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Friday September 17th 1986

On Commentary: Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone 

Ring Announcer: David Crockett 

From the Memorial Auditorium in Spartanburg, SC

(The show opens with footage from last weeks show in Norfolk. Scenes include The Midnight Rockers brawling with the Andersons, The Road Warriors nearly decapitating Buzz Sawyer with the Doomsday Device, Nikita Koloff becoming the NEW NWA United States Champion & Finally Tully Blanchard interfering in the main event helping Ric Flair defeat Randy Savage & establishing himself as the newest Horsemen. We then see the opening montage set to "The Hit" by Richard Myhill followed by the joint NWA/MACW logo before cutting to Caudle & Schiavone)

BC: Wrestling fans welcome to another episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling,Wrestling's most exciting hour sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance, The very finest pro wrestling in the world. I'm Bob Caudle alongside Tony Schiavone & Tony the response to the return of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling has surpassed all expectations.

TS: You're excactly right Bob. Mid-Atlantic has been basically the talk of the wrestling world for the past week especially since the events in Norfolk. Tully Blanchard emerging as the newest Horsemen helping Ric Flair win another shot at Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Hawk. Nikita Koloff answering Kerry Brown's open challenge & becoming the new NWA United States Champion to the shock & frankly the dismay of just about everyone. We'll see him in action later this hour as well as the masked man known as Lucifer who has been causing chaos with his seeming allies The Powers of Pain & The Great Kabuki. Also we'll hear from the now fully powered Four Horsemen, I'm sure they'll have a lot to say.

BC: They usually do but before all that we start today's episode with the long awaited debut of Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston, Spartanburg Vice!

Match #1

Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) defeat Cruel Connection (Gary Royal & George South in masks) when Bryant slammed CC#1 then tagged in Winston who came off the second rope with a elbow for the win. Big "hometown" pop.

*Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the MACW live events for the coming week.

(We return to footage from last weeks episode showing the arrival of "Lucifer". A voice-over from Caudle tells us this is after the show went off the air. We see Luger trying to fight back with the crowd's support but he's cur off by the "Asian mist" from Kabuki & a shot with the NWA World Television Title belt by Lucifer. We then see footage from Norfolk where the masked man aligned himself with the Powers of Pain. We cut to Caudle joined by Lex Luger)

BC: Wrestling fans with me is the NWA World Television Champion Lex Luger. Lex congratulations are in order but I don't imagine you've been in a celebratory mood.

LL: Bob Caudle i haven't had even tried to celebrate this title win because all I've been able to think about is those 2 freaks jumping me after I won fair & square. Well Lucifer i don't have the patience to spend weeks or months playing detective trying to figure out who you are so i went to the matchmakers & we arrived at a agreement, next week in the main event its me & you this title vs your mask! I'm putting a end to this before it even starts. (Luger storms off)

BC: Well wrestling fans there you have it. Lex Luger wasting no time trying to find the real identity of Lucifer. Speaking of whom he's in action right now let's send it to the ring.

Match #2

Lucifer w/The Great Kabuki & The Powers of Pain defeats Curtis Thompson after hanging him in the "Tree of woe" then going to the opposite corner & charging back across with a knee. Caudle & Schiavone both agree there's something familiar about the man but can't put their fingers on it. (Or so they say,one gets the feeling however they're afraid to say who they're thinking of)

Commercial+Promo for tomorrow night in the Dorton Arena in Raleigh,NC 

(We return to thunderous boos as Caudle is joined by the Koloffs. Nikita is gripping the United States title by the end of one strap causing the other to drag across the ground)

BC: Wrestling fans I'm joined by...(Ivan yanks the mic towards him)

IK: This people know who Koloffs are Comrade Caudle & they know that nephew Nikita is rightful NWA World Heavyweight Champion still. At Beach Brawl rules say clearly that winner is one who make opponent say "I Quit" (Ivan stares directly into Caudle's eyes) Did nephew Nikita quit comrade Caudle? (Ivan asks politely enough but the look on Nikita's face makes it clear Caudle had best choose his words carefully. With a gulp Caudle answers)

BC: N-no Nikita did not quit.

IK: And yet corrupt NWA officials steal Nikita's title & hand to handpicked puppet Magnum T.A. Nikita never quit so Nikita is still true Champion.

BC:(casts a nervous glance Nikita's direction) With all due respect your nephew passed out...

IK: Nonsense! Nikita was merely using advanced escape technique because Magnum try to hang Nikita like common criminal. Magnum T.A should be in prison but that is beside the point. Nikita was preparing to free himself when referee stop the match because their ignorant American mind couldn't comprehend superior Russian strategy. 

(Ivan looks set to continue but Nikita pulls the mic his way)

NK: Magnum T.A...Nikita will not deny you are great athlete...one could almost forget you are American. But you know you did not beat Nikita. You know you CAN NOT defeat Nikita. You KNOW you are but paper champion. And until you give Nikita rightful rematch Nikita will hold this (holds up U.S,title) hostage. Nikita will crush all American who try to take this title until their are no others but you & Nikita & then Magnum...then Nikita will break you & spirit of America once & for all! 

