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Staturday Night's Main Event XIII from the Paul Sauvé Arena in Montreal - 14th September, 1984 - Broadcast Live

Arena Card:


Ted DiBiase (C) versus Jesse "the Body" Ventura for the AWA World Heavyweight Championship


Bob Backlund (C) versus Magnum, T.A. for the WWF Heavyweight Championship

Billy Robinson versus Bob Roop

Rocky Johnson & Pat Patterson versus the Moondogs (Moondog Spot & Moondog King)

"Superstar" Billy Graham versus S.D. Jones

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) versus a local team

Billy Two Eagles versus Korstia Korchenko

We join a match in progress, the finishing stretches of Johnson & Patterson against the Moondogs. Rocky is desperate to tag in, stomping up and down the ring apron, but Patterson is having tremendous difficulty breaking out of a headlock. Moondog King pins Pat Patterson for the three at an undetermined time. Vince McMahon informs us that the Moondogs will face the Road Warriors and, if they can best that challenge, the Wild Samoans.

The Moondogs (Moondog Spot & Moondog King) defeat Rocky Johnson & Pat Patterson

Footage airs of the finish to the Road Warriors victory earlier in the night, which the commentators briefly discuss before moving on to the subject of the night's main event. "Per Mister Backlund's request, we are billing his match tonight the co-main event. Certainly, it's a main event on any other night but tonight we have the world heavyweight champion on the card."

The Road Warriors defeat a local team (aired out of order)

A pre-taped interview of Jesse Ventura airs: "You've been hidin' from Teddy! You've been hidin' from the Body! Everybody knows it, you know it, I know it, and if I didn't know any better I'd predict that you won't even show up ... but the only thing worse than hidin' is runnin' ... and I think you're just man enough to show up on time. The real question is ... are you man enough to admit when you've been beat? A real man would give up the goose. A real man would just lay down and say, "You know what? You got me. I'm not on your level.", but, somehow, I don't think that'll be the case. I think you'll claw and scrape like a cornered rat, and cry and whine when they take the gold off you and hand it over to me."

We cut to the opening bell as Bob Roop immediately goes on the attack, hurling Robinson into the turn buckle. The Briton eventually manages to get a hold on his challenger but Roop powers out of every move in Billy's book. By the third minute of Roop's dominance, Robinson appears rattled and resorts to stalling; dropping under the bottom rope, feigning attempts to lock up with Bob, and so on. The match doesn't go on too much longer after that, however, as Roop eventually knocks Robinson silly with a scoop slam and follows up with a hellish full nelson, thrashing Billy around until he verbally submits.

Bob Roop defeats Billy Robinson in 06:21

With preparations underway for the special co-main event, the commentators run down the night's events, airing the finishes to Graham versus Jones and Eagles versus Korchenko. Whereas Billy Two Eagles managed to beat the Russian, Special Delivery Jones was no match for Billy Graham.

Billy Two Eagles defeats Korstia Korchenko (aired out of order)

"Superstar" Billy Graham defeats S.D. Jones (aired out of order)

Gene Okerlund catches up with Rocky Johnson, questioning him over his loss to the Moondogs: "You know, brother, I only accepted the match as a favour to Pat. I've got a title to defend and no business in the tag team division. I'm almost glad we lost - he he - you know, it seems crazy to say that, but it's one less thing to worry about. Maybe if my partner was gonna' be wrestling at the same level as me, we woulda' had the match. But you know Pat, you know what kinda' guy he is. It was a bust."

"Curious remarks from the television champion. Back to you."

The commentators briefly discuss Johnson's words and the state of the tag team division in general before the opening bell.

From the word go, Magnum lays in rights and lefts, knocking Backlund all around the ring. The champion's only respite comes after a tactical eye poke but whereas he seemed to think this handed him control of the match, diving back onto Magnum only results in a kick to the gut. Both men spend the fifth minute of the match composing themselves before resuming a more even contest. Backlund gains the upper hand several times with holds but he can't ever cinch anything in before a swift elbow or fist resolves the exchange. Five more minutes of this is enough for someone, as Yoshiaki Yatsu and Arnold Skaaland come marching down to ringside.

The pair are caught off-guard by a loud pop from the crowd, however, as Andre storms down after them. Skaaland is blindsided by a chop to the head, which seems to knock him unconscious and Yatsu fares little better, bombarding the giant with ineffectual chops and getting a hard slap across the chest for his trouble. The crowd cools down just in time for a belly-to-belly suplex from the challenger for the one-two-three.

