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AUGUST 12, 1988



It seems that Ted Turner was not very happy with how his meeting with Jerry Jarrett (Memphis) and Ernie Ladd (Mid-South) went a few weeks ago.  Turner fully believes that his Superstation is the vehicle to take professional wrestling to the national stage.  By the time the meeting ended, he didn’t trust that Jarrett really wanted the same thing as he did.  He also did not believe that Ladd was completely finished with his legal matters with Cowboy Bill Watts.  While he did have a handshake agreement with Jarrett, Turner decided to go quickly in a different direction.  He decided to go all in a purchase World Championship Wrestling.  This promotion, formally promoted in The Carolinas and surrounding states had recently moved to the Midwest with Chicago as its base.  Turner believes that this roster, along with some other contracts he recently purchased from Memphis and Mid-South has the ability to take this sport to the next level.  He also believes that a return to the The Superstation will help him achieve his goal even quicker.



The first show on WCW’s return to the Superstation opened to a video of Randy “Macho Man” Savage holding his WCW World heavyweight title and Miss.  Elizabeth standing on top of a bridge.  Savage looks angry and Miss. Elizabeth looks concerned. 

Randy Savage:  Dis is Macho Man Randy Savage yeah… standing atop the Michigan Ave. Bridge yeah… here in the Windy City… Chicago, Illinois oh yeah.  I just heard the news and Macho Man aint none too happy about it… No sir eeee.  For whatever reason… yeah…. Greed… oh yeahhh….Greed.  It’s the root of all evil.  The Macho Man just found out that the greedy weasel from Atlanta… Ted Turner… the greedy rat has bought WCW and is bringing it home to Atlanta and the South.  Well, The Macho Man don’t eat no grits.  The Macho Man don’t eat no black-eyed peas and the Macho Man don’t live with no hillbillies.  Ohhhh Nooo No No.  So, Ted Turner, your first expense is going to be buying a new World Title.  Macho Man Out!

Randy Savage tosses the world title into the Chicago River and the video goes blank.



Tony Schiavone:  I guess it’s safe to say that not everyone likes WCW’s return to the Superstation.  It appears that Randy Savage was not too happy as he tossed the World Championship Title into the Chicago River.  It is safe to say that he will be looking for new employment.

Jim Ross:  And it is safe to say, that WCW will be in search of a new champion. 

TS: And that question is going to be answered very quickly.  The WCW has been fielding phone calls from top wrestlers from all over the country to see how that question is going to be answered.  Well, listen to this.  Monday night in the Tulsa Convention there is going to be a 5- man Gauntlet Match with the winner walking out as the new WCW World Champion.  Listen to these names… “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, “The Total Package” Lex Luger, “Hacksaw” Butch Reed, and yes… Sting is here and he will be the 5th man in the Gauntlet Match!

JR:  Fans in Tulsa, get your tickets now.  This is going to be an historic event. 



Tony Schiavone:  Speaking of historic… the WCW World Champion isn’t going to be the only new champion here in the new WCW.  That’s right folks, this past week in Houston, “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death Steve Williams defeated The Midnight Rockers to become the new WCW World Tag Team Champions!

Jim Ross:  Fans, I know Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death from my days in Mid-South Wrestling and they are going to be one double tough team to defeat.  I could see them being champions for quite some time. 

TS:  That maybe so but take a look at this video of the newest tag team to sign with WCW….


The clip is a highlight reel of the Rock n Roll Express…. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson.   From double drop kicks to slapping hands with the fans to high flying top rope action to as many bandanas as you could count.  It is clear that Dibiase and Dr. Death will have some stiff competition. 



Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt showed up on WCW this week carrying his Mid-South TV Title.  Neither one of Hot Stuff Inc. wanted to listen to Jim Ross who told him that his Mid-South TV title isn’t valid here in WCW as “The Z Man” Tom Zenk is the current WCW World Television Champion.  Both Gilbert and Missy scoffed at the idea that he was not the champion as everyone would want his good-looking couple to be the face of the promotion and not the hideous Tom Zenk.  Jim Ross started to argue about just how good looking Zenk was but he quickly stopped himself from doing so and just told Gilbert that Zenk is currently the only Television champion that will be recognized here in WCW.  Again, Gilbert just shakes his head like Jim Ross is not thinking straight. 



While the rest of WCW’s title picture seems a bit murky, Dan Spivey is still the U.S. champion.  Rumors are swirling around that Spivey has gone to Ric Flair and Arn Anderson to see about become the next Horseman. 



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Looks like Billionaire Ted forgot to clear his plans with the Macho Man.

Ted's loss is Tulsa's gain as we get a huge 5 man gauntlet to crown a new champ.

Dibiase and Williams certainly worked out their differences, becoming the new WCW World Tag Team Champions. But it looks like the Rock n Roll Express is already on their trail.

Zenk vs Gilbert to see who the REAL TV champ is.

If I were Flair or Anderson, I'd definitely want Spivey on my side.

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Billionaire Ted never sleeps, and when he doesn't see something he likes, he just moves on to the next target. Case in point here with the acquisition of WCW. This time, it will be guided by very talented southern-style wrestlers who should know how to lead the promotion back to its previous heights. With key pieces already set in place, Ted Turner might be already looking to dominate the wrestling landscape in the US. Lots of pieces are already moving on the chess board, should be interesting to see what is next!

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And just like that, WCW is going nationwide. They've got Turner, the Superstation and one stacked roster. 

I liked the way you transitioned things. Some changes and some things remain. It's a nice balance and won't overwhelm the fans. 

Savage kicking off the show by tossing the title and leaving will definitely create a lot of buzz and get people talking about WCW. 

I like the set up for Gilbert and Zenk. The TV title division will produce some workhorse matches. 

If the Horsemen want muscle maybe they should listen to Spivey. 

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AUGUST 19, 1988


As the show starts, we go right to a video tape from the Tulsa Convention Center and a ring announce informing us that in the finals of the Gauntlet Match to crown a new WCW World Champion, it is the “Total Package” Lex Luger vs “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Now we get the normal intro to World Championship wrestling!



Tony Schiavone:  Hi everybody.  Welcome back to World Championship Wrestling.  Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and David Crockett ringside here with World Championship Wrestling, the major league of professional wrestling.  As you just saw, it was Lex Luger and Ric Flair squaring off for the World Title.  We will be showing you the finish of that great match in just a little while. 