BC: Strong words from a strong man. Let's send it to the ring. 

Match #3

"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord defeats Mick Foley with a spear.

Commercial+Promo for Raleigh.

(Caudle is standing with the Midnight Rockers. They hype their pair of one-on-one matches with the Andersons in Raleigh & if they win both they get a United States Tag Title shot next week in Greensboro)

Match #4

"Bad" Leroy Brown defeats Sean Royal with a big splash.

Commercial+promo for Raleigh 

BC: Wrestling fans tomorrow night in Raleigh there will be a 6 man gauntlet with the winner challenging my guest Eric Embry for the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship next week in Greensboro. Mr Embry any comments.

EE:(Rolls his eyes) First of all Bob Caudle I am "Flamboyant" Eric Embry & I will be addressed as such. Second the fact that this gauntlet is happening is a disgrace cause ain't none of these clowns deserve a chance at the most Radiant Champion in the NWA. (Embry's smug expression falls as a chant of "crybaby" breaks out)

BC: With respect this gauntlet has some of the finest Jr Heavyweight talent in the world. Listen to these names. El Santo Negro, Chris Benoit,Denny Brown,Chick Donovan,Johnny Ace & Gary Royal.

EE: Well Chick & Gary are my kinda guys, I might not mind having to share a ring with either of them. But the rest are just 1 big joke. A Mexican jumping bean in a Halloween mask, A Canadian midget i never heard of, A guy about as "exciting" as watching paint dry &... wait who was the other guy again?

BC: Denny Brown who...

EE: Oh Yeah him. He's a...wrestler...I guess? Look the fact is not one of em has the talent, the charisma & especially not the look to replace me at the head of this division. Get used to this face Caudle. You'll be seeing a lot of it. (Embry leaves with the chants of "crybaby" louder then before)

BC: Quite a character isn't he? Let's send it to the ring.

Match #5

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley defeats Mike Jackson with a bridging German suplex. After the bell Foley buried Jackson under the Canadian flag.

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the card for tomorrow night in Raleigh.

6 man gauntlet to challenge for the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship next week in Greensboro. Participants. El Santo Negro,Chris Benoit w/JR Foley,"Downtown" Denny Brown,"Golden Boy" Chick Donovan,"Mr Excitement" Johnny Ace & "Gorgeous" Gary Royal 

Harts Afire (Bruce & Keith Hart) vs The Powers of Pain(The Barbarian & The Warlord) w/Lucifer 

If the Midnight Rockers win both matches they get a NWA United States Tag Title match in Greensboro.

Marty Jannetty vs Arn Anderson w/JJ Dillon 

Shawn Michaels vs Ole Anderson w/JJ Dillon 

Main event 

The Road Warriors (Hawk & Animal) w/"Precious" Paul Ellering vs The Four Horsemen ("Nature Boy" Ric Flair & Tully Blanchard) w/JJ Dillon & Baby Doll 

Bell time 7:30pm Tickets still available!

(We return to Caudle joined by the entire Four Horsemen. Flair welcomes Blanchard & Baby Doll says their addition takes the Horsemen from "unbeatable" to "untouchable". Blanchard says he's looking forward to teaming with Ric to "give those face painted freaks a wrestling lesson tomorrow night" The Andersons insist that their draw against The Midnight Rockers last week was a fluke. Tomorrow night they'll prove that when they're focused "those teenyboppers can't last 10 mins one-on-one or in a tag" They then call out NWA World Tag Team champions Ted DiBiase & Steve Williams 'it's time we take our rightful place at the top of the tag team world" They all throw up 4 fingers then leave laughing)

Main event 

Non title

"The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff w/Ivan Koloff defeats Mr Wrestling 2 with repeated Russian Sickles only the first of which was truly necessary. Medics tend to MW2 as Caudle & Schiavone urge fans to tune in next week when MACW airs from Albany James H. Gary Sr. Civic Center in Albany,GA!

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Term of the Week: "Advanced Escape Technique". Pure GOLD! :lol:

With a cheeky grin, I'm wagging my finger, DeNiro-style, at Lucifer. From Goodfellas: "You may know who we are, but we KNOW who you are." Lex is wasting no time either. I'm all in.

Nikita remains one of the great top killing machine heels in all of Dawn of War, and proves it again in tonight's main event. Good stuff.

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Really good show with a true MACW feel.  Last year youtube had the entire 1985 MACW season and this was spot on.  The matches were filled with midcard guys but the stories for the big stars was hyped through the opening montage and interviews.  Great job.  If anyone wants to see some great wrestling from the territory days, see if this is still on youtube.

The Koloffs gave a great promo and hype we see a big rematch between Nikita and the champ. 

Good job getting some attention for the JR HW's.  Benoit is just about ready to become a star. 

MACW.... 4 Horseman... All is right in Dawn of War!

Looking forward to Greensboro!

