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2 minutes ago, Coffey said:

I’m sorry but I can’t pretend anymore that Nakamura is not the drizzling shits. His entire WWE run has been terrible. Dude is completely washed.

He puts in work like two or three times a year, then proceeds to just vibe the rest of his matches. Truly inspirational. 

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Just now, The Thread Killer said:

None of those words mean anything to me. It’s like you’re speaking gibberish.

Majin Vegeta is the "evil" version of the character Vegeta, from the very popular Japanese cartoon Dragon Ball Z. A weaboo is someone who's very into Japanese shows, cartoons and games - in fact, Ronda was a mod for a Pokémon message board. 


Also, I love how GUNTHER is basically just free to work however he fucking likes.

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34 minutes ago, The Thread Killer said:

Also, unless they are planning on going all the way with Damien Priest, that was a dumb call. I don’t see why you would not pull the trigger on LA Knight. That dude is crazy over.

WWE is infamous for not striking when the iron is hot, for whatever reason. They're always seemingly really tone deaf. 

Also, I know Gunther has done a lot for the Intercontinental title for this reign but hard to not see Drew McIntyre challenging for it as a demotion since he's a former world champion.

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