Jim Ross:  We most certainly will and all I can say is that it was one of the hardest fought matches I have ever seen along with being one of the most chaotic endings ever in the history of this illustrious title. 

TS:  And as always, the top stars the sport of professional wrestling has to offer.  Let’s go to the ring for our first match. 



The Young Guns (Sam Houston & Kendall Windham) defeat Allen Martin & Keith Steiborn after Houston Hit the Running Bulldog on Allen Martin.

A quick, humble interview with David Crockett has the Young Guns just excited top be in WCW and they know there are a lot of awesome tag teams here and they can’t wait to test themselves against the best there is.



When we come out of break, we go right to the finals of the Gauntlet Match from Tulsa



“Nature Boy” Ric Flair vs Lex Luger with Woman

Just what you would expect until we get to exactly what you wouldn’t expect.  We see Flair bumping and selling for Luger until his dirty tactics give him the advantage.  Luger does a “descent” job of playing the face in peril but eventually he gets the momentum back.  We see him whip Flair into the corner where Nature Boy does his patented flip over the top rope and out onto the floor.  Luger rushed out and gives him some big power shots outside the ring before tossing Nature Boy back in.  Luger, again whips Flair into the corner but this time Flair “bounces out towards the middle of the ring.

Here comes Luger with a huge clothesline!

WHAM… Flair pulled ref Pee Wee Anderson in front of Luger and Luger nearly kills Anderson.

WHAM… Luger turns and executes another big clothesline on Flair. 

Luger covers Flair but there is no ref to make the count.

Flair is down for at least the count of 7 or 8.  The crowd is screaming.

WHAM…. Chair shot to the head of Luger by Arn Anderson.  Anderson drags Flair on top of Luger for the pin but there is still NO REFEREE.

Finally after what would have been another easy 3-count, Pee Wee Anderson starts to crawl over to the action and begins his count.  He is still a bit groggy and the count is slow.  1…2…

Luger kicks out!

Dusty Rhodes has made his way to ringside to make sure Arn stays out of it.  Dusty is still fuming about his bout earlier that saw Snowman and Kareem Muhammed interfere in his bout against Butch Reed.

The United States Champion, Dan Spivey, has also made his way to ringside and is standing with Arn Anderson.

Big body slam by Flair on the already dazed Luger.  Flair with the cover but again Luger kicks out.

Flair drags Luger up by his hair… Arn on the apron….Pee Wee scolds him.

WHAM… Low blow by WOMAN on LUGER…. What is going on!!

The cover…1… Here comes an angry Dusty…2…..

WHAM…. Shoulder block by Spivey on Dusty…. 3…..  Ric Flair has won the World Title!

Spivey and Arn are now all over Dusty Rhodes!

Woman is directing traffic…  She is telling Spivey and Arn to hold Dusty down.  She points to the chair and the top rope.  She gives Ric Flair his marching orders and he climbs the ropes.  Dusty is in some serious trouble.

The crowd is screaming….  Here comes Sting and he has a bat.  He dares Flair to make a move.  Flair thinks better of it and jumps down to the floor.

Here comes Hacksaw Butch Reed, Snowman and Kareem Muhammed…. The chaos is frantic.

Here comes The Texas Outlaws, Dick Slater and Stan Hansen!

There is fighting everywhere but eventually the fan favorites are in control of the ring! 

Luger is unsure what to do.  His enemies, Dusty Rhodes and Sting, from just an hour ago, are surrounding him.

Is Luger going to fight?  You can almost see him trying to think this one through before it happens.

Suddenly, Dusty approaches and holds out his hand!  So does Sting!

The crowd is cheering!

Luger cautiously accepts.  Dusty… Sting…. Murdoch… Hansen…. And now Luger are on the same side!

Flair may have won the battle but looks like his enemies have gotten significantly stronger!

(Now I would normally not want to over shadow a World Title Change with all the chaos but I wanted to get some angles going here in WCW)


The video ends and we come back to live tv. 

TS:  Well Jim, it seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Ric Flair is the new world champion, again, but Dusty Rhodes is hot on his tail.  Let’s go to David Crockett who is with Ric Flair and Arn Anderson right now.

Arn Anderson:  David Crockett… what you just witnessed is what happens when you play with the big dogs!  Ya know what I’m saying.  Luger… it was real easy over there in Mid-South when you could pick your opponents and there wasn’t much to be pickin from.  Now here in WCW, that’s all changed.  The Horsemen are back in town and we are simply the best there ever was.  The best there is and the best there will ever be!

Ric Flair:  Hey, you all saw Randy “Macho Man” Savage toss the World Title in the Chicago River last week and he made up some story about how he hates Ted Turner and isn’t coming down South.  That was all a bunch of nonsense.  The Horsemen showed up and in one day, he was laid out.  He left out of fear.  He knew what was coming.  Now Luger…. Let me give you some advice.  Follow Savage out of WCW.  You got no shot.  I got the title.  I got your pride.  I got your Woman.  You shook hands with the Devil in Dusty Rhodes.  Now if you stay… you gonna go through Hell as The Horseman got your soul. 

David Crockett:  Speaking of Woman… why did you turn on Lex Luger.

Woman:  I didn’t turn on Lex.  I turned to a winner.  As you have heard time and time again… The Horsemen are the best in the business.  The Rolexes, the private jets, all the money, all the Diamonds.  You know what they say David.  Diamonds are a Woman’s best friend.  And don’t get me wrong.  This is not a one-way street.  I am gaining a lot by joining the Horsemen but they are gaining a lot by adding Woman to their group.

DC:  One last question.  We saw Dan Spivey out there in all that chaos.  Is he the newest Horseman?

Ric Flair:  Let’s just say that the application process has begun but it takes more than one shoulder block on the American Dream.  The Horsemen are a way of life!



Before the match, we get another promo hyping up the coming of the Rock n Roll Express. 





Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death defeat Sweet Brown Sugar & Jimmy Del Ray after Dr. Death connected with the Oklahoma Stampede on Jimmy Del Ray.

