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This show was great, culminating in a fun multi-man brawl!

I like this gimmick with Kevin Sullivan as the devil in Vader's ear. Will he give in or eventually grow tired of this pest?

I'm very much looking forward to "the massacre of the century"!

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Watching this game unfold, you have taken on many different identities, but I think your UWF is definitely taking the right shape.  Jake Roberts, as the snake, I mean face in peril is one of the all time best. He has the odds against him and you're putting him in a spot to only gain more steam. I love the Miracle Violence Connection and I especially love Demolition. Seeing them  go toe to toe is something to behold. You've got a lot of great things going here with the UWF and I know that this mix of talent has unlimited possibilities.

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JANUARY 15, 1987


Rick Steiner with Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt defeats the Brooklyn Brawler with a German Suplex


Rising Sun (Kendo Nagasaki & Muta) with Tojo Yamamota defeat Brian Dean & Joe Mackey with the Savat Kick/Moonsault Combo on Dean. 


Koko Ware defeated The Mighty Yankee by DQ with outside interference by The Mighty Yankee.  Brad Armstrong made the save.


Michael Hayes & Brad Armstrong wrestled to a Double Count-Out.  Buddy Roberts tried to come out and help but Koko Ware repaid Brad for his earlier help and the fan favorites were left in charge of the ring while the Freebirds headed for the hills in frustrated fashion. 



Dick Murdoch defeats Bruiser Brody by when Ernie Ladd hit the ring and double-teamed Murdoch.  Murdoch left the ring a bloody mess. 



Terry Gordy, Dr. Death, Jake “The Snake” and Hacksaw Butch Reed with Steve Cox observing from his chair defeated Sheiks’s Army (Demolition, Ted Dibiase and Hercules Ayala) when Jake Robert’s connected with a DDT on Ayala while all 8 men where brawling all over the arena. 


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Steiner & Rising Sun build on their successful debuts.

Koko Ware & Brad Armstrong could be a formidable team...as the Yankees & the Freebirds can attest.

Brody & Ladd continue their destruction with Murdoch as the victim.

Roberts leads his team to victory over his former employer. How will the Shiek respond?

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Jan. 18th


Show opens with a video tape from the Sam Houston Coliseum showing Michael Hayes & Brad Armstrong wrestled to a Double Count-Out.  Buddy Roberts tried to come out and help but Koko Ware repaid Brad for his earlier help and the fan favorites were left in charge of the ring while the Freebirds headed for the hills in frustrated fashion. 

Next, we see the regular introduction of the show with a montage of pictures of all the UWF wrestling stars and pictures from Ft. Worth as a voice over plays…


“From the historic Cowtown Palace, next to Billy Bob’s Texas in the heart of the Ft. Worth Stockyard, it’s the Power Pro Wrestling. 


Sixty minutes of the wildest action in professional Wrestling featuring the stars of the Universal Wrestling Federation.”


Jim Ross:  Hello again everybody and welcome to the Cowtown Palace and Power Pro Wrestling.  You have just seen footage of a wild brawl between the Freebirds and Brad Armstrong and Koko Ware from this past week at the Sam Houston Coliseum.….   I’m Jim Ross along with Cowboy Bill Watts, the President of the UWF.  Bill, we have another tremendous hour coming up. 

Bill Watts:  Sure do, and we have a great crowd on hand waiting for us to get it kicked off but before we start I have to inform you that in less than 2 months, the UWF is going to hold its first major pay-per view event on March 15th in the Superdome in New Orleans.  This Superblast at the Superdome will have 4 title matches and a whole lot more.  Fans, I promise this event will be a night to remember for the UWF so make sure to find out where you can view this awesome event.  Now as for tonight’s show, we will see another member of Hot Stuff Inc. make his first debut in the UWF as Chris Benoit will take on Zane Smith.  Rising Sun with Tojo Yamamota will take on Scott McGhee and the Italian Stallion.  Brad Armstrong will be taking on Buddy Roberts for the UWF TV Title.  Kevin Sullivan will be in action taking on Randy Mulkey.  Ted Dibiase will be taking on Rufus “Freight Train” Jones and in the Main Event, we will see a non-title bout between The Rock n Roll Express vs Demolition!

Jim Ross: Wow, when you said the UWF was going to bring the TV fans all the greatest matches in the country, you weren’t lying.  That main event is going to be awesome.   As the combatants are getting ready for our first match, I want to take you back to the end of last week’s show.

VTR of…..

Demolition © with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie vs Terry Gordy & Dr. Death Steve Williams with Steve Cox observing

As you would expect… No Wrestling Here!  This is a pure brawl from both sides with Demolition and the fan favorites sharing the momentum right down the middle.  In the end we get a double DQ for outside interference as all heck broke loose.  Hercules Ayala rushed the ring but the UWF Champion Hacksaw Butch Reed seemed to know this was coming and was right behind him.  These two were closely followed by Ted Dibiase and wearing his new black glove and Jake Roberts…Our tag title match has turned into an 8-man melee.  All of a sudden Sheik is up on the apron with a chair ….

From behind, Steve Cox yanks the legs of the Sheik.  As he falls toward the apron he crashes face first into the chair and  then tumbles to the arena floor   


Bill Watts:  We will be hearing from some of those involved in that brawl a little later on but I do think Steve Cox is one fast learner.  Dr. Death told him to pay attention and in just two weeks, he took care of Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  Give the youngster his due… he showed no fear and knew just the right person to go after.  Now let’s get to the ring. 



Chris Benoit with Missy Hyatt and Eddie Gilbert defeats Zane Smith with a Top Rope Shoulder Block

Jim Ross:  Fans, I want to take you back to a match that took place this week in the Sam Houston Coliseum.


Michael Hayes & Brad Armstrong wrestled to a Double Count-Out.  Buddy Roberts tried to come out and help but Koko Ware repaid Brad for his earlier help and the fan favorites were left in charge of the ring while the Freebirds headed for the hills in frustrated fashion.   


Jim Ross:  Let me bring in the Freebirds… Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts.  All I can say is that you guys always seem to find yourself in the middle of some sort of controversy.

Michael Hayes:  Jim Ross… I give the people around here their due.  They all know that to be the man, you have to beat the man.  I mean Terry Gordy and Dr. Death want a piece of us.  The Rock n Roll Express made a comment last week that they wouldn’t mind taking a walk down Bad Street and now… Koko Ware dares to step into the ring and interfere in my match with Brad Armstrong.  Come on jack… none of those teams can hang with the Freebirds.