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I can totally hear Bob Caudle's voice as I read. Bob is a class act.

Spartanburg Vice make their long awaited in ring debut. I'm expecting big things from these guys. I also have to mention the Cruel Connection LOL, brings back old WTBS TV memories. 

Luger is wasting no time in taking care of this Lucifer business. However,  he better watch out for POP and Kabuki. 

LOL, that explanation by Uncle Ivan was classic. Nikita gives a heated promo as well. I believe him when he says he's keeping the US belt hostage. 

Huge opportunity for the Midnight Rockers but huge task in beating both Andersons in singles matches. 

"Crybaby" Embry doesn't seem to worried about the winner of the gauntlet match. I would love to see an Embry/Denny Brown match. 

Speaking of the Jr. division, Benoit is coming on strong under the tutelage of Foley. 

Love that you're using the "Hart's Afire" name. 

All is right in MACW as the Horsemen are united. Their promos during this time were so damn good. 

WOW! Nikita looks like a beast as he literally takes out MACW legend Mr. Wrestling 2. Talk about serious heat. 

Great show! Can't wait for Raleigh.  

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MACW Live @ the Dorton Arena in  Raleigh,NC   (9/18/86)

6 Man Gauntlet match (winner challenges Eric Embry for the NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship in Greensboro)

Round 1

"Mr Excitement" Johnny Ace defeats "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan with the "Ace Crusher" 

Round 2

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley defeats Johnny Ace with a Tiger Suplex.

Round 3

Chris Benoit defeats "Downtown" Denny Brown when Foley hit Brown with his army helmet behind the referee's back.

Round 4

El Santo Negro defeats Chris Benoit when Foley tried to use his helmet again but accidentally hit Benoit instead!

Final round 

El Santo Negro defeats "Gorgeous" Gary Royal with a La Magistral cradle. El Santo Negro challenges Embry in Greensboro! Santo is celebrating when Embry comes out of the crowd & nails him with the title! Embry makes like he's leaving but thinks better of it & delivers a PILEDRIVER ON THE TITLE! Officials rush to check on Santo as Embry leaves to deafening boos.

Harts Afire (Bruce & Keith Hart) defeat The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian & The Warlord) w/Lucifer by DQ when Lucifer attacked Bruce while he had Warlord in the "Hartbreaker" Leglock. We get a 3-2 for a bit until Lex Luger runs down to even the odds. The Hart's regroup & help Luger clear the ring. Lucifer & P.O.P regroup with Kabuki making his way down but after seeing Luger & The Hart's ready to continue the fight Lucifer decides to lead his men away.

If the Midnight Rockers win both matches they recieve a NWA United States Tag Team Title match in Greensboro.

Marty Jannetty defeats Arn Anderson w/JJ Dillon by c.o when dropkicked Anderson over the top rope & Anderson couldn't answer the 10 count.

Shawn Michaels defeats Ole Anderson w/JJ Dillon by countering a Gordbuster attempt into a inside cradle for a surprise 1..2..3! Ole was so pissed Dillon had to restrain him from decking the ref!

(The arena explodes as "Ironman" roars over the pa system. The Horsemen come down to "Also Sprach Zarathustra" wearing matching sequence robes with "Four Horsemen" across the back. Mostly boos but some cheers mainly from teenage boys & single women)

The Four Horsemen ("Nature Boy" Ric Flair & Tully Blanchard) w/JJ Dillon & Baby Doll defeat The Road Warriors (Animal & Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Hawk) w/"Precious" Paul Ellering.

A wild finish sees all 4 men in the ring (Animal & Blanchard are legal) Hawk & Flair are brawling in the corner with the ref trying to separate them... Dillon tries to enter the ring but is pulled off by Ellering & we get a chase around the ring... Animal military pressed Blanchard but Baby Doll sneaks in & uppercuts him square in the uprights! Hawk knocks Flair to the floor & follows him out. This proves a mistake as it allows the ref to see Blanchard to barely get Animal with a slingshot suplex for the win. Blanchard & Flair continue to attack the Road Warriors after the bell with The Andersons coming down & joining in with even Ellering taking some hits. The Midnight Rockers try to make the save but Dillon starts wracking guys with his shoe. The Horsemen continue the beatdown focusing largely on Hawk. Suddenly the crowd goes crazy as RANDY SAVAGE RUNS DOWN SWINGING A CHAIR! THE HORSEMEN HIT THE FLOOR AS SAVAGE SWINGS FOR THE FENCES! Savage grabs the mic.

"Hey Blanchard! Bet you felt pretty slick last week huh? Yeah bet you felt like a real big man helping your new boyfriend get one over on the Macho Man. But what you've really done is place yourself smack dab IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DANGER ZONE!!! You see i talked to guys in charge and got it signed,sealed & delivered. Next Week in Greensboro it's Tully Blanchard 1-on-1 with the Macho Man Randy Savage! Enjoy these next 7 days Blanchard because they're all you've got left"

Savage throws the mic down as the fans are losing their minds! Blanchard is also losing his mind but for a decidedly different reason! 