In a very interesting post-match interview David Crockett wanted to know how Dibiase and Dr. Death joined together so fast as everyone saw on the Superstation that the two were at each other’s throats in Mid-South Wrestling.  Dibiase told the story how he wasn’t seeing eye to eye with his former manager Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  He was upset at the Sheik for always hiring the wrong people to do the job.  Whether it was the Natural Disasters, Alofa, the Tonga Kid… The list could go on and on.  So, when Dibiase lost his Louisiana title and the Sheik asked what could he do to fix the problem, Dibiase told him that he had made a mistake when he hired Dibiase for a Million Dollars.  Dibiase said that if the Sheik really wanted to control wrestling, he would have hired both Ted and his tag team partner at the time, Dr. Death Steve Williams.

Dr. Death finished off the story by explaining that about two weeks ago, Sheik came to him and said that he would give him 1 million dollars to join his stable.  Dr. Death laughed at the idea as he would never join Sheik’s stable.  Dr. Death said that is when Dibiase came to him and told him to take Sheik’s money… literally take the money.

When Crockett asked what that meant.  Dibiase said exactly what it sounded like.  Dr. Death took the Sheik’s money and then he and Dr. Death walked out on the Sheik the day before they won the WCW Title.

David Crockett:  So, you are telling me that you took 2 million dollars of the Sheiks money and then just left him?  Don’t you think he will be coming for you?

Dibiase and Dr. Death both laughed and asked David if they looked afraid?

As the interview ended, it left people wondering if Dr. Death and Dibiase were heels or babyfaces?  Maybe it is time for someone to ride the fans, like the Road Warriors did for a while.




Coming out of break, we have Dusty Rhodes, Sting and Lex Luger with David Crockett.

Lex Luger:  (Screaming in short sentences) Now David Crockett make sure that camera is on me!  Close in on my face.  Take a look at me Ric Flair.  I’ve had it up to here with people like you taking short cuts to the top.  You talk about being King of the Hill.  You talk about being Space Mountain.  Well, if you need Arn Anderson and Dan Spivey to carry you up the hill… you are nothing more than Over The Hill!  And as for you Woman… you will look back on the day you picked Grandpa over me as the worst day of your life.

Sting:  It ticks me off.  It really ticks me off.  Ric Flair… a title as prestigious as the WCW World Title has been tainted.  You go and take what should have been one of the most historic nights in WCW history… the night the title was determined by a Gauntlet Match between 5 of the best wrestlers in all of wrestling… and you have it determined by who could cheat the most. 

Dusty Rhodes:  Ya know David… it makes me just a little bit illllll…. if you willlll….. watching that tape from the Tulsa Convention Center.  I watched Lex Luger get Funky Like A Monkey the other night in one of the greatest Gauntlets ever put into a wrestling ring.  He put down Hacksaw Butch Reed like it aint no thang.  Then he takes Ric Flair to the verge of defeat until that Snake-in- the- Grass, Arn Anderson, gets involved.  Now Arn… that aint going to go unpunished!  And who is this Wanna-Be- Horseman… Dan Spivey… who does he think he is!  Putting his two cents… and that’s all he’s worth…. Two cents… into the Gauntlet Match.  I’m ashamed to call him the U.S. Champion.  That deed Dan Spivey won’t go unpunished!  Horseman…. Your now at your weakest state ever!  Down to just Arn Anderson and Ric Flair and a Wanna-Be.  Well soon, very very soon, The American Dream Dusty Rhodes… The Total Package Lex Luger and the man they call Sting will be collecting on those unthinkable deeds you done!

David Crockett:  Well there you have it folks.  Lets go back to the ring.




Tom Zenk © defeats The Assassin with the Superkick

After the bout, the Z-Man gives an interview where he basically laughs off the idea that Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert is calling himself the TV champion and that he is walking around here with the defunct Mid-South TV title belt!

Suddenly Rip Rogers and Ms. Terri come out.  Rogers starts circling Zenk and giving him a pretty good look over.

Rip Rogers:  (Laughing)  And this is what all the fuss is about.  You look a little soft to me.  You look like you missed a few days in the gym.  You’re a little behind the Ripper here.  Eddie Gilbert was out here talking last week about him and Missy Hyatt being the best-looking couple in WCW and how they should be the face of WCW.  Look at Terri and myself.  We are the hottest couple in WCW.  We are the faces of this company and when you, Tom Zenk give me a title shot… I will be the TV Champion.

Rip gives a few flexes in Zenk’s face.

Zenk, still laughing, gives one of his pec bounce flexes and the girls in the audience basically fall over.  The camera even catches Ms. Terri biting her lower lip!



Ron Simmons debuts on WCW with a victory over Michael Starr with the middle rope shoulder block.


David Crockett:  Well Ron, welcome to World Championship Wrestling.  That was a rather impressive win.

Ron Simmons:  I just want to say that nobody has ever given me anything. I’ve worked for everything I had.  I worked my way to being a college football player at Florida State.  I worked my way into the NFL and now I’ve worked my way into professional wrestling.  I don’t expect any breaks here, but I will prove to everyone that there is no keeping me down.   It is my honor to work for all those people that give it their all and have to fight for everything they have.  Thank you for your time, David.

DC:  Now that’s a very humble man.  Let’s get to the ring for two more humble wrestlers representing the great state of Alabama…  The Lightening Express.



The Lightening Express (Brad Armstrong & Tim Horner) defeat Allen Tabb and Cougar Jay after Brad hit the Russian Legsweep on Jay.






“Dangerous” Dan Spivey © defeats “The Fab One” Steve Keirn with a Spivey Spike (DDT) following a rake of the eyes.

When David Crockett asked Dan Spivey why he helped Ric Flair and Arn Anderson last week in Tulsa he was very clear with his answer.

Dan Spivey:  I’m here in WCW for one reason and one reason only and that’s to be on the top of the food chain in professional wrestling.  Being the United States Champion is not enough.  To be considered one of the best in professional wrestling, you must be a Horsemen!  I showed Ric and Arn in Tulsa what an asset I can be.  Hopefully, at some time in the near future they will come and talk to me about it.

Suddenly Dusty Rhodes comes to the podium and confronts Spivey about his actions.  Without Dusty realizing it, Butch Reed, Snowman and Kareem Muhammed come out and surround Dusty.

Here comes Dick Murdoch and Stan Hansen

Here comes Sting and Lex Luger…

While we are at the end of the show, the cameras do pick up some pushing and shoving.  One thing Jim Ross notices is that all the major players from last week in Tulsa are at it again with the exception of Ric Flair and Arn Anderson!  Tony Schiavone adds that is why they are the top of the food chain.  They let the others just tear each other apart. 