Jim Ross:  I think we all saw who interfered first but tonight, Buddy Roberts, you will get a shot at Brad Armstrong and the UWF Television Title.

Buddy Roberts:  First of all, Michael Hayes would never need my help against someone the caliber of Brad Armstrong so I got no idea what you’re talking about Jack.  As for tonight, I want to make this very clear… the TV title is not our number 1 goal.  We are the Freebirds.  We want to be the UWF Tag Team Champions but tonight I am going to prove to that punk Brad Armstrong that he messed with the wrong guys and for that he is going to have to pay with his TV title!

Jim Ross:  Well folks… Nobody has been able to shut the Freebirds up yet, but Brad Armstrong would love to be the first. 



Rising Sun (Nagasaki & Muta) with Tojo defeated Scott McGhee & Italian Stallion with the Thrust Kick-Moonsault Combo on The Italian Stallion


After the match, Jim Ross welcomes in Sheik Adnan Al Kaisse and Ted Dibiase.

Sheik Adnan Al Kassie:  Jim Ross… last week I said that the number one priority of my Army is to take out Jake Roberts and today, I am issuing that turn coat a challenge… a challenge he can not turn down.  He is out here complaining that I did not pay him enough money.  He is saying that he is better than Ted Dibiase and that he deserved to be the Million Dollar Man.  Well Jake Roberts… how does this sound.  You vs the best wrestler in the world… Ted Dibiase.  Dibiase wins and he gets the North American Title.  You win… I give you the Million Dollars you think you deserved in the beginning.

The crowd erupts as Jake “The Snake” Roberts slithers out.

Jake Roberts:  Let me get this straight… you will pay me a Million Dollars and all I have to do is beat this clown who can’t win without a loaded glove. 

Dibiase is upset and begins to walk towards Snake but Sheik comes him down.

Sheik:  That’s right… so we got a deal. 

Jake Roberts:  No!

Ted Dibiase:  There… he just proved it.  Jake Roberts is nothing but a Yellow-bellied coward!

Jake Roberts:  Shut up Dibiase.  Money means little to me.  Respect means everything to me.  My father taught me when I was young to face every challenge that comes your way.  Last week, you Sheik Adnan said that every member of your Army was now coming after me.  I look at that as a challenge.  I am going to go through your entire Army to prove to you that you made the wrong choice when you picked Dibiase over me.  The thing is… I am going to pick the order that I defeat the members of your Army.  Next week, right here on TV, I will take out your security guard… Hercules Ayala.  When I beat him, I will tell you who is next.  If anyone from your Army interferes in the match, the deal is off and nobody from your Army gets another North American Title shot… EVER!  If I lose to anyone in your Army, they get the North American Title, and I will return my $50,000 salary from you.  When I beat your entire Army… you leave the UWF.

Sheik Adnan:  Roberts… you have just proven how dumb most Americans are.  You had no chance of beating one of my men, never mind all of them.  You got yourself a deal.  Let me go break the news to Hercules Ayala that he will be the North American Champion next week.

As they all walk off, Jim Ross wonders if Jake Roberts knows what he is doing. 




Brad Armstrong © defeated Buddy Roberts by DQ when Michael Hayes interfered.

Since the ref had already made his decision, Michael Hayes figured there was no sense in stopping the attack so Brad was under a nasty 2-1 attack by the Freebirds.  In a show of strength, the newest UWF babyfaces made the save as it was Eddie Gilbert and the Rock n Roll Express to the rescue. 



Kevin Sullivan destroyed Randy Mulkey

With pure viciousness, we see Sullivan just crush Mulkey.  From jumping on the abdominals to the Tree of Woo to basically ripping Mulkey’s face apart with a Fishhook, Sullivan showed no mercy. With each pin attempt, Sullivan yanked his opponent up to inflict more abuse.  Finally, with Mulkey basically out on his feet, ref Ron West simply stopped the match.  Sullivan could care less and continued the punishment until he decided it was enough.  As he headed to the locker room, Sullivan could be heard screaming that is the way to destroy your opponent.  Jim Ross took this as a message to his protégé, Big Van Vader who he wants to be more aggressive and violent.   



Ted Dibiase with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie defeats Rufus “Freight Train” Jones with a punch with a loaded black glove 

After the match, Brad Armstrong, Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt are at the podium where Brad thanks Eddie for helping him earlier in the evening.  Eddie lets Brad know that he respects him a lot and how much they both have in common from being second generation wrestlers to being true role models of the sport helping all the youngsters in the game to being true Southerners at heart.  Jim Ross ends this by saying how great it is that these two newcomers have the fans interests at heart and how it is going to be a lot of fun watching these two throughout 1987. 



The Rock n Roll Express defeats Demolition with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie when the Freebirds rushed the ring but were stopped on the outside by Terry Gordy, Dr. Death, Eddie Gilbert and Brad Armstrong.  This distraction allowed Ricky Morton to roll up Smash and get the shocking 3-count.  The Sheik and Demolition were fuming as the screen faded to black.


Jim Ross:  Make sure to join us next week for another exciting hour of Power Pro Wrestling.  So long from the Lonestar State.

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Gilbert had quite the night, his student is victorious & he's already rubbing shoulders with some of the top faces in the UWF.

Rising Sun continues to impress.

Roberts declares he'll beat the whole army and send the Shiek packing! Plus every match is a title match!

The Freebirds talk the talk then try to walk the walk with a beatdown on Brad before the numbers have them running.

Sullivan decides to demonstrate the kind of viciousness he expects from Vader.

The Army goes 50/50 as DiBiase derails the Freight Train but Demolition get distracted leading to a loss to The RnR!

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I believe SuperBlast will be the game's first official pay per view. A new era begins.

Hot Stuff Inc. are making themselves known.

I always look forward to a Freebird promo. You do Hayes so well. 

Rising Son are coming on strong. 

Jake has a master plan. Great setup. Looking forward to Jake taking down Adnan's army one by one. 

Brad gets jumped by the Freebirds but it looks like he's made some new friends. 

LOL, nobody takes a beating like a Mulkey and Sullivan gives him a brutal one. I wonder if Vader was taking notes. 

Dibiase packs a punch with the loaded glove. Just ask the Freight Train. 

