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  1. Benbeeach

    WON HOF 2018

    No panther or Akiyama and they can just throw this whole thing in the trash
  2. Benbeeach

    Greatest Match Ever Project

    This is my first time seeing this and I'm on this board like 2-3x a week lol yikes. Wonderful idea all the same
  3. Benbeeach

    NXT Takeover: New Orleans

    I'm fine with attaching the rocket ship to Adam Cole, he's been over everywhere he's ever gone, NXT is no exception, the pops he got were outrageous. Prob the best Takeover ever, there was no low point. Gargano makes me...sad in a way? Like what are the chances he ever has as good a match as he had with Ciampa on the main roster? I'm in the single digits. That's no slight to Gargano, he's proven he's the guy, it's more a commentary on the slough that can be RAW and Smackdown. Has Nakamura come close to the Zayn match? Sasha's come close-ish to TakeOver brooklyn, but then again not really
  4. Benbeeach

    Royal Rumble 2018

    I read 27 pages to get to Jimmy Redman's post and I'm glad I did. The best post. I felt almost the exact same way watching it, obviously not through the lens of a female wrestling fan, but I just couldn't help but feel how rewarding that all felt to watch as a longtime fan. It really did feel like a time machine brought everyone back for this one fantasy booked match and it was awesome. Was pleasantly surprised at just how great everyone was. There were concerns about that match just from a "how do they effectively get all the ladies over the top rope" perspective and it seems dumb as rocks in hindsight. Those ladies are professionals. That was a celebration. And in truth, the "women's revolution" has been in progress for 20 years. Only wish we could have had a sable bomb and Chyna come back from the grave to set my soul ablaze. Bravo to all of that, and to Jimmy Redman. Right there with you girl.
  5. Benbeeach

    Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions

    Did he carry him last time they wrestled or...
  6. Benbeeach

    The Young Bucks - a discussion

    I've been all in on the bucks since jump street. When they were blowjob OMEGA era Hardy Boy style rip off faces who did too many moonsaults they tried really hard and could execute and were endearing. And over the years, watching them evolve (or devolve?) in and out of the ring has been great to watch. I've also never been a "srs bizness" guy so, I always liked dudes like Chuck Taylor and his ilk. I think Pro Wrestling is such a vast expansive art form that, to put it simply, there's "room" for the bucks to exist and operate and clearly a part of the audience that digs it. Pro wrestling is ridiculous, point black, full stop. There's wrestlers and types of wrestling that try and do everything to try and buck that notion, and keep it as authentic, ya know whatever that means, as possible, and then there's wrestlers not afraid to go on the opposite end of the spectrum. I always thought apart of the New Day's appeal in WWE is that there's a very tacit, this is bonkers and we're running with it kind of vibe to the group, unicorns, booty o's, anime cosplay. It's entertainment, it's a gag, it's an act, let's not kid ourselves, and there's room on those show's to see Brock Lesnar bust someone open hardway and for trumpets. The bucks have given the indy's the same space. Their business acumen and for lack of a better word, clout, that they've accrued is very much the modern, post modern, post post modern brody-ism. It's like they get booked, to do their thing, and maybe if you're lucky they'll also do your thing Mr. Promoter Booker man, but definitely their thing, and people pay to see their thing. Like others have pointed out, I think they're far beyond a "are they good wrestlers" discussion, they've got the formula, they've got the stuff on tape. You don't get to that 15th superkick without an understanding of how this is all supposed to work. Saying screw how it's supposed to work and let's see what happens I think is commendable. It's the kind of act that begs for these kinds of discussions, not limited to 140-280 characters. This thread was long overdue. ...Osprey and Richocet doing that crouching tiger hidden dragon shit last year garnered the same sort of wide spread net reaction. When do the bucks wrestle vader? This is pro wrestling baby
  7. Benbeeach

    Shawn Michaels vs. AJ Styles

    Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler of all time and even I think this is laughable. It's AJ, probably by a really big margin too. AJ is evolution And for a worker who had been having great matches since 2002, for it to take 12-15 years for people to finally realize it I think strips away some of the charm and vanguard of this 'net criticism thing that we do. Like what are people doing, seriously, if some how AJ STYLES was being slept on all this time. At Hero's, Joe's, Danielson's peak they were probably better than AJ was at the same times, but think about the years this covers and think about how AJ was great throughout all of that, and still is.
  8. Benbeeach

    WWE TLC 2017

    The WWE will never go under. That was miraculous
  9. And Kenny's the one overthinking things? Ok lol
  10. Benbeeach

    Comments that don't warrant a thread - Part 4

    I want to see the muscle buster again
  11. Benbeeach

    Have you ever cried watching wrestling?

    Last time was Bayley vs. Sasha at Summerslam ...but I'm the kind of guy to start crying when I see other people cry, and they started pulling tear jobs after 30 minute ironman matches, and had to cut that out. Enough was enough. But on the real I thought Bayley/Sasha was pretty transcendent stuff for a whole bunch of reasons. The allergies were on high alert
  12. Benbeeach

    AJ Styles

    This run he's on is unassailable for sure and the cap on what has been a great career. But the idea that he's some dramatically different wrestler now (not saying you're saying that) is wrong. All the things he's doing now he's been doing for a decade in a half plus. He hit hard in 2003. He could sell his ass off in '05. He could work the mic at the turn of the decade. He was an even more spectacular spot guy back then. He'd been the total package for quite some time. Call it the stink of TNA/better opponents or what have you, but I think alot people's preconceived notions about him were just flat out wrong. He didn't become "NJPW AJ Styles" or "WWE AJ Styles" he just brought AJ styles to those companies. He'd been dragging good matches out of sub shane mcmahon level workers for eons. Glad he's getting his just due finally.
  13. Benbeeach

    WWE TV 4/4/17 Post-Mania Week

    Why scared? I'm trying to think of one match that would be better with Rollins in it instead of AJ and I'm drawing a blank. Seth become OBSOLETE to me as a worker the minute AJ showed up. Why settle for the cosplay
  14. Benbeeach

    Athletes who could draw money

    MVP being Terrell Owens in everything but name was always interesting to me. Gronk's next career has to be throwing Mojo through a barbershop window right?
  15. Benbeeach

    Randy Savage

    That excellence of execution stuff really meant nothing to me as a kid. Sounded cool though I would readily admit. But you look at the way Bret hits that piledriver and DDT (poor Raven) and it's hard to argue against. Picture perfect stuff. Can hear the WCW mat when I see those gifs.