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  1. Scooter has been claiming recently that Billy Corgan is going to shut down the NWA. When asked where this information was coming from, the former Netcop replied that the last NWA Powerrr show he'd reviewed had the lowest view numbers his blog had seen in recent months, and besides that, it's been 25 years since Smashing Pumpkins were big and Corgan has to be running out of money. A 15 second search on Google shows me that Corgan's net worth is $50 million.
  2. Champagne

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    Never say never in wrestling. Just imagine Corny in AEW managing some old school "real" wrestlers against likes of the Riho, Janela, and Stunt. He might even see some appeal in playing an obnoxious Trump-like character who gets his comeuppance.
  3. Champagne

    The Cancellation of Jim Cornette

    If this isn't a work, it should be. Turn it into a meta-storyline based on cancel culture, trolling and populism with Cornette returning as a man wronged by political correctness who wants to "Make Wrestling Great Again."
  4. Champagne

    Ring of Honor Wrestling

    Scurli's logo reveal and the booting of Cole played like a bad NWO angle.
  5. Champagne

    RIP Ivan Koloff

    RIP Uncle Ivan. A great bumper and bleeder. While he'll primarily be remembered as the guy who ended Bruno's long WWWF title reign, I'm also a fan of his smart tag team work for Crockett during the 80s.
  6. Champagne

    Holy Grails

    Thanks Rah. You've made my day. I'm shocked at how active Kerry was here. The few descriptions I'd read of this encounter made it seem like he basically stood in the ring while Adias bumped for him. Admittedly these descriptions were by Irv Muchnick and Scott Keith, not exactly the most unbiased or credible sources.
  7. Champagne

    Holy Grails

    Kerry Von Erich vs. Brian Adias (Fort Worth 2-2-87)
  8. Champagne

    Best/FavoriteTokyo Dome Match Ever

    This is my personal favorite as well. I was lucky enough to be at the Tokyo Dome to see this match live and I can tell you the crowd heat was insane. It felt like they were on the verge of rioting.
  9. Champagne

    Career-Killing and Career-Making Losses

    If there's such a thing as a career killing win, I'd say it's Luger beating Windham at Great American Bash '91.
  10. Champagne

    Good Feuds/Storylines That Fell Off A Cliff

    Who knows, maybe it's still the same storyline. From buying Raw to buying presidency. I can see it now. "It's me America! It was me all along!"
  11. TSN was a premium cable channel until September 1989, when it was added to the basic cable package. I can't remember if the station was showing AWA at that point. It was definitely still airing on TSN earlier in the year.
  12. Champagne

    Letters from Kayfabe

    War helmet, license plate wearing Hulk is my favorite Hulk.
  13. Champagne

    Your most "Against The Grain" opinion on wrestling

    I loved the Dungeon of Doom. Screw workrate. This was Hulk Hogan vs. a stable of monsters with elements from comic books and B horror movies thrown in. Everything about it was great: the vignettes, darkside Hulk with sword and mask, the monster trunk battle, the Ye-taay!
  14. Champagne

    The Worst Pay-Per-View Match Ever

    Diesel vs. King Mabel at Summerslam 95. I dreaded this match like a prostate exam and it was even more of a bummer than I feared it would be. Vince McMahon has a complete brain fart and puts Oz against the big fat guy from Men On A Mission in the main event of his second biggest PPV of the year. What results is a 9 minute mess with more Irish Whips than a Dublin S&M shop. WCW were geniuses by comparison with Sid-Gigante, hiding two bums in a short gimmick match on the undercard.
  15. I can see an argument for Graham based solely on his being one of the most influential acts in the history of wrestling.