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As I said before, really excited about the attention you are giving to the JR HW division.  Embry added to the heat here and the match with El Santo Negro now has the fans attention.

The Harts better be careful... Lucifer is one dangerous dude!  Great contrast in styles here in this match.  Like how you brought in Lex for the brawl as this is the top of guy who could deal with the P.oP.

Love the Stipulations for the MIdnight Rockers and the pulled it off!  They better be ready for the Andersons but they would also make great champs!  Looking forward to seeing where this one goes. 

What a Main Event!!


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As I told you elsewhere, I really enjoyed the work you did picking up the ball and running with it in Texas and I have to say you are doing the exact same thing here!

That Koloff's promo was freaking fantastic, and Ivan giving his explanation before Nikita brought the scary was just a perfect combo.

Luger dealing with the oddball stable should be a lot of fun.

The Horseman riding high is appropriate, and The Road Warriors may need better help that the Rockers to get the job done in fighting them.

Awesome job with Embry. I really only remember him as the "World Class Savior." But he seems like such a sleazy peckerhead even then, that this roll is pretty much always how I envisioned him!

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A fast-paced gauntlet fits the junior heavyweights so well! I'm glad the Rockers are getting a title shot, it should be a good match. Amazing action in the main event! As if the Horsemen versus the Road Warriors wasn't exciting enough, Randy Savage and the Rockers make it ten times as explosive!

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Spartanburg Vice make their debut! Looking forward to seeing how they do with the loaded tag roster here in MACW

"Lucifer" got into the head of Lex Luger quickly and its earned him a TV title shot!

Ivan Koloff's "advanced escape technique" promo may be the best heel excuse for a loss....EVER!  Then followed by Nikita's rage....good stuff!

Creative way for the Midnight Rockers to earn a title shot against the Andersons, I like it!

Solid promo from Embry, looking to the Gauntlet match!

Nikita destroying Wrestling 2 to close the show sends a strong message!


Onward to Raleigh....

Santo wins the Gauntlet and gets assaulted by Embry...looking forward to Greensboro 

Midnight Rockers get the job done in singles and now they are getting their shot at the Andersons

Insane main event! Great stuff and Macho cleans house! I don't think Blanchard is ready for the Madness.

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You guys in the NWA are doing an incredible job with the Jr. division. 

Santo earns the shot but pays dearly as Embry shows him who's he's dealing with. 

Luger battling it out with the crazies is a lot of fun. 

Rockers pull it off and earn themselves a shot at the Andersons. LOL, Nice touch with a pissed off Ole. 

Big time main event as the Horsemen eke out a tainted win over the Road Warriors. Show ends on a high note with the Macho Man! Savage vs. Tully...OOOHHH YEA!

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Hey guys just wanted to say a couple of things.

First, Thank you all for the feedback on my version of MACW so far.  It really means a lot cause I really want to do this roster justice. I'm working with some of my all time favorites + I'm getting to run shows in my home state.

Second, I'm using wrestlingdata to structure my house shows. When possible I'll be running a show in the town/venue run on that date irl. This comes with a couple issues however, It seems that in September 86 MACW was trying to expand into the rust belt & so didn't make many trips Georgia & Virginia while still visiting the Carolinas regularly. For the moment I'm just skipping the out of territory dates hence why I only ran 2 house shows last week but eventually I hope to replace at least some of them with shows in GA & VA.

Finally, After doing due diligence on the building. I've determined that the Albany James H Gary Sr Civic Center in Albany GA is to big a venue to run air TV from. As such I'm moving the 9/24 TV show to the Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium in Fayetteville NC. I picked this site as it's closer in size to the venues I've already used for tv while the venue in Albany is closer to sites like the Charlotte Coluseam. To be clear MACW will visit Albany at some point it just won't be next Saturday.

Sorry if this got kinda long but I felt a explanation was in order. Thanks for reading & I hope you enjoy what's too come.

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MACW House Show Results for 9/21/86

MACW @ Ashville Civic Center in Ashville,NC

"Downtown" Denny Brown defeats Mick Foley with a Oklahoma roll.

Roosevelt Jones defeats Rocky King with the "Brisco Rollup" (corner sunset flip)

The Can-Am Express (Doug Furnas & Phil LaFleur) & The Powers of Pain (The Barbarian & The Warlord) fought to a double DQ 

Texas Red defeats Bugsy Mcgraw with a clothesline from the top rope.

NWA United States Championship

"The Russian Nightmare" Nikita Koloff(c) defeats "The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord after dodging a spear & hit the Russian Sickle 

(The main event was promoted as Lucifer & The Great Kabuki vs Lex Luger & a mystery partner. Kabuki & Lucifer are jeering at Luger who's standing in the aisle. Finally a grinning Luger gestures to the back summoning his partner... MACW LEGEND WAHOO MCDANIEL! Interestingly Lucifer seems particularly enraged to see McDaniel)

"Total Package" Lex Luger & "Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeat Lucifer & The Great Kabuki by DQ when Kabuki sprayed McDaniel with the "Asian mist" in front of the referee. The Powers of Pain ran down & we get a 4-2 beatdown until The Can-Am Express rush in for the save. After being helped to his feet & given a bottle of water to flush out his eyes,Wahoo grabs the house mic & demands Lucifer & co to a 8 man tag right then and there! Lucifer converses with his men...& accept! Leading to...

