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January 19, 1985 TV

Gordon Solie welcomes everyone in for the debut episode of Continental Championship Wrestling, then introduces his new broadcast partner... Larry Hennig. The Ax comes out to a strong reaction and promises he's going to call it like it is! 

This week on the program...

The tournament to crown Southeastern Tag Team Champions begins!
Pork Chop Cash in action!
We'll hear from the Tennessee Stud!
A special look at Ron Garvin!
Plus in our main event... Corporal Kirchner faces Tojo Yamamoto!


MATCH #1: Southeastern Tag Title Tournament, First Round 
Bill Dundee & Don Kent vs. Pete Doherty & Terry Gibbs 

A big reaction for Superstar Bill Dundee! He teams up with his fellow Aussie and they overwhelm the team of Doherty and Gibbs. Dundee scores the win for his team, pinning Gibbs with a running crossbody at the 9-minute mark!

Dundee and Kent move on to the semifinals where they'll face one of the two teams that received a bye... the Moondogs!

CUT to a previously recorded interview with the Moondogs' manager,  Number One Paul Jones. He guarantees victory and tag team gold for Moondogs Moretti and Rex!


MATCH #2: Pork Chop Cash vs. Joe Savoldi

Savoldi jumps Pork Chop before the bell and gains the upper hand, but it doesn't last long. Savoldi rams Pork Chop's head into the top turnbuckle... and it doesn't faze him! Uh oh! Pork Chop proceeds to begin battering Savoldi from pillar to post, before putting him down for good after a leaping headbutt at the 6 minute mark.


After the commercial break, Gordon Solie introduces a video showing some highlights of Ron Garvin in action. Specifically, we see highlights of his KO punch victory over Diamond Timothy Flowers from Pacific Coast Wrestling to win the TV Title.


MATCH #3: Plowboy Frazier vs. Mike Dupree

The rookie Dupree has no answer for the big man, bouncing harmlessly off him when he attempts a shoulder block. A big splash later, and Plowboy has the win in less than a minute!

Gordon Solie is joined ringside for a special interview with the Tennessee Stud. Ron Fuller comes out, wearing his mask and a business suit. He warns any rulebreaker who wants to come through this territory that they'll have to go through him!

MAIN EVENT: Corporal Kirchner vs. Tojo Yamamoto

TV time remaining in this main event, and the studio audience is FIRMLY behind Corporal Kirchner with “U-S-A” chants. This match is a straight brawl from the opening bell, both in and out of the ring. Tojo takes advantage by gouging the eyes of Kirchner, and the match spills to the floor yet again... where Kirchner runs Tojo shoulder-first into the ringpost. Back into the ring... Kirchner looking to finish things, and … wait a minute... who is this? Someone's up on the ring apron. That's... is that Mr. Fuji?!? He throws a handful of salt into the eyes of Kirchner! The referee calls for the bell as Fuji is in for a 2 on 1 assault. But Kirchner is fighting them BOTH off! Now a muscular man coming out of the crowd?!? Is that Taras Bulba?!? He's in the ring and jumps Kirchner who crumbles under the lopsided odds. Who is this man? Wait a minute... THE TENNESSEE STUD IS OUT HERE! But before he even can hit the ring, he gets BLASTED with a steel chair behind his back. OH MY GOD IT'S THE SHEIK! THE SHEIK IS HERE IN ALABAMA! Kirchner getting annihilated with a 3-on-1 attack as The Shiek pulls out a foreign object and begins carving up the head of the Tennessee Stud! Bulba has the Iron Claw hooked on Kirchner! He's trying to cave in his skull! The Sheik directing traffic now as Fuji helps roll his carcass into the ring.


Fuji, Yamamoto, Bulba and The Sheik standing tall in the ring as boos RAIN DOWN. Sheik pulls a semi-conscious Tennessee Stud up to his knees, and the last shot of the broadcast is blood cascading down his face, his mask ripped open.




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Continental is off and running! 

Right off the bat we get a tag tournament match. Dundee looks to be a superstar here. 

Another favorite Porkchop Cash gets a solid TV win. 

Garvin gets the hype video so we know big things are coming his way. 

Plowboy gets a dominating squash. 

GOOD GRIEF! What a wild ending! I loved that wrestlers just kept coming out. A true 80s throwback. Fuller, Kirchner, Sheik, Yamamoto, Bulba and Fuji all come out looking like big deals. The evil heels get the best of the faces tonight but I think this war has only just begun. 

Welcome to the league! 

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January 26, 1985 TV

The show opens with footage from the melee that closed last week's debut episode. Corporal Kirchner is getting assaulted in the ring, and Ron Fuller comes out to help but gets blindsided by The Sheik. Fas in the studio are shrieking in horror as Shiek takes a foreign object toward the head of the Tennessee Stud... and the image freezes.

The opening credits roll and we're taken to Gordon Solie and Larry Hennig at the podium. They quickly run down this week's action...