Tony Schiavone:  For Jim Ross and David Crockett, I’m Tony Schiavone, we’ll see you next week right here on World Championship Wrestling.

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A chaotic end to the gauntlet sees Flair claim his prize and Spivey stake his claim on being a Horsemen. Rhodes, Luger and Sting? What a Babyface trio!

Tweener Dibiase and Williams should be a fun site.

The Young Guns and the Lightning Express make for exciting additions to the tag division.

I gotta feeling Ron Simmons modesty might just rub Reed & co the wrong way.

Zenk has a new challenger in Rip Rogers... and a new admirer in Terri Powers.

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Now that was a big Ric Flair match. No need to apologize or explain off the ensuing chaos because that was what often happened.

Sides have been chosen and you certainly have a definite direction for things here in WCW which helps when taking over a territory run by someone else. You made for a very good and easy transition.

Uh oh, I'm thinking Rip Rogers may be in for a rude awakening if the look on Terri's face is to be believed.

Really off to a very good start.

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Flair wins the world title! Woman turns on Luger. Dusty and Sting run in. This is straight up 1988 WCW. Add in Spivey, Hansen, Murdoch, Reed etc. This was really great stuff. 

After all that, we get some very passionate promos. Man, you've got WCW rock'n! 

I like tweener Dibiase and Williams. These 2 guys can play heels or faces so well. 

A couple of fired up and young tag teams get in good showcases. 

In just a couple of weeks, you've really made the TV title a lot of fun. Rip better be careful because I think Terri liked what she saw in Zenk. 

Simmons is humble but damn, he can get the job done.

Spivey with an impressive win over Keirn. I think the Horsemen should really consider him. 

Good way to end the show as tensions are very high. 

Great week! 

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I like this new format for WCW and you're getting right in there with the stories. Obviously, Flair and Dusty captaining some big crews is going to be the biggest story right now but the rise of Sting and Luger in 1988 is going to be the true tell-tale sign of what is to come.  Lots of big names involved here but I am interested to see how Dibiase and Williams fare... I think they'll do well. Butch Reed is a power house and someone to always have on the back of your mind. Spivey is US Champ and showing why he may be one of the baddest men on the planet. Got me hooked!

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AUGUST 26, 1988

The show starts with a video tape of Sheik Adnan Al Kassie and Gary Hart in some parking lot.


Sheik Adnan:  I need you to do me a favor.  A favor I will pay you handsomely for.



Gary Hart:  Sheik… what’s the favor and what’s the amount.

Sheik:  I need you to rid the wrestling world of Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death.  They stole 2 million dollars from me and left town.  I would do it myself but I don’t have a managerial license in World Championship Wrestling and they don’t seem to eager to give me one.  I think that is why they ran there as they thought I couldn’t get to them in Ted Turner’s World. 

Gary Hart:  I’m listening, but you need to tell me exactly how much this means to you.

Sheik:  If you put those two thieves out of wrestling forever, I will give you exactly what I gave them. 

Gary Hart with a stern look of approval shakes hands with Sheik.

Now we get the normal intro to World Championship wrestling!



Tony Schiavone:  Hi everybody.  Welcome back to World Championship Wrestling.  Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and David Crockett ringside here with World Championship Wrestling, the major league of professional wrestling.  As you just saw, Sheik Adnan Al Kassie has hired Gary Hart to rid professional wrestling of Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death, the WCW World Tag Team Champions.    

Jim Ross:  Not saying that I believe in placing bounties on the heads of wrestlers but I can’t say that I’m the least bit surprised.  I mean they did run out of Mid-South with 2 million of the Sheik’s dollars.    

TS:  Well, Gary Hart will be here today.  So is the Black Bart, Sting, Eddie Gilbert, Ron Simmons, Arn Anderson and listen to this main event.  It will be Ric Flair vs Lex luger for the WCW World Title.  All this and so much more!  Let’s get to the ring. 


Black Bart defeats Verlon Biggs with the Texas Trash Compacter (Double Leg Drop from the Top Rope)


After the match, Black Bart is with David Crockett.

David Crockett:  Black Bart… what brings you to WCW?

Black Bart:   Dagumbit… David Crockett… I’m here because I’m sick and tired of you!

David Crockett:  Me… what did I do?

Black Bart:  I’m sick and tired of you playing up to all these youngsters that can’t hold a candle to Black Bart.  People like Sam Houston… people like Kendall Windham… and let’s not forget the one I’m most sick of …. Ron Simmons.  David Crockett, you made him sound like a World Champion last week.  I mean he couldn’t last 5 minutes in the ring with Black Bart.  Dagumbit!



Sing defeated Gladiator #1 by Submission with the Scorpion Death Lock

After the match, Sting is with David Crockett 


Sting:  COME ON….. COME ON OUT HERE…. COME ON RIC FLAIR…. COME ON ARN ANDERSON…. COME ON “DANGEROUS” DAN SPIVEY…. Those guys all talk a good game but when they aren’t fighting someone 3-1, they aren’t fighting at all.  Tonight… Ric Flair… I have a good feeling Lex Luger is going to take the WCW World Title from you just like should have happened a few weeks ago.  Arn Anderson… Dan Spivey… I’m just letting you know that you two better mind your own business tonight if you know what’s good for you!



Abdullah the Butcher & Tarzan Goto destroyed Bob Randell and Mark Johnson with the pin coming after the leg drop by Abduallah

pE0nnVZ.png     q0nvCuo.png

After the bout Gary Hart and his monsters join David Crockett


David Crockett:  I’m pretty sure we all saw what went down between you and Sheik Adnan Al Kassie.  I just want to get this straight.  Are you really here to collect a million dollar bounty on the WCW Tag Team Champions, Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death Steve Williams?


Gary Hart:  Bounty… No… Not a bounty.  Million Dollars… No… Not a Million Dollars.  I’m here to collect a 2 million dollar reward for putting Ted Dibiase and Steve Williams out of wrestling for stealing the money from the honorable Sheik Adnan. 

David Crockett:  Honorable?  Are you serious?  Anyway… are these two Wildman with you now going to be doing the work for you.