"Total Package" Lex Luger,"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel & The Can-Am Express defeat Lucifer,The Great Kabuki & The Powers of Pain when Wahoo pinned Warlord with a Tomahawk Chop.


MACW @ "Old" Charlotte Coluseam in Charlotte,NC 

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday defeat 2 local talents after laying them next to each other and hitting the "Air Africa" splash.

Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) defeat "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan & "Gorgeous" Gary Royal with the "Spartanburg Special" (bodyslam/second rope elbowdrop combo)

 "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley defeats Mr Wrestling 2 with the "Flying Willie" following interference from...Leroy Brown?

"The Mighty" Hercules Hernandez defeats "Mr Excitement" Johnny Ace by countering the "Ace Crusher" Into the Full Nelson

The Commonwealth ("Lord" Jonathan Boyd & George Barnes) w/JR Foley defeat Harts Afire (Bruce & Keith Hart) after Foley hit Keith with his army helmet allowing Barnes to pin him.

'The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff defeats "Crippler" Ray Stevens after hitting him with his chain behind the referee's back.

Mad Dog Vachon & The Paisans (Tony Parisi & The Italian Stallion) defeat The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques,Raymond & Armand) after Vachon made Armand submit to the Cobra Clutch.

The Four Horsemen ("Nature Boy" Ric Flair, Tully Blanchard & The Minnesota Wrecking Crew) w/JJ Dillon & Baby Doll defeat "Handsome" Harley Race,"Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth & The Road Warriors w/"Precious" Paul Ellering when Dillon passed Blanchard his shoe which he hit Race with for the win. The fighting continued after the bell & in all the chaos Dillon somehow ended up in isolated in the ring allowing the Road Warriors to hit the hated manager with the Doomsday Device to send the crowd home happy.

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Awesome job getting MACW set up the way you like.  I just said something similiar to Den and WWF.  You have done a great job of building up some of your midcard heels which makes the fans really happy when your upper level babyfaces beat them or you are able to produce more heat when the upper card heels come out on top of your midcard babyfaces that just got some shine on TV.

Some huge appearances this week as we get Wahoo Back and see the debut of LeRoy Brown.  Looking forward seeing how you use him.

Awesome main events!!  MACW is STAR-STUDDED!!

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I liked that you used SD's real name, Roosevelt. I did the same a couple years ago. I just love that name.

Can Am Express show they're a tough team by going toe to toe with the POP. 

Luger gives the fans a huge surprise as WAHOO returns to mid Atlantic! It's awesome seeing Wahoo get right into the mix. 

Kamala will do big things here especially under Foley's guidance. 

HMMMM, Bad Bad Leroy Brown helping out Whatley. Very interesting.

Nice counter by Herc. 

I bet Foley relished that win over the Harts.

Ivan and Stevens show the kids how it's done.

Vachon gets a most satisfying submission win on Armand. 

I have to say, the tag team division is stacked! 

Blockbuster main event as the Horsemen get the tainted win. However, JJ suffers dearly. 




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Great pair of house show cards here!

Can-Am Express look strong going toe to toe with the Powers of Pain

US Champ Nikita racks up another win!

I can only imagine the pop that Wahoo returning had to get! Great way for him to make his return!

Kamala is coming in hot taking out 2 guys at once!

Whatley gets some help from Leroy Brown....interesting.

Wow, what a main event in Charlotte! You can't get more star power than that!

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MACW House Show results for 9/22/86

MACW @ Memorial Auditorium in Greenville, SC

Justice defeats Ron Ritchie with a jumping shoulderblock.

"Big" Lou Winston defeats The Gladiator #2 (George South in a mask) with a second rope elbowdrop.

Bugsy Mcgraw defeats Jerry Bryant with a standing splash.

El Santo Negro defeats The Barbarian with a flying crossbody.

"The Missouri Tiger" Jeff Gaylord defeats "Gorgeous" Gary Royal with a spear.

The Great Kabuki defeats Phil LaFleur with a thrust kick.

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats Ole Anderson with a Tomahawk Chop.


MACW @ Cobb County Civic Center in Marietta,GA

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday defeats Rocky King with "Air Africa"

Mr Wrestling 2 defeats Roosevelt Jones with a kneelift. Shaska Whatley & Leroy Brown were seen observing from the aisle.

"Cippler" Ray Stevens defeats "Golden Boy" Chick Donovan with the "Powerdriver"

"Bad Bad" Leroy Brown defeats Mad Dog Vachon with a big splash after a trip from Shaska Whatley.

"Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley defeats "Downtown" Denny Brown with the "Flying Willie" after a shot from Brown behind the referee's back.