The Southeastern Tag Team Title tournament continues!
A detailed look at the carnage at the end of last week's program!]
The Singing Cowboy Don Bass treats us to a live concert!=
Bugsy McGraw is here!
An important announcement about the Southeastern Heavyweight Title!
And, in the main event … Junior heavyweight action!


MATCH #1: Southeastern Tag Title Tournament, First Round

Iceman Parsons & Sweet Brown Sugar vs. Diamond Timothy Flowers & Art Crews

The studio audience is firmly behind Iceman and Sweet Brown Sugar, Skip Young. The duo starts out like a house afire and is battering Flowers and Crews from pillar to post despite their experience together as a team. Iceman and Sugar continue to roll until they go for a double-team... Sugar trying to whip Crews into Iceman... oh no! Crews reverses the Irish whip. Young and Iceman smash head to head, and Parsons spills out to the floor. Skip Young is left all alone, and he's rattled! Flowers tags in and takes advantage, lowering the boom with a belly to back suplex, then teams with Crews for a wicked double clothesline. Flower goes for the pin, Iceman is up on the floor and... watches as the referee makes the 3 count?!?

Crews and Flowers advance to the semifinals where they'll face the other team that received a bye, the Fabulous Ones! Let's take a look at these two in action.


A music video plays hyping up Stan Lane and Steve Keirn full of all the 80s schlock you'd expect. Walking around town wearing top hats, tails, and bow ties (but with no shirt and wrestling trunks and boots). Cheesy music. And chest hair. Oh so much chest hair.


After a commercial break, we come back to see Solie and Hennig. “The Ax” is holding the Southeastern Heavyweight Title. Solie announces that the new champ will be decided on February 11 in a one-night tournament from the Expo Center in Birmingham.

Let's take a look at the first name confirmed for the tournament:

That sets up another video on “Hands of Stone” Ron Garvin. It's just highlihts of him knocking out wrestler after wrestler, or delivering the Garvin Stomp!

Seven more names will be announced! Now, back to the ring!



Bugsy McGraw vs. Rocky King

Bugsy makes short work of King, finishing him off in under two minutes. His dancing and antics really get the studio audience going!


Solie and Hennig replay the entire attack, which came at the end of the main event between Corporal Kirchner and Tojo Yamamoto. Coming out of the recap, Solie tells us that Kirchner and the Tennessee Stud are both out healing from their injuries and have no timetable on their return.

They're then interrupted by Iceman Parsons, who already has changed clothes.

Iceman: I shoulda known... I really shoulda known... when they told me they found me a partner for the tag tournament, I was feeling pretty good. And then, they told me I'd be teaming with Skip... Young. That jive turkey! Are you kidding me?!? He went out there and did exactly what I knew he'd do! He screwed it up, and we lost!

Solie: To be fair, Iceman, looked like you could have saved your partner from getting pinned.

Iceman: Man, I'm a finely tuned WORLD CLASS athlete! Why should I risk getting knocked around or getting injured for him? Besides, he also clobbered me out the ring! He's not worth my time of day. He's just a punk!

The studio audience starts to scream as Sweet Brown Sugar enters the studio. He doesn't say a single word, he just spins Iceman around and BLASTS him with an overhand right! Iceman goes down in a heap and Young pounces, firing away with punches. The jobbers and referees empty into the studio to pull apart the two men as Solie goes to a commercial break.



Denny Brown vs. Gorgeous Gary

Formerly known as Gary Royal, Gorgeous Gary comes to the ring combing his hair and enamored with his own reflection. He takes forever just to remove his ring attire and properly style his hair for the match. Once the bell finally does ring, Denny is all over him! The action is fast and furious as the two junior heavyweights fly all over the ring. Gorgeous Gary takes advantage after a blatant rake of the eyes and he starts mauling Brown with one illegal tactic after the next. Brown makes his comeback, dropping Gary with a beautiful standing dropkick! And a second! And a third! Gary back to his feet and... pitches facefirst to the canvas. Brown runs at his foe, ensnaring him in a beautiful rolling cradle for the pin after 15 minutes of hard-fought action.

Solie: Well if that's what we can come to expect from our new junior heavyweight division, I think we're going to be in for quite a show!

Cowboy Don Bass comes out to join Solie and Hennig, tuning up the guitar for his live performance, but oh no we're out of time!




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Nice return to the game.  You really captured 1980's southern style wrestling with the music videos and saving us from the singing cowboy as we run out of time. 

I think the Stud vs the Sheik would sell out arena after arena in the CCW.  This is huge!

Can't wait for the Expo show in Birmingham to crown the new champ.... Hands of Stone may be a tough out.

Some great lines here about the chest hair... really had me laughing

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Good comeback show! 

Things are going to get crazy when Fuller and Kirchner come back.

In one show the Iceman becomes a top heel. Him and SBS will be a fun feud. 

Solid main event between 2 top Juniors who are no strangers to each other. Nice finish as Denny picks up the win. 

LOL, the ending was perfect as Bass doesn't get to sing his song. HAHAHA good stuff. 

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