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  1. Yes let’s have an intelligent debate with someone who (checks Twitter for evidence).... Why are Conservative Girls So Attractive and Liberal Girls So Ugly? Retweets Infowars conspiracy theorists As I've said repeatedly: leftists are the worst people in the world. The worst among you. Retweets white supremacist Stefan Molyneux Burger King in South Africa is dropping the word “ham” from “hamburger” to avoid offending Muslims. Etc. and that’s just the last day.
  2. What is to be expected from someone who boosts things like “why are conservative girls so attractive and liberal girls so ugly” as well as retweeting white supremacists, islamophobes and women-hating incels. Just what the world needs, another alt-right youtuber who likes mocked clowns like “Sargon” and tries too hard to be “edgy”.
  3. Stefan Molyneux who is of course an actual white supremacist
  4. All workers should be entitled to benefits, health insurance, 401k whether it’s in a California or SADIQ KHANS LONDON!!!1!!1!! There should be no argument about that outside of the prisonplanet dweebs of this world and those who embrace anti-intellectualism
  5. Stick to your JvK gimmick rather than your Not AA gimmick on pwo
  6. Herodes

    WWF TV Shows 1970s to early 1990s (pre-Raw)

    Well aren’t you quite the charmer! I’ll have you know I’m quite adept at trolling the AEW folder as well old chap although I did promise our esteemed leader that I would be a good boy. Besides the only mob I recognize in wrestling is the Memphis Mafia consisting of the Gilberts, Dirty White Boy and Joey “Maggs” Magliano. Back to the topic at hand, for the last few years I have been watching the wonderful Prime Time Wrestling on the network starting in early 1986 and watching every episode and now at the very end of 1987. It may be the best WWF tv show ever, the key is to watch everything and never skip so you endure the mundane and get rewarded with tons of hidden gems and some true classics. The beauty is the randomness of the match selection, the variety and depth of the roster, all the combinations of commentary teams, all the key angles and updates, mix of syndicated TV and house show footage, interviews and event center updates and above all else Gorilla and Bobby, not just the chemistry but show-long gags and storylines usually involving Bobby expecting/making/receiving phone calls and unseen characters like Bobby’s long suffering secretary/lover Miss Betty. The show evolves form just random matches and becomes a much more slick show around the time in fall of 1986 when WWF upgraded their tv show production and format. By late 86 and into 87 it’s a much slicker show. One of the main things is how much the success of the WWF is reliant on the midcard and tag teams and it has its own hierarchy within that group. Hogan is always referenced, never is seen wrestling and rarely heard from and treated as a mythical figure. Matches with the likes of Savage are very sparse. So it’s left to the likes of the Hart Foundation, Bulldogs, Tito, Harley, Orton, Valentine etc as the “headliners” in the prime time universe and a mid card and lower card beneath them, even the jobbers hey competitive matches. And almost everyone is over and involved in angles and gets interview time. Complete opposite from today with overexposed geeks as main eventers, worthless lower card met with apathy and no midcard. The lesson being to always have a strong, deep midcard to carry the TV product, have them exist in their own universe for the most part and create layers within the midcard and keep the main event special.
  7. Herodes

    WWF TV Shows 1970s to early 1990s (pre-Raw)

    Interesting thread except for the weird Infowars-esque mafia conspiracy theory tangents.
  8. She’s incredibly unlikeable, boring in the ring and her Twitter “banter“ is embarrassing. Ronda was so far and above everyone. Bayley as a babyface was useful because it at least allowed the relevant authorities to easily identify adult male “huggers” who need to have their hard drives confiscated.
  9. I liked Tony (I haven’t heard him in 20 years) and I like old man commentators, it’s more symbolically given that fans and promotions haven’t moved on in the last 20 years he is unfortunately the soundtrack of the largest and most spectacular failure in wrestling history.
  10. It’s a sad indictment of wrestling as a whole that what was popular in 1999 is still considered relevant in 2019 especially for a supposed alternative that has aspirations to compete. I would say the same thing about WWE turning to Heyman and Bischoff for creative direction. Compare these last 20 years to 1999 vs 1979. Smackdown is advertising it’s fox debut by heavily featuring Austin and Rock etc. Wrestling died in the late 90s, everything else in the post-wrestling era has been a sad attempt to get back what is by this point 20 years long gone, the context has completely changed but fans are naively gearing up for the new “monday Night wars”. As I have said before, the Nitro Party is over and DJ Ran is no longer all up in our area.
  11. Ah 1999....young up and comer Chris Jericho was the talk of the industry as JR and Schiavone provided the soundtrack of the Monday night wars.... Good thing there wasn’t a hip alternative promotion that had Bob Backlund winning their title with Bob Caudle on commentary
  12. Herodes

    All Elite Wrestling

    Yeah it’s one of the most repeated inaccuracies that there are these fans who will suddenly start watching again after they recover from a 20 year Nitro Party hangover. The Nitro Party is over, Lee Marshall is dead and DJ Ran is no longer all up in their area.
  13. Herodes

    Worst wrestler/manager combination ever?

    With all due respect to Don Vincenzo Cotroni, Dino Bravo and Frenchy Martin are not OK
  14. Herodes

    NXT talk

    Vince needs to bring in the big guns to NXT like Brock and the Big Dog to crush these upstarts, the war is doomed if dweebs like Gargano and Cole are leading the charge
  15. Awwww AEW cult member who “boycotted” WWE yet posts endlessly in WWE threads is unable to maturely respond to hypocrisy when someone comments on their hot takes. It’s not only the brown people who oversee criminal regimes. But thanks for not responding with another interesting long post, your contributions in WWE threads are always welcome.