Gary Hart:  Make no mistake about it.  Ted Dibiase and Steve Williams are two of the most dangerous men in professional wrestling today.  This will not be an easy task, but I have two men with me now that will not be stopped.  I have two men with me who feel no pain.  I have two men with me who love to dish out some serious injuries.  Now Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death can come out here and pretend to act like they aren’t afraid but … Anybody, Anywhere… that says they don’t fear the Almighty Abdoolah the Butchhaa and Tarzann Gooota are either an insane fool or they’re lying to ya!  These two men that you see are not ordinary beasts.  They are the baddest of the bad.  They’re the biggest of the big.  They have reigned terror across 4 continents and soon, very soon, they will take care of what I need them to take care of.  They are here for a REAson.  These monsters will soon make me a very wealthy, wealthy man and Ted Dibiase and Steve Williams … your time has come to an end in professional wrestling. 




Before our next match, Lex Luger is with David Crockett when Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Woman come out and interrupt. 


Ric Flair:  Woo, woo, woo.  Slow down there big fella.  You seem to be getting a little ahead of yourself out here...  Talking like you’re just going to walk over the Nature Boy and be the World Champion.

Lex Luger:  I basically did that a few weeks ago Ric until you had all your minions interfere.

Ric Flair:  Again, big fella… slow down.  I will admit that you gave it your all, but we all know who was walking away with the world title.  WOOOO!  But I’m not out here to talk about the past.  I’m here to talk about your future.  Now listen up as this is the opportunity of a lifetime.  We all know that in the past, the Horseman have been a group of 4… 4 of the very, very best in all of professional wrestling.  Right now it is just Arn and myself.  We are thinking long and hard who else belongs and after listening to Woman for the past week… we believe that it is you who belongs. 

Arn Anderson:  Now Lex, I know that sometimes it’s best to think things through but we need an answer right now.  We have only a few rules in the Horsemen and the #1 rule is Horsemen don’t fight Horsemen.

Lex Luger:  Let me get this straight… I could be a Horsemen, but I need to say yes, right now and forfeit my world title shot for later tonight.


Woman:  Come on Lex, it’s for the best.  You deserve this!

Lex Luger looks like he is pondering the offer when he simple smiles and says “No Thanks” and then tells Ric that he will see him later.

Ric Flair is fuming but you can’t tell if it’s because Lex turned him down or because he has to face Luger for the title in just a little while. 


Eddie Gilbert (carrying his old Mid-South TV Title Belt) with Missy Hyatt defeats Sweet Brown Sugar with a Hot Shot and a little help from Missy Hyatt. 



David Crockett:  Congratulations on a nice win but I am still unsure why you insist on bringing that Mid-South TV Title to the ring here in WCW.  It is a meaningless title as far as WCW is concerned.

Missy Hyatt:  Was the win ever in doubt David.  I mean Hot Stuff Eddie Gilbert just doesn’t lose to losers like Sweet Brown Sugar and that is why he is the Television Champion

Eddie Gilbert:  Nor do I lose to losers like Tom Zenk, but I guess that’s why he never seems to be in the building when I am.  I guess that’s why I bring this TV title with me.  I mean somebody has to be the face of the franchise.

Missy Hyatt:  And what a pretty face it is… not like that disgusting Rip Rogers and that BOW WOW of a woman that has been walking around with him… I mean she has more muscles than he does.  I think we should start calling her Mr. Terri.

David Crockett:  Okay that’ll be enough.  Let’s take a break.




Before our next bout, the WCW World Tag Team Champions, Dr. Death and Ted Dibiase are with David Crockett.


David Crockett:  I’m guessing you two heard what Gary Hart had to say a little earlier.

Ted Dibiase:  We did David and this is exactly what we expected.  Sheik would try to hire someone to come to his dirty work for him and that person would bring with him some Neanderthals to do his work for him so he wouldn’t have to share the money.

Dr. Death:  Now David… one thing Gary Hart said that is true is that Abdullah and Goto are two beasts!  The problem with beasts are the fact that they have small brains.  Those two might be tough in the ring but there is not a chance in the world that those two can get rid of us.  Now let’s not forget that we are the WCW World Tag Team Champions, and we are fighting champions.  So, Gary Hart… we are not going to waste too much of our time on you.  So, Texas Outlaws… Butch Reed and Snowman… Ric Flair and Arn Anderson… Sting and Luger… We don’t care.  We take on all challengers!





Arn Anderson defeated Doug West with the Face First Suplex

After the match, Hacksaw Butch Reed, Snowman and Kareem Muhammed are with David Crockett where they each take a turn on the mic hyping up the fact that they are here to change the face of professional wrestling and change it to a much darker face, if you get their meaning.  They are hell bent on not letting Dusty Rhodes, Dick Murdoch and Stan Hansen continue to get what ever they want from the powers that be just because of who they are or what they look like. 



Before our next match, Dusty Rhodes is with David Crockett



Dusty Rhodes:  Now David… the American Dream has seen it all.  The American Dream has done it all.  Baabbby… the American Dream has been around a long time if you wiiilllll.  And nobody and I mean nooooo boooody has ever talked the way Butch Reed has about the Dream.  Dick Murdoch… Stan Hansen… and myself are more than willing to GET FROGGY if you know what I mean Hacksaw Butch Reed.  So, if you three want to jump… go ahead and jump!  The Texas Outlaws will be the ones standing when this is all done. 



Ron Simmons defeated Walter Laramy with the middle rope shoulder block.


A quick post-match interview still has Ron Simmons very humble but also very confident.  He went directly at Black Bart for his comments earlier in the show and would love to face him here on TV next week. 






Ric Flair © with Woman vs Lex Luger

30 Minute Time Limit


Let’s just say that WCW got all it could out of this main event.  The action was back and forth for nearly the entire 30 minutes with multiple tv breaks thrown into the mix.  Flair did his best to keep the action entertaining for all as he was bumping and selling all over the place.  When he had the momentum, he was full of struts and WOOO’s to antagonize the fans.

So, let’s get to the chaotic finish that we know is coming.  Tony Schiavone announces that there is less than 2 minutes to go.  Luger is in control and has Flair in serious trouble. Luger has just hit back to back big clotheslines.  Somehow, Flair kicked out on 2 ¾ after each. Luger signals to the fans that the Torture Rack is coming!  They explode with anticipation!

Luger scoops up Flair onto his shoulders and is pulling with all his might.  There is no way Flair can survive!



The bell has sounded!  Referee “Pee Wee” Anderson calls for Luger to break the hold and that time has expired!

Here comes Sting!  His is screaming to Pee Wee Anderson that time did not in fact run out and that it was Woman who ran over and rang the bell!