Thanks to the chaos, RnR pull off a big time win on Demolition. This may get them a shot at the gold. 

UWF is bringing the heat! 

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I can appreciate the Benoit and Eddie connection. To me, that would be a helluva unit.

Freebirds continue to make their presence known and build up their credibility.

You're doing a good job of mixing up your big and lower named talent along with helping create the personas that you've developed. I always struggle with my perception of someone compared to another along with how I present them in comparison to how they've been presented in the past.

To me, Jake, 1987, he's a top tier guy here... Dibiase is the same, Demolition has the value and aren't quite the team they'd be in the fall of 1987 but they're still presented strong here.

Lots of hard work goes into these pay offs and you're doing work.

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Angle #1:  Hot Stuff Incorporated & Hyatt International

Eddie Gilbert, Missy Hyatt, Rick Steiner and Chris Benoit are all over the UWF this week.  Steiner and Benoit were successful in tag team action this week on Power Pro against Joel Deaton and The Brooklyn Brawler.  Both youngsters showed some brilliant technical skills to the delight of both Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt.  When the Brooklyn Brawler turned to some questionable tactics against Steiner, you saw Steiner check with Missy, who gave a confident shake of the head, and Steiner WENT OFF! 

Lesson Learned to the rest of the UWF… Don’t mess with Rick Steiner.  In mere seconds, The Brooklyn Brawler was left lying in the middle of the ring.

Gilbert and Hyatt were like proud parents in the post-match interview, but nobody seemed to hear any of it as the were completely distracted by Missy Hyatt and her uuhhh assets. 



Angle #2:  Ernie Ladd vs Bill Watts

Last we saw here was a bloody Dick Murdoch having his hand raised in victory after Ernie Ladd interfered in his match with Ladd’s newest stable member, Bruiser Brody.  This week on Mid-South Wrestling, Ernie Ladd and Brody came out to gloat.  Watts allowed them to rant about him being a Big Dummy and a Control Freak before he spoke.


Bill Watts:  I know you and I don’t see eye to eye Ladd, but I can live with that.  I know I am on the right side of good and you are just a manipulating, jealous, washed-up wrestler.

As the crowd cheers on Watts he continues,

Bill Watts:  But today, I want to take us back two weeks ago to Power Pro Wrestling where Bruiser Brody made these comments…


Bruiser Brody:  Back just before Thanksgiving you go and suspend me for no reason.  Black Bart attacked me in the arena and you take a pay check from me.  You took food out of my family’s mouth and now I am here to get even and there is nothing you can do about it.  My contract is with Ernie Ladd… not UWF.  You have no power over me and I don’t care if it is in the ring, the locker room or the parking lot, I’m getting my money back by taking it out of your hide.  In fact, the time seems right now…


Bill Watts:  Brody… you are right.  You never signed a contract with the UWF.  Your contract is with Ernie Ladd.  Gentleman….

Ladd and Brody seem confused until about a dozen police officers come out.


Bill Watts:  That means that you Brody are trespassing.  You have one minute to get out of here or you will be arrested.  One word of advice… I would not assault any of these officers or you will be spending a whole lot of time in jail.

Brody and Ladd are about to erupt but they are really in a tough spot.  To the crowd’s delight, the put their heads between the tails and walk out of the arena. 


Angle #3:  The Freebirds….


Take your pick…. Who are the Freebirds bothering this week?  It turns out that they were not finished with Koko Ware and Brad Armstong.  An angry Hayes on Mid-South wrestling challenged the TV Champ, Brad Armstrong,  and Koko Ware to a match which he promised would end with the Freebirds partying all night down on Bad Street.

Armstrong and Koko accepted the challenge and the two teams met twice this week; in Shreveport and Birmingham.  Unfortunately for the fan favorites, the Freebirds cheated enough to win both.  Once in Birmingham by “accidently” knocking down the ref and then using an either soaked towel to put the lights out on Koko Ware and the other time in Shreveport, Hayes rushed the ring to distract the ref while Buddy Roberts pulled out the brass knuckles and ko’d Koko.

Both times, the Rock n Roll Express, who were in the building with successful matches against the Mighty Yankeed, came to the rescue. 


Angle #4:  Sheik Adnan’s Army vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts


Last week on Power Pro Wrestling, Sheik Adnan was willing to pay The Snake $1,000,000 if he could beat Ted Dibiase with Snake’s North American Title on the line.  Roberts countered with a deal of his own which was that he would go through the Sheik’s Army one by one with his North American Title on the line in each match and that if he was successful in his quest to defeat the entire Army, Sheik must leave the UWF.  There was one stipulation… If there was any outside interference by Sheik’s men, the deal was off, and nobody would associated with the Sheik would ever get a North American Title shot again.

This week on Power Pro, the quest began with the Snake vs Sheik’s Security Advisor, Hercules Ayala.  Roberts seemed to have put his foot where his mouth was as Ayala’s power had him in some serious trouble.  After being rammed into the ring post, Snake seemed to injure his back and Ayala tried to squeeze the title out of him with a nasty bearhug but the Snake refused to quit.  Frustrated, Ayala dug down deep and connected with a massive power slam only to have Roberts get his foot on the ropes! 

WHAM… from out of nowhere, Jake hit a DDT and that was all she wrote.  Snake goes 1-0 against Sheik’s Army.


A bruised and battered Snake, with his normal sly grin lets Sheik know that next week, he can send either one of his clown-faced goons for their beating.  Jim Ross makes sure the fans know that Snake was referring to Ax or Smash… the current UWF World Tag Team Champions. 


Angle #5:  Kevin Sullivan and Vader

Last week on Power Pro Wrestling we saw Kevin Sullivan absolutely destroy Randy Mulkey.  This week on Mid-South Wrestling, Sullivan’s protégé, Big Van Vader faced Mulkey.  It took Vader all of 45 seconds and a massive power bomb to put Mulkey down for what could have been a 20 count.

When Vader left the ring, Sullivan was irate.  He was screaming at Vader about not learning anything from last week and how his job is not to win matches but to destroy lives.  Sullivan left with a warning that if he keeps this up….


He …. will be returning. 

 When Jim Ross tried to stop Sullivan and ask who “He” was, Sullivan told Ross to shut  and kept walking.



