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  1. Ed.

    Daniel Bryan

    Loss covered it in general, but to be more specific to Bryan, I feel like his career proves he's more than just someone who delivers when put with the right opponent. The guy spent a decade in WWE where he had to face a variety of talent level and they only trusted him in big spots when it suited them. A great Wrestlemania match against Kofi Kingston isn't a given, because we're not talking about Kofi Kingston as a top 100 guy who was having tremendous singles matches with other opponents. A great match with Triple H isn't a given, because we're not talking about Triple H as a top 100 guy. A great match with Bray Wyatt isn't a given, because we certainly aren't talking about Bray as a top 100 guy. I go back and forth on whether Bryan or Christian was Orton's best rival in WWE, but needless to say I don't see Orton finishing in the top 100 either. The Miz? forget about it. No doubt the AEW run is providing us a chance to see what Bryan's 30s would have been like if he was promoted by WWE as 'the best wrestler in the world', so it's given us more frequent great matches, but his case for GWE is much deeper than he had great matches with other great wrestlers. He isn't someone who sparkles for a few nights in the G1 and then does nothing for the rest of the year.
  2. Ed.


    Might sound crazy, but I'd go Randy Orton. 2011 was one of the best TV years for WWE, and Orton was center of nearly everything great on Smackdown. The Punk feud, the Christian feud, the Henry feud. He even has a good match with Kane.
  3. Ed.


    Kenny Omega for me, great tag team with Hangman that not only gave us the great Bucks match, but fun TV matches every week, as well as standout singles matches with PAC and Hangman. For sure though a weak year.
  4. Ed.


    I'd go with AJ Styles, thought that was about as great of a first year in WWE as you can have.
  5. Ed.

    Adam Page

    At the moment it’s a no for me, but a watch this space because he’s essentially weeks into his big main event run as champion so if it all works out for him and we get 4 more years on top with great matches and a character arc that fans buy into big time then it’ll be hard to leave him off a top 100 list. I agree with the praise from El-P that his last two years in AEW has delivered some of the companies best matches, and I’ll just add that I thought the 2020 Omega/Page Full Gear match was an excellent opener to the show.
  6. Ed.

    Best wrestler of 2021

    Bryan was the best wrestler in WWE, took 4 months off, then returned as the best wrestler in AEW. He'd get my vote. I was really enjoying Roman for the first half of the year but then the act started to wain, WWE ran out of interesting babyfaces and I was really disappointed in the Brock match. I've found Japan to largely be unwatchable in 2021, but Syuri has been fantastic whenever I've checked out her matches.
  7. Ed.

    Current New Japan

    Naito announced he’s back for tag league so he’s tagging with SANADA again.
  8. Ed.

    All Elite Wrestling

    Best of luck to Mox and his family. It’s a positive sign he’s noticed a problem and seeked help for it.
  9. Ed.

    Daniel Bryan

    Bryan's only a couple of months into his AEW run but already my hopes are paying off. It's so cool to see Bryan booked as 'the best wrestler in the world' and not Daniel Bryan: The underdog. I'm loving how he's establishing different finishers in each match, and down the line that's going to pay off big in longer, more important matches. I thought the Kingston match this past Friday was fantastic.
  10. Ed.

    Daniel Bryan

    I'm excited for post WWE Bryan in general, but just looking at it from a GWE perspective it's great news. 4 more years in WWE would have added nothing significant to his resume, he already staked his claim to being the best WWE wrestler of the 2010s. A run in a hot promotion, with a roster full of fresh matches, booked by a booker that 'gets' Bryan from Day 1 sounds exciting and should pad an already strong resume. What excites me most is the possibility of Bryan working in Japan or with Japanese talent through AEW partnerships.
  11. Ed.

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    Orton Vs Christian over the limit 2011 would be my pick for a great, high end Orton match that’s not 85% down to his opponent. Orton and Jeff Hardy’s HIAC match is one of my favourite Orton performances in recent years.
  12. Ed.

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    There are more Orton matches than Ultimo matches that I enjoy so I'll go with Orton. I have no idea if Orton could make my top 100, but I am higher on him than most people and might one day try to make the case for him.
  13. Not only that, but now Vickie is ‘wrestling’ next week teaming with Nyla. Really wish TK would move Vickie on rather than double down and use her more. Enjoyed the hell out of Omega Vs Jungle Boy and was relived not to have another Omega match with an interference finish.
  14. As great as it is that AEW have picked up one of the legit greatest wrestlers in the world right now, they’ve sucked a bit of the air out of the room partnering him up with Vickie Guerrero. Flat debut, but hyped for the matches down the line.
  15. Hell of a sprint between Woods and Riddle. Glad I cherry picked the show for that one. Virk was just out of his depth, but really that's on the company for putting him in such a big spot from the get go. If only they had that Samoa Joe guy on the payroll still to fill his spot.