"The Unpredictable" Dick Slater defeats "The Russian Bear" Ivan Koloff with the spinning neckbreaker.

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On Commentary: Bob Caudle & Tony Schiavone. 

Ring Announcer: David Crockett 

Airing Friday September 24th 1986 on WTBS Channel 17 from the Cumberland County Memorial Auditorium in Fayetteville,NC.

(The show opens with footage from last weeks show in Raleigh. We see El Santo Negro winning the Jr Heavyweight gauntlet only to be attacked by Embry, The Midnight Rockers earning themselves a U.S Tag Title match by beating both The Andersons one-on-one, And in the main event the Four Horsemen defeating the Road Warriors with the post match brawl & the announcement of Randy Savage's match with Tully Blanchard tomorrow night in Greensboro! We then get the opening montage set to "The Hit" by Richard Myhill. After the joint NWA MACW logo we cut to Caudle & Schiavone)

BC:Hello wrestling fans. Welcome to another episode of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling,professional wrestling's most exciting hour. Sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance,the very finest pro wrestling in the world. I'm Bob Caudle alongside Tony Schiavone & Tony we're just a little over 24 hours away from what is to my mind one of the biggest cards in Mid-Atlantic history.

TS: I completely agree Bob. Folks tomorrow night we're returning to the place many would say is the home of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling, The Greensboro Coluseam in Greensboro,NC with a card highlighted by the rematch everyone has been waiting for, Road Warrior Hawk defends the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship against the man he won it from "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Bob will run down the rest of the show later this broadcast but I've been granted permission to make the following announcement. Last week on Continental Championship Wrestling Dusty Rhodes revealed that the NWA had agreed to host a joint event called Halloween Havoc. I can confirm that event will take place on Sunday October 31st & it will take place in on of the greatest wrestling sites in the United States...The Omni in Atlanta Georgia! Details are still being worked out but rumors abound of a special one night tournament. Details to be revealed when available. But I think we can all agree this is a exciting time to be a wrestling fan.

BC: It certainly is Tony & it's especially a exciting time to be a fan of Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling & the National Wrestling Alliance. Now fans let's send it to the ring for our first match and the return of a legendary team to the Mid-Atlantic area,The Assassins!

Match #1

The Assassins (Jody Hamilton & Roger Smith) defeat The Gladiators when Assassin #1 made Gladiator #2 submit to the "Assassin Lock" (Lifting hammerlock)

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the MACW House Shows for the coming week.

BC:Welcome back wrestling fans. As Tony mentioned tomorrow night is our long awaited return to Greensboro,NC with the massive main event Road Warrior Hawk vs "Nature Boy" Ric Flair for the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship. Indeed all the Horsemen will be in action tomorrow night & they've sent in a tape addressing their opponents.

(VTR- The Four Horsemen dressed to the nines,  seated in a Learjet in flight. A very attractive stewardess pours Ric a glass of Champagne)

RF: Thank ya darlin'. Well folks tomorrow's the big night. Mid-Atlantic finally returns to the Greensboro Coluseam & The Horsemen are right where we should be,under the brightest lights fighting for gold & for a payday beyond most folks wildest dreams. Tomorrow night The Horsemen plant out flag firmly in the ground & officially claim Mid-Atlantic as our Kingdom. First the greatest tag team in the world today,The Minnesota Wrecking Crew are gonna give those longhaired punks The Midday Boppers or whatever they call themselves a wrestling lesson that is clearly LONG overdue. Then the 24 karat diamond of professional wrestling Tully Blanchard & the REAL first lady of professional wrestling,Baby Doll are gonna put that rabid dog "Nacho Man" Randy Savage down for good. And Lizzy I know it's gonna be hard for ya without your pet Rottweiler to protect you but I want you to know the Naitcha Boy's door is ALWAYS open baby. And finally yours truly,the greatest wrestler under God's hot sun is going to right the greatest wrong in Mid-Atlantic history when rescue,when i liberate the Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship from that Mad Max wannabe Hawk. And after that we'll then Mid-Atlantic becomes what it was always meant to be...The Four Horsemen's playground! Gentlemen & Lady i propose a toast, To the Four Horsemen & our continued dominance of the pro wrestling world.

(The VTR ends with the excited clinking of glasses)

Match #2

"The Ugandan Giant" Kamala w/JR Foley & Friday defeat 3 local talents by stacking them on top of each other and hitting "Air Africa" on the pile.

Commercial-Promo for Greensboro 

BC: Wrestling fans we're back with some more exciting Mid-Atlantic action. Joining me now is a man who's wrestlers have been making quite the impression recently,Mr Jr Foley.

JrF: First of all Mr Caudle my name is General Foley. If I'm going to subject myself to being interviewed by a American i must insist on being addressed properly.

BC: Ok...General Foley what are the goals of your organization in Mid-Atlantic?

