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  2. Any ideas where this awesome footage came from? Ive been the Story of wrestlemania DVD and dont recall this footage being on there so guessing this surfaced a while ago online.
  3. iamthedoctor

    WWE TV 11/16 - 11/22 Bolsonarismo got fucked

    I was suprised they didnt keep it as TBA and have Taker as a suprise entrant being it being 30 years farewell to his debut in a Survivor match. Wont be suprised if they have him at the PPV just to get a beatdown by that racist Sullivan guy.
  4. iamthedoctor

    WWE TV 08/17 - 08/23 Brazil is barbaric

    How long is this Retribution crap going to go on for? I have no interest in seeing it, just seems a redone version of NWO/Nexus from years ago. Or would all it take a real life terrorist thing in the real world and it get canned like the Hassan one did?
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  6. iamthedoctor

    WWE TV 01/28 - 02/03 Brazil is covered in mud and blood

    Just read the results online for raw and I often wonder why ppl bother watching. Same old shit 6 f5s just lame.
  7. iamthedoctor

    WWE Network... It's Here

    I'd pay 5 extra if it mean no more annoying tapout ads with cena and Charlotte
  8. iamthedoctor

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I'd rather wwe dub in music for the entrances for 88 - 95
  9. iamthedoctor

    RIP "Mean" Gene Okerlund

    That's crazy. So what if they are older, they are announcers not wrestlers. I used to love watching wwf all American wrestling as a kid with mean gene and hillbilly jim on a Friday night. Then after a while tuning into a Sunday afternoon in 93 it was back with okerlund and the brain. Loved those days.
  10. iamthedoctor

    What was the greatest raw of the attitude era?

    Out of the zamboni vs beer truck vs concrete corvette episodes which would you say is the best show to watch?
  11. Thinking about this I'm not sure. Everyone tends to hype the highest rated raw from May 99 but there's been a lot of good ones like the beer truck one or the corvette cemented one. No idea if the show itself was good or it's just a one hit pony segment.
  12. iamthedoctor

    Lesnar back in UFC

    I dont even see why he had to beat Goldberg to begin with, Roman should have been the guy to beat Goldberg.
  13. iamthedoctor

    WWE's "Unseen Matches" DVD

    Theres some good matches but do wish they were all dark matches and not ones already been seen before as thats what made Unreleased stand out.
  14. iamthedoctor

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    Before Hunter got injured who was the most likely person to win the 2002 Rumble? I still feel it was a terrible decision to book Hunter to when considering how over Austin was with the crowd reactions leading up to the show and even during the show. I think id rather have seen Hunter beating Jericho for the title at No Way Out and Austin winning the Rumble so we finally get to see Stone Cold's revenge after the 3 stages of hell the previous year. Then at Mania have Austin beat Helmsley for the Championship. I wasent impressed with HHH/Jericho and felt it was a poor main event, watching the weeks leading up to the Rumble you could see Austin was getting jobbed out losing to Booker T and then handicap match against Booker/Boss man when Austin was the number 1 guy in 2001.
  15. iamthedoctor

    WWE Network... It's Here

    Who said anything about money? I said career longevity. Yes, money (and the more important part here, security) is part of that, but not all of it. It sure as hell beats prostituting himself in high school gyms for $50 a shot like a weathered old gigolo, which is probably what he's doing now. "The Wrestler," anyone? Sabu made his choice, he cared more about something else than money and career longevity. Who are you to tell him he made the wrong choice? Do you know if he's happy or not happy right now with his life? I know he eventually went to WWE but im not sure how his run would have gone during the invasion when you look how they treated Tommy Dreamer during that time frame. All the years later Sabu finally came in and he basically got treated like a jobber. Sure there was a interest in making money after the ONS event but I think they shouldnt have used the same 3 letters and came up with something else or at least not used the old ECW guys.