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  1. tofu_chipmunk

    What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

    After listening to the wedding edition (only for those that really enjoy the schtick from the show), it sounded like Schiavone was talked into continuing the podcast by his family. Format changes will probably be coming, but it wasn't divulged if it would be in length of the podcast, frequency of the podcast, or content. Conrad said that he had been making backup plans in the event that the podcast ended, which was followed by a brief clip of Bischoff's WWE theme song, and Conrad stating that he guessed he had three podcasts now.
  2. tofu_chipmunk

    Worst Ring Attire?

    That's not a yeti, it is a yet-tay.
  3. tofu_chipmunk

    Worst Ring Attire?

    Something that's bothered me is that Brodus Clay/Cyrus has played a menacing bodyguard character for much of his career, but his ring gear accentuates how bulbous his physique is, taking away from any intimidating aura he has. The Funkasaurus period is the exception to this, of course.
  4. tofu_chipmunk

    WWE TV 12/14-12/20

    "And at a combined weight of 563 pounds, Swayback!"
  5. tofu_chipmunk

    Observer HOF prediction/ballot question thread

    Truth. The HOF is more about historiography than history, which is something I've said in previous years. I'm not a shill for them, but COME ON! http://www.pwhf.org/ And they have annual induction ceremonies, a physical museum and everything! I'm not saying the WON isn't something to spend pages and pages talking about it every year, but can we stop acting like its the end all-be all of specific promotion HOFs alternatives? The WON Hall of Fame is I believe the only one for which forum members have a vote,so it is going to naturally have more discussion. Also,the inductions for wrestlers and figures outside the U.S. and Canada has been far more robust, thereby providing more discussion. That said, the PWHF is an interesting animal in its own right. I don't know why it isn't discussed more than it is.
  6. tofu_chipmunk

    WCW ongoing thread

    Well, there was Ernie Ladd, but I doubt he was on a comeback then. :-) Big Cat (Curtis Hughes) and Motor City Madman were two guys Paul E. Dangerously was sending after Lex Luger at the time.
  7. tofu_chipmunk

    John Cena - Turn Of The Century

    I have to say that the thread title made me think of John Cena with a Big Bully Busick gimmick.
  8. tofu_chipmunk

    Real World Champion

    Chad (or Justin) - can you ask any of the panel to explain why they have that perception? Like what performances specifically can they point to in 1990 that puts him over the competition? Just seems like a bizarre pick. I'd put up DiBiase for consideration in 83, 85 and 88. Andre in terms of star power, drawing etc, might get a look in 83-7. Magnum TA in 85-6 maybe. Nick Bockwinkel in general. Rude in 92. Honestly though, Flair kills them all if quality AND drawing are both criteria. If it's just drawing it's Hogan 83-92. If it's both, it's Flair. If it's "whatever we damn well please", then I don't get the whole thing. World Champion of "whatever we damn well please" is Sid.
  9. tofu_chipmunk

    WWE Week of April 6 - 12

    Per pwinsider and the Torch, Smackdown will be moving to USA in 2016. We will see how it affects show quality.
  10. tofu_chipmunk

    Current WWE

    Disagree. Jeans & tank combo is better than the trunks and t-shirt entrance (aka the 11-year old who just rolled out of bed) gear much of the roster has.
  11. tofu_chipmunk

    The booking of Daniel Bryan going forward

    Even if Roman Reigns wins the WWE title at WrestleMania, it would still be the smart thing to do to try and "re-value" the IC belt to where it can credibly headline the B-tours, and headline Smackdown. It wouldn't be the worst of ideas to have a "soft" brand split, and in the current environment, Bryan is the best candidate to raise the value of the belt and raise the value of Smackdown as its "ace".
  12. tofu_chipmunk

    When did the Tag Titles nose dive for you?

    To me the exact moment was WM10. Instead of running the Quebecers vs the Steiners, which was what would have made sense, they gave the match to MOM and the match was a complete throwaway, while the Steiners were buried in a ten men tag which didn't even happened. I thought the Steiners weren't even in the ten-man. I thought that was the Smoking Gunns.
  13. tofu_chipmunk

    Current WWE

    It's a better looking answer than "The writers are 2 embarrassed 2 attach their names 2 all this stuff that was changed at the last second by my Dad."
  14. tofu_chipmunk

    Current WWE

    I took that to mean that credits would take up screen time now dedicated to on-air content, i.e. "We give you more Superstars in action instead of names against a black background." That doesn't imply I think it is a good answer. :-)
  15. tofu_chipmunk

    The booking of Daniel Bryan going forward

    I'm hoping for Rusev to steal a win leading Cena to go all "Lex Express" in the run up to a Wrestlemania rematch. Only if it ends with Cena winning by countout and the Usos parading him around the ring on their shoulders after the match.