Pee Wee is really confused as Flair grabs his title and starts to walk away.  Pee Wee Anderson tells him to hold on and asks Tony Schiavone what happened.  Schiavone admitted that he wasn’t sure. 

Pee Wee Anderson tells Tony to have the camera man replay the ending.  Pee Wee heads over to the monitor.  This might be the first time instant replay has ever been used in Pro Wrestling.

The replay clearly shows that Woman rang the bell and that there is still one minute remaining.  Pee Wee orders the bout to resume!


Arn Anderson and Dan Spivey head to the ring to protest.

WHAM… before Pee Wee even turns his head, low blow by Flair on Luger. 

WHAM… DDT by Flair and he covers Luger

Pee Wee Anderson turns around….1….2…3!

Flair wins the match and retains his title.

Arn Anderson, Dan Spivey and Flair all attack Sting who started this wild debate.  Sting receives a pretty good beating from these 3!

Luger is up as Spivey and Anderson are holding Sting!

Flair tells Luger to hit Sting… that the deal to join the Horsemen is still on the table!!!

Luger is pondering his next move… Join the Horsemen or protect Sting who he has only known for a week!

WHAM… Luger nails……. Flair!

As Tony Schiavone is singing off, Luger is taking on Flair, Arn and Spivey all by himself and he is cleaning house!

Tony Schiavone:  For Jim Ross and David Crockett, I’m Tony Schiavone, we’ll see you next week right here on World Championship Wrestling.

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Bart isn't too impressed with Simmons but Ron's ready to prove he's the Real Deal.

Shiek Adnan may not be able to get payback on Dibiase and Williams himself but he's not above outscoring the problem. Hart certainly looks up to the task with the monsters Abby and Goto.

We're shaping up for a 3 way feud for the TV title. I wouldn't talk smack about Terri if I were Missy.

The Nation of Domination vs The Texas Outlaws will make for some hard-hitting upper mid-card matches.

Chaotic TV main event. I love that Flair actually thought Luger would accept the offer to become the 4th horsemen after they had screwed him out of the world title not two minutes earlier!

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Great way to kick off the show with Adnan and Hat reaching an agreement. I love a good bounty angle; I actually have one coming up myself. 

Bart's always been a guilty pleasure in this game. Him and Simmons will be a fun mid card feud. 

Damn, Hart didn't waste any time finding some monsters to collect. I see some wild brawls in the future. 

Luger turns down the deal. Even Woman couldn't convince him. 

The TV title scenario is becoming one of my favorite programs. 

Dibiase and Williams don't seem to worried about Hart and are ready to face anyone. 

WCW better not overlook Reed, Snowman and Kareem. Looks like Dusty hasn't forgotten about them. 

Flair and Luger give the viewers a thrilling match. A world title match on TV is always a big deal. Looking forward to Sting and Luger. This is where they really started to shine. 

Your format is 80s WCW at its best. Great job! 



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Alright - we got Arn, Flair, and Spivey... big time group of horsemen. Luger, Sting, Dusy and others as opposition. I still think there is more to Luger than meets the eye but time will be the one to tell us his whole angle.  I am very excited about the team of Dibiase and Williams in this incarnation of the WCW and what both men can do. Obviously, Dibiase had something else going on IRL 1988 but this is a good move for him and they make perhaps one of the best teams in the world.

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I'm excited to see Dibiase/Williams teaming here....it's fun to see an alternate universe 1988 where Dibiase isn't the Million Dollar Man and Dr Death isn't spending the bulk of his time in Japan. 

I think Eddie Gilbert can thrive here in WCW....I would love to see him brush up against the Horsemen at some point.

I think it's fun that even in a fantasy world, Luger still usually ends up a "will he or won't he" type babyface. I just don't think he can ever be a full blown convincing fan favorite.

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The show starts with a video tape replay of the ending of last week’s show where we had complete chaos in the Ric Flair-Lex Luger World Title Match.  From Woman ringing the bell in order to trick everyone into believing that time had expired to referee Pee Wee Anderson using the instant replay to the low blow by Ric Flair after the restart of the match, this was action packed.  The real story here was when Dan Spivey and Arn Anderson held Sting down as Flair urged Luger join the Horsemen and attack Sting and Luger attacked Flair instead! 

Now we get the normal intro to World Championship wrestling!


Tony Schiavone:  Hi everybody.  Welcome back to World Championship Wrestling.  Tony Schiavone, Jim Ross and David Crockett ringside here with World Championship Wrestling, the major league of professional wrestling.  As you just saw from last week, you can always expect the unexpected here in World Championship Wrestling and you can expect more of the same this week.  Jim, I’ve been told you have a big announcement.

Jim Ross:  That’s right Tony.  World Championship Wrestling will be holding its first Clash of Champions since returning to the Superstation on Monday, October 17th.  This event, titled Fall Brawl will be held at the Bayfront Center in St. Petersburg, Florida.  Already signed for that night will be the crowning of the new WCW United States Tag Team Champions.

David Crockett:  That is going to be a great night right here on the Superstation.  As for our show tonight, you won’t want to miss a minute.  We have the debut of the Latin Connection, Mando Guerrero and Ricky Santana.  We will see if Black Bart can put his money where his mouth is as he will face the up-and-coming Ron Simmons.  The Rock n Roll Express will be making their in-ring return to WCW.  We also have 3 huge title matches for you tonight.  Ted Dibiase and Dr. Death will be putting their WCW World Tag Team Titles on the line against the Lightening Express.  Tom Zenk will try and defend the WCW World Television Title against Rip Rogers with Ms. Terri.  Also, the United States Title will be on the line as Dan Spivey defends against Kendall Windham.  The Horsemen will be here.  The Texas Outlaws will be here.  What a night this is going to be and let’s get it started. 


The Latin Connection (Mando Guerrero & Ricky Santana) defeat Allen Martin & Bill Taub by submission when Mando locked on the Gurri Special on Martin after many questionable tactics and illegal double teams.

After the bout The Latin Connection joins David Crockett where he is disappointed in their in-ring approach.

Mando Guerrero:  How dare you David Crockett tell a Guerrero what to do in the ring.  I come from the greatest wrestling family in the history of the sport.  I watch you praise people like Brad Armstrong as a great second-generation wrestler and how wrestling is in his blood.  Around the world his name means nothing.  They’ve never heard of an Armstrong but ask them about the Guerreros and they can tell you the stories of greatness right away.  Now I have taken Ricky Santana under my wing.  I am going to teach him the art of the sport… the way to keep your opponents down …. How to inflict unbearable pain … all in a legal way of course and to ultimately get the win…. Arriba!