Angle #6:  UWF TV TITLE


While Armstrong was dealing with the Freebirds out on the road, on Power Pro Wrestling, his UWF tag team title was on the line.  This time it was against his friend Brian Adias.  The match began and ended with a handshake and saw a match that was 90% technical.  Adias decided to “go” for glory and turned to some rough stuff towards the end of the match.  This did not get him the win as Brad ducked under a right hand and caught Adias with a Russian Leg Sweep.  Adias, who was a little frustrated after the match, did shake hands in the end and the two did left together. 


Angle #7:  UWF Tag Team Title

Sheik’s Demolition has plenty of competition in the UWF.  Just last week, they went down to defeat on Power Pro Wrestling in a non-title match to the Rock n Roll Express.  This week on Mid-South Wrestling, Bill Watts surprised a few people by saying the Rock n Roll Express is not the #1 contenders as he explained that they just arrived here in the UWF.  While the crowd seemed upset with Watts, Sheik Adnan and Demolition came to the podium that their lose was a fluke and that for the first time in a long time, Watts did something right by not giving the RnR Express a title match.

Watts told them to hold on as this week, his team would be defending their tag titles against Dr. Death and Terry Gordy. 


The boos in the crowd quickly turned to cheers and Dr. Death and Gordy came out to the podium and got right in the face of Demolition.  Give the champs some credit as they never backed down.

Somehow cooler heads prevailed but the heat on TV definitely sold some tickets for the house shows.

The two teams faced off in both San Antonio and Tulsa and wow… did the crowd get their money’s worth.  Too bad for the Miracle Violence Committee and the fans that the title’s did not change hands.  The first time, Hercules Ayala rushed the ring after Dr. Death connected with the Oklahoma Stampe on Ax causing the DQ.  Steve Cox, who was in his chair outside the ring watching his mentor, Dr. Death rushed the ring and went right after Ayala; putting him down with a powerslam of his own.  The second match ended in a Double Count-out as all 4 men were brawling on the arena floor.  Again Ayala and Cox squared off.  This time, Ayala got the best of the youngster with a low blow. 

It seems like the two teams are going to be seeing a lot of each other in the near future which makes you wonder if and when the RnR Express get a title shot. 


Angle #8:  UWF Title

While Hacksaw Butch Reed had a busy week getting wins over Billy Jack Strong in Shreveport and Kevin Sullivan in Birmingham, the big news of the week for the UWF Champion came in terms of a video sent to the UWF and played this week on Power Pro Wrestling…


Jerry Lawler:  There is no denying that the last few weeks have been tough on the King.  I mean 1986 didn’t end the way I wanted it to.  That jezebel Baby Doll sprayed me in the face with pepper spray costing me the victory in a Loser-Leave Town Match against that low life country hick, Tommy Rich.  Who do I blame?  Not Baby Doll.  She’ll go with anyone who will give her the time of day.  It was Tommy Rich who knew he couldn’t beat me without help.  The King has decided 1987 will be a better year… A year fit for a King.  They way to reach my goals is to confront my issues.  Tommy Rich, I promise that I will return when my exile is over and take you to the woodshed.  Enough about Tommy Rich.  When I look back on 1986, I see that my problem began last time I was down in the Bayou… when I trusted Ernie Ladd.  Now I see that was a mistake…  Don’t get me wrong…. Ernie Ladd did me right.  He knew just how to get me the title shot I wanted… The Southern HW Title.  He showed me how to beat Hacksaw Butch Reed.  I think Butch Reed only lost 2 matches in 1986 and one was to the King.  Then, I think the King became too comfortable… I thought Ernie Ladd could do anything around here and I got a little lazy… I allowed Hacksaw Reed to win his title back.  Ashamed of myself, I left the UWF.  Well, If I want to reach my 1987 goals, I must confront my 1986 ghost… Hacksaw Reed… I am coming back to the UWF and to my good fortune, this time when I beat you, I will not win the Southern Title but the UWF World TITLE!  1987 is going to be a good year to be King!

After the video played, Hacksaw Butch Reed talked with Jim Ross in his most serious voice.  He warned the King that he can come down to the UWF if he wants but there is no chance he is going to be wearing the UWF title anytime soon.  He explains that 1986 wasn’t bad for the King because of bad luck, it was bad because the King has lost a step, that he is getting a little long in the tooth.  He reminds everyone that it was only because of the interference of Ernie Ladd that he lost to Lawler the first time and now, without Ernie Ladd, dethroning the King will be easier than ever.



Stay tuned to all the UWF action as we head toward Superblast!

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I've always loved these dirt sheets you do. It's a great way to advance your storylines without having to write 6 shows.

I chuckled when everyone was distracted by Missy's "assets"

Watts has Brody arrested for trespassing! Suddenly Ladd's "he works for me not you" idea doesn't seem so smart.

Freebirds being Freebirds. The clash with RnR will crush it.

Roberts achieves his first objective in his war with the Shiek's army with a victory over Ayala.

Whoever "He" is, if Sullivan's using him to scare VADER, it's safest for everyone if Vader starts meeting Sullivans expectations.

Brad's reign as tv champ continues.

Demolition vs MVC is the kind of tag team slobberknocker I'd love to see. Cox may be biting off more than he can chew messing with Herc.

Lawler looks to get back on track by beating Reed for another title but Reed reminds him he didn't do it on his own last time.

Also, couldn't help but notice UWF took a trip to Alabama. Maybe the NWA should take a trip of its own. 

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I enjoyed the Dirt Sheet format. 

Hot Stuff Inc is on a roll. I liked this point in Steiner's career. Strong and raw. 

LOL, Watts wins a round against Brody and Ladd. However, I'm sure Ladd will have a plan. This feud never gets old. 

Those no good dirty Freebirds always find a way to win. Since RnR aren't getting a title shot yet, I'm sure they can pass the time with a money making Freebird feud. 

A battered Jake is 1-0. It's going to be a long and tough road for the Snake. 

HMMMM, I wonder who "HE" is? If I was Vader, I wouldn't want to find out. 

Armstrong takes on all comers and retains against fellow fan favorite Brian Adias. 

Damn, I know those Demolition-Williams/Gordy power matches brought in some cash. Hopefully we get a lot more. 

The King is back! After what went down with Tommy Rich, King seems a lot more focused as he targets Reed's UWF title. Reed sounds like he's up for the task. 

Lots of great stuff going on in the UWF! 


