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  1. Ed.

    Daniel Bryan

    I'm excited for post WWE Bryan in general, but just looking at it from a GWE perspective it's great news. 4 more years in WWE would have added nothing significant to his resume, he already staked his claim to being the best WWE wrestler of the 2010s. A run in a hot promotion, with a roster full of fresh matches, booked by a booker that 'gets' Bryan from Day 1 sounds exciting and should pad an already strong resume. What excites me most is the possibility of Bryan working in Japan or with Japanese talent through AEW partnerships.
  2. Ed.

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    Orton Vs Christian over the limit 2011 would be my pick for a great, high end Orton match that’s not 85% down to his opponent. Orton and Jeff Hardy’s HIAC match is one of my favourite Orton performances in recent years.
  3. Ed.

    Ultimo Dragon vs Randy Orton

    There are more Orton matches than Ultimo matches that I enjoy so I'll go with Orton. I have no idea if Orton could make my top 100, but I am higher on him than most people and might one day try to make the case for him.
  4. Not only that, but now Vickie is ‘wrestling’ next week teaming with Nyla. Really wish TK would move Vickie on rather than double down and use her more. Enjoyed the hell out of Omega Vs Jungle Boy and was relived not to have another Omega match with an interference finish.
  5. As great as it is that AEW have picked up one of the legit greatest wrestlers in the world right now, they’ve sucked a bit of the air out of the room partnering him up with Vickie Guerrero. Flat debut, but hyped for the matches down the line.
  6. Hell of a sprint between Woods and Riddle. Glad I cherry picked the show for that one. Virk was just out of his depth, but really that's on the company for putting him in such a big spot from the get go. If only they had that Samoa Joe guy on the payroll still to fill his spot.
  7. Ed.

    Triple H

    He's tremendous in 2000, and has some really great highlights sporadically after that (2001 tag against Jericho and Benoit, HBK @ Summerslam 02, Bryan at mania 30), but more often than not he was pretty bad and a complete drag on the company. No chance whatsoever.
  8. Ed.

    AEW Dynamite BLOOD AND GUTS - May 5, 2021

    Thought the match was great until Jericho entered, not so much for his performance (although he didn’t do much until he got on the roof) but how the match structure changed and there was a bunch of stalling. The match beyond really didn’t need to go 15 minutes long, and the finish did come off weak. Match of two halves for sure. next week’s episode looks STACKED. I’m here for killer Miro winning the title off of Darby.
  9. Ed.

    2026 Nomination Thread

    KUSHIDA I think he has a claim of being the best Junior Heavyweight in Japan of the 2010s. I don't think anyone of his generation was equally reliable in both the singles and tag divisions as he was in multiple BOSJ and title reigns. Timesplitters were probably underappreciated at the time because they were often always a first hour act on shows, but I'd take their matches over what the Jr tag division has served up for the past 3-4 years. I think he has the best Jr title run of anyone in the 2010s in his 2016 reign and he helps establish Will Ospreay and Hiromu Takahashi as new stars of the division with the series of rivalries he had with them. His final night with New Japan facing Tanahashi in a great match is a glimpse at what could of been if KUSHIDA was able to escape from the confines of being a Junior Heavyweight. The NXT move hasn't worked out too well for him yet, but now he's Cruiserweight Champion there might be a chance to showcase the best of his abilities. Recommended Matches: Vs HIromu Takahashi (Dominion 2017 11/6/17) Vs Kyle O'Reilly (BOSJ 2016 21/5/16) Vs Will Ospreay (Invasion Attack 10/4/16)
  10. Thought the main was tremendous . Loved the targeted limb work by Bryan and Roman was great in selling he was having problems with his right arm. Also loved the dominate comeback from Roman, twice going for those ground and pounds into a big powerbomb to turn the tide back in his favour. Also a welcome relief that Roman has won one of his title matches clean; I don't mind having the Jey run ins every now and then, but when it's every match it has less impact. So glad these two got to have 3 matches with each other this year after they showed good chemistry with one another six years earlier at Fastlane 2015.
  11. When it comes to watching footage, I have a decent idea of what I want to do. I enjoy modern wrestling, so 2021-2026 footage takes care of itself and I won't really be taking my foot off the peddle on that front. However I'll be trying my best to avoiding rewatching matches I've already seen before and instead focus on the wrestlers, promotions and eras I've barely scratched the surface on. The watch parties are great for getting a taster on a wrestler and if I like what I see, I'll keep watching more footage like I have done with Mercedes Martinez this week. I know what I'm like with big projects, and if I say well I'll focus on joshi for the rest of 2021, then lucha in 2022 it won't work. I'm more comfortable with the idea of focusing on one wrestler and watching them for a week with different snapshots of their career than daunting projects that take months to get through. When it comes to judging wrestlers and list placing, I haven't given it much thought yet, but I guess that comes secondary to footage watching and I have years before I need to make a decision on that. I really like Matt's point about greatest being shown in how a wrestler does in multiple situations and that's something I'll be weighing into my rankings come 2026.
  12. Ed.


    Not that I think it's going to suddenly change his career after almost being a decade into his WWE run, but I'm really interested to see if Cesaro can put on something special with Roman when they inevitably meet for the title so that we get a glimpse of what we could of had if Cesaro was used as world title guy. Presumably that's being added to Backlash and would probably be the biggest match of his career. I had totally forgot the No Mercy performance. Incredible talent to tough that out.
  13. Ed.

    Not Yet

    Riddle is someone who could make my list if he now goes on to be one of the best tv wrestlers for the next 5 years.
  14. Ed.

    Jun Akiyama

    I'm into early 1993 now and it's just damn impressive how good Akiyama is from the jump.
  15. Ed.

    Tyler Bate

    I’m biased as we’re from the same hometown and it’s incredible to see someone so talented from Dudley, but I can’t justify putting him on my list if we get 5 more years of 2020 Tyler Bate, or endlessly in NXT Tyler Bate. The 2017 Dunne matches were great, as was the feud with Undisputed Era and the WALTER takeover match. A return to that kind of form could sneak him on.