David Crockett:  Not sure we saw any legal moves tonight, but you did get the win.

Ricky Santana:  I have been warned about you David…. About WCW in general.  I’ve been told that you are not so welcoming to the Latin people. I’ve been told that we will have to take down teams like the Lightening Express and the Young Guns just to get an ounce of respect.  Trust me, that will not be a problem.  Latin fans… don’t worry… you now have a team you can be proud of… we are like the great Bandidos of the past.  We will take what we want by any means necessary. David… you can’t stop this!

Santana then starts speaking Spanish and David has no idea what is going on.  Eventually, he just says that the Latin Connection is as they say they are…  Bandidos who were trying to steal the show.


When we come out of break, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Dan Spivey and Woman are with David Crockett to talk about the chaotic ending we saw last week.

Ric Flair:  I’ve come to live by one motto, Survival!  Two matches with Lex Luger… two times I leave as the WCW World Champion.  I’ve never claimed to play this game by the rules.  I play it the Ric Flair way and if I use a low blow, I use a low blow.  The only thing that matters is that the Nature Boy leaves with the World Title.  Now Lex Luger… Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice…. Shame on me!  We’ve given you two chances to join the greatest organization in the world of sports today and twice you’ve made your choice.  Now, this is a dog-eat-dog world!  It is now our job to rid wrestling of Lex Luger.  Wooooo!

Arn Anderson:  You tell um Natch!  Now as for you Sting…. You keep sticking your nose where it don’t belong and as you learned last week… it’s not good for your health when you do that.  Keep it up Sting and your career will be a very short career.

Dan Spivey:  Dusty Rhodes…. For some reason you go around here thinking that you need to solve everyone’s problem.  Well, I got news for you… you got your own big problem… A 6’10, 300 pound problem.  You claim to be the American Dream… the man of the people.  There’s just one problem with that.  I am the United States Champion.  And as Ric has taught me, to be the man, you got to beat the man.  Dusty… I’m waiting.  Why don’t you try beat me and be a man for once in your life.



Ron Simmons defeats Black Bart when a man with a partial black mask, a cowboy hat, chaps and a bull rope hits the ring (Jimmy Jack Funk) makes his WCW debut and attacks Simmons.  Before Simmons takes too much of a beating, Dusty Rhodes, Dick Murdoch and Stan Hansen hit the ring and after a few Bionic Elbows and some big slams, the ring is cleared and they go to the aid of Ron Simmons.  Tony Schiavone really hypes up Ron Simmons to help get him over by focusing on the idea that if Dusty and the Texas Outlaws (Murdoch & Hansen) come to his aid, they must really think a lot of this youngster.  It also served to help Dusty and The Outlaws stop some chatter that maybe the Nation of Domination is right and there is some amount of racism about Dusty and the Good Ol Boys he is hanging around with.


When David Crockett informs Dusty Rhodes that the attacker was Jimmy Jack Funk, a relative of Terry Funk, Dusty completely lost it!!!


Before our next match, Sting is at the podium with David Crockett.

David Crockett:  I’m sure you heard Ric Flair and Arn Anderson our here earlier and they are not too happy about how you got involved last week in Flair’s World Title defense against Lex Luger.

Sting:  David… for far too long in this sport, the Horsemen have been having a party.  The only rules they follow are ones that help them.  Well, as we saw last week, this is about to change.  Last week, when Woman tried to cheat Lex out of a fair match, I made sure to come out and crash their party… and guess what…. The Stinger is going to keep on crashing your Horsemen Parties!  Arn you talk a good game but I haven’t heard you say a word unless you’ve been surrounded by Flair and Spivey!

Suddenly Lex Luger comes out and thanks Sting for helping him last week and Sting also thanks him the help once the situation got a little bit hairy. 

David Crockett:  I think you guys are really onto something.  The best way to beat the Horsemen is to make sure you got each other’s backs.    


The Rock n Roll Express beat Larry Cheatum & Keith Steiborn with a Double Drop Kick on Cheatum

After the bout, the Rock n Roll Express join David Crockett

David Crocket:  Ricky Morton… Robert Gibson…. The Rock n Roll Express are back in the WCW.  I can’t tell you guys how much the fans have been asking about you and now you’re here! 

Ricky Morton:  Let me tell you something David… No matter where we went, people always asks us when are you coming back to WCW, the greatest wrestling organization in the world.  Now that we’re back, we wonder why we ever left.  There’s a lot of great teams here but we plan on being the best. 

Robert Gibson:  David, it’s great to be back in WCW and to be real honest with you, after hearing the news that there will be new United States Tag Team Title crowned at Fall Brawl, we are even more excited to be here.  We would love to be the first team in a long time to hold them belts.  What do you think everybody…. The Rock n Roll Express with a title around our waist seems pretty good to me!

The fans give a big ovation as David takes us to break.





Ted Dibiase & Dr. Death Steve Williams © vs The Lightening Express

A few interesting things here included the fact that Dibiase and Williams got as much of an ovation as the Lightening Express.  This even continued after Dibiase refused a handshake from Tim Horner and hit him with a big elbow instead.  The match had a few momentum changes but the champions were in firm control of the match; proving to everyone that they were the best team in WCW! 

Unfortunately, the champions showcase was short lived as Gary Hart and his beast made their first attempt at riding WCW of the champions.

Jim Ross:  Watch Out!  Here comes Abdullah the Butcher and Tarzan Goto.  Wow, look at this.  Dibiase and Dr. Death were ready for them.  These four behemoths are sizing each other up in the center of the ring. 

WHAM… the brawl is on!

The fans get a good 2-3 minutes of chaos before Gary Hart sees that he will not be taking Dibiase and Dr. Death out of wrestling just yey, so he calls Abullah and Tarzan out of the ring to fight another day!

The champs are standing in the center of the ring screaming at Hart and daring his beast to come back for more but Hart simply gives a wry smile and walks away.  This brawl only served to get the fans more behind the champs even though their tactics in tonight’s match were clearly those of the heel team. 

Dibiase and Dr. Death join David Crockett after the chaos.