JrF: Ever since we graciously allowed you to declare independence you yanks have seemingly made it your mission to debase our proud Anglo-Saxon culture. Rock n Roll, Marijuana, Las Vegas each display of debauchery more obscene than the last! Finally I could take no more. Clearly you Americans weren't ready for the burden of freedom so I've brought the finest talent from her majesty's Commonwealth to whip you sorry lot into shape! From my own pristine homeland of Canada I bring the finest technical wrestler alive today,The next NWA World Jr Heavyweight Champion & the ONLY positive contribution the Hart family has made to this business Chris Benoit. From the beautiful continent of Australia I bring the most physically dominant tag team in the world, His Lordship Jonathan Boyd & his partner the right honorable George Barnes. And finally from the pearl of Africa,to show you even the least civilized of our members have more dignity than your degenerate citizens i bring the most feared man in wrestling...Kamala! The re-education of America has begun Mr Caudle, i suggest you think carefully on rather you mean to be part of the solution...or the problem.

(Foley leaves to resounding boos)

BC: Quite the character isn't he folks? Let's send it down to the ring for our next match.

Match #3

"Downtown" Denny Brown defeats The Executioner (George South) with a Oklahoma roll.

Commercial-Promo for Greensboro 

(Bob Caudle hypes the U.S Tag Title match tomorrow night in Greensboro. We see pre-recorded comments from The Midnight Rockers. They say they've got the Andersons number & they know that with 20,000 fans behind them in Greensboro they will become the new NWA United States Tag Team Champions)

Match #4

The Great Kabuki defeats Mike "Action" Jackson with a thrust kick.

Commercial-Promo for Greensboro 

BC: Wrestling fans tomorrow night in Greensboro for the first time ever it's "Macho Man" Randy Savage vs Tully Blanchard in a match that's been on everyone's dream list. Here's some pre-recorded comments from the "Macho Man"

(VTR- Savage is bench pressing a surprisingly large set of weights. Ms Elizabeth sees the camera & when safe,alerts Savage to their presence. Savage racks the weight & stares directly into the camera)

RS: Tully Blanchard...the Macho Man is gonna be honest with ya,this is one I've been looking forward to for some time now yeah. Ya see no matter where the Macho Man goes people ask "Mr Savage who do you want face in the squared circle?" "Mr Savage do you ever plan on facing so-and-so?" And you better believe your name came up more than once in those conversations. In fact even if you hadn't done what you did in Raleigh I dare say we would've found a excuse to do this sooner or later. And maybe that's why you decided to stick your nose into the Macho Man's business,maybe that's why you decided to go ahead and make yourself some friends. Maybe you figured "Hey if it's gonna happen anyway I may as well start it on my terms" and you know what Blanchard? The Macho Man can actually respect that. But that doesn't mean the Macho Man is gonna lay down for it no sir,tomorrow night in Greensboro North Carolina you my friend have to walk that aisle,climb into that ring & STARE STRAIGHT INTO THE EYES OF MADNESS! And when you do you'll know that what you did in Raleigh will be the last mistake you ever make in a wrestling ring. And once I'm done with you I'm moving onto what you tried to keep me from. Yeah Flair,Hawk it doesn't matter which one of you leaves the main event victorious because whichever one of you leaves with that title has a date with the Macho Man! Oooooh Yeeaaahh!

(VTR ends)

Match #5 

"Chief" Wahoo McDaniel defeats Mick Foley with a Tomahawk Chop.

Commercial-Bob Caudle runs down the card for tomorrow night in Greensboro.

Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) vs The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & ?)

"Hangman" Bobby Jagers vs Roosevelt Jones 

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley vs "Bronco" Bruce Hart

Black Bart vs "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley 

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship 

"Flamboyant" Eric Embry(c) EL Santo Negro 

NWA United States Tag Team Championship 

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn & Ole Anderson) w/JJ Dillon vs The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels)

Grudge match 

"Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth vs Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll 

Main event 

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship 

Road Warrior Hawk(c) w/"Precious" Paul Ellering vs "Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon 

Bell time 8pm. Tickets sold out!

(Caudle & Schiavone hard sell tomorrow night in Greensboro one final time before the main event. They also reveal that Lucifer's "minions" have been banned from ringside)

Main event 

NWA World Television Championship vs Lucifer's mask

"Total Package" Lex Luger defeats Lucifer with the "Torture Rack". All hell breaks lose after the bell. As Luger goes to remove the mask Kabuki & P.O.P storm the ring and pounce on the exhausted champion. Security & lower card wrestlers try to help but are laid out as soon as they enter the ring. Lucifer gets to his feet looks at the destruction his men are causing,shrugs & removes his mask. The last thing the fans at home see is utter chaos,bodies flying all over the place,Luger lying in a heap & in the middle of it all...laughing like a madman...stands Kevin Sullivan.

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I know the MACW fans are ready for the return to Greensboro. 

Without a doubt, the NWA is going to rock at Halloween Havoc! 

The Assassins are back. I cant wait for a Hamilton promo. 