Magnum, T.A. defeats Bob Backlund to win the WWF Heavyweight Championship in 23:46

The commentators are audibly shocked by the result of the match, which they briefly discuss before hesitantly moving on to their prepared subject. Beginning on Thursday the 19th, the WWF will air a collection of matches taped during the week, buffered by exclusive interviews with its wrestlers and managers, to make up for Saturday Night's Main Event being cut down to an hour.

An advert airs for WWF Superstars, whilst Jesse Ventura stirs up the live crowd.

But for Ventura's stalling tactics at various points, this match would've been a squash. Ted DiBiase is a house on fire and the two men regularly brawl around the ringside, narrowly missing a double count out decision at various times. A sleeper hold eventually puts Jesse away for good.

Ted DiBiase defeats Jesse Ventura in 16:05 to retain the AWA World Heavyweight Championship

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Welcome Aboard!!

First off, dig the format.

Big win for The Moondogs against Patterson and Johnson, glad to see Spot getting better usage than I gave him!

Great Jesse interview! I could hear it in his voice!

Roop picks up a nice one against Robinson. Get the feeling we'll be seeing a Roop push, and that is good with me!!

Nice wins for Two Eagles and the Superstar!

Glad to see Rocky Johnson heading back to singles competition, hoping to see a good run from The Soul Man! If that was a veiled shot at Pat's preferences, well done, those seem to be prevalent in early 80's WWF!!

Holy Shit! Magnum takes the belt off Backlund!! What a way to kick off the new era of the WWF! Is Magnumania about to Run Wild??

Dibiase makes short work of The Body, and brings an end to an awesome first show!

Looking forward to seeing more!!

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Indeed, great first show under this new format! Some really good stuff to start this new era and kudos to you for pulling off the Magnum TA title win against Bob Backlund. That's a bold call to make, considering how huge of a draw Backlund is in the Northeast but I feel like you have a lot to do with this going forward!

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Welcome! Great first show as you waste no time in getting things going with a bang. 

Good showcases for Graham, Billy Two Eagles and of course the Road Warriors. Oh man a Road Warriors/Samoans dream match would be off the charts. 

HMMMMM, very interesting comments by Rocky Johnson. Interested in watching this develop. 

Roop gets a big win over Robinson establishing him as a top contender.

Dibiase comes to town and retains against the Body.

BIG NEWS of the Night! Magnum wins the world title!!!! Beating Backlund for the title sky rockets Magnum's credibility. Nice spot with Andre. This is huge and I cant wait to watch Magnum's run as champ.



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WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Episode No. 1 - 19th September, 1984 - Roundup Show

Advertised Match:

The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal) versus the Moondogs (Moondog Spot & Moondog King)

A snazzy video package opens the show, with clipped footage from the most recent Saturday Night's Main Event, and the commentators (sat in a studio) go through a brief run down of those matches before announcing that, in addition to the featured match, viewers will get to see Bob Roop and the Wild Samoans in action. Conversation quickly turns to the fallout from Magnum, T.A.'s stunning capture of the WWF heavyweight championship and Vince McMahon throws back to an interview of Backlund, filmed shortly after Saturday Night's Main Event went off the air.

Backlund is sweaty and his voice is hoarse: "... a fluke! There's no way he's gonna' stand for this! I will be taking this straight to the top! The whole match shoulda' been called off when that ginormous freak started interfering in my match! If the witless plebeians in the crowd weren't enough - that was a distraction, also! - then I was sure taken off my game by the sight of that thing!"

The interviewer seems to think things are wrapping up but Backlund grabs the camera and shoves his bug-eyed face into frame: "I want my belt back!"

McMahon throws to a match but not before plugging an exclusive interview with Arnold Skaaland for after.

The Wild Samoans defeat Tony Garea & Pat Patterson in 08:34 by pinfall

Skaaland is sitting with McMahon, having taken Jack Reynolds' seat, when we return to the studio. McMahon asks Skaaland about Backlund's recent title loss and the soft-spoken Skaaland replies: "Well, I'm not quite sure how legal Mister Backlund's title loss was. As you know, outside interference is strictly prohibited in the World Wrestling Federation. My initial discussions with, uh, office personnel have not necessarily been fruitful but I do believe clearer heads will prevail. In any event, I think we're certainly in need of a rematch in short order."

McMahon thanks Mister Skaaland and throws to a match.