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Angle #1:  Hot Stuff Incorporated & Hyatt International

Not too much has changed here as Steiner and Benoit continue to impress on TV.  Eddie Gilbert continues on his roll with two nice wins over Kendo Nagasaki in Jackson and Baton Rouge and Missy Hyatt continues to bounce here way into the memories of every male over the age of 10. 


Angle #2:  Ernie Ladd vs Bill Watts 

Last weeek on Mid-South Wrestling, we saw the Lake Charles police remove Bruiser Brody from the arena for trespassing.  Watts said that since Brody didn’t work for him and had no contract with the UWF, he had no right to be here.  This week on Power Pro Wrestling, Ernie Ladd came out to confront Bill Watts but Jim Ross told him that Ross was not in the Cowtown Coliseum this week.  This set Ladd off the deep end!

Ernie Ladd:  It’s just like that big dummy… No guts!  He knows what he did last week was wrong.  He knows he did that just to get even with me for all the times I kicked his fat behind all over the Mid-South.  He did that just because he can’t handle someone standing up to him.  He knows good and well that any wrestler that has a manager has a wrestling contract through his manager and that there is no reason to have a contract with anyone else.  My managerial license is all Brody needs to wrestle in the UWF and Watts knows it.  That power hungry coward was just trying find a loophole to make sure Brody didn’t break every bone in his body.  I’m telling you one thing… Watts better be here next week to correct this wrong!


Angle #3:  The Freebirds….

After the Rock n Roll Express came to the rescue of Brad Armstrong and Koko Ware twice last week, we saw an angry Michael Hayes this week on Power Pro Wrestling. 

Michael Hayes:  Alright… Okay… A little RnR and everybody’s happy.  Robert Morton and Ricky Gibson show up and stick their nose where it don’t belong.  Well that’s not acceptable to Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts.  It doesn't matter to me who I offend right now.  I don’t care if its you Jim Ross.  If its you Bill Watts and least of all if it’s those stinking fans who are cheering for those two little sissy girls… The Rock n Roll Express.  Morton and Gibson have gotten away with too much since they arrived here in the UWF and IT STOPS NOW.  IF you two got the guts step in the ring with us anywhere any place and we will see who the real team is.

As you would expect, Morton and Gibson quickly accepted the challenge, and the two teams met this week in New Orleans and Kansas City.  To the delight of all, the Rock n Roll Express came out on top both times.  In New Orleans, Hayes was DQ’ed for a low blow and in Kansas City, a double dropkick on Buddy Roberts sent him through the ropes where he knocked his head on the steel barrier and never made it back to the ring. 

Angle #4:  Sheik Adnan’s Army vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts 

Last week on Power Pro Wrestling, North American Champion, Jake “The Snake” Roberts began his war against Sheik’s Army with a big win over Hercules Ayala with the DDT.  Remember, Snake has to run the gauntlet of Sheik’s Army one man at a time with his title on the line each week.  If he is successful, the Sheik must leave the UWF.  This week, Snake will be taking on ½ of the UWF Tag Team Champs, Ax.  The ring announcer reminds everyone that if there is any interference from any of member of Sheik’s Army, the deal is off, and no member of Adnan’s crew will ever get another North American Title shot.

As for the match, it starts off identical to last week’s match against Hercules as Ax’s power is causing Snake all kinds of problems.  It seems like Jake’s back is still a little tender after last week and Ax tries to exploit that with multiple back-breakers but he can’t get Snake to stay down for the count of 3.  It seemed like all was said and done after Ax hit the reverse neckbreaker but just like last week, Roberts was able to get a foot on the rope.  Frustrated, Ax begins to shake the ropes.  As he drags Roberts up by his hair, the ref gets a little to close…. And looses his sightline as Roberts nails Ax with a low blow.  This infuriates Smash who begins to climb the ropes…

Adnan quickly grabs his leg to make sure there is no interference.  Ax, while struggling to his knees sees Smash… but not Jake.

WHAM… DDT and that is all she wrote as Roberts is now done with ½ if Adnan Al Kassie’s Army.

An almost energized Snake waggles his finger at Smash to let him know that he messed up tonight and then he gets in the mic and let’s Smash know that he is going to be the next victim in his quest to rid the UWF of General Adnan.  Smash doesn’t want to wait and Roberts tries to trick him into getting into the ring now which would end the Gauntlet but Smash seems to have a light go off in his head and he just helps Ax get to his feet.    


Angle #5:  Kevin Sullivan and Vader


Last week on Mid-South Wrestling we saw Vader crush Randy Mulkey but the beating was not enough to satisfy the sadistic Kevin Sullivan.  After the match Sullivan warned Vader that if he didn’t get more violent that “HE” would return to remind Vader of how to be more violent.  When Jim Ross asked Sullivan who “HE” was, Sullivan told him to shut up!

This week on Mid-South Wrestling, Kevin Sullivan was the wrestler while Vader was told to observe.  Sullivan proceeded to beat Gary Colbert to within an inch of his life.  It was so bad that the ref just called for the bell as Colbert was out on his feet.  This meant nothing to Sullivan who just seemed to get more aggressive after the match was over.  It was so bad that the ref finally reversed his decision and gave Colbert the victory.  Still, Sullivan didn’t slow down until he was tired of hurting Colbert.

As Sullivan dragged Vader away, Sullivan was heard telling Vader, “That is what I want.  Understand.”

Again, Jim Ross tried to get a word with this dangerous duo, but they just kept walking.


Angle #6:  UWF TV TITLE

Brad Armstrong defeated Muta with Tojo Yamamota in an awesome match on UWF Wrestling.  After the bout, it was announced that the UWF TV Title would be on the line at Superblast in the Superdome in a 4 Corner Elimination Match!  Brad kind of shook his head before putting on a big smile knowing that it is going to be tough coming out of that match with the belt.  His apprehension eased a bit when Jim Ross announced that the winner would not only get the title but $5000.00


Angle #7:  UWF Tag Team Title

Demolition barely survived last week in two title defenses against Terry Gordy and Dr. Death as we saw a DQ and a countout as the champs found a way to save their titles.  Steve Cox, Dr. Death’s protégé was heavily involved in these bouts when chaos broke out.  Both times Cox evened the sides by joining Dr. Death and Gordy when Sheik’s bodyguard, Hercules Ayala got involved.  Power Pro Wrestling saw an enraged Sheik demanding that Bill Watt’s suspend Steve Cox for his actions.  Instead, Watts ordered Demolition and Ayala to face Dr. Death, Gordy and Cox in 6 Man Tag action.

