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Your 2016 List Who's On Who's Off


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100% off, sorry I don't have room: 

Bill Dundee, AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, Dutch Mantell, Dick Murdoch, Jay Briscoe, Brian Pillman, & Curt Hennig.

These are locks to be added: 

Meiko Satomura, Sasha Banks, Mercedes Martinez, Goldberg, Devil Masami, Chigusa Nagayo, Lioness Asuka, & Shinobua Kandori.

I have another like of about 60 people I want to add to my list too, but that's going to take time to figure that out.

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Off of the Lock List (Could still make, but not guaranteed for a variety of reasons): Andre the Giant, Brock Lesnar, Larry Zbyzsko, Manami Toyota, Shawn Michaels, Steve Williams, Samoa Joe, Fit Finlay, Chris Jericho, Curt Hennig.

Almost certainly making that didn't in '16: John Cena (I think I just missed him on the last one), Roman Reigns, Shinjiro Ohtani (Just didn't see enough last time as my big oversight). 

I currently have AJ Styles as my lowest ranked 'lock', so most of the new candidates are going to be compared to his career to see if they pass the test, so to speak. 


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None of the Puerto Rico candidates were on my 2016 list. Right now the only one I'm sure will be there is Invader 1, but I might find space in the bottom quarter for a Chicky Starr or Carlos Colon (or Abby, as his Puerto Rico stuff was a hoot and primarily what shot him into contention). Hokuto will be there, and probably a few other joshi candidates I didn't vote for last time along with her. Probably Roman Reigns, who I wanted to throw a low vote to in 2016 but didn't. 

I'm not really sure who's definitely going to drop off yet. It might change again by 2026 anyway, but looking at my bottom 20 from five years ago as I try to put together an updated 2021 version, there are like 40 names I'd like to have in that 80-100 bracket and it'll mostly depend on how I'm feeling on the day for who gets in. I guess Austin Aries, who I had at 99 last time, falls off. He's about the only one that feels like a definite, though. 

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