Bob Roop defeats Steve Lombardi in 04:11 by pinfall

The commentators briefly comment on Bob Roop's impressive record before hyping up the show's featured match, which they announce is to determine which team will go on to face the Wild Samoans for number one contendership to the AWA international tag team championship.

In a wild brawl ...

The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal) defeat the Moondogs (Moondog Spot & Moondog King) in 20:37 by pinfall

* * *

WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Episode No. 2 - 26th of September, 1984 - Roundup Show

Promoted Match:

Rocky Johnson (C) versus Bob Roop for the AWA/HBO Television Championship

A snazzy video package opens the show, with clipped footage from the most recent Saturday Night's Main Event, and the commentators (sat in a studio) announce that, in addition to the featured match, viewers will get to see Bob Backlund and Billy Robinson in action as well as details for the next episode of Saturday Night's Main Event.

Billy Robinson & John Quinn defeat Barry Horowitz & Billy Two Eagles in 10:02 by pinfall

McMahon gives the context for the next few clips, as Bob Backlund has been challenging any and all comers in his recent spate of live event appearances, even including fans.

Bob Backlund defeats a local talent in 00:39 by submission

Bob Backlund defeats a local talent in 00:24 by submission

Bob Backlund defeats a local talent in 00:52 by submission

Back from the matches, McMahon announces that Saturday Night's Main Event XIV will be held on the 26th of October in the Nassau Coliseum and will feature the rematch between WWF heavyweight champion Magnum, T.A. and Bob Backlund: "Now, it has also been decreed that Yoshiaki Yatsu and Andre the Giant are barred from ringside and, in addition to any possible suspension, if either man violates the decree he will be disallowed from competing in a special event to be held on the 5th of January, 1985."

After briefly discussing Rocky Johnson's remarks on the fourteenth, the commentators throw to their featured bout.

In a highly competitive back-and-forth ...

Rocky Johnson (C) defeats Bob Roop to retain the AWA/HBO Television Championship in 26:51 by pinfall



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Interesting move you did there. I thought after Backlund's loss to Magnum TA that you would have him and Arnold Skaaland go their separate ways and have Arnold manage someone else but you totally threw me off here in having Skaaland taking Backlund's attitude in a more subdued manner. Very intriguing booking here!

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Great stuff with the aftermath of Backlund's stunning title loss to Magnum. I like the mix between Backlund's craziness and Arnold's more subdued approach. 

A Road Warriors/Moondogs brawl would of given me my money's worth for sure. 

Like the team of Robinson and Quinn. They could be very dangerous. 

Johnson retains against Roop in what looked like a classic. 

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WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Episode No. 3 - 3rd of October, 1984 - Roundup Show

Advertised Match: 

An Over-the-Top-Rope Battle Royal featuring Andre the Giant and Yoshiaki Yatsu

A snazzy video package opens the show, with clipped footage from the most recent Saturday Night's Main Event. Rather than rundown the featured matches, Vince McMahon instead moves us onto what was initially supposed to be an interview with Rocky Johnson: "Well ladies and gentlemen just hours ago a scheduled interview with television champion Rocky Johnson was interrupted by the appearance of Pat Patterson. Astonishing scenes ... let's take a look."

Johnson is standing in front of a curtain being interviewed by Gene Okerlund. "You know something ugh!" A chair shot rattles across his back and he falls forward, causing the camera to back up. Okerlund flinches out of frame as Pat Patterson raises the chair for a strike on the, now prone, champion. "What kind of a guy am I, huh?!" A third strike elicits a cry of pain from Johnson. "What kind of a guy am I?!" A mob of agents and referees soon appear and tear the chair from Patterson's hands and the footage cuts off.

McMahon appears momentarily speechless before moving on. "Whilst a fine is no doubt in order, we will, uh, try to have Pat Patterson explain himself. That will be a live exclusive interview. Before that, though, we have a match to air. It appears that, uh, Stan Stasiak is back in town."

Stan Stasiak defeats a local talent in 05:45 by submission

Pat Patterson is sitting with McMahon when we return from the match. "Mister Patterson, earlier tonight you savagely attack our television champion Rocky Johnson. Would you be able to explain yourself to our viewers at home?"

"Of course I can explain it! Johnson was talking about me like I'm some kind of a chump! Nobody talks like 'dat in our business and just gets away with it. You know, he says dat I'm not at his level, he says 'dat he's got a title to defend, well, I'm telling you he can't beat me! I had objections to what he said, maybe he has objections to what I did. So, let's settle it! Let's have a match, let's see who wasn't really at 'dat level, and let's see if he can keep 'dat title!"

