and Iceman Parsons stacking the deck against me? Brothers should have their brothers back at all times. I lost the National Championship because my brother didn't come out and have my back. So good luck with that wrestling career Brett, you won't have my to carry your worthless butt around anymore.

AWA Great Lakes Title Match:
Harley Race (c) defeated Brad Rheingans at 25:31

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Great Lakes Championship Wrestling House Show: 7/13/1984

live from Rockford, IL

Mike George defeated Kurt Von Hess at 3:17

Frank Morrell defeated Shawn Michaels at 9:47

Masked Superstar defeated Blue Demon Jr. at 11:08

Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff defeated Angelo and Lanny Poffo at 12:33

AWA Great Lakes Title Match:
Harley Race (c) defeated Kelly Kiniski at 10:26

Main Event:
AWA National Tag Team Title Match:
The Fantastics (c) vs. High Flyers ended in a 60 minute time limit draw

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I am going to be going on vacation tomorrow so I will probably post tomorrow's TV and the big Chicago card tonight. The Chicago card will feature:

Great Lakes Heavyweight Championship Match: Harley Race (c) vs. Jim Brunzell

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Bruiser Brody

Chicago Street Fight: Brett Wayne Sawyer vs. Buzz Sawyer

AWA National Tag Team Title Match: The Fantastics (c) vs. Iron Sheik and Ivan Koloff

Submission Match: Baron Von Raschke vs. Killer Karl Krupp

Brad Rheingans vs. Chris Markoff

Angelo and Lanny Poffo, Blue Demon Jr. and Kelly Kinski vs. Don Carsen, Frank Morrell, Danny Fargo and George Weingeroff

Scott Hall vs. Bubba Smith

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Great Lakes All-Star Wrestling #2: 7/14/1984

Video clips play of the big Georgia super show. Clips of Hacksaw Butch Reed vs. Buzz Sawyer for the AWA National Title are playing when suddenly it stops towards the end and we're in the studio. Buzz Sawyer is out and he's got Gordie Solie by the tie.

Sawyer: What is this [censored] you're showing. You're making me look like some kind of goof. Why don't you show the parts where I had a biased referee in there looking out for his buddy. I was screwed over and everyone knows it. This is just propaganda from the AWA to make their golden boy down in Georgia look good. I have half a mind to sock you one Gordie.

Gordie tries to pull away but Buzz keeps a tight grip on the tie and milks like he's going to punch him to huge boos from the studio crowd. Suddenly Hacksaw Jim Duggan stomps out and nails Sawyer with a big right hand. Solie feels as Duggan and Sawyer flip the announce table. Bruiser Brody comes out and picks up the announce table and nails the brawling Duggan and Sawyer with it. Brett Wayne Sawyer running dives onto the camera and tackles Buzz Sawyer. Duggan and Brody start tossing fans out of their seats and throwing the chairs at each other. Fans can be seen fleeing the studio in terror as the camera focuses on Gordie Solie.

Solie: What do you want me to do. Go to commercial and get security in here.

The commercial break is triple the length as it's obvious to anyone watching that something is going on. They come back from break with Solie in the control room.

Solie: We're back and this melee is still going and they've beaten up every security guard in the building. We've even lost a cameraman as I think it was Duggan threw a chair right in his face. The studio is just absolutely destroyed. We're trying to get volunteers to go back in there and film this but as you can imagine we aren't getting any takers.

Verne Gagne walks in looking absolutely pissed. He points to one of the men standing next to Solie.

Gagne: Grab a camera, it's worth $1000 to you. I've had enough of this and I am getting this back under control.

Verne stomps into the studio and it looks like the aftermath of a horrible barroom brawl. Not a single chair is left standing. One of the large hard cameras has been pushed on it's side. Even some of the lighting on the ceiling has been pulled down. Verne surveys the scene in absolute shock and then finds a mic and walks near where the four men are still brawling.

Gagne: Stop, stop this right now. If you don't stop right now you all are going to be fired and I will see to it that you all get blackballed from the AWA.

All four men stop dead in their tracks.

Gagne: Good. You want to beat each other up? Fine with me. Get in that ring right now and go at it. No time limit, no DQs and no count outs. Kill yourselves. I don't care because you've probably done 20 grand worth of damage in here. You know what. I'll even referee this thing.

Verne Gagne gets in the ring and starts yelling at all 4 men to have the match. Brody, Duggan and the Sawyers are standing looking shocked and slowly start getting on the ring apron and talking before they start having a match.


Special Referee: Verne Gagne

Brett Wayne Sawyer and Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Bruiser Brody and Buzz Sawyer at 22:45

Both teams kept this surprisingly low key for most of the match. Brody and Buzz worked over Brett with some real roughneck moves for most of the match. Duggan made the hot tag and cleaned house on the heels. Ending came when Duggan grabbed a 2x4 from under the ring and broke it on Brody's back and then hit the Flying Spear for the win.

Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion Harley Race is in the control center with Gordie Solie.

Solie: Due to the graphic nature of the match, we aren't allowed to show highlights. I also want to announce that Tommy Rich was hospitalized due to his injuries sustained in that match. We probably won't be seeing him for the next few weeks. 

Race: I just want to say, get well Tommy. I am going to say this for Tommy Rich. There are few men in this sport that I have a true respect for but Tommy Rich is one of them. He might not be the most talented guys out there but he's got more heart and determination than just about anyone. Tommy when you get out of the hospital, that return match will be waiting for you. I may put you back in the hospital but I will gladly defend this belt against you.

Solie: You have become the first ever Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion. How does that feel?

Race: Gordie, you and I have met in promotions all over this great country and you've seen me win more hardware than anyone. I am a 7 time World Champion, I have won titles from almost every state in the union. But let me tell you, this is one handsome belt. I have to give it to the Great Lakes brass. This is a classy championship belt and it is an honor and a privilege to hold it. Now, with the nice things out of the way. I am the man in the sport of pro wrestling and I am here to rule the Great Lakes region with an iron fist. I am taking on all comers. Tommy Rich, that rematch is waiting for you. Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Terry Taylor, Mike George... you boys want a shot then sign on the dotted line. The Harley Race School of Pro Wrestling is open and I am not accepting students.

Masked Superstar defeated Bubba Smith at 3:00

Superstar nailed the Superstar Clothesline and then locked on the Cobra Clutch to pick up a quick victory.

Verne Gagne is in the control center with Gordie Solie.

Solie: We've got a couple of things to discuss here. First of all, we saw at the top of the hour that Ted Dibiase is the new AWA World Heavyweight Champion.

Gagne: Yes, Ted is a great wrestler and I think he will really carry the banner for the AWA. I can't wait for him to come to the Great Lakes region and put the belt on the line against some the top stars here.

Solie: And next up, you have an announcement for us this week.

Gagne: Yes, we have a show coming up in Cleveland, OH on the 28th of July. We wanted to do something special for the people of Cleveland so we're having a 16 man tournament. And the winner of this tournament is going to drive away with a brand new 1984 Chevrolet Camaro.

Shawn Michaels excitedly comes out.

Michaels: This is great. I can't wait to get into this tournament. Wow, a Camaro. That would be great to drive.

Masked Superstar comes out.

Superstar: Whoa, whoa, whoa... can you even drive kid? Maybe you should try winning some matches before you start trying to get in a tournament with the big boys.

Michaels: Hey, I might surprise some people.

Superstar: Tell you what kid. I whooped you in Georgia last week in under 10 minutes. How about, if you can go 10 minutes with me next week I'll vouch for you and get Verne to put you in the tournament. You don't even have to beat me, just go 10 minutes.

Michaels: That sounds good to me. See you next week.

Solie: This seems uncharacteristic of you.

Superstar: What do I care. That punk hasn't lasted 10 minutes with half the roster so far. I'll polish him off in less than 10 minutes no problem. That car is a car for men not little teenie boppers in over their heads. Next week, don't blink because you might miss it.

Brad Rheingans defeated Black Gordman at 4:17

AWA National Tag Team Champions The Fantastics are with Gordie Solie in the control center.

Solie: I am here with the new AWA National Tag Team Champions The Fantastics. They defeated the Long Riders at the Georgia supershow for the belts.

Rogers: That's right Gordie and we are thrilled to bring these belts to the Great Lakes region. The Great Lakes region is the place to be for tag team wrestling in the United States. We've got teams lining up to get a shot at these belts.

Fulton: Yeah, there are a lot of great teams here. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the High Flyers and the Poffos in the ring. The competition is absolutely tough as nails here.

Main Event:

Elimination Match:

Lanny Poffo defeated Danny Fargo at 5:03

Iron Sheik defeated Angelo Poffo at 9:30

George Weingeroff defeated Greg Gagne at 11:38

Lanny Poffo defeated George Weingeroff at 15:57

Ivan Koloff defeated Jim Brunzell at 18:18

Lanny Poffo defeated Iron Sheik at 21:58

Ivan Koloff defeated Lanny Poffo at 29:52 to become the sole survivor

Gordie Solie is in the control center.

Solie: Hopefully they'll get the TV studio repaired for the next week's show. In the main event the Masked Superstar will face Shawn Michaels. If Michaels can go 10 minutes with the Superstar he will get into that Cleveland, OH tournament. Also in action will be Scott Hall, Don Carsen and Larry Hamilton and Great Lakes Heavyweight Champion Harley Race. Join us next week for the best wrestling action in the AWA!

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