Dr. Death:  We told you Gary Hart… there’s no getting rid of us.  I think it’s time you run back to Louisiana and tell Sheik Adnan that you can’t get the job done.


Ted Dibiase:  Here’s the thing… Sheik Adnan paid us both a great deal of money for one reason and one reason only.  We are simply the best.  Gary Hart… It’s going to take a lot more than two Neanderthals to put us out of wrestling.  Abdullah and Tarzan Goto… you two are just too stupid to know that you’re being used.  It doesn’t matter though… the real problem is that snake, Gary Hart.  I mean what kind of human being takes money to put someone else out of a job… and worse than that…. You can’t even do it yourself.  Maybe it’s you Gary Hart that needs to watch your back!



Before our TV Title Match between Tom Zenk © and Rip Rogers, Missy Hyatt and Eddie Gilbert are at the podium ranting about how WCW got it all wrong and that it is Eddie who deserves the TV Title shot and not Rip Rogers.  David Crockett gives it right back to Gilbert when he says that the WCW Board of Directors might take him seriously if he would stop walking around here with that defunct Mid-South TV Title and calling himself the real champion.



Tom Zenk © vs Rip Rogers with Ms. Terri

A few interesting things of note here.  First, Ms. Terri walked right over to the Z-Man before the match as if to give him the chance to give her a good look-over.  Rip Rogers seemed to notice this and wasn’t too happy with his well-built valet.  As for the match, Zenk was able to control about 60 percent of the action but with his dirty tactics, Rogers had quite a good number of chances. 

At one point, Rip Rogers tossed Zenk to the floor and went out after him as Ms. Terri went to the apron to distract ref Pee Wee Anderson.  A few good whips into the ring post has Zenk in some serious trouble.  Rogers gets ready to roll Zenk into the ring and go for the win when Eddie Gilbert and Missy Hyatt strut out to the ring.  Jim Ross is real concerned for Zenk now!

WHAM… Eddie Gilbert just clobbered Rip Rogers in the face with the Mid-South Title and then he rolls Rogers into the ring.  Gilbert next drags Zenk in and places him on top of Rogers. 

Pee Wee Anderson turns around just in time to make the 3 count!

Ms. Terri wasn’t sure what happened but then sees Missy Hyatt pointing at herself as then Rip Rogers on the ground and its like a lightbulb goes off in her head and she takes off after Missy.  Missy hightails it to the locker room and nobody is exactly sure what happened behind the curtain. 






Dan Spivey © vs Kendall Windham

Again, a few interesting things occurred in this match.  First, Woman did not accompany Spivey to the ring which made Tony Schiavone guess that the tryout period for the Four Horseman was still going on.  Next, it was during the match that Ric Flair, Arn Anderson and Woman came out to watch the match.  They started viewing from way back by the curtain but gradually made their way to ringside.

Give Spivey some credit here.  He knew he was being watch and he laid the boots to the young Windham.  Eventually Spivey seems to put an end to the match after the big man hits the powerbomb!  As he gets ready to pin Windham where he Ric Flair

Ric Flair:  Woooaaa  Woooaaa Woooaaa… what are you doing!  Horseman finish off their opponents for good not just for the match!  It’s time for another powerbomb!

A sick smile comes over Spivey… WHAM…. Another powerbomb.

Arn Anderson tells him one more!  Jim Ross is pleading with Spivey to stop!

Tony Schiavone is excited as here comes Sam Houston… Windham’s tag team partner.  Flair lets Spivey know Houston is coming.

WHAM…  Big kick by Spivey on Houston.  Spivey lifts up Houston and connects with a big powerbomb on Houston.

Spivey puts his boot on the chest of Kendall Windham as the ref completes the three count.

Now Flair, Arn and Woman head to the ring where they toss the Young Guns to the floor and they all shake hands with Spivey.


Tony Schiavone:  Folks, while we are out of time, it seems like we have just seen Dan Spivey officially welcomed into the Horseman.  We will have a more definitive answer to that topic next week.  For Jim Ross and David Crockett, I’m Tony Schiavone, we’ll see you next week right here on World Championship Wrestling.


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Fall Brawl is coming and its already got some buzz with the announcement of new US tag team champions.

The Latin Connection certainly know how to get attention.

Bart brought a friend in Jimmy Jack Funk but Simmons has caught the eye of some powerful allies. Love Dusty blowing up when he hears a Funk is in WCW.

Sting has apparently singled out The Enforcer in the feud with the Horsemen.

The US tag tournament gets instant cred with the entry of the Rock n Roll Express!

The tag champs continue to walk the line even as they fend off Hart's beasts.

Looks like Hot Stuff has decided he's the only one allowed to beat Zenk.

After a weeks long tryout, it seems Spivey has finally made the cut.

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I enjoyed the Latin Connection segment. They did a good job of getting over as heels. 

I thought the same thing, clearly WCW has big plans for Simmons if headliners like Rhodes helps him out. Things will get interesting with the Outlaws and Nation. 

Looking forward to a Sting/Arn program. 2 guys that can deliver. 

Rock n Roll will never die! 

Like others have mentioned, I really like the Williams/Dibiase team here. Looks like the fans agree as well. I think Hart bit off more than he can chew. 

The TV title angle is a favorite of mine. 3 good stories going on here. I'm sure there will be more twists and turns coming. 

After what just happened, how can the Horsemen deny Spivey. He can be some serious muscle. 

Awesome job with the promos. 

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The interaction between Dr. Death/Ted DiBiase and Abdullah the Butcher/Tarzan Goto is just what the doctor ordered! Can't wait to see these two tag teams lock horns in a proper match down the line. Should be very fun.

Ron Simmons has friends in high places, and perhaps this will help him in the new WCW. He certainly has the pedigree to rise through the ranks quickly.

Dan Spivey has made a statement and his presence makes the Horsemen a more formidable faction overall.

I also like the team of Mando Guerrero and Ricky Santana. They will pose a danger to anyone who faces them.

Another excellent WCW show. As always, the promos are very fun to read. 


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I love Spivey in the Horsemen... needless to say it was on the docket if I would have stayed in control. You're doing work with WCW and making it just different enough to make it unique and powerful in our world.  I am also a fan of Zenk being around as TV champ... he had talent... but just overshadowed by the guys who could cut promos.  Lastly, Ron Simmons... without question is one of the true up and comers in this game world. I think he will have a huge upside as it seems we're all fans of him.

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