With that, the show awkwardly cuts to the next match.

Bob Backlund defeats Billy Two Eagles in 08:12 by submission

McMahon bridges the footage: "The former champion Bob Backlund's take on all comers policy has not yet seen him be defeated. Now on to our featured bout!"

Andre the Giant defeats Chick Donovan, Johnny Rivera, Mike Sharpe, Steve Lombardi, Yoshiaki Yatsu and nine local talents in 27:06

* * *

WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Episode No. 4 - 10th of October, 1984 - Roundup Show

Advertised Match:

The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) versus The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal)

A snazzy video package opens the show, with clipped footage from the most recent Saturday Night's Main Event, and the commentators (sat in a studio) announce that, in addition to the featured match, viewers will get to see Bob Backlund and an exclusive interview with Rocky Johnson.

Bob Backlund defeats Bob Roop in 14:58 by pinfall

McMahon leads into the following interview: "Last week we broadcast footage of Pat Patterson's shocking assault on the television champion Rocky Johnson. We also aired Patterson's demand for a title shot. I'm pleased to announce that the champion has recovered from the attack and ... he had an answer for Patterson. Let's hear it."

Johnson looks none the worse for wear, fired up even as he rolls his shoulders back and forth before staring into the camera: "Pat Patterson, you made a big mistake brother. What kind of guy are you? You're a punk ... and a coward. You want a match, brother, I'll beat you black and blue. Name a time, name a place, I'm there. Come to the ring with a steel chair in your hands for all I care, 'cause now I'm on alert. Cheap shot tricks won't work on me twice. Here's what I won't do. I won't put the television championship on the line. If you can't get a match set for the title on your own, you don't deserve one. You're at the back of the line as far as I'm concerned. So, what do you say to that?"

McMahon seems pleased with that when we come back to the studio: "Well, Rocky Johnson will be defending his television championship next week against Jesse Ventura, so be sure to catch that. Now, let's see how our tag team number one contenders' match played out, shall we?"

The Road Warriors (Road Warrior Hawk & Road Warrior Animal) defeat The Wild Samoans (Afa & Sika) in 27:22 by pinfall

* * *

WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Episode No. 5 - 17th of October, 1984 - Roundup Show

Advertised Match:

Rocky Johnson (C) versus Jesse Ventura for the AWA/HBO Television Championship

A snazzy video package opens the show, with clipped footage from the most recent Saturday Night's Main Event, and the commentators (sat in a studio) announce that, in addition to the featured match, viewers will get to see "Superstar" Billy Graham and Magnum, T.A.

Magnum, T.A., Billy Two Eagles & Barry Horowitz defeat Yoshiaki Yatsu, Shunji Takano & Korstia Korchenko in 11:39 by pinfall

The commentators briefly discuss Magnum, T.A.'s initial capture of the world title before moving us on to the next match.

"Superstar" Billy Graham defeats Johnny Rodz in 09:31 by pinfall

The commentators discuss the recent war of words (and more!) between Rocky Johnson and Pat Patterson before leading into the featured match: "Pat Patterson's demand for a title match, which the champion refused to offer, could've been rendered moot by this match from a few nights ago. Let's watch what happens."

Rocky Johnson  (C) defeats Jesse Ventura in 16:01 by disqualification and retains the AWA/HBO Television Championship

Just as the match begins to kick into high gear, Pat Patterson storms to the ring with a chair in hand, managing to clobber Johnson several times before officials swarm all over the ring. The show ends abruptly during this chaotic scene.


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Pissed off Pat Patterson was a lot of fun!

I figure the battle royal was a close one, but Andre barely pulled it off!

Backlund picks up nice wins over Roop and Two Eagles. Magnum TA had better be ready when the rematch comes.

Big win for Hawk and Animal over The Wild Samoans

Johnson gets the win over The Body, but the match with Patterson is fixing to be a fight!

Good Stuff Man!!

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Looking forward to Johnson/Patterson! Great job in making this a heat filled feud. Very good promos. 

Andre is the king of battle royals and chalks up another one. 

Backlund seems even more dangerous since losing the title. His rematch with Magnum will be money! 

I would of paid a lot of money to watch a Road Warriors/Samoans match in 1984. 

Like the direction your going here. 