The Horsemen are riding high. Flair vs. Hawk, Tully vs. Savage, Rockers vs. Andersons. Busy night in Greensboro for the Horsemen. Will Flair regain the title? I'm buying a ticket for sure.  

Nothing gets a monster over like a handicap squash. 

Foley intends on taking over Mid Atlantic. He just might do it with that faction. 

Nice win for "Downtown" 

Savage cuts another intense promo. Tully vs. Savage could be the feud of the year. 

Wahoo is making his presence known. Chopping opponents down, one by one. 

My goodness look at that Greensboro card! 

Action packed and chaotic main event. Luger gets the win but suffers a beatdown. I love that image of Sullivan standing there as the show ends. 


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Really fitting imagery for the Horsemen and a great promo from Randy Savage in return. Randy Savage versus Tully Blanchard has all the makings of a great match, only to then be topped off by Ric Flair snatching the gold back from Road Warrior Hawk (and yes, I have full confidence in the Nature Boy)!

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MACW @ The Greensboro Coluseam in Greensboro NC 9/25/1986

The Red Tide (Ivan Koloff & Soldat Ustinov) w/Nikita Koloff defeat Spartanburg Vice (Jerry Bryant & "Big" Lou Winston) when Ustinov drove his knee into Bryant's back causing him to stagger into a Russian Sickle. After the bell Nikita entered the ring & when he saw Winston checking on Bryant he handed the U.S title to Ivan & nailed Winston with the Russian Sickle! He then piled Bryant on top of Winston & had Ustinov bury them both under the Soviet flag.

"Hangman" Bobby Jagers defeats Roosevelt Jones with a running elbowdrop. As Jones was leaving Shaska Whatley met him in the aisle & they walked off together.

Chris Benoit w/JR Foley & "Bronco" Bruce Hart wrestle to a 20 minute time limit draw. Benoit seemed ready to attack Bruce after the bell but Keith ran down & Foley decided to order a withdrawal.

Black Bart defeats "Black Bullet" Shaska Whatley by dq when Roosevelt Jones broke up a pin following the "Texas Trash Compacter". He & Whatley double teamed Bart for a bit until Dick Slater,Bobby Jagers & a man some fans recognized as Dirty Rhodes ran down & ran Whatley & Jones off. Bart seemed unsure but after a brief talking to by Slater he seemed to come around to something signaled by shaking each man's hand.

NWA World Jr Heavyweight Championship 

"Flamboyant" Eric Embry defeats El Santo Negro. Santo appeared on the verge of winning with a cross-body off the top but a man in a Lucha mask got on the apron and distracted both Santo & the ref. While this was happening ANOTHER man in a Lucha mask emerged from the crowd & shoved Santo off the top rope sending him crashing to the matt. Embry recovered as the first man jumped off the apron allowing the ref to see the match winning piledriver. After the bell the 2 men entered the ring. The first removed his mask to reveal..."Gorgeous" Gary Royal! Then the second man removed his mask revealing..."Pretty Boy" Doug Somers! Embry actually jumped to hug his Radiance partner with Royal being pulled in a second later. They then broke the hug & raised each other's hands & took a few bows to deafening chants of "Cheaters"

NWA United States Tag Team Championship 

The Minnesota Wrecking Crew (Arn & Ole Anderson) w/JJ Dillon defeat The Midnight Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) when Dillon passed Arn on off the title belts the ref took it from him allowing Dillon to pass Arn a shoe which he hit Jannetty with for the win.

Grudge match 

"Macho Man" Randy Savage w/Ms Elizabeth defeats Tully Blanchard w/Baby Doll in a match many in attendance argued surpassed the main event. The end saw the ref go down after getting caught by a stray right hand. Baby Doll took the opportunity to enter the ring and looked to hit Savage with a (presumably loaded) purse but before she could Ms Elizabeth jumped on her back! Baby Doll managed to shake her off & we get a pretty good "catfight" until ringside security managed to separate them & pull them from the ring. This distracted Blanchard to the point where he missed Savage climbing the ropes & only noticed when Savage came off with a axehandle! Savage then climbed the ropes again as the ref came to & hit the "Savage Elbow" for the win.

Main event 

Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship 

"Nature Boy" Ric Flair w/JJ Dillon defeats Road Warrior Hawk w/"Precious" Paul Ellering to become the NEW MID-ATLANTIC HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Hawk's power & surprising athleticism proved very difficult at first but Flair began a concentrated attack on the champion's leg. Hawk powered through for a time but a distraction by Dillon caused Hawk to hesitate during a attempt at a clothesline from the top rope. By the time Ellering pulled Dillon down & decked him with a right hook Flair had pulled himself together enough to dodge. Hawk tried to land on his feet but that just made the damage to his leg worse. Flair seized the opportunity to hit a shinbreaker then slap on the Figure Four. Hawk held on for as long as he could but eventually passed out from the pain allowing the ref to count the 1...2...3.

The rest of the Horsemen came down to join in on the celebration with Blanchard popping open a champagne bottle as the Andersons hoisted Flair on their shoulders.

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