The trios met this week in both Baton Rouge and Jackson with mixed results for the fans.  Dr. Death finished off the Sheik’s Army in Baton Rouge with an Oklahoma Stampede on Ayala.  In Jackson, Ax caught Steve Cox with a clothesline with a loaded forearm brace while the other 4 brawled on the floor.    


Angle #8:  UWF Title

Last week we saw a video from Jerry Lawler saying that he would be returning to UWF Wrestling where he is going to take the World Title from Hacksaw Butch Reed.  This week, Jerry Lawler almost cost Hacksaw Reed the title in Kansas City.  Reed was in the middle of a match against Ted Dibiase when Jerry Lawler strutted out to ringside.  This match was so even that it could go either way and any little mistake could cost somebody the match.  Reed seemed a little distracted by Lawler and at one point he went over to the ropes and started yelling at Lawler.  Lawler simply smiled as the ref tried to get Reed back on task.  This distraction allowed Dibiase to get the black glove from Sheik Adnan and put it on his right hand without anyone noticing.

WHAM… the lights went out on Reed and Dibiase was going for the pin.


WHAM… Lawler off the top rope with a fist drop to Dibiase.

A confused ref had no choice but to call for the bell and award the match to Dibiase by DQ.

Lawler simply smiled and walked away. 

We will need to get to the bottom of this one next week! 


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If this keeps up, Missy Hyatt could be UWF's most over face!

Ladd makes a fair point but I doubt Watts is in any hurry to oblige him.

The Freebirds/RnR feud is off to a hot start.

Roberts is halfway to his goal & halfway through the tag Champs.

Sullivan shows Vader what's expected of him... MURDER!

A 4 corner elimination match for the TV Title & 5k! Bring it on.

Steve Cox is certainly jumping into the deep end.

Lawler clearly feels that only HE can beat Reed for the UWF Title.

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Really enjoying this format. 

Hot Stuff Inc. continues to get over, especially Missy. 

It's amazing that you've kept the Watts/Ladd feud going and always giving it a fresh spin. Nice work. 

Oh yea, more Freebirds vs. RnR! 

Jake knocks down another domino. Things are starting to get intense. Can Jake pull it off? 

Man, Sullivan is really trying to bring the beast out in Vader. Can't wait to see which way Vader goes. 

Armstrong is rock'n the TV title. I would've loved to have seen that match with Muta. Once again, great job putting importance on the TV title. 

These Demolition-Williams/Gordy power matches have been awesome. Also, Cox is getting over big time with his involvement. 

WHOA! What's up with Lawler??? Very, very interesting. 

The road to Superblast is going to be a super blast! 

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I am enjoying the Hot Stuff Inc pieces. I always loved them in UWF and what a way to kick off some young stars.


I like Brad Armstrong here and he is getting a good win against Muta. Brad had the talent and here you're giving him the time to develop.


Demo vs Mira Vio is a dream match in any era. Here... these guys would all be young and in shape and I would agree that there'd be some potatoes left and right.

I am a bigger fan of Lawler now than I ever have been. I see him as a real top 5 all timer. He can change the scope of a promotion and his return spells trouble for anyone in his way.

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Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Jerry Lawler 

This one is all about Jerry Lawler trying to prove that his loss the Hacksaw Butch Reed last year was a fluke.  The King has been all over the place lately as he has interfered in many of Reed’s matches.  Sometimes it is to attack Reed and other times, after he distracted Reed, he attacked his opponent.  It is almost like Lawler has decided that he is the chosen one to take the title and he will not let anyone else get to Reed.  These two have had some spirited interviews and a few brawls to hype up this big match.



Demolition vs The Miracle Violence Committee (Terry Gordy & Dr. Death)

Not much to say here… the two best teams in the UWF… hands down and it is time to see whose the best!


UWF North American Title Match

Coal Miner’s Glove Match

Jake “The Snake” Roberts vs Ted Dibiase

(If Roberts wins, Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie Must Leave the UWF)

Really interesting lead-up to this one as Roberts has granted to a match to each of the Sheik’s men with the stipulation that if Robert’s defeats everyone, the Sheik must leave the UWF.  After beating Hercules Ayala and both members of Demolition, Dibiase thought he was going to get this match last week.

With Dibiase already in the ring, Roberts came out and told him to hold his horses as the stipulations where that he get a match with each member of Adnan’s Army.  Dibiase explained that he was the last one standing to which Roberts replied, “The last time he checked, the leader of the army was also a MEMBER OF THE ARMY…. As the crowd exploded, Sheik Adnan had a look of terror on his face as he knew he was next up on the Snake’s list.

The crowd got a great match as Jake pummeled Sheik Adnan from corner to corner before hitting the Sheik with the DDT.

The next week, the Sheik and his Army got even with an attack of Roberts with the finish coming when Ted Dibiase pulled on that black glove of his and clobbered The Snake. 

Later the Snake demanded that his title match add the stipulation of the Coal Miner’s Glove on a Pole to get even for the black glove.  This is going to be a huge bout.  Title on the line… Sheik’s time in UWF on the line.  Something has to give!


UWF TV Title Match:  $10,000 to the Winner!

Brad Armstrong vs Eddie Gilbert vs Muta vs Steve Cox

This was the first match announced for the big event except that we did not know who Armstrong would be facing.  That was decided with 3 Four Corner Matches over the last for weeks where the winner of each one, got a spot in the title match.  Gilbert was going to give his spot away to either of his young, Hot Stuff Members, Rick Steiner or Chris Benoit to protect his new formed friendship with Brad Armstrong.  Brad asked him to reconsider as it would be an honor to wrestler him in such an historic event.  Tojo Yamamota has warned everyone that Muta will come away with the belt and has even hyped up the match by having himself and Muta attack Armstrong and Gilbert during a recent TV show.  This lead to a series of house show matched between Brad, Eddie and Rising Sun.  (Muta & Kendo).  The long shot in this match is the newcomer, Steve Cox.  Cox is being trained by Dr. Death and has a world of strength and potential.  The key here being potential as many question if he is ready for the spotlight. 