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WWF Superstars of Wrestling - Episode No. 6 - 24th of October, 1984 - Roundup Show

Advertised Match:

Magnum, T.A. & Rocky Johnson versus Bob Backlund & Pat Patterson

After the typical snazzy video package, the show immediately cuts to the opening match...

Stan Stasiak defeats David Sammartino in 12:51 by submission

The commentators discuss the events of the match and David Sammartino's unfortunately poor performance. Afterwards, they discuss the events of the previous episode of Superstars and the controversy related to Pat Patterson's interference in Rocky Johnson's title defence. They hype up the featured match and air an interview of Johnson, conducted after the previous week's events but prior to tonight's match.

Gene Okerlund opens the interview: "Now, Mister Johnson you have been savagely attacked by your former tag team partner Pat Patterson on two separate occasions. Many of your fans are outraged, not to mention officials within the WWF. What do you think an appropriate punishment would be for his actions?"

"No, I'm not about that. Brother, I understand what Pat's game plan is. He wants to make everyone think I'm ducking him. He wants to shame me into putting my title on the line."

Johnson strikes a darker tone: "Well, I for one, know who oughta' be ashamed ... and it ain't me. I won't duck, I won't dodge and I sure as hell won't give Pat the satisfaction, brother. I still don't think you deserve a title shot Pat, but I'll let you get one ... on my terms. At Saturday Night's Main Event ... at the Nassau Coliseum ... you'll stay at home. I'll whoop Jesse Ventura, fair and square, with no interference. Only then will I give you a title shot.

And as long as I'm putting something on the line when I don't need to, brother, you're gonna' have to put your career on the line. You get one last shot at relevance and, when you come up short, you never wrestle again! What do ya' say to that, Pat?!"

The commentators consider the interview. "Stunning words from Rocky Johnson, our television champion. As he said, scheduled for this Saturday, at the Nassau Coliseum, he goes one on one with Jesse Ventura. But that's not all, in our main event we have Magnum, T.A. in his first ever title defence, a rematch against Bob Backlund, and the Road Warriors challenge the Rougeaus for their tag team titles. You don't wanna miss it! Now, let's get to our featured match!"

Bob Backlund & Pat Patterson defeat Magnum, T.A. & Rocky Johnson in 24:49 when Bob Backlund pinned Rocky Johnson

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11 hours ago, Scarlet-Left said:

Bob Backlund & Pat Patterson defeat Magnum, T.A. & Rocky Johnson in 24:49 when Bob Backlund pinned Rocky Johnson

Would have liked to read a little more detail in a match this juicy. 


11 hours ago, Scarlet-Left said:

Stan Stasiak defeats David Sammartino in 12:51 by submission

What hold is Stasiak using right now? I'm use to him using the Heart Punch, what is his submission finisher? 

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Saturday Night's Main Event XIV from the Nassau Coliseum in New York - 26th of October, 1984 - Broadcast Live

Arena Card:

Magnum, T.A. (C) versus Bob Backlund for the WWF Heavyweight Championship

Rocky Johnson (C) versus Jesse Ventura for the AWA/HBO Television Championship

The Rougeaus (C) (Jacques Rougeau & Raymond Rougeauversus The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) for the AWA International Tag Team Championship

Stan Stasiak versus Johnny Rodz

Bob Roop versus Steve Lombardi

Tony Garea & Rene Goulet versus The Takanos (Shunji Takano & George Takano)

"Polish Power" Ivan Putski & The Strongbows (Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbow) versus Jose Gonzales, Korstia Korchenko & Mike Sharpe

We join a match in progress, with Hawk exploding on Jacques Rougeau after a hot tag. Even bringing a fresh Ray in does nothing to cool Hawk's fire down. The Road Warriors are truly dominant throughout the remaining ten minutes, with the Rougeaus unwilling to resort to cheap tricks or time wasting tactics. Ray goes down fighting but he goes down nevertheless with a stiff lariat.

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) defeat The Rougeaus (Jacques Rougeau & Raymond Rougeau) by pinfall after a lariat to win the AWA International Tag Team Championship

"We've got an exciting show for you tonight, ladies and gentlemen. We have have just witnessed the crowning of our new tag team champions and we have two other titles up for grabs. Jesse Ventura looks to capture the television title from Rocky Johnson, and Bob Backlund is planning to win his WWF championship back from Magnum, T.A. in our main event!"

"Speaking of the world title, we had another former champion in Stan Stasiak, picking up an impressive victory over the inestimable Johnny Rodz. Let's take a look!" The finish of Stan Stasiak's match is played.