Lights Out- Non-Sanctioned Match

Dick Murdoch vs Brusier Brody

(If Murdoch wins, Ernie Ladd looses his managerial license for 6 months)

Bill Watts really had Bruiser and Ernie Ladd in a tough spot as he refused to give Brody a wrestling license in the UWF as Brody said that he only worked for Ladd and not the UWF.  This all changed one night in the parking lot as two masked men who were obviously Ladd and Brody attacked Cowboy Bill Watts.  Dick Murdoch came to the rescue and saved Watts from even more damage.  Murdoch convinced Watts to let him get an ounce of revenge by facing Brody at Superblast!  Watts agreed but only with the stipulation that Ladd will loss his managerial license for 6 months in Brody doesn’t win. 


6 Man Tag Team Match

The Freebirds vs The Rock n Roll Express & A Mystery Man

The big question here is who is the 3rd Freebird?  The Freebirds and Rock n Roll Express had been feuding for most of the last 6 weeks with the Express getting the better of Michael Hayes and Buddy Roberts.  That is until a masked man appeared one night as the ref has been “accidently” knocked out of the ring.  The masked man came flying off the top rope with some sort of slapjack and nailed Mortin in the back of the head.  By the time the ref recovered, the Freebirds controlled the ring and got the win.

The next week on TV, The Freebirds, including the masked man, came out to the interview area where Michael Hayes reminded people that back in January when they got rid of that useless Jimmy Garvin, that he said that while the Freebirds are better as a trio, people didn’t need to apply as he and Buddy Jack would find the perfect partner and that is exactly what they did.

The masked man slowly untied his mask revealing himself to be none other then the Dr. of Desire… Tom Prichard.

Prichard and the Freebirds had another few issues with the Rock n Roll Express before Morton and Gibson challenged the Freebirds to a 6-Man Tag Match at Superblast.  When asked who their partner was, they kept it a secret.

This led the Freebirds to believe that nobody would dare step in the ring with them and the Express was all alone.  Only time will tell. 


Lex Luger & Tony Atlas vs Kevin Sullivan & Van Vader

One day while Sullivan was managing Van Vader, he was attacked by newcomer, Lex Luger.  Luger beat Sullivan all over the arena.  Vader came to Sullivan’s rescue and even the mighty Luger couldn’t handle these two.  Give Luger some credit as he figured what would happen after he attacked Sullivan so he had his bodybuilding buddy ready and waiting in the back….  The crowd really popped as Mr. USA Tony Atlas hit the floor and the two musclebound favorites beat Sullivan and his protégé all the way back to the locker room.

Sullivan could be hear yelling at Vader that this would never have happened if he was as maniacal and nasty as he needed to be…. This never would have happened if HE was here.

UWF fans later found out that Luger had been out of action for a while due to an attack orchestrated by Sullivan where Sullivan hit Luger with a fireball back in the NWA.  Luger and Atlas vowed to get rid of Sullivan’s Army once and for all. 

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Superblast is stacked with the kind of hardhitting matches that Watts would've loved irl.

Tom Prichard actually fits in well as a Freebird.

Murdoch vs Brody in a Lights Out Match! What more needs to be said?

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A lot to look forward to here! Jake Roberts versus Ted DiBiase, and Dick Murdoch versus Bruiser Brody should both get nice and ugly! The Freebirds versus The Rock 'n' Roll Express would be something to look forward to even without the prospect of a mystery partner!

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Superblast is stacked and loaded! 

Reed vs. Lawler is full of intrigue. 

Demolition vs. Miracle Violence Connection could be the hardest hitting tag team match of the year.

Roberts vs. Dibiase in a coal miner's glove match is Watts booking all the way. 

Brad Armstrong's got his hands full. 

Ladd might be on a 6 month vacation soon but maybe not with Brody fighting for him. 

Prichard as a Freebird fits so well. I wonder who RnR is bringing in? 

After a wild NWA feud, Sullivan and Luger pick things up again. Atlas is the right guy to size up with Vader. The question is, will HE make an appearance? 

Bring on SuperBlast! 

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March 15, 1987



Lex Luger & Tony Atlas vs Kevin Sullivan & Van Vader


As might be expected, this opening brawl did not have a clean finish as Atlas and Luger get the win by DQ.  The interesting thing about the DQ was that HE made his return to the UWF.  He turned out to be Konga, one of the men suspected of helping to kidnap Vader for Kevin Sullivan last year.  Konga came to the ring during this match, grabbed a chair and proceeded to the top rope and came off with a wild head-first leap with a chair to the throat of Tony Atlas.  With Atlas down and out, Sullivan, Vader and Konga destroyed Lex Luger. 

After the match, the UWF sent young Eric Watts into the locker room to try and get an interview with Sullivan and his minions, but they all seemed to be in a state of euphoria and the only sound they could make was a maniacal laugh.

On the TV show after the big event, we learned that Atlas was going to be okay in just a couple of weeks and Sullivan did admit that Konga was HE and that HE was instrumental in the transition from Leon White to Big Van Vader.  Sullivan also promised to rid the UWF of Lex Luger.

Lex was visible shaken by the events at Superblast and just left the TV show shaking his head.


UWF TV Title Match:  $10,000 to the Winner!

4 Corner Elimination Match

Brad Armstrong © vs Eddie Gilbert with Missy Hyatt vs Muta vs Steve Cox

Muta was the first to be eliminated as the ref disqualified him after he nailed Steve Cox with the green mist.

Eddie Gilbert eliminated Steve Cox next with the Hot Shot. 

Eddie Gilbert surprised everyone next as he took the house microphone and told the Brad Armstrong that he had no interest in wrestling his friend and that he would take the loss and give Brad the money and the title.

Brad Armstrong wanted no part of this deal and told his buddy that he earned the match and he if wins the title, he deserves that too.

The two shook hands and a very fast-paced, technical bout was under way.  It looked like Eddie Gilbert was going to win but Armstrong blocked the Hot Shot and turned into a Russian Legsweep of his own where he got the 1…2…3. 

After the bout, the two once again shook hands.  Eddie Gilbert raised Brad’s hand as he handed him the title.

WHAM…. As Gilbert was handing Brad the briefcase with the $10,000 in it, he clobbered him.


Brad was left on the floor as Gilbert and Missy Hyatt walked off with the TV title and the money.


At the next tv show, Brad tried to confront Hot Stuff and get his title and money back, but Eddie and Missy had their proteges, Rick Steiner and Chris Benoit attack the TV champ. 


6 Man Tag Team Match

Freebirds (Michael Hayes, Buddy Roberts *& Dr. Tom Prichard) vs The Rock n Roll Express & Mystery Partner

One of the interesting thing here was waiting to find out who the partner of the Express would be and the this did not disappoint as it turned out to be none other than ½ of the Fab Ones, Steve Keirn.  Last time the Fab Ones were in this part of the country, they were the top baby face team.  Now combine the Express and Keirn and you get a huge pop!

As for the match… just what you would expect.  Great tag action, awesome double and triple team moves and pure craziness.

The finish…. Time to make the fans happy…. A Triple Drop Kick on Michael Hayes during a moment of 6 men in the ring and the Express and Keirn leave to a huge ovation.

Michael Hayes, as only he can do, vowed revenge on the next TV show!


Lights Out- Non-Sanctioned Match

Dick Murdoch vs Brusier Brody

(If Murdoch wins, Ernie Ladd loses his managerial license for 6 months)

You might have put this one in a bar as we got a BRAWL from the beginning.  Since we have no rules, the violence and criminality are historic.  Both men wore their crimson mask well as we head to a shocking finish.  Ernie Ladd tosses a pair of brass knucks to Bruiser Brody after he had hit a big running knee smash on Murdoch.

Brody puts the knocks on and drags Captain Redneck up by his hair.  He is getting ready to put Murdoch’s lights out here!

He winds up…. Stops…. Smiles to the fans.

He takes off the brass knocks.  Ladd is confused!  The crowd stirs.


Brody puts the knucks on Murdoch’s right hand.  Murdoch is basically out on his feet.

Brody raises Murdoch’s right hand and smacks himself lightly across the head.  Brody falls like he was hit by a mac truck. 

Murdoch, now alert, smiles at Ladd while he covers Bruiser Brody!  1…2…3.

Murdoch has won the match and Ladd is suspended for 6 months.  Murdoch and Brody are laughing and hugging it out in the ring, and everyone know catches on.  The screw job was preplanned!  The question remains was Bill Watts in on it?

That question was answered on the next TV show as Watts, Murdoch and Brody come out and explain that they had all seen enough of Ernie Ladd and his ways, so they set him up.  Brody came to him with a plan to help him get over on Watts and Ladd bought it hook, line and sinker.

During this interview, Ernie Ladd walked out…. And he was smiling.

Watts demanded that he get out of the arena and reminds him of his 6-month suspension.

Ernie Ladd:  Hold your cheeseburgers fat stuff.  You might be the President of the UWF and no matter how disgusting your actions were at Superblast.  I understand that I have no managerial license for 6 months.  But think back Watts…. I told you there are a of people who are like me and had your guts… A lot of people.  Once of them happens to own this TV station… that’s right Ted Turner hates you.  He knows you are a crook.  He knows your ego is the side of you belly… Well, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag… The Big Cat if you will.  I have been hired by the Superstation and Ted Turner to be the new partner of JIM ROSS!  That’s right Watts… you may be the President of the UWF but as an announcer… YOU ARE FIRED!



Demolition with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie ©  vs The Miracle Violence Committee (Terry Gordy & Dr. Death)

This brawl is a war of attrition that finally comes to an end when Dr. Death hits the Oklahoma Stampede on Ax and Gordy was able to make the save with a big shoulder bump on Smash. 

For the first time tonight, we hear the announcement, “and the NEEEEWWWWW CHAMPIONS.”

Interesting thing was on the next TV show, Demolition was nowhere to be found.   


UWF North American Title Match

Coal Miner’s Glove Match

Jake “The Snake” Roberts © vs Ted Dibiase with Sheik Adnan Al Kassie

(If Roberts wins, Sheik Adnan Al-Kassie Must Leave the UWF)

Let’s just get to the result of this instant classic…

Ted Dibiase was able to get the Coal Miner’s Glove as Sheik got involved by holding Snake’s legs.

Dibiase grabs Roberts by the back of his head and sizes him up for the big blow.

Dibiase winds up….. miss…. Robert’s ducks under and then grabs the Million Dollar Man in a front face lock.  The crowd erupts… Here comes the DDT!

WHAM….Uppercut to the cut by Dibiase with the Coal Miners Glove….

What a way to reverse the best finisher in the UWF…  Robers staggers back with the wind knocked out of him

WHAM… Dibase with the Glove to Robert’s head and he is out.  1…2…3.

And for the second time in the show, we here the announcement, “and the NEEEEWWWWW CHAMPION.”

To the misery of the fans, the Sheik is still with us!



Hacksaw Butch Reed vs Jerry Lawler


Not the most exciting way to end this one but we get the 45-minute Broadway….  These two have some unfinished business. 


Sorry, everyone for my lack of productivity… Life is Kicking My Butt right now.

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Konga returns with a vengeance as he puts Atlas on the shelf. Sullivan, Konga & Vader make a nightmare trio.

I knew it! You can't trust Gilbert! Now Brad's missing his title & his 10k.

I would've loved to see Hayes eat that triple dropkick.

Ladd loses his managerial license but gets a consolation prize in the form of Watt's seat on commentary!

MVC win the gold just in time for the Cup.

Dibiase secures the North American title & the Shiek's job.

Reed & Lawler go the distance. I feel a rematch coming.

Glad to have you back.

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I think the show was awesome. I also liked the format a lot. It was super easy to follow and got the points across. I really think you may be on to something when it comes to putting the shows together this way. Outside of that - keep your head up and pop in when you can. UWF is legit fun stuff every time it is on!

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SuperBlast is here! 

Konga is "He", the story has come full circle. He does big damage to Atlas and Luger. Curious to see what Vader thinks of all this.

Gilbert! I should've seen this coming. The man goes from ultra babyface to red hot heel in one match. Great angle. 

RnR get help from a Fabulous One! Crowd popping moment as they triple dropkick Hayes for the big win. 

Watts, Brody and Murdoch pull off one of the biggest screw jobs ever. Hold on! Ladd outdoes them by using TBS and Turner! I have to say I loved it when Ladd fired Watts as an announcer. This was such a fun ride.

Gordy and Williams outpower Demolition to win the titles! 

Very creative way for Dibiase to beat Snake for the title. I loved that finish! 

45 minutes of Reed and Lawler sounds pretty good to me. A rematch is coming! 

Great to see you back for the big show. SuperBlast was indeed a blast. Hang in there buddy. 




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