Stan Stasiak defeats Johnny Rodz by submission with a full nelson hold (aired out of order)

"And that's not all, tonight also saw the WWF debut of the Polish Power, Ivan Putski!"

"Polish Power" Ivan Putski & The Strongbows (Jay Strongbow & Jules Strongbowdefeat Jose Gonzales, Korstia Korchenko & Mike Sharpe in 11:03 when Jules Strongbow pins Mike Sharpe after a chop (aired out of order)

The footage cuts immediately to Jesse Ventura, posing in the ring and riling up the crowd. He's caught off guard by a pop from the crowd as Johnson rushes down to the ring. The commentators chat during the subsequent stare down, Gorilla Monsoon says that Pat Patterson had not turned up to the arena when the rest of the wrestlers arrived but Vince points out that that does not mean he isn't here or won't show up later.

Whilst the match initially plays out as their first one had, Ventura adapts quickly and cuts the champ off more frequently and more effectively. Unfortunately for Ventura, he can't seem to get the job done. His holds don't last long enough and he does as much damage with a handful of strikes as Johnson does with just one. With no interference, Rocky Johnson gets the decisive victory he was looking for.

Rocky Johnson defeats Jesse Ventura in 26:28 by pinfall after a knockout punch to retain the AWA/HBO Television Championship

"Rocky Johnson, here, really carving out a position for himself at the top of the WWF. It remains to be seen what happens with Pat Patterson but, if I were him, I'd be having second thoughts about challenging Mister Johnson. His most recent opponent Bob Roop is an impressive specimen himself. Take a look at this from earlier in the night."

Bob Roop defeats Steve Lombardi in 02:54 by pinfall after a back breaker (aired out of order)

"Also tonight, we saw the newly formed team of Shunji and George Takano put their own stake in the ground. It seems there'll be no end of competition for our new tag team champions, the Road Warriors." The finish of the Takanos' match airs during a brief discussion of the WWF's tag team division.

The Takanos (Shunji Takano & George Takano) defeat Tony Garea & Rene Goulet when Shunji Takano pins Rene Goulet with a double arm suplex (aired out of order)

When we return to the ring, Bob Backlund has arrived in a new sparkly black and gold jacket and is speaking to Arnold Skaaland in somewhat of a panic. Skaaland takes the jacket but his assurances don't seem to go down well with Backlund, who pouts and hurls abuse at the crowd. Magnum, T.A. comes down to the ring at slow pace that further infuriates his challenger. The crowd eats it up but it costs Magnum when a manic Backlund rushes him at the ropes, pulls him through and locks in a chicken wing.

The referee pulls him off but Magnum appears rattled. The bell rings and Backlund rushes straight back in, only this time he gets a scoop slam for his trouble. The match plays out that way for a while, Backlund dominating whenever he can get a hold in and wear the champ down only for the momentum to shift whenever Magnum manages to get in a stiff strike or big slam. The commentators point out the Backlund's frenzied style has seen him rack up impressive wins against lesser talent but wonder whether it is an effective strategy to apply in a longer match.

When Magnum is finally able to lock in a hold of his own, a sleeper that saps Backlund of his energy, Skaaland storms off to the back. Backlund kicks out at two and a half, however, and the tide of the turns once again, with Magnum missing a leg drop. Backlund then makes the mistake of going for a full nelson. He doesn't have the strength to cinch it in and Magnum breaks it with ease. The crowd begins booing, however, as Skaaland returns from the back with Yoshiaki Yatsu. Both men in the ring are distracted by this, as Yatsu clambers up to the ring apron, with officials hot on his heels.

Deciding not to take any chances, Magnum rushes Yatsu with a clothesline that knocks down to the mat as officials swarm over him. Taking advantage of the situation, Backlund rolls the champ up with a schoolboy for the one, two, no! Magnum powers out at the last second and a desperate Backlund runs straight into a suplex.

Magnum, T.A. defeats Bob Backlund in 25:25 by pinfall after a belly-to-belly suplex to retain the WWF Heavyweight Championship

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Man, you've brought me so many great childhood memories with the Road Warriors vs Rougeau Brothers match. They were uber-heels every time they came to the Montreal territory back in the day. I wonder if there's one match between them on my 2-disc compilation from Lutte Internationale that I have at home.

And another classic between Magnum TA and Bob Backlund. Looks like we might also get Magnum vs Yoshiaki